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Updates 11.10.2018

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The following updates have been released:

- Removed passive macro protection (now it won't disconnect you, only block it in real time, and won't cause problems with team viewer, etc.)
- Increased Selupan time between spells from 2.5s to 5s and reduced his damage and hp with 15%.
- Added new zones restrictions on Selupan to avoid him bugging.
- Now if you take disconnect on BC before event started or in first 2 minutes of event you won't be reconnected on event (as you can't leave start zone anyway).
- Reworked GR experience to be more attractive and not feel a big pay-off:
Increased exp after GR for first 10rr to 250%.
Increased exp after GR for 11-20rr to 200%
Increased exp after GR for 21-30rr to 150%
Increased exp after GR for 31-35rr to 120%.
In this way, you'll recover more faster your power to contest events again which makes GR more attractive while keeping a decent reward that don't force people to do GR without them wanting it.
- Improved 380 options to make them feel on high stats server (update from launcher for visual update):
PvP + 200 dmg now is PvP + 1500 dmg.
Add Max HP + 200 now is Add Max HP + 2000
Add Max SD + 700 now is Add Max SD + 3500
Add Defense PvP + 200 now is Add Defense PvP + 500
Add DSR PvP + 10 now is Add DSR PvP + 60
Add ASR PvP + 10 now is Add ASR PvP + 60
- Now Sleep on Max30RR (CS) is set to 1 second (due to low pop and abuse).
- Nerfed Selupan on Max30RR as well.
- Released calendar patch for those with +1 hour on the official one (check downloads and apply it manually).
- Added max price for market: 20 jewels from each category and 500.000.000 zen.
- Added max price for auction initial price: 3500 credits.
- Removed tax on market but added price in Zen for each item added on market (2.000.000 zen to add an item to market).
- Removed the message from auction with 'if you make new bet will add to your current bet etc." - was from last auction system and could cause confusions.
- Added verification if you withdraw zen from zen wallet to game: Current Zen in game + withdraw zen must be < else it will reject withdraw request (so it won't bug the zen from game and reset it to 0).
- Block entering more than 10 characters on change password.
- Added minimum bet on auction (instead of 1 credit to be 10% from last bet).
- Added extension of time on auction: If some1 bet in last 5 minutes from an auction, it will extend the time of that auction with another 5 minutes (prevent abuses with bets in last seconds/minutes without possibility to respond from others).
- Now when you click on Friend Mail on site will show you the info that you need to read it in-game instead of redirecting you to blank page.
- Added notifications when players try to buy from Market that if they don't have enough jewels/zen they need to deposit into Wallet -> Jewel/Zen Wallet.
- Removed the possibility to add a character into Character Market if it is Guild Master of a guild.
- Adjusted login  to be case sensitive on website (like if acc id = Admin you can only login as Admin not admin or aDmIN) - it cause problems with items on market when trying to return (char not exist) and other modules due to not same acc.

Updates are already up starting from now (game ones) and the site ones are up since last few days.

Probly tomorrow will be added a reset stats system similar to Max30RR one as it was highly requested:
1st Reset Stats is free.
2nd Reset Stats costs 300 credits.
3rd Reset Stats costs 500 credits.
4th Reset Stats and onwards costs 750 credits.
+ limit of 1 Reset Stats in 12 hours.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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