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Suggestion to my fellow players to have more fun.

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Greetings my fellow Squadtizens, I posted it here since it's not really part of the game suggestion so i just thought that it would be more appropriate to postit on SPAMZONE. Here are my tips for us to have more fun (don't get me wrong the server is fun but we can add more to the highest level by doing some simple stuff).


1. Share the upcoming launch of non reset server or this website to attract more players.

REASON: more players will be more fun, Competition will be high, more clubs, more guilds more classes,

and who knows maybe you will find some people from your town or neighbors mite be on the server.  You can have more fun even when you are offline because you have someone in town who plays the same game as you do.


2. Be helpful at all times when you are ahead of everyone else, you can't gain popularity by swearing/Bragging/ killing newbies or making enemies. Remember a respectable guild master or guild members has more honor than those strong arrogant players. I myself will choose to join a respectable guild master who has less rr than an arrogant guild master.

REASON: if we kill more newbies or those who just started they mite lose their interest and quit thinking that this server is full of *ssholes, for some reason. do you really want to live in a community where it is full of *ssholes? Remember more players will result to level up the fun.


3. Be Vigilant, if you see anomalies like hackers etc print screen or report them to the admin, there are also softwares to record your screen just like OBS  https://obsproject.com/.

REASON: if people will get ahead of you through hacks (which i doubt will happen because of server's tight security) don't you think it's a bit unfair for you?

where's the fun in that? you are doing all the hard work and they get ahead of you easily simply just by cheating. I won't explain the rest i think most of you got my point.


By the way, i am not a part of the administration or GMs  but why am i doing this? It wouldn't hurt us if we spend a few seconds to help.


Here are my Reasons below:

For some reason i know how a server works (a bit) because i was a gm on a dead server before and the admin was my friend but the server shutdown because it is very hard to maintain (financially/balanced gameplay and time management).  maintaining a server is very hard and if you find a very rare server with superb programming and Playtowin fair server spend your little time of appreciation by helping even for a minute or two.

We should be thankful at least by helping out simple things. wanna know why?


1. Premium and good server just like this is paid (server files) so admin spent a lot of money by creating this.

2. Paying a domain. yes that's right the very website we are typing our words and where we go to market is being paid also.

3. Programming a server is very difficult, 1 wrong letter/number/symbol in a specific command will cause the server to crash or create bugs.

4. Dealing with ISPs (internet security providers) if you make a server such as this you need to pay for a strong internet connection which is also expensive. and here is another issue, when internet providers slow down their connection the blame will be on the server or admin. so the admin will call/update or report multiple times to ask why the internet is so slow.

5. Maintaining hardware. as what I've understood creating a perfect server such as this  requires a high spec computer and needs to be online 24 7. can you imagine not turning off your computer for a very long time? cleaning it? buying expensive cooling systems? Electricity bills etc.

They are like zombies lack of sleep.  So i think it wouldn't hurt us if we help admin share this server or vote. Most of us (like me) is playing for free.

so i think it is only fair to help admin to spend 10 seconds to advertise his server on our social media accounts or tell people etc it is not just for the servers benefit to us aswell because more people more fun. that 10 seconds we spend sharing is a big deal if we set an example, as a matter of fact red ants are small but when they are working together they are really annoying and a bit  scary.


That's why if you see admin online, don't just greet him with problems, have atleast 1 to 5 seconds to say thank you and appreciate them a bit.


Negative players will say something like "naaaa they are earning anyway."     well that is true they earn a bit of money, but it is their blood and sweat, stress etc. and before they reached this populated state i am pretty sure they struggled for quite sometime at start. so lets just say if some people donate it's just a reward for their dedication and hard work. which i doubt they will earn much because of high maintenance fees. 



Well i guess that would be all, if you have something to add up please feel free to reply :) i'll be happy to read your comments whether its good or bad. because i believe pointing out a mistake is self improvement and a positive lesson.


PS to moderators:

if i posted on the wrong section please relocate my post thank you. 



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Thanks for the initiative and words, really appreciated!

This kind of things are more valuable than any financial donation, being appreciated for what you're trying to do and spend your time on helps a lot for the mental health which is underrated mostly. I'm not even saying about trying to be a good player in the community by trying to help others and not just yourself.

If most of players would think at least 50% in this way, MU Online community would be a great place to be part of, in the world of 1000 servers per day.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Well said Hyper Drive.  Popping into game and saying Hi is all some require.

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