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Castle Siege Info

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- Castle Siege is every Sunday at 20:00 Server Time.
- Register period is between Tuesday and Thursday (at 00:59).
- Sign of Lord period is between Thursday (at 01:00) and Saturday (at 01:00).
- You can register both ingame (on Valley of Loren) or on SITE (as GM of the alliance).
- Friendly Fire is activated (10% of damage goes to allies also).
- After registering the crown, defensive team must go outside of the room and re-enter it (so you don't have to press ctrl to attack).
- Crown is with accumulated time.
- Every 3 seconds while the GM is outside of the room he will lose 1 second from the accumulated time.
- Every FAIL of accumulating the crown (Example: You lose a switch, You miss-click again on the crown, etc.) will cost you -1 second of the accumulated time.
- DL with Dark Horse can't be moved while registering the Crown. Also all classes on Fenrir can't be moved.
- Sleep duration is maximum 5 seconds.
- Elf buff duration is 90 seconds.
- Crown switches are not in the center of square so they are harder to be kept.
- Minimum requirements in order to have a chance at CS : GM-TANK + 2 TANKS for SWITCHES.
- Normal CS gameplay is the same (get switches, register crown, etc.) but the CS is won by the Team with the most Points at the end of CS (doesn’t matter if the Team is attacking at the end, it will still win the CS).
- 15 minutes after CS starts (at 20:15) the initialization of the system will start. Starting from 20:15, the Team that is having the Defender status at CS will get 1 Point every 2 seconds. If the defenders lose the crown to attackers, the new defenders will start to earn Points. Basically any Team that have Defender status will earn 1 Point every 2 seconds. The only rule to earn the points is that ALLY GM must be ONLINE and on CS map, else the Points won’t raise.
- Apart from the Defender Points, killers can also contribute to their team by KILLING enemies on the crown room (ONLY crown room and only enemies - allies kills won’t give you points -):
TANK kill (char with more then 40% of points into VIT) = 5 Points
Ally GM kill = 15 Points
Rest of players = 2 Points
- Every 3 minutes a global message will show up to announce current Points for all Teams involved at CS. Players can also use /score command anytime they want to check the Points situation.
- At the end of the CS, the Team with the most Points accumulated will be the winners, doesn’t matter if they are attackers at the end.

Other CS Info :

- Teleport of SM disabled near Switch Crowns (5x5 space).
- Dark Horse skill cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.
- Mana Shield, Sweal, Reflect, Fitness, DSR buff have a standard duration of 60 seconds (ONLY on CS server).
- Defenders spawn location is between the end of the bridge and middle of 1st gates and 2nd gates.
- Summon cooldown increased to 45s.
- Battle Master skill (stun) duration increased from 15s to 20s 

For winners :
- Land of Trials access where Ancients are dropping (low rate) and JoG's are dropping (medium rate).
- Erohim access.
- Lord mix access (1 per day, 380 item exc - with 2-4 options).
- Entrance level in Valley: 200 lvl.
- Good exp spots: Fire Golems (for level 280-330/350).
Have fun!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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