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  1. Szmoala

    Trade SET Adamantine DD+HP+LK + 11 = Anubis Ring + Gloves Divine Archangel Scepter + 12 + LK + EDR + 2% = Platina EDR
  2. Szmoala

    Trade SM W3 + Ignore 5% + Compleate recovery of life in 5% = DL Cape + Luck + Ignore or Elf W3 + Ignore or W3 Elf clear + cape DL clear. I don't want Jwl or credits or anythingelse. MM in game or here Mataaa Nickname in game
  3. Szmoala

    Just last thing and i'm done with you... Did i ever called you Frustrated or like you call me in every comm you do? Why all the time you have to insult someone??? Now i'm convinced you're just a 9 years old kid... Btw don't be so cocky here on forum like you're the best because in game your NOT. Not even close. All you can do is pk' when we afk. And obviously called me Frustrated and etc. I hope you're different in real life... but i have doubts. GL.
  4. Szmoala

    you call him * Lesinatule * + *teai dracu de copii terminati* and you say you get warned for nothing? seriously? beside you are far to be a better player in any case.. language + skills in game.
  5. Szmoala

    Solcy who are you to call ma a noob? IT's A PVP SERV I can kill everyone... if you good kill me back like he said in his comment don't insult me !!! stay out of this. you're not an ADMIN !!!
  6. Szmoala

    seriously??? it's that provoke??? btw who are you??? small insults??? A INSULT IT's A INSULTS !!!
  7. Szmoala

    and btw if you learn this game... you can have max 3 acc on the same IP.
  8. Szmoala

    you come in game and kill me but don't say bad words. like I said... it's just a game... what do you want now? to meat eachother to see who is better? just because I killed you in a game???
  9. Szmoala

    I dunno who is frustrated kid here... I never told you something bad language... it's a game if I killed you and you killed me back keep the frustration for you don't say it in bad words. come in game and find me kill me but don't say bad words about me.
  10. Szmoala

    I think it's 3'th time when he insults my previous post was yesterday when he insult me. as you can see the date this one is today... besides he play with 4 accounts
  11. Szmoala

    no other comm.....
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