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Castle Siege Improvement

Make a better CS.  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Increase HP pots delay on CS from 1 second to 5-10 seconds ? (nerfing tanks)

    • Yes, 5 seconds
    • Yes, 10 seconds
    • No please, we don't like to die.
    • Yes, 7 seconds
  2. 2. Increase - (minus) seconds on Crown fail from 2 to 4 ? (Instead of losing 2 seconds on fail on Crown you'll lose 4 seconds per fail)

  3. 3. Do you want more than 2 alliances fighting at CS ?

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Tsubyke now i recruit a lot of pl ppls and now i have 5-7 Alts in guild :)

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Yeah Boje, but just think about that , 45 chars guild for example means I must kick 5 chars and you 5 chars , what chars we are gonna kick from guilds? The chars with lower resets who wont have any impact if they go in other guild to play for CS :)



But if everyone want 45 , we can go 45..not a big problem .

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Ok, poll is over, results :


- Delay of pots will be 5 seconds starting with this CS from Sunday.

- You will lose 4 seconds on fail at crown instead of 2 seconds starting with this CS from Sunday.


For the last part, starting from Monday, there will be no more alliances and because there is not a majority for one option and instead votes for both 40 ppl and 50 ppl in guild (almost equal votes) there will be the middle of the option : 45 players into 1 guild.


So I will ask all guild masters / alliance masters to start disbanding their alliances and kick the players until number 45 after Sunday's CS, else we'll do it manually and it's a bit painfull for us, so please follow our instructions.


We hope to have 4 guilds starting from next CS's , so start building your awesome GUILDS !



"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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