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3 Years Feedback Contest

Recommended Posts


3 Years Feedback Contest is a contest where any player can participate (both NonRR and Max50RR servers).

It's as simple as it may suggest: Bring the biggest feedback for our project, speak freely and bring everything you think of, from what you like, what you don't like, what you would change, what you would like to see, etc. etc.

Anything you thought of, just put it here, can be related to anything from servers gameplay, site, newbies experience, events, drops, etc.

The biggest the feedback is (and complex) the higher your chances are to win the contest! You can also include a small story about you and how you find us and what was/is your experience here.

We can't tell you that everything you will write will be taken care of, but everything will be read and noted, and we promise that we'll do our best to satisfy most of your needs and ideas that are doable, in time :)

So the main goal of this contest is to get many data from you, that will help us in our development from incoming year, to be able to satisfy both your needs and our vision.


Anyone that come with a feedback will win 4 days of Silver-VIP!

First place (the best one) will win a Golden Fenrir + 2 weeks of Silver-VIP.
Second place will win 2 weeks of Silver-VIP.
Third place will win 1 week of Silver-VIP.

The winners will be chosen based on votes from our Staff (ADMIN, SouLSeT, Gion, Legion and HERO).

The contest is starting from now and it will end on 25.12.2018, winners will be announced between 26.12.2018-30.12.2018.

Don't forget to leave your character name as well (for the prize).


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Sorry guys but i don't speak english.

Vreau sa-ti explic un lucru, de ce server-urile tale Admin nu traiesc mult timp.

Incep de la inceput - primele saptamini toti au inters sa ridice lvl si sa ajunga in top. Stai o luna aproape si ucizi doar Kundun +1+2+3, si  cine primul gaseste acela si castiga, daca te faci PK la primul minut la un +3 in Tarkan, gata, aici s-a termin invasia, din cauza ca nu poti sa mai faci move, si nici DL nu-ti poate da summon.- 0 PvP 0 Inters.

Solutie : Sa fie posibil sa dai Summon in timpul oricarui event. (In Battle zone tot)

La inceput pana la lvl 320 cand era cel mai mare azart sa mergi un BC sau DS nu-ti puteai perimite, cauza lipsa de chaos. Ne aduam un guild intreg ca niste autisti la Rabbit Invasion sa stringem poate ceva chaos si sa ne permitem odata in saptamana sa mergem un BC/DS (pana la lvl 320), deci si aici eram nevoiti sa stam afk, interes -0.

Cursed Dragon Elbeland e la fel.Trebuie sa bati doar Dragonul, si nici n-ai timp sa faci PK. explic.

1:mergi la risc ca daca faci PK,pierzi din timp si drop poate sa nu fie al tau (fiindca altii in timp bat dragonul)
2: dupa ce te faci Phono, daca se primeste ca mori, aici s-a terminat totul, fiindca pana ajungi pe jos dragonul deja este mort.

Solutie :Sa fie Free PvP Zona ca in lorencia.   (sau solutia de mai sus)

Castle Siege:

Este cel mai important event pe acest server, si cel mai interesant. Dar vreau sa va intreb, pentru ce luptati voi asa intensiv??
Pentru Jewel of guardian si hainele ACC care cad in LoT? Sau pentru Senior care v-a fi disponibil dupa 2 luni de server, si nimeni pe nici un server (30rr,50rr) nu s-a imbracat niciodata un set 380 lvl. Deja preferam soket.Care e interesul sa lupti pentru castel, cand in Kanturu Relics la maya cad 2 Arme exe, si CryWolf din Dark Elf la fel? Deci nu ai nici un avantaj daca ai Castelul, fiindca sunt event-uri mai folositoare(chiar daca e 0 PvP in crywolf (in relics e ok)

Este al 3-lea server unde incepem noi cu prietenii sa jucam acest server, si mereu aceeasi problema, ca dupa 1-2 luni devine plictisitor serverul.

E mai interesan un server "FULL-PVP" cum e scris pe Site , unde sa fie PvP Kalima7 BOSS, PvP CryWolf Balgass,+4 fara non pvp zona, +5 sa poti da kill si la gens, dar te intelegem ca gandesti alt fel asupra la aceste lucuri, deci macar modifica ceea ce te rog batietii deja de 3 serveruri, cu CS era doar parerea mea :)

O joaca placuta.:)


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Grats fot 3 years.

About playing its great that you constantly improving serwer and fixing bug. One problem we see its with summoner speed attack  diference serw 1/crywolf, and hope it will be improved. 

I have also noticed that derkon counting it's bugged cos always says there is 1/2 . But i am not 100% sure about it.

My sugestions would be:

- non pvp map for mlvl with decreased mexp- but still safe for exp.

- increase chaos machine rate for making items +10 ,+11 and +12 cos for now it's a little bit hard for somenone who don't want to put a lot of credits to makes each set when its not really worth to give them for upgrade item , but giving only jewels would bo worth it.

That might be all.

Thanks for server.

Best Regards

VladisSU (nonRR)

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Hello guys,

Since I started playing here, I could never played different server for more than 2 days. In this MU, the staffs  always try to improve game-play, always make changes such that everybody happy. For each point, I will talk about what I like about it and  then I will explain several aspects I think that we can make changes for the better game play.

+ Stage system is awesome because it allows new players to catch up with the top players. For example, I have seen aQua guys rose  to top of the leader board. That brings more competition and balance to the server. However, some are confused by the stage exp. It would be nice if we have a message saying that they are in a stage and that after certain lvl their exp will be increased up again. I have also seen many newbies joined and left after a while when they see gap between them and top ppl widen as they enter a stage and top pros go out of the stage. For example, people enter a stage 2 at 315 right now and see ProBSB at 393, they would lose their motivation a bit. Of course they may not know that when ProBSB is 395, their stage will be removed. Thus, we shall also inform player by server message or quiz event that stage exp will be remove after top player reach certain level. My last point for stage system is that we could  add one additional stage to prolong the game pace: 220-235, 300-315, 350-365, 380-395 (i.e., lower gap for higher stage.)

+ Maps, battle maps, and non-pvp maps: What I like is that OldSquadMU gives space for different type of players. I believe, however, battle maps should rewards players more to encourage more actions. For example, better gens rewards each month, e.g. one top ancient for each top-3 players  per month?!. Relics' mobs should have more chance to drop gems than kanturu 3 (i dont know if it is like that right now).  Right now, we have/or will have a "good" boss at all battle maps except atlans. Vul has Queen, relics has nightmare, and raklion has Selupan. I suggest to spawn a weak illusion of kundun with server announcement in atlans rather than loren's ring (not so strong so that newbies can kill it in time too, fun for everyone yay!). Kalima7 should be a  PVP map if it drops 380 items. Kan2 should have 2-3 spots of Satyros+Blade hunter to reduce the leveling gap and make players feel better about their chars. We can also increase the droprate of fenrir's ingredients in Crywolf for AFK lords!

+ Classes:  balanced. For next season only, we can

  • RF: reduce the AOE of roar to 3, one very good buffer cannot be super duper good pvm too. Increase the DSR gain per agi for RF to compensate and give more  diversity of stats build.
  • Increase BK's PVM ability a bit
  • Improve the speed of summoners per agi a bit to boost hybrid build.
  • Improve DL PVM ability a bit

+ PK system:  I think PK war right now is too heavily punished. Right now, who has more time to bring characters back to spot after being pk-ed will win. We can change so that killing an ee will give 1 kill count only if your party is full and is in 6x6 distance from you.

+ Game events: 

  • DS/BC: at a small variation in starting time of DS/BC so that non-Europe players can enter too. I'm old, slow-handed, and have high latency.
  • IT5-6: 10% drop of feather of condor is too great. How about 60% Old Box 4, 5% Feather of Condor, 30% Old Box 3, 5% Old Box 5?
  • Doppleganger: Only a few people go to this event. I think it would be nice to improve the rewