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    • Gion

      OldSquad Golden Months Ranking   07/31/2017

      This is the rankings topic for OS Points of the second edition (01 August- 31 August).It will be updated every 1-5 days.   Prizes for this month : 1st place : Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 2 Talismans 2nd place : 4 Seeds in Sphere at choice 3rd place : 100b 100s Any players that reach 40+ OSP but isn't in Top3 : 40b 40s   Attention : The points you are getting from ingame weekly events will only be given to the name of the participant character (if you want points on your main character you come with your main character at events).Exception : Fist Fight event where the name where the points go will be the qualified character name. For the forum tasks/methods of gaining OS Points you must also specify the ingame character to get the points. More info about this competition here :    Rankings : Ciello - 217 OSP Dizia - 193 OSP marvel10 - 180 OSP
      AlezJaja - 115 OSP
      MichaeL21 - 105 OSP
      Deelis - 95 OSP
      Arioch - 93 OSP
      Klean - 80 OSP
      Puffs - 60 OSP
      Xtra - 55 OSP
      Blackmill - 55 OSP
      Juan23 - 55 OSP
      Defecta - 55 OSP
      Violence - 40 OSP
      ThunderBR - 35 OSP
      RageBunny - 35 OSP
      AnaM - 35 OSP
      Hagen - 35 OSP
      degre - 30 OSP
      FastUP - 25 OSP
      zile - 25 OSP
      AbraDaB - 25 OSP
      Chip - 20 OSP
      Pasiterek - 20 OSP
      AEthelfled - 15 OSP
      Vengeance - 15 OSP
      tatatat - 15 OSP
      FreeWorld - 10 OSP
      Puffs - 10 OSP
      Jori56 - 10 OSP
      iubi - 10 OSP
      Weedow - 10 OSP
      Gore - 10 OSP
      Babs - 10 OSP
      Beren - 10 OSP
      raubik - 10 OSP
      magikguy - 10 OSP
      rigaro - 10 OSP
      RespecT - 10 OSP
      MisterWeed - 5 OSP
      Sterben - 5 OSP
      Teranu - 5 OSP
      ProtoType - 5 OSP
      Vega - 5 OSP
      Surubel - 5 OSP
      Muddy - 5 OSP
      GigiFast - 5 OSP
      ZoliRF - 5 OSP
      MOBIUS - 5 OSP
      FreakyRF - 5 OSP
      Sonic - 5 OSP
      Catalin - 5 OSP
      WereWolf - 5 OSP
      KilerQueen - 5 OSP
      MDMA - 5 OSP
      TotoRiina - 5 OSP
      Savage - 5 OSP
      RippErDK - 5 OSP
      Guzzbrah - 5 OSP
      ToothFairy - 5 OSP
      Pwned - 5 OSP
      ZLATAN - 5 OSP
      MetsisDL - 5 OSP
      ChicBuff - 5 OSP
      Bado - 5 OSP
      Zirael - 5 OSP
      Aspire - 5 OSP
      Okabe - 5 OSP
      Legalize - 5 OSP
      Tzunade - 5 OSP
      Bloodless - 5 OSP
      RespecTiT - 5 OSP
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Random FAQ's [Golden Months]

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Here you can post any random FAQ (frequently asked question) regarding our community/server + providing the good and clear answer for it.

Any accepted FAQ will bring you 1-2 OS Points depending on how frequent it is asked.

If you have more FAQ's just edit your post with them (don't make more posts).


Enjoy !


+++ SOME RULES OF POSTING, please be aware of them before you make a post:

1.Please read the previous questions written by other players, do not double post them !

2.Please do not modify what any staff member is adding to your post !

3.When you post, please let us know the name of the character you want to OSP to be given to !

Edited by Gion
Added some posting rules

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1. Are the stats removed after reset? / How many stats, points we receive after reset?

- Resets do not change your stats at all. All added and remaining points to be added before reset will remain the same after reset as well.

+2 OSP

2. Where can I find Horse for my Dark Lord/ Lord Emperor?

- Horse needs to be resurrected with Dark Horse Spirit (can be found in Kanturu 2), 5 Jewel of Bless, 5 Jewel of Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation 1 Jewel of chaos and zen, in Lorencia (122, 110) at Trainer.


3. Where can I find Raven for my Dark Lord/ Lord Emperor?

- Raven needs to be resurrected with Dark Raven Spirit (can be found in Kanturu 2), 2 Jewel of Bless, 2 Jewel of Soul, 1 Jewel of Creation, 1 Jewel of chaos and zen, in Lorencia (122, 110) at Trainer.


4. Witch spheres do I need to make good Sphere Seeds and place them in my item?

- Spheres are in 5 levels (mono - cin / bad sphere - perfect sphere), each level of sphere unclocking more bonus value from s seed. Best Sphere being the "Perfect Sphere" also known as "Sphere (cin)" 


5. Do I need one of each sphere level to place them in my items, as I see socket 1-5?

No, you can can combine 5 Perfect Spheres with 5 Seeds and place them all in the same item. The level of the Sphere is only determinate the Seed Value. 

+2 OSP

6. Witch are the best seeds and can I add same one multiple socket slots of a single item?

- Seeds appreciations and importance differs from one character to another, also depends on what you are making the set for. Some characters demand different options in different situations like (PVP - PVM - Bosses).

- You can add only 1 seed option / item, not limited to item type, this means that you can add 1 seed option for each of your set pieces.


7. Is there a specific order of adding seeds in items?

- There is no specific order in adding the seeds to your items, however there are some bonuses that can be unlocked for set or for item if you match the secret combinations.


8. Where can I find Feather of Condor?

- Feather of Condor can not be found while farming on maps. you can either create it and Chaos Goblin in Noria either pay attention at Weekly Events and make sure you win.


9. Where can I find a excellent weapon, i`m a new player?

- Excellent items can be dropped from mobs while farming (pretty low drop), most commonly at Golden Invasion by collection and throwing Box of Kundun, some specific excellent items (lvl 380) can be dropped at Bosses for most character and in Raklion for Rage Fighter.


10. Where can I find Socket Items with 5 sockets?

All socket items are dropped while farming in Raklion (La Cleon), with a random rate for the socket number or item level.

+2OSP - a total of 16 OSP by now for Dizia - Edited by Gion


-Edit ZaBest

11. How can I dismantle jewels that are stacked together?
You must talk to Lahap in Devias or Elbeland. He is the guy with the donkey and for a certain sum of ZEN he dismantles or packs jewels.

+2 OSP - a total of 18 OSP for Dizia - Edited by Gion

Edited by Gion

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