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      Gion reacted to Mergen in Hello   
      Name: Memo
      Date of Birth: 07 July 1994
      Gender: Male
      Location: Turkey
      Languages: Azerbaijan, English and a bit of Spanish
      Time Zone: GMT 3
      Hobbies: Magic, Rally, computers and Violin
      Physical appearance: I'm Blonde, green eyes, tall (185 cm aprox) about 93 kg
      Job: mechanical engineer
       I started playing MU when I`m still in primary school, I grew up playing in computer Shops during the golden age of gaming.. ah nostalgic.
      Golden age of gaming we say here in Turkey because every corner of the city / town there is a computer shop where there a lot of players playing, there are instances that with 50 to 100 units of that shop is full where you need to line up or be quick to find some players nearing their time so you can exchange on their spot. I am a extrovert person, I developed my extroverted trait because of my times playing in computer shops. I have met and played with a lot of friends sharing bountiful memories on boss hunts etc, up until now even I am working as a full time project manager / software engineer and building my career, In almost of my free time I always play games to sooth my stress of adulting. As you can see my main attitude that I am proud of is me being solid friendly person, I can`t live a day without a laughter or bonding with a friend through means of available communications. I value almost all of the person I encounter, I have a good memory of the person I encounter even with a simple hi!. Honestly I`m a bit snob during the times I`m focused on my coding but rest assured that I always reply back even its the end of the world!
      You can talk to me here or on discord 😀
      Discort : Mergen#8709
      fun games for everyone 😀
    2. Thanks
      Gion reacted to GetFukt in Feedback from Players   
      Phoenix Semi-Hard x30 Feedback

      Hope this is at least read and considered.

      1. Economy
           A. I don't believe the hard economy system was successful. The lack of jewels leads to every item being traded with primarily credits (P2W). This transition to P2W  is not the OldSquad server we all love and remember.
           B. With the new Box of Kundun system there is no more incentive to hunt and compete for Box +4/5. With a majority of the drops being complete garbage (Vine gloves + mana from Bok5) you've introduced so much additional RNG to an aspect of the game that is already RNG heavy. This makes the server feel more and more like a mobile phone game where you are gambling 24/7.

          C. I believe the jewel drop rate needs a buff. There are not enough jewels in the economy for anyone to build cool sets, consistently game on wings, yolo +15 items, etc because the jewel drop rate is abysmal. 
           D. Zen drops - At some stages of the game I was struggling to even buy potions. - I don't think any changes are required, it seems much better now.

      2. Blacksmith
          A. Removing this system would slow progression and let non-donators at least have a chance to compete. I recommend removing the +9 - 12 aspect of the blacksmith but keeping the + Luck option. This paired with VIP purchases should provide enough profit to maintain the server. Ideally I would love to see 1 VIP system introduced, with a price increase of 5 euros, and the only additional credit option would be adding luck.

      3. IP Limits
          A. This is something I agree with. I'd hate to see a server full of alts just farming. Sadly, the IP limit isn't working, the system is still being abused and people are playing 10 - 15 just to increase their chances for jewels and zen (See 1.C).

      4. Balancing
          A. BK - Overpowered monster / Takes a brain to play. - I think this class is fine. It's primary job is to be a killer and it does take a bit of skill to play.
          B. DL - Level 1 - 350 It's broken, but balances out and falls off as levels progress. - Ignore SD on horse is a bit silly.
          C. SM - Weak as shit level 1 - 350+ and requires good items. - SM needs a lot of love and investment but they really shine at later stages. - Balanced Well.
          D. RF - Level 1 - 300 it's pretty shit. requires decent items, falls of late game (ML++). - Needs a few tweaks, shouldn't be able to 1 hit everyone while walking around with 5k++ HP.
          E. SUM - Late game monster. Takes a while to get going. same as SM, balanced well, requires investment.
          F. AE - The main PVM class. Ice arrow should have it's duration reduced and should have some sort of diminishing return if you're just holding 1 person in place with Ice arrow.
          G. MG - What a fucking joke, literally only useful to play as EMG. Low Range - Check, Low Defense - Check, Low Damage - Check. This is quite literally the worst class on the server. 

