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Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW!

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Many of you (new and old players) still don't know what OldSquad can offer you in terms of great & useful features, so I'll make a presentation of most of them, to help you in your journey here.

Server Features & Commands:

1. Auto Party & Auto Party with Password
- You can set your Character to automatically accept users into your party when you are Party Master.
- The command that you must write is : /re auto
- You can also set a password to your party, so only players using the password will be accepted.
- In order to set the password you must write : /re auto XXX where XXX = your random password.
- After you set up your party password, in order for others to join your party automatically they must also write:
/re auto XXX where XXX = the same password that you set for your party and then just request party on any user from your party (Pressing D -> Party and right click on Characters from party).

2. Add & Auto Add Points
- You can add your free stat points very quickly to any of your stats by writing : /addstr XX or /addagi XX or /addvit XX or /addene XX or /addcmd XX, where XX = the amount of points that you want to add from your free points, and where str = Strength, agi = Agility, vit = Vitality, ene = Energy and cmd = Command.
- You can also set the free points to be added automatically while you are AFK (that means whenever you make levels and gain new free points they can be added automatically and instantly to your chosen stat).
- To use this feature you must write : /addstr auto XX or /addagi auto XX , etc. where str/agi,etc. are the stats and XX = the amount of points that you want to be added automatically every time you have the free points to use up.
Example :
If you have 100 free points and level 300 and you want to add the next 400 points into agility then you will write /addagi auto 400
What will happen? The free 100 points will be added into agility instantly, and the next 300 points that you gain, will also be added into agility - that means from level 300 to 360 all the points will be added into agility automatically even if you are AFK when doing the levels -.
NOTE : This command will work even if you re-enter game, get reconnected, etc.
- To cancel the auto add points command you must write : /addagi auto 0 (instead of agi you should write the stat where you set the points to be added automatically). 

3. Clear Inventory
- If you want to clear (DELETE) your entire inventory (let's say it's full of trash items, and you don't want to waste time selling them to shop/dropping them etc. or you have an item that you can't sell/drop and want to get rid of it) you must write : /clearinv
- Entire inventory will be cleaned instantly, so use it carefully!

4. Char Info & Items Info
- If you want to quickly-check a player level/mlevel/resets write : /info XXX where XXX = name of the character.
- In order for the info to be shown, the character must be ONLINE and on the same SERVER (1 or 20).
- If you want to check the requirements (stats) and damage/defense for each level of an item (Non-Exc) from game you must write : /itemname where itemname = full and correct name of the item.
Example : /Dragon Armor 

5. Character Lock / Unlock
- In order to raise the level of security for your characters, you can 'Lock' them with an extra password.
- While the character is locked, his items can't be traded/sold/dropped etc.
- This option is really recommended for shared accounts.
- You can lock your character using /lock XXXX where XXXX = your password.
- Password must have a minimum of 4 digits and a maximum of 20 digits.
- To unlock it you must write /unlock XXXX where XXXX is the pass that you set.
- In order to have a full protection of your account you must have 5 characters on your account and all of them locked (with atleast level 10 so they can't be deleted).

6. Disconnect Friend / Own Account
- You can disconnect a friend's account, or your own account connected to another computer.
- You must write : /dcfriend CharName CharPassword where CharName = name of the character, and CharPassword = password of the account, where the character which you want to disconnect is hosted.
Example : /dcfriend SoulSeT 123456
- In order for the command to work, the account must be in the same SERVER as you (1 or 20).
- Notice that the 'disconnected char' will enter the reconnect state, so you will have only 15-20 seconds to join the account before it is reconnected.

7. War & Soccer
- If you want to start a War 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /war XXX where XXX = name of the guild which you want to go to war with.
- If you want to start a Soccer 'Event' between your guild and another guild you must write : /soccer XXX where XXX = name of the guild which you want to play soccer against.
- Notice that only the GM (Guild Master) can write & use these commands.

8. Chars Command
- You are be able to use command /chars Name where Name = name of an online char (same server with you) that has atleast 1 Kill.
- The function will show the first 3 chars from the target IP that have the biggest level, from biggest to lowest.
- If the player doesn't have 3 chars it will show only two, one or none.
- In order for the script to show the chars the target must have atleast 1 Kill or it won't show anything.
- Feel free to know the killers better from now so you can have your revenge.

9. Event Entries
- You can join some of the events only x times in 24 hours with the same character:
- The entries will reset every day at 23:59 Server Time.You need to relog character after the reset for the update of the entries.
CC - 12 Times per day ; 4 Entries / Day / Character
BC - 12 Times per day ; 4 Entries / Day / Character
DS - 12 Times per day ; 4 Entries / Day / Character
IT - 4 Times per day ; 2 Entries / Day / Character
Imperial Event - 6 Entries / Day / Character

10. Entries Command
- You can use command /entries to show your current event entries situation.
- It will show how many entries you have left for today for BC,DS,CC,IT,Imperial.
- It will also show how much time left before the entries reset.

11. Jewel Pack Command
You can use /pack NAME SIZE where NAME = jewel name and SIZE = 10, 20 or 30.
- The maximum pack is 30.
- Example of using :
/pack bless 10 -> will pack 10 Jewel of Bless.
- In order to dismantle the packs you can use command /part NAME SIZE where NAME = jewel name and SIZE = 10, 20 or 30.
Attention : You can play with this commands as it will also transform 30b pack into 20b +10b and any combinations.
- The cost of this command is 5kk zen per use.
- Name for jewels :
bless = Jewel of Bless
soul = Jewel of Soul
life = Jewel of Life
creation = Jewel of Creation
guardian = Jewel of Guardian
gem = Gemstone
harmony = Jewel of Harmony
chaos = Jewel of Chaos
loref = Lower Refine Stone
hiref = Higher Refine Stone

12. Fairness Gaps
- This feature will disable the option of attacking a player if it's much lower in resets than you.
- The feature is having a vice-versa also, players much lower than you can't attack you.
- The Fairness Gaps are :
[0 - 1 resets] - No gap
[2 - 3 resets] - 2 resets gap
[4 - 5 resets] - 3 resets gap
[6 - 8 resets] - 4 resets gap 
[9 - 11 resets] - 6 resets gap
[12 - 15 resets] - 7 resets gap
[16 - 19 resets] - 9 resets gap
[20 - 25 resets] - 11 resets gap
[26 - 31 resets] - 14 resets gap
[32- 38 resets] - 18 resets gap
[39 - 45 resets] - 23 resets gap
[46 - 50 resets] - 28 resets gap
- Examples:
Players with 2 resets can't kill players with 0 resets.
Players with 3 resets can't kill players with 0-1 resets.
Players with 4 resets can't kill players with 0-1 resets.
Players with 5 resets can't kill players with 0-2 resets.
Players with 6 resets can't kill players with 0-2 resets.
Players with 7 resets can't kill players with 0-3 resets.
Players with 17 resets can't kill players with 0-8 resets.
Players with 30 resets can't kill players with 0-16 resets.
Players with 50 resets can't kill players with 0-22 resets.

- Feature is disabled on Gens Maps (Atlans,Relics,Swamp,Raklion,Vulcanus) and also on Karutan2.
- Feature is disabled at CS,LoT,CC,Arena Tournament,IT,Duel Arena and Lorencia Ring.


13. Invasion Info
- You can use command /invasion whenever there is an invasion and you'll get info about monsters alive.
- It works for: Goldens, WW and Rabbits invasions.
- For WW and Rabbits it will show maps where monsters are still alive.
- For Goldens it will show how many are alive from each golden type.

Client Utilities:

1. Auto Post
- You can automatically send messages on /post while you are AFK.
- The time between the posts is 15 minutes.
- In order to use this option, you must click on the button on the right side of the Clock InGame. A new window will pop-up up and all you have to do, is write the message that you want to send in the box after 'Message:' and then press on the button 'Enable'.
- Notice that this option will still work if you get reconnected to the game and in some cases, even after disconnect.
- In order to disable this option just press again on the same button which will now say 'Disable'.

2. Events Time Table + Info
- You have an InGame calendar (time table) where you can see the times, for all the events, (how many days/hours/minutes/seconds left until the event starts), just like the time table on the Site.
- Notice that in some cases (depending on your countries summer time/winter time) the events can be wrong by + 1 hour or - 1 hour, from the time shown.
- Furthermore, you can see all the information about the Events that are listed on the time table, by just clicking on their name (you can see their time, their rewards, locations, credits, etc.).

3. 3D Camera & Minimizier
- You can turn the 3D camera ON/OFF by pressing F10 button.
- After turning the camera ON you can zoom in/out or even change the camera position by using your mouse wheel, (if you keep it clicked and move the mouse around the camera position will change). Also mouse wheel up = Zoom IN, mouse wheel down = Zoom OUT.
- In order to reset the camera position, you must press the F11 button and it will be restored to the default position.
- Also if you want to Minimize the game, just press the F12 button and it will disappear from screen, to retrieve the window, go to the MU icon near the Windows Clock (on bar) and click on it!

Site Functions:

1. Web Warehouse
- This function is just like a Game Warehouse but it is on SITE.
- You can deposit unlimited items in the Game Warehouse (so use it for extra storage).
- The Game Warehouse is also the bridge between your InGame items and the Market/Premium Modules.
- In order to use any of these modules, you must first move your items from Game Warehouse to Web Warehouse.

2. Zen Wallet & Jewel Wallet
- These Wallets are your 'Bank' for Jewels and Zen.
- In order to buy things from the Market, you must deposit the jewels/zen needed for the transaction, in your Wallets.
- You can have unlimited Jewels and a large amount of Zen in your Wallets, so use them for extra space/zen !

