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      Gion got a reaction from KiriosOne in problem running main.exe   
      There are some isolated cases that behave like that.. we're still trying to figure it out
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      Gion got a reaction from Wanheda in [Genesis] Characters Builds, Info & Buffs Formulas   
      The remaining tweaks were added and are already up.
      [UPDATED] Flame Strike for MG has now the same range and slightly better damage than Fire Slash. For the debuff you will still have to use Fire Slash. [UPDATED] Some more small PvP Tweaks.
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      Gion got a reaction from Error in Break the Account   
      On Friday, 24th of March, 20:00 Server time, the first edition of Break the Account will start and an account name and the length of its password (alongside some hints) will be posted in this topic (as a reply). The first one to "crack" the password gets to win whatever he finds on that account. If the password takes too much time to be cracked, then more hints will be added here. This event is targeting mostly the players from Genesis since the rewards will be on a character from Genesis Server, but those from Inception who want to try are welcome as well!
      Rewards for the first edition: 1x Full Set of OldBoxes (each OldBox from 1 to 5). 1x Broken Horn. Note: The set of OldBoxes will be held by a character chosen randomly between all the characters, so the Rare Item drop is mostly zen if you are not lucky enough to find on that account the same character as you are (so make sure to make a party with your character if you want to pick a Rare Item on it, else the Rare will be automatically zen since the Rare Items cannot be traded).
      Important Note: If you are the one who enters the account then you have to post the password in this topic within 15 minutes. The counter starts when you access the account for the first time so make sure to have your forum account ready to post.
      Tips for trying as many passwords as possible in the shortest period of time:
      - You have to do this in-game and not on web because of the low number of permitted wrong-tries on web.
      - Make sure that the account that you try the password for does exist in order to avoid losing time with useless tries (when entering a random/wrong password you will be told that the password is wrong if the account exists, else you will be informed that the account does not exist).
      - After some time spent in the Select Server Menu a disconnect might occur so you can set the account name in the Launcher settings before the event start for avoiding typing it multiple times.
      - After 3 wrong tries the server will disconnect you but this disconnect can be avoided too by going back to the Select Server menu (press ESC) after 2 wrong tries. So you type the password wrong 2 times => you go back by pressing ESC => now you can try for 2 more times without disconnect.
      - Make sure to be quick in moving the items from the event account to your account because the password might be cracked by other player at any moment! The character name can be easily seen on web after logging in, in various sections such as Warp Character or Wallet, etc and using /dcfriend function you can find the account empty even if you were the first to find out the password.
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      Gion got a reaction from snap4ik in SMG balance   
      Hola, you know we are doing our best to balance the pvp, at least we are trying to and the characters are pretty well balanced imo but, ofc, since the game was never meant for resets (like the original game has 3k 4k all points) it will never behave like we would like it to..
      On the other hand, this being a permanent server we will have to adjust the settings from time to time based on your feedback, and this feedback will count as well xD
      Hopefully we will get to a set of settings that can fulfill all the character's roles soon without having to re-balance constantly.
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      Gion reacted to Killah in Some Suggestions 3   
      Char: TeKilla
      Type: All
      Must Fix / Should Fix / Ideas & Suggestions:
      Some exc items do the same dmg as normal items; Some items on test server have different damages from Inception; There is a painting in Devias store (Izabel) with another server's name; We should be able to find ancient items by their names in Web Market, instead of typing the gear name and checking the ancient box; A must fix is the 3-second DL Chaotic issue; A third vote server could be added, since there are a few more good top lists (ex: www.arena-top100.com/mu-private-servers/); If not many people are voting for the server, increase reward of vote from 2 credits to 5; Some emotes are missing, or with other names, ex: /honor, /kneel, /charge, /clap; Add the Rageful blow to combo again, and don't make it a PvM ability; Make CC by reset. I think it was, at some point, don't know why it was changed back; Chaos Machine: 10 Guardian Angel = Angel (don't remember the name) & 10 Imps = Demon. Some items have different damages ingame and in web market; Add 1 more Giant to Lorencia Golden Invasion; Add drop to Medusa & Selupan in "Inception Official Information"; Gold medal drop rate of +5/6 items too high; Rare sets should be tradable; Add socket items to test server; Find a solution for trash excellent items; Zen drop rate is too low; Fix Command DL; Make capes reduce damage correctly (Low levels); Add something that tells us who killed us (ingame or website); Transfer credits from Inception to Genesis should be 100%, maybe only until a certain amount (1-5K credits); Allow adding jewels to Web Wallet from "packed jewels"; Add messages on website; Allow warping with store open; Add a new moderator / staff member; Should be able to /post at lvl 1 after first reset; Should be able to add items to webmarket at lvl 1 after first reset; Allow more than 2 clients per IP - But only 2 clients per server; If rare sets not tradable, then disable the chance of dropping it and other people catching it; Allow rare items to be placed in vault, or somewhere else; Make rare items always drop with dd, hp and reflect; There are some / many items that have different damages from the website to the game; The Char / Race "Dark Wizard" is written as "Dark Wizzard" with 2 Zs on the website; Inception could go up to 150 days; Inception chars should automatically transfer to Genesis if the player doesn't choose neither transfer or keep creds for next Inception; Players should be warned by email about transfer windows (in case it's not automatic); Inception should have socket set also. Just not the last missions and wings; Fix the bug that closes the game after being open for like 1-2 days; Make bigger Rankings list on Genesis; When the server has a low population (as is the case of the present Inception), improve the XP from lvl 0-250/280/300; Maybe allow 3 accounts per IP; On Genesis, Jewel of Life should go up to Add+28; Wings 4 could be tradable for people 50rr+; If Wings 4 not tradable, add a Chaos Machine mix to add 2nd Wing4 option; 50+ quests 3, 6, 9 and 12 should have another reward other than the possibility for reset; Ancient Rings and Pendants do not show +5 or +10 stamina in Web Market; Make a consumable that can be created with 50 or 100 of each jewel; Reduce drop rate of Condor Flame a little bit; Every new player in Genesis could start with some set +9 - +13 +L +DSR; Every new player in Genesis could choose to lvl up normally or start at reset 30. (Or increase the xp by a lot); Mention everything that's different on this server from the original, on the "all about the server" post, or on a new post; Elf Triple Shot has Visual and Damage freeze bug. Explanation:
      Exc items should always do more dmg than normal items (only AA doesn't, I think); They need to be correct, so that we can successfully and correctly test. Or I may have the idea that an item is better than the other, because it is in test server, and then in real server this item is worse.; This just looks bad; Instead of having to search by Guardian and ticking the ancient box, it would be much better if I could just type "Aruan". This way, Gywen items wouldn't show; II know it's become very hard to fix it. But it should never leave your fix list; More vote servers = more visibility for the server; If more people vote, we rank better and more players come. Also, if the reward is higher, noobs (don't play seriously) that don't donate will be able to have some credits as well; I miss doing some emotes that were available in GMU; Makes no sense to remove Rageful from combo. BKs can also double combo with ice skill. / If BKs become OP because of that, just reduce dmg; It's better 1-5rr player to fight against 5rr smurf (maybe 2/3 players can kill the smurf) than 1-5rr fighting against 15-20rr, not even 100 newbies can kill the higher rr guy; Guardian Angels have essentially no economic value. This would give them some value. Also, it's something to be done with angels and imps, some