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OldSquad Soccer League

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We are organizing a monthly soccer league in order to maximize the fun that our server can offer. Hopefully this time we'll have enough teams to start it, people that want to try some other ways of having fun instead of the normal gameplay things.


- Teams must be formed by 3 different characters.
- Each team is allowed to have one back-up person (4th character).
- Each Team must have a captain (which will be responsible for communication with both opponents and staff).
- Each Team-Member must have a (new) character created especially for the soccer-league with the same name from registration.
- Each Team must have a guild created ingame with the name of the Team and with the Team-Members inside.
- Characters made for Soccer can be used ONLY for the league purpose!
- EE's are not allowed (only AE's).
- Ice Arrow is not allowed.
- Sleep (Sum) is not allowed.
- Dark Horse (DL) is not allowed.
- Teleport (SM) is not allowed.
- Any skill that is allowed can be used on chars (farmed by yourself).
- No pets (demons,angels,imps,fenrirs,etc.) allowed.
- The only items allowed on chars are:
Heart/Medal Set Items/Weapons (farmed by yourself if you want to).
Small wings (from ring level 80).
Rings/Pendants at your own choice (any kind allowed).

! Rules can be modified anytime before or during the league.


- Anyone can participate at our league doesn't matter his resets, level, items, etc. - everyone will have equal chances.
- Each character will be set by us to level 300 (no more no less for all participants).
- Each week there will be an amount of points that will be set by staff for all participants.
That means all participants will have the same amount of points that they can make their builds/strategies with.
Each week the builds are having a reset and a new amount of points can be decided (starting from 2000 points to 30k points).
- There will be a league system for the games, all teams will play vs each other on each week, each game will be BO2 (Best of Two):
Winning with 2-0 will grant you 3 points.
Making a draw (1-1) will grant both teams 1 point.
Losing (0-2) will grant you 0 points.
- There must be a minimum of 4 teams and a maximum of 8 teams per Season (with 1-2 teams as back-up that can replace disqualified teams).
- If there will be more than 8 teams that wants to play, the bottom 2 teams will be 'eliminated' on each season to make space for the new teams.
- At the end of the month (season) first teams with most points will be rewarded with nice prizes but also there will be weekly rewards.
- Rankings will be available on website.

Playing Time:

- First Season is starting from 24 September 2018 (if there will be at least 4 teams registered).
- The games will be played mostly on Saturday (is the official day) but each team will have 3 cards per month (season) which allows them to post-pone the matches for another day (in agreement with opponents teams and our referees).
- Teams that won't play their games in time and doesn't use the card will lose the game(s) with 0-2.
- A team that will lose 2 games due to not playing them will be disqualified.


- In order to register your team for the League you need to reply in this topic with the following things:

Team Name: 
Player1 (class):
Player2 (class):
Player3 (class):
Player4 (optional/back-up) (class):

Player1-3 names must exist on server (create them before registering) and the team must have different classes.
Team Name must exist as Guild on Server before the start of the league (after the chars will be edited).

Example of registration:


Team Name: SoccTeam
Captain: ADMIN
Player1: ADMIN (BK)
Player2: SouLSeT (SM)
Player3: Gion (DL)

Attention: Only first 8 teams that will register on this topic will join first Season (if there are 8 teams).
Also there must be at least 4 teams for the season to start.

!!! You can also register as an individual, and if there won't be enough teams registered we will make random teams based on individual players registered.

Start registration!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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