      More to come soon.


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      Gion got a reaction from Zilitaxtuz in Soccer Night #1 - 07.05.2022   
      Hello !
      The 1st edition of Soccer Night will be hosted on Saturday, 07.05.2022 at 18:00.
      Write you character name that you want to participate with in this topic, for registrations.
      Rewards for 1st Edition    
      Consolations: 2x Jewel of Harmony & 2x Jewel of Bless per played match (for each player). 1st place: 10x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each winner. 2nd place: 7x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each player.      3rd place: 5x Jewel of Harmony & 10x Jewel of Bless for each player. Also there is a 25% chance for an Old Box (20% for Mid Old Box and 5% for Late Old Box) for each participant. Info about Soccer Night    
      https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4012-soccer-night-info/ By registering for Soccer Night you agree with the conditions from Soccer Night's info !!!
    4. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from Spawn in BL KILLALL   
      How would you know that they both white? Anyway it is about the culture, you from Europe, I don't expect you to get it.
      Idk why I am talking about this.
      Also there are no insults here, locked.
    5. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from brucedildo in Sadly More Racism from ALKIN's PARTY +Bad Language   
      Disrespecting is not the same as insulting, and they did it here just like that.
      In my opinion there should be no punishments except for Betley where we can see the concept of racism in pure form.
      Betley banned for 2 days.
    6. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from Break_ in Racism, Bad Language Sad its 2022...   
      ALKIN banned for 2 days for racism.
    7. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from KamiCat in Racism, Bad Language Sad its 2022...   
      ALKIN banned for 2 days for racism.
    8. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from brucedildo in BL no1liveer   
      Please read rules before actually reporting.
    9. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from Chukundah in BL Chukundah   
      Chukundah +1 warn, total of 3 => banned for 1 day.
      Makiavelli +1 warn => muted for 12 hours.
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      Gion reacted to ADMIN in Patch - 05.04.2022   
      We want to touch an important subject - IT.
      Normally it is known that in most cases your EXP will reset after you participate at IT Event. We never had a problem with that on Inception, because the level exp barely mattered there. But we have a problem with it on Phoenix, especially during Breaks where you work very hard for every single EXP bar and it is a big thing to lose it.
      So because of that, we're doing our best to find a solution to keep the EXP for everyone going in IT, one way or another.

      We've applied a "try-fix" on EXP for IT right now and we're waiting your feedback if you still have your EXP reset.
      We did (on last IT) and we will do manual fixes for those with EXP reset THAT ARE ON BREAK (level 330+) - just contact us if you encounter EXP reset and continue to EXP since we'll calculate your EXP based on backups & the current exp after the reset.
      We want to find a solution that works for everyone (both in break or not) and of course, an automatic one, without depending on us navigating through backups and manually restoring it.

      So let us know if you encounter EXP reset from now on (or if you don't), and would be great if you can share us if you did something special (or not) during the IT, so that we can select those cases where it didn't happened and try to have them applied for everyone.
      [UPDATED] Zen drop chance on medium and higher maps have been slightly reduced (to values between what they were now and what they were before the last tweak).
      [UPDATED] Zen Handicap on maps lower than your level raised to -0.5% zen per level from -0.25% zen per level.
      Note: Zen had a huge boom after the latest tweaks and we're tuning it down slightly to avoid inflation.
    11. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from Knightmare in Chaos Castle Teaming   
      Please read server rules before reporting.
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      Gion got a reaction from mariusikkă in [Phoenix] Informațiile Oficiale (tot ce trebuie să știi)   
      OldSquadMU - Phoenix - Info
      De ce să ne alegi pe NOI?
      Info de bază
      Info despre Gameplay
      Progression System
      Old Box System V2
      Info Eventuri
      Info Spoturi
      Info despre Drop & Sistemul de Economie
      Chaos Machine Info
      Wings Level 4 System
       Caracteristici Speciale/hot pe care are trebui să le ȘTII!
      Sistemul Pvp - Toate detaliile & funcțiile
      Heart, Excellent (BoKs), Old Box & Ancient Tiers
      Sistemul Castle Siege V3 - Unic 
      Arena Tournament V3 -Cel mai complex Event PvP

      Extra Info Topics:

      REGULILE serverului: Click Me
      Info despre CREDITS: Click Me
      Totul despre Characters, Builds & Formulas: Click Me
      Test Server Commands: Click Me
      +Multe,multe, multe alte lucruri!
      Hai să ducem MU Online la nivelul următor!
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      Gion reacted to Alex. in I got blocked when trying to open clieint   
      that looks like a ban if you ask me
    14. Thanks
      Gion reacted to Alex. in Max clients per ip   
      Note: Energy Elves are removed from gameplay so you can have 1 main + 1 alt. Note2: The Energy Elf build is made only for Castle Siege using a free stats rebuild before each Castle Siege.  
      I recommend u read here, because there are a lot of interesting things explained:
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      Gion reacted to Chukundah in Ring of Honor   
      every reset u get 3 points until lvl 220 and then 4
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      Gion reacted to Alex. in Blood Castle - happy hour   
      As in the title, i would like to suggest removing happy hour from blood castles or make XP higher in all blood castles, to match the one in happy hour.
      - it creates drama between party members
      - it 'forces' you to do bc during HH to stay in top
      - it 'forces' all 5 members to be online at those hours, otherwise using teamviewer to add a party member inside doesn't work, because you don't have time to take ur char and the oter one inside
      - it advantages ppl with better PC, because they have better FPS and can click faster to get inside
    17. Thanks
      Gion got a reaction from mariusikkă in Hey!   
      Hello and enjoy your stay!
      First of all I would suggest you to have a look over the server's info in order not to lose precious intel: 
      Don't hesitate to contact us in game or on our Facebook page OldSquad Community if you ever need support.
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      Gion reacted to mariusikkă in Hey!   
      Hey everyone.
      My name is Marian Marius, I am 26 years old and I am born in Romania.
      I used to play Mu Online when I was younger, back in 2007 ish..
      Now that I'm working from home and i have quite a bit of spare time i decided to go back on it. Found this server, I love it. I've now got two characters, mariusikka (SM) and PornHUB (BK and yeah, childish name but it makes people laugh so ..).
      Cya around.
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      Gion reacted to ADMIN in [Phoenix] Early look at the big economy rework   
      I'm open for suggestions. I'd personally only give a BC ticket with 1 entry for those that win the BC statue in BC1-3/1-4, so they still get something but nothing useful for alts.
      I don't agree with such thing. You'll still have way more def from the ++ non exc items from medals than from a +0 exc item. In the end, such bok3 exc items does also drop from mobs on low maps, and thus not making any change.
      They aren't set yet but no, they'll have different rates for the drops.
      It is planned, but as a future update during the edition.
      Not anytime soon.
      I do feel the same, since it isn't "useful" for early game. We'll see about it if it stays or not.


      2 new things I can present you as well, looking for feedback:

      Old Jewel
      Old Jewel is a new mid-late game jewel, a custom one, that can either be mixed on Chaos Goblin or found in Late Old Box. Old Jewel can be used on excellent set items / shields with luck and minimum level of + 11, that have 1 or 2 exc options. Old Jewel will add +1 excellent option to the item (from 1 option to 2 options or from 2 options to 3 options). Old Jewel has 100% success rate on items. Old Jewel Mix: 30x Jewel of Bless. 30x Jewel of Soul. 10x Jewel of Chaos. 10x Jewel of Creation. 5x Jewel of Harmony. 300kk Zen. 5 exc set items (no weapons) + add12 (or higher). 40% success rate for the mix. The Mix goal is to give new opportunities to spend jewels, zen, and trash exc. items as well as to keep them relevant. Wings Level 4 Mix System
      There's now only 1 universal Statue for all classes to mix: Goat Statue. It is no longer tradeable via Store (and still no other means). There's now 40% chance for the mix to succeed on the Goat Statue. Goat Statue Mix: 2x Mid Old Box. 1x Late Old Box. 60x Jewel of Bless. 60x Jewel of Soul. 30x Jewel of Life. 20x Jewel of Chaos. 20x Jewel of Creation. 10x Jewel of Harmony. 1x 380 Weapon + 15 + Add16 (Any). 1kkk Zen. Wings Level 4 upgrade Mix: 1x Goat Statue. Wings Level 3 +15+Add16 (your class wings, if you mix SUM wings3 you will get SUM wings4, if you mix ELF wings3 you will get ELF wings4, etc.) 3x Late Old Box. 90x Jewel of Bless. 90x Jewel of Soul. 50x Jewel of Life. 40x Jewel of Chaos. 40x Jewel of Creation. 20x Jewel of Harmony. Talisman of Luck. 1.5kkk Zen. Note: Wings Level 4 will now 100% come with both options (ign & ref).
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      Gion got a reaction from Murder in Celsur   
      Celsur +1 warn => muted for 12 hours.
    21. Hype
      Gion got a reaction from kthanhcb in Multiple offattack chars from Dracula   
      Anyone can have multiple characters when having multiple devices+internet connections, including you.
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      Gion reacted to ADMIN in Transfers from Wormhole 2022   
      Wormhole will be over on Wednesday, 19th January at 21:00 GMT+2 (Server Time).
      At that moment, Wormhole will be removed from website and you won't be able to leave Lorencia safe-zone and / or make new trades, etc., but the server will remain online for 7 more days (until 26th January 21:00 GMT+2 - so you can finish the transfer process).
      In order to transfer to Inception you need to have at least 15 resets when it's over. If you have the requirements, you just have to write /transfer [NewName] from the Character you are transferring, where [NewName] = the name you want to have on Inception.
      Note: Minimum 4 characters, maximum 10 characters for name.
      Note2: Only alphanumeric characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9), no special characters/symbols or so.
      Note3: The new name you choose must not be taken already on Inception by someone else.
      You need to have at least one free slot on Inception account (same account) in order to transfer - command will let you know. If your transfer option doesn't include Inventory then you need to have inventory empty (except of items you wear) else the system will delete anything it finds in inventory when you transfer, and then relog you to try again. Exception is the 15-20rr guys that MUST HAVE everything empty, including Equipment (items you wear), else the system will delete your equipment when you transfer, and then relog you to try again. Extended inventory is counted (and transferred) as well for those that can transfer inventory. You can transfer a maximum of 500.000.000 Zen on Inception, no matter how much you have on character. Any Zen Stones you have on inventory on the moment of the transfer will be deleted. Master Level gained on Wormhole will be transferred to Inception. You will have same ML and Master Points equal to the ML, the skill tree will be empty and all the character skills will be deleted if you had ML. After the transfer is complete, your character & account from Wormhole will be blocked and the credits you still have will be set to 0. You will be transferred with level 400 and the reset based on the transfer table. You will have 25 stats + the sum of points based on your new reset & inception points as unused points, that you can freely add. I will remind you once again the transfer table:
      For any other questions or problems contact us in our facebook page.
      Thanks for playing on our Speed Server and we hope that you'll have a nice journey on Inception!
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      Gion got a reaction from Tech in Racism EnkMG   
      Far from racism. It is not even an insult.
    24. Haha
      Gion reacted to Knightmare in Bad Language iMaGhosT   
      are you dumb?
    25. Haha
      Gion got a reaction from Knightmare in BL no1LiveEr   
      Please read the rules before actually reporting.
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