people have many of them by now. And it just makes sense (it's actually like that on some servers); For example, Alba bow exc +11 in web market had the same damage as normal alba bow +11, but ingame the damages are different; Lorencia is bigger than Elbeland. So if Elbeland has 5 Rabbits, Lorencia should also have, at least, 5 Giants (instead of the current 4); In the "Inception - Official Information" post, the drop for Medusa, Selupan,  is still "TBA". It should already say what the monster drops; I am not sure if I'm just "unlucky" or gold medal drops way more +5 & +6 items than +7/+8. If it indeed has a higher rate for +5/6, then the rate should just be the same for every level of item because, at the time people are dropping gold medal items, there's already many people with exce+dsr or exce+dd that don't need it. So, if the rate is just normalized, the noobs that don't yet have exc, will be able to have a better set to compete with others; Rare items should be tradable because for some classes they are the best set, while for others they aren't, but the rare set is way harder to get than the others. Put maybe a 1 trade limit, or something. But it should be tradable. There are already some socket items, but I don't think anyone has yet found the secret to drop them with 5 sockets and different elements; Something could be done with trash excellent items. Lower Refining Stone is no good, so people just throw excellent items away. They are still rare items, so something could be found to put them to good use; I still catch all medals to sell and still use Rudolf, and my zen is going down. You should either greatly improve Rudolf's zen increment, or increase zen drop (at least in swamp or something). Otherwise, it is almost mandatory to have an alt char farming zen, which at this point in late game makes no sense; -EDIT- Zen drop is crazy low. I just started a new inception season, with only 1 char. With1-3m I go afk some hours in Tarkan, I come back I have almost no money. Makes no sense to be losing money while the game goes. In Aida maybe, but even there doesn't make sense. I've seen some people saying that command DL doesn't work correctly. Not sure if it's true, but I think I also saw GMs on that discussion saying CMD DLs are not meta. Make CMD DLs great again; Basically, when we were all 1/2/3 resets and had mini cape, using capes made us use more HP potions than without capes. Capes should always reduce the damage we take, not make us use more potions. This doesn't make sense; Most of the time we can't see who killed us, due to "anomaly event" messages, or because we were in Karutan 2 and when we die we basically change server so the killer message can't be seen, etc etc. It would be great if we always could see who killed us; Some people worked super hard for their credits without ever donating, and seeing them reduced to 50% is a waste. This can be maybe avoided by buying items with credits and selling them back for credits when they reach Genesis, so it doesn't make much sense in my eyes. Until, at least 1-5K credits, we should not be deduced any when transferring - Additionally, especially after the first transfer, there are loads of people with thousands of credits in Genesis, so why cut in half when transferring from inception?; Having to break / part jewels before adding them to the wallet is a lot of unnecessary work; It would be cool if we could message each other's accounts on the website. It's practical for negotiating, or simply talking without going into the game; It's lame that we got to close the store every time we want to warp. Stores are useful in the beginning of Inception servers, for example. And having to close them and open again, sometimes leads to people forgetting or not opening at all; Admin used to be way more active in the old days. A new staff member could be a nice addition to the server; It's pretty annoying that we can't do our life "normally" for a while, after we reset. The lvl 50 for /post and 100/ for webmarket should be only during reset 0; Same as above; It would be much cooler if we could play on both servers at the same time, with 2 accounts. Should be maximum 2 clients per IP per server, not just per IP; It's pretty stupid that the set can't be traded (which means it is a personal achievement), but other people can throw it in the floor and let you catch it. Many people are building the set like this and doesn't make sense. Either make it tradable, or disable this option; Some people only wear the rare items once the set is complete. Having to carry the set in the inventory until complete is pretty lame. We should be able to keep it in the vault, but not trade it in web market; It's sad that one has to drop rare set parts multiple times to get the best options. The set is already extremely hard to make even if those 3 options come included. Only the 4th option should be random; There are items whose damage is x ~ y on the website, but then in game it's z ~w (such as the Sylph Wind Bow +9, it shows a much lower dmg on the website). This is a must fix, as it is totally