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      OldSquad Golden Months Rankings   08/31/2017

      This is the rankings topic for OS Points of the third edition (02 September - 30 September).It will be updated every 1-5 days.   Prizes for this month : 1st place : Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 2 Talismans + 1 Seed 2nd place : 4 Seeds in Sphere at choice + 1 Talisman 3rd place : 120b 120s 40JoH Any players that reach 40+ OSP but isn't in Top3 : 50b 50s   Attention : The points you are getting from ingame weekly events will only be given to the name of the participant character (if you want points on your main character you come with your main character at events).Exception : Fist Fight event where the name where the points go will be the qualified character name. For the forum tasks/methods of gaining OS Points you must also specify the ingame character to get the points. More info about this competition here :    Rankings : Arioch - 185 OSP

      PasiKonik - 75 OSP Ciello - 65 OSP knatx - 55 OSP
      AnaM - 55 OSP
      Peperoni - 55 OSP
      MichaeL21 - 50 OSP
      TikTakTik - 50 OSP
      PACQUIAO - 40 OSP
      AbraDaB - 40 OSP
      Ambitionz - 40 OSP
      DarkQueen - 35 OSP
      EvaDiinh - 35 OSP
      Vengeance - 25 OSP
      GipsyGirl - 20 OSP
      MannyPakyu - 15 OSP
      FarmVille - 15 OSP
      marvel10 - 10 OSP
      Vearth - 10 OSP
      tarkan - 10 OSP
      Coddy - 10 OSP
      DarkQueen - 10 OSP
      MildSeven - 5 OSP
      Khanhlinh - 5 OSP
      xXPANDAXx - 5 OSP
      BloodySM - 5 OSP
      GrandMR - 5 OSP
      Aspire - 5 OSP
      Bila - 5 OSP
      Pumy - 5 OSP
      Kamila - 5 OSP
      degre - 5 OSP
      Catalin - 5 OSP
      NightKing - 5 OSP
      gianluca - 5 OSP
      hadeon - 5 OSP
      DeBuff - 5 OSP    
      Error404 - 5 OSP
      Surubel - 5 OSP
      kadyuDL - 5 OSP
      DeathPk - 5 OSP

Open beta announced - NonReset !

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Hello OldSquaders,

We're getting closer and closer to the biggest step for our Community since last 6-7 months.We're close enough to launch the most awaited NON-RESET Server of this Year - OldSquadMU - NonReset.

Many of you are waiting it (actual and old players) but also many new players are waiting it to step in our Community and feel the REAL MU EXPERIENCE that we are offering !

It's a big pressure on us with this launch because we want everything to be as perfect as possible so we won't disappoint yours expectations.


Open beta of OldSquadMU - NonReset will start on 28 August.

It will last for 6-10 days and the official start is expected on 15 September. :)

Official Info topic for NonReset : 

 (it is not 100% yet but there are many official things there).


Info about CREDITS : 


Box(es) of Kundun Drops List :


Castle Siege INFO :


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You will have 3 options on beta :

1. Normal char with the official exp (that can be altered during beta)

2. VIP1 char (free VIP for BETA) that have like 10x the official exp.

3. VIP2 char (free VIP for BETA) that have full exp (99999x).

So depending on what you want to explore / test you can choose your exp.

Also there will be some shops with many ingredients to test them out.

+ all the SITE functions will be FREE during beta (so you can test / explore them before official opening).


After the beta will end, all the chars,vips,credits,items,etc. etc. will be deleted and only the accounts will remain (don't forget that creating 1 acc on max30rr means automatically creating the same on non rr and vice-versa - you can use your old max30rr acc to play non rr).

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1 hour ago, Leothan said:

Great!!! Cant w8!!!


How can we enable these xp options?

You will be able to buy VIP from site for FREE (Bronze/Silver) if you want to alter the official exp. :)

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17 hours ago, gaugiavt said:

do i have to download a client of non rr server to play it?I already did download 30rr client

Yes there will be a beta client for non-reset uploaded today and another new official client for both max30rr and nonrr with 2 patches each.

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