3. Add Luck & Chaos Machine
- You can use Credits to Add Luck to any item from your account that doesn't already have it.
- Even though they're called 'Premium Options' they can be used by any player, it doesn't matter if they are VIP or not.
- The price is 400 Credits/Item.
- In order to use this function you must use the following procedure :
I) Adding the item that you want to put Luck on into the Web Warehouse :
Log IN to SITE -> Go to Game Warehouse -> Left Click on the Item that you want to upgrade -> Click on 'Move to Web'
II) Upgrading the Item using Add Luck function :
Go to Services -> Premium Options -> Blacksmith then press on the button under the 'Add Luck' column, that is in the front of the Item that you want to Upgrade.
- You can also Upgrade your Items using the Chaos Machine on SITE (100% chance of success and without the jewels).
- You can only use this function for items with a minimum level of +9 and a maximum level of +13.
- The price is 220 Credits for +10, 270 Credits for +11, 320 Credits for +12, 350 Credits for +13.
- In order to use this function you must use the following procedure :
I) Adding the item that you want to Upgrade the Level on, into the Web Warehouse :
Log IN to SITE -> Go to Game Warehouse -> Left Click on the Item that you want to upgrade -> Click on 'Move to Web'
II) Upgrading the Item using Chaos Machine function :
Go to Services -> Premium Options -> Blacksmith and press on the button under the 'Chaos Machine' column, that is in the front of the Item that you want to Upgrade.
- Note that this option won't work on Level 3 Wings.

4. Market
- You can easily sell/buy items from game in the Market.
- All the items are added by players from game.
- You need minimum 1 reset and level 150 to sell on Market.
- You can only sell items for Jewels and Zen (no Credits).
- Accepted Jewels : Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life, Creation, Harmony and any of this combinations.
- A tax of 20% will be added to the price that you set. So if you set a price of 100 bless for an item, the final price will be 120 bless, where 100 goes to you and 20 to the server after a player buys it.
- Any item added to Market will expire after 7 days if it's not bought (will return to your account).
- You can only sell up to 35 items/day in Market.
- In order to Sell Items in Market you must you must use the following procedure :
Log IN to SITE -> Go to Game Warehouse -> Left Click on the Item that you want to sell -> Click on 'Sell Item' then set the price and click on 'Submit'.
- In order to Buy Items from Market you must use the following procedure :
Log IN to SITE -> Go to Wallets -> Click on Jewels Wallet -> Deposit the amount of jewels needed to buy the item from the Market into the Jewels Wallet from your Game Warehouse -> Go to Market and buy the items you want.

5. Character Market
- You can Buy/Sell characters in a 100% safe way, using the Character Market.
- The System works only with Credits (you can only buy/sell for Credits).
- Characters sold must have minimum 10 resets.
- There is a Tax of 20% and a Minimum Price of 1000 credits for any Character.
- You can choose on what account the Credits will go after a successfully sale of a Character (you must write the account where you want them at 'Recipient').
- After a successful sale, the Character that was sold will be automatically be transferred, into the account that bought it (if there is space for it) and then you can use it.
- The entire equipment, ranks, etc. will be transferred.

6. Auction System
- You need atleast 3 resets to use it.
- You can add maximum 1 item per day into Auction.
- The cost per item added is 70 credits.If the item isn't sold at the end of the period the credits are returned.
- Due to the add-tax there is no tax % from the jewels that you get (you receive the full offert).
- You can choose for how many hours the item will be into Auction (minimum 6 hours maximum 120 hours).
- You can't cancel the Auction after you added it.
- Any player that is making an offert can't cancel it.
- At the end of the Auction, the player with the best offert will receive the item while the others offertants will get back their offerts.
- You can sell only for Credits.
- You can also set the minimum price accepted.

7. Referral System
- You can easily gain Credits by using the Referral System.
- You need a minimum of 2 resets in order to use this function.
- How does it work? Invite friends/strangers to join our Server(s) and tell them to write your Character name on the 'Referral' field when Registering.
- When one of your friends reaches 21 resets, you will be rewarded with 100 Credits.
- You can have unlimited Referrals.
- You can't have Referrals from the same IP/PC.

8. Guild Bank & Guild Warehouse
- The Guild Bank works just like Jewel/Zen Wallets, but it's a shared place for them that can be accesssed by members of a guild.
- The Guild Master can set permissions for each of the Guild Members.
- The Guild Warehouse works just like the Web Warehouse but it's a  place for items to be shared between members of a guild.
- The Guild Master can set permissions for each of the Guild Members.
- The default Items limit on Guild Vault is 20 and it can be upgraded as following :
Level 1 : 35 slots - 100 credits
Level 2 : 50 slots - 150 credits
Level 3 : 65 slots - 200 credits
Level 4 : 80 slots - 300 credits
Level 5 : 100 slots - 500 credits
Level 6 : 140 slots - 1000 credits
Level 7 : 200 slots - 2000 credits
- Any members from the guild can contribute to the credits needed for upgrades.
- If the guild is removed all the upgrades will be lost.

9. CS Ranks & Arena Ranks
- You have special ranks for Castle Siege (Killers and Tanks).
- You can find them on Rankings -> Castle Siege.
- You can see the Kills and Deaths for Killers and Switch Time (in minutes) + Deaths for Tanks.
- Also you have special ranks for Arena Tournaments.
- You can find them on Rankings -> Arena.
- You can see the total wins of the players and also the total score accumulated from all Arenas.

I hope that this will help you out :)


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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