misleading; This is purely cosmetic, but it could be fixed; One more month would be nice; People may stop playing the game near the end and regret not being here for the transfer in the future; In case there is no automatic transfer, players should have an option to activate email warnings for this reason; It doesn't make much sense that Inception has 2 of the best sets, but not one of them. Some chars may go to Genesis with the best set, while others must wait to get it in Genesis; I've tried changing some stuff in my computer to no avail. Maybe if I was a tech expert, I would be able to fix it, but I'm not. And like me are many other players that have this problem. If this was simply fixed in the client folder / installation or something, it would be much nicer; Would be cool to make top 200 or 300 or 500 on Genesis. It's a permanent server, so it will have lots of people. And like this we can recall other old players' names that are not on the top 100; Lvling to 250-300 is a very boring part for those many that are lvling up alone (when the servers have low population). We don't see anyone farming the spots, or if we find someone they have re auto off. The game gets boring until we find parties again, thus increases chances of quiting; By allowing 3 accounts per IP, it would "improve the player count" for new/outside players, and it would also fill up the maps more; Add +16 is too low. +28 is funnier/harder and also, would improve the price of jewel of life which is now 1/2 creds; Some people get Wing4 with just one option and they don't want the wings, so others could buy it; Or make some Chaos Maxine mix (easier than creating Wings 4 again) for adding the 2nd option on Wings 4. It's kinda unfair seeing people with the BIS wings and others that still need to trash theirs in order to get the BIS; The quests 3, 6, 9 and 12 of lvling up after 50rr should have another reward other than the possibility for reset. Otherwise people that don't care about the wait time, will just skip them without even trying; This doesn't have much use. But some players want the complete BIS (independently of impacting less than 0.01%), so it would be nice to know if the rings or pends in web market have +5 or +10 stamina; With this consumable, every jewel will always have value. People will always want to make it for CS and so. Maybe 5% crit, 5% edr, 5% double damage and 2% dmg. This way every single jewel will keep value. We could also have a defense consumable (hp, defense, pvp defense rate, etc) for another stuff that gets useless (trash exc items, guardian angels, imps, unirias/dinos, +10/+11/+12 items that were good and valuable in the begining with dsr and so, and others that I'm not thinking right now); Condor Flame costs between 10-20 creds. That's a bit low for an item like that. If the drop rate was reduced a little bit, the price could be more correct; So as to bring more players to start on Genesis, or so that they don't feel hard or bored lvling up alone, a new char could start with full DSR set. IDSR items are not worth anything anymore, so there's no problem people exploiting this; Same reason as above. Poeple could choose to lvl up the normal way, or jump to 30/40 rrs. Or the whole xp from 0-50 could be increased by a lot; There are some things that are different and not mentioned anywhere, and that's pretty stupid. Ex: There's no Auto SD recovery, attack speed is capped at 600, on elves str does more dmg than agi. And many other things; Elf Triple Shot is very useful for enemies that are not yet close to us. It should be working correctly. Readers, say if you agree/disagree with any below.
      Best regards,
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      Gion got a reaction from kthanhcb in BL   
      Collision +1 warn => muted for 12 hours.
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      Gion got a reaction from gamerul1 in Socket question   
      Nope, you can use the seeds even at +0.
      You can see these things by yourself on test server, the commands available in the Guidelines section.
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      Gion got a reaction from gamerul1 in Offattack question   
      That's the full answer, you can do it as many times per day you want, each time you will have 5 hours.
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      Gion reacted to CristiDL in Offattack question   
      It keep your character online and with clicker on for 5h after you do /offattack. If you press /offattack at 23:05, your character will attack and be online till 04:05, and after that you will be offline.. you can do it as much as you want, you can enter for 1 minute, do /offattack, and enter again in 5h and so on.
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      Gion got a reaction from Tuga in Test server commands   
      Haven.t figured out yet the commands for ancient items and socket items(with slots).
      For socket items I suggest the players to go Crywolf and spawn many medusa bosses.
      I will come with an edit if I will find anything about the ancient drops.
      Later Edit: below info about ancients
      Smth more about items:
      /drop A B C D E F G 5/6 A = Item group (read Items.txt) B = Item sub-index (read Items.txt) C = Level (from 0 to 13) D = Skill (0 or 1) E = Luck (0 or 1) F = Option (0 to 7) G = Excellent option 5/6 = Ancient Options(either 5 or 6, check which one is working for your wanted item) If you want to create an ancient item, I suggest you to let G=0, if you want to avoid bugs. Sum these numbers: Weapon and Pendant Excellent Option: 1 = Mana recovery after monster hunt +mana/8 2 = Health recovery after monster hunt +HP/8 4 = +7 Speed 8 = More damage +2% 16 = More damage +level/20 32 = Excellent damage rate +10% Note: Combine number and you can make an exc item option. Sample: 8+32=40 Drop Code: /drop 1 0 0 0 0 0 40 = Exc Small Axe+Dmg 2%+EDR :) Sets/Shield/Ring Excellent Option 1 = Increase Zen After Hunt 40% 2 = Defense Succes Rate 10% 4 = Reflect Damage 5% 8 = Damage Decrease 4% 16 = Increase MP 4% 32 = Increase HP 4% 63 = Full Option Note: Combine number and you can make an exc item option. Sample: 8+32=40 Drop Code: /drop 6 0 0 0 0 0 40 = Exc Small Shield+HP 4%+DD 4% :)
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      Gion got a reaction from Tuga in Test server commands   
      Ok, so I figured out some of the ancient item formulas.
      In order for an item to be ancient, that specific item has to be part of an ancient set, like you can't have Agnis Gloves since the Agnis set has only helm, armor, pants and a ring. 
      The code for these items is the same, just like for the normal items, with the only difference that you need to add another 5 at the end.
      Adamantine Armor code: 7 26 0 0 0 0 0 0
      Agnis Adamantine Armor code: 7 26 0 0 0 0 0 5
      But there are some tricks, the same item can be contained by multiple sets (Like Katana ring of poison and Agnis Ring of poison), in this case you have to increase or decrease that last 5
      Kantata's ring of poison code: 13 9 0 0 0 0 0 5
      Agnis ring of poison code: 13 9 0 0 0 0 0 6
      I hope you guys will find this handy
      If you find any other things, feel free to share them with us.
      STILL WANTED: Codes for socket items (with controlled number of slots) !!!
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      Gion got a reaction from Tuga in Test server commands   
      Up with Inception topic : 
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      Gion reacted to bambino in Feedback for Inception - Sprint 2   
      One more suggestion regarding CS rewards. 
      On last sprint GM Boxes as CS rewards were introduced far too early in the game. 
      There were people running with exc Bone Blades+3 opts and  380 set items before K5 goldes were even released. When you see someone with 380 exc weapon at the stage when you can't even get exc AA (because it is not available in game) it feels pointless to play.

      I would suggest making the GM Box reward available only after 2nd stage (10rr). You can think of some other reward in the early stage instead, but I think winning CS gives you enough advantage early in the game even without exc 380 weapons.
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      Gion reacted to Archie in Credits trade   
      Mate, it doesn't give power to scammers. You shouldn't try to buy items for more credits than 500 unless you wanna risk. Setting the cap of credits to 500 just limits the buying power of credits so jewels and zen are also usefull and valuable.
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      Gion got a reaction from Archie in Credits trade   
      As the rule no. 11 states: "Our market has a limit of maximum 500 credits per sold item, in order to promote other currencies too. The trades over 500 credits are NOT forbidden though, but you have to do this on your own risk (the buyer can literally run away with your credits), this being considered a shared item/credits/whatever, because the item was not stolen from you, you gave it away. If you don't trust somebody, simply don't give your items/credits to him. If you'll be fooled when trying to "abuse" the credits limit we won't help you!"
      you can only risk it :S
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      Gion reacted to bambino in Feedback for Inception - Sprint 2   
      I would suggest changing a bit the current drops from OldBoxes to make them more relevant and satisfying. Right now some of the OBs have drops that are almost useless at the stage the boxes are released or they completely lose relevance later in game.
      A few examples:
      OB1 - Kalima ticket - almost completely useless at every stage of the game.
      OB3 - 10b / 10s  - not really relevant at the stage where people have 10rr +
      OB3 - crest / feather - with the current changes, and feather / crest dropping in karutan1, by the time OB3 is released crest/feather would be almost worthless.
      OB4 - ancient tier1 - it's a fine drop but probably better for OB3. OB4 is hard to get and ancients quickly lose relevance on the server, because they are accessible from many other sources.
      OB5 - feather of condor - by the time OB5 is realesed feather can be crafted easily and most people already have w3, so it is no longer a relevant reward from a box that is so hard to get. Condor Feather would be a better drop for OB4.
      Changes I would propose: 
      OB1 - Ring Exc (higher % for 2 opts than in Star and some small % for 3 opts introduced after stage1) /  Wings lvl1 (0-9) (no change here) / Demon / low % for Magic Backpack
      OB2 - Pend Exc  (higher % for 2 opts than in Star and some small % for 3 opts introduced after stage1) / 10 entry DS or BC ticket / Jewel Bundle (10b or 10s) / low % for ancient box or just random ancient item
      OB3 - Jewel Bundle (10c or 10 crea) / PoH / low % for Wings lvl2 +L + chance for opt / Ancient tier1
      OB4 - Jewel Bundle (20crea / 20gems / 20c) / TOCa / Flame of Condor / Feather of Condor / low % for Old Jewel
      OB5 - Best seeds in sphere / 30 harmony / Broken Horn / higher chance for Old Jewel / low % for 380 exc weapon +1 / 2 opt
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      Gion reacted to The cute guy in Feedback for Inception - Sprint 2   
      Ok, this is about to be the longest post I’ve ever done it my life. So, buckle up.
      Now that I’ve played a few editions on this server I think I can provide some feedback that might make the game fairer.
      I’d like to start by pointing out some things that I think make players quit sooner than expected. (Made me and all of my friends at one point.)
      Basically, this server is runned by 2 main guilds. (Same people every edition, some players leave 1 to join the other). Maybe this wouldn’t be a problem if the server had more guilds to choose from. But right now, these 2 guilds make the game unplayable and unfun for everybody else.
      They found ways to ruin every single event, so not only u have to deal with them being way higher level (because they know all the tricks and secrets), u also have to deal with them win trading and ruining events so they can get more items for their guild.
      I joined both of these guilds on past edition to try and fix this problem and it made my experience worst. They are both extremely toxic.
      So, you are left with 2 choices. 1. Either you are “lucky” enough to join them as soon as server starts, which is pretty much impossible because they all know each other from prior years and make same guilds over and over again. Or 2. You create your own but don’t expect to win any events.
      If a player can’t do any event. The game is not fun. If you are not able to compete for anything, then u just quit and find a new game, which is what happens mainly in my opinion.
      My solution for this would be: make guilds smaller. You don’t need 25 people bullying new players out of the game every single edition. They are ruthless and will bully new comers until they no longer want to play. It’d be better if guilds were smaller so at least they have to compete with each other, because right now there is no real competition.
      I’m talking about 10 players per guild, maybe even 5 if possible. So instead of 25 players killing newbies until they quit, u would have a bunch of smaller guilds actually trying to compete and get items.
      Players on those 2 old guilds don’t even have to be active to get good items. They just sit AFK all day and wait for their guild to get good items for them, because they basically have rules that nothing gets sold outside. Only they benefit from this, new players never have a chance and market never get good items.
      Chaos Castle:
      2 main guilds ruin this event as well. They group in corners and gangbang new players to get best items for their guild. This is just pointless. I’ve seen them group in CC1 so they can then share a pair of berseker boots? Like bruh… come on. Play this event as it’s supposed to be played.
      My solution for this would be: either make everybody inside cc have the same character model or remove the weapon completely so everybody is just a character with armor. Yes, people can still team up but at least it’s harder to know who is who.
      Blood Castle:
      Make party damage count. I don’t know if it’s like that right now but it feels like it’s not. Right now, it’s just 1 pro player getting the statue every time while the rest of his party is AFK.
      5 active players around same RR should be able to beat 1 player. Hard to tell if it works because 1 player always win.
      Same should be for all other events GGD, BQ, etc.
      Gold Invasions:
      Enable the kill restriction (gap) on PVP invasion for newbies. up until maybe box +3?
      I see so many pros from these 2 guilds killing every newbie for items they don’t even need.
      They find new players killing Gold Knights or Tantalos and instead of helping them finish it they kill them and then bully them by whispering all kinds of things. That was my warm welcome when I started playing on this server, still remember how unfun that was and made me quit right away.
      I know there are non-pvp invasions but sometimes pvp ones are the ones u catch. I feel like if a newbie has a golden almost dead to like 10%. A 50RR MAX LVL FO SET player shouldn’t be able to kill him and just steal his item. It does nothing to pro players but new players just want to quit if they can’t get any item.
      Box +4 +5 then yes you probably have to fight for those.
      Kanturu Event/Nightmare:
      Make it 1 ip every 2 days?
      Last inception it was just the same player doing that event over and over again. Getting all the items for him/alts then all guild members. So, they didn’t even had to try. They get rewarded just for being on that guild. No chance for new players and no room for competition.
      Either that or make item inside knightmare non-tradeable. so, it forces players to do the event if they want good items, not the same player doing all the work for his entire guild.
      Medusa and Selupan:
      Medusa and Selupan are fine but maybe make 1 non-pvp. Otherwise, the strong ones will always dominate.
      One of them should be non-pvp maybe once a week. random time and random day.
      Should give a bonus loot. Right now, killing it does nothing. I did more dmg once and felt like I wasted my time.
      Maybe make the killer (Most dmg) get 1 piece of horn. Killing the bigger boss on CW should be rewarding.
      Last but not least, toxicness and rudeness on this server it’s too much and it should not be allowed. People are given too many chances to be toxic and curse at every person on this server. 1 Racist comment should be = banned forever. You don’t want to build a community around these types of people. And all it takes it’s 1 bad comment for somebody to quit the game.
      While I’m well aware that these types of players are probably the ones keeping the server alive by joining every edition to do the same guilds/fights, I’m confident they are also the ones keeping the game from progressing any further or getting new players.
      It’s hard to recommend this game to a friend when u know they will just not have a good experience mainly because of player base. Even I find it hard logging on some days and seeing /post full of racist and crazy remarks. And while the things said are not directed to me, nobody wants to be on a place full of people saying that kind of stuff.
      That’s all I can think off. I think this server has the potential to be great. Only need to get rid of a few bad apples and maybe new players will come and join the fun.
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      Gion reacted to Grotesque in Feedback for Inception - Sprint 2   
      Perhaps there should be a rule where you can attend, let`s say Selupan, only once every ~36h(after participation cool down on a boss for a certain amount of time). To avoid same person getting the boss 24/7.
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      Gion got a reaction from Archie in BL Archie   
      Archie +1 warn => muted for 12 hours.
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      Gion got a reaction from Killah in Goodbye   
      Text us on our Facebook page, we can let you all re-transfer if you didn't start moving things around after your failed transfer...
    21. Hype
      Gion got a reaction from Archie in Goodbye   
      Text us on our Facebook page, we can let you all re-transfer if you didn't start moving things around after your failed transfer...
    22. Like
      Gion reacted to stef21 in Donations down   
    23. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from eli1000 in BL Roscatu   
      Roscatu needs to cool just a lil bit.
      Banned for 2 days.
    24. Like
      Gion reacted to ItaloVieira in MU Helper shortcut obtaining item keywords.   
      So if i just put croll in my muhelper it will pic all scrolls?? can i use like "armor" for it to ger only armor sets?? "black" so he can take black dragon sets
    25. Like
      Gion got a reaction from bighy13 in Insults   
      No evidence of BigHy provoking KonY, so
      KonY +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours.
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