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[Wormhole] PvP System (All details)

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Hello, I took all the improvements related to Player Kills, Punishments, Limits, Restrictions, etc. and put them in one place called PvP System.

Details about PvP System:


  • This is a full PvP Server - that means you can Kill/KS any player, any time, as much as you want, AS LONG AS GAME LET YOU DO IT.
  • Nature of Maps
    • Non-PvP Maps (can't attack players):
      • Kalima1, Kalima2, Aida, Crywolf, Karutan2 and Kalima7 where you can only KS.
        • Punishment: 25% DROP.
    • Free PvP Zone (can kill players with no punishments):
      • Lorencia Circle
    • Gens Maps (can attack players from opposite gens with no punishments / can't attack members from same gens):
      • Atlans, Tarkan, Karutan1, Relics and Vulcanus.
        • Bonus: +10% EXP & Monthly Gens Rewards based on Contribution.
    • Normal PvP Maps (can kill players but with punishments):
      • Rest of maps.
  • You can Summon your Party in Gens Maps (Vulcanus, Relics) when there is a boss alive (Witch, Nightmare).
  • There is no /pkclear command available.
    • In order to clear your PK you must either wait (a long time for each kill) or to KILL monsters and make the clean process much faster (by gaining PK points).
  • PK Points System
    • You gain 3 points per second.
    • You gain MonsterLevel/2 points per monster kill.
    • Points required to clean PK at Stage1: 8000
    • Points required to clean PK from Stage2 to Stage1: 13000
    • Points required to clean PK from Stage3 to Stage2: 21000
    • Points required to clean PK for each extra Kill after Stage3: 10000
  • PK Punishments & Allowance
    • If you are PK you can:
      • Be summoned by a DL (if it is not on the same IP with you).
      • Teleport to most of the Maps via Web Site (But with a much higher cost of Zen).
    • Punishments:
      • You can't use Shops if you are PK.
      • You can be attacked on Non-PvP maps.
      • You have specific Kill Limits based on the map where you currently are.
      • You can't join LoT if you are PK.
  • When you are in party you can't attack/be attacked by others from the same party (to avoid kills from mates by mistake).
  • Chars Command
    • You are able to use command /chars Name where Name = name of an online char (same server with you) that has at least 1 Kill.
    • The function will show the first 3 chars from the target IP that have the biggest level, from biggest to lowest.
    • If the player doesn't have 3 chars it will show only two, one or none.
    • In order for the command to show the chars, the target must have at least 1 Kill or it won't show anything.
    • Feel free to know the killers better from now so you can have your revenge.
  • Kill Limits
    • You aren't able to PK after a certain amount of kills and based on the map you are, until you clear some Kills (but you are able to be killed).
      • Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Devias, Dungeon -> Max 8 Kills.
      • LostTower, Kalima3, Kalima4 -> Max 12 Kills.
      • Icarus, Kalima5 -> Max 16 Kills.
      • Kanturu, Kalima6 -> Max 25 Kills.
      • Raklion, Swamp -> Max 40 Kills.
    • The limit is bypassed on a map when there are Goldens/Bosses alive (you can pass the kill limit while the mobs are alive).
    • The limit is bypassed when you are attacking a Stage2/Stage3 PK'er (you're not limited).
    • The limit is bypassed if both attacker and victim are part of Mercenary Squad.
    • The limit is bypassed if there is a fight for a spot or fight with KS'ers.
      • The condition is that the attacker must have a full party (4 or 5 members) and at least 3 other party mates must be in his 6x6 zone (to be marked as eligible).
      • If the conditions are met the attacker can bypass the limit of kills.
  • Fairness Gaps
    • You aren't able to attack or be attacked by players when a fairness gap is touched.
    • This feature will disable the option of attacking a player if it's much lower in levels than you.
    • The feature is having a vice-versa also, players much lower than you can't attack you.
    • Exceptions:
      • Feature is disabled on Gens Maps (Atlans, Tarkan, Karutan1, Relics, Vulcanus) and also on Raklion & Swamp.
      • Feature is disabled at CS, LoT, CC, Arena Tournament, IT, Duel Arena and Lorencia Circle.
      • Feature is disabled if you have a party of 4 or 5 players and all of them are on 6x6 range.
        • If attacker or the one being attacked does have such party (basically, on a spot), the Fairness Gap is passed and both attacker and the attacked one can attack each other without any gap.
        • The feature is similar to the one from Kill Limit (when you can pass Kill Limit while on spot/fights between parties).
        • The feature was added in order to 'fix' the cases when low or high players come to a spot just for KS, and  can't be stopped due to Fairness Gap, which can now be passed with 4/5 members in party and on spot.
    • The Fairness Gaps are:
      • 0-2 resets -> No gap
      • 3-4 resets -> 3 resets gap
      • 5-7 resets -> 4 resets gap
      • 8-10 resets -> 5 resets gap
      • 11-13 resets -> 7 resets gap
      • 14-16 resets -> 8 resets gap
      • 17-20 resets -> 10 resets gap
      • 21-25 resets -> 12 resets gap
      • 26-32 resets -> 14 resets gap
      • 33-40 resets -> 17 resets gap
      • 41-50 resets -> 20 resets gap
        • Examples:
          • Players with 3 resets can't kill players with 0 resets.
          • Players with 4 resets can't kill players with 0-1 resets.
          • Players with 5 resets can't kill players with 0-1 resets.
          • Players with 6 resets can't kill players with 0-2 resets.
          • Players with 7 resets can't kill players with 0-3 resets.
          • Players with 8 resets can't kill players with 0-3 resets.
            • ...
          • Players with 25 resets can't kill players with 0-13 resets.
            • ...
          • Players with 50 resets can't kill players with 0-30 resets.
  • Gens System
    • Looks like the classic system, with some adjustments:
      • You get 1 Gens point every 2 minutes you stay in a Battle Map (and out of safe-zones).
      • There are RAIDS, 3 times per day (20:51, random hour/minute between 01:00 and 07:59, random hour/minute between 10:00 and 16:59), each lasts for 20 minutes and these are the only Gens events where you can obtain Gens points by killing other Gens clan in battle maps (only first kill on same target gives points on a RAID, you can kill any player for how many times you want though).
    • Gens Rewards:
      • At the end of each month, the players with most gens points (and not only) will be rewarded.
      • The Gens reset will happen at the 30th day of each month, at 23:50 (everyone that is part of Gens will get disconnected-reconnected). After this disconnect you will be able to get your reward for the previous month.
      • You will be able to take your reward for previous month anytime until the next Gens reset.
      • There is also a gens contribution reset at the same time.
      • In order to take your reward you'll have just to click the Gens NPC for your gens familly. It has a global cooldown of 4 seconds between rewards. Global cooldown means if Player A gets reward now, the others can get the reward 4 seconds later.
      • Gens Rank Rewards:
        • First place from Vanert & Duprian:
          • 3x OB5 & 3x OB4 (assuming that OB5 will be unlocked until next month rewards).
          • HoF badge
        • 2nd place from Varnert & Duprian:
          • 3x OB5 & 2x OB4.
        • 3rd place from Vanert & Duprian:
          • 3xOB5 & 1xOB4
        • 4th place form Vanert & Duprian:
          • 2x OB5 & 2x OB4
        • 5th place from V & D
          • 2x OB5 & 1x OB4
      • There are 25(50) extra rewards for top 5~30 players from Vanert and Duprian:
        • 2x OB4
      • So, choose your gens carefully! If one gens is lower populated you have more chances to get in top there!
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Updated 20 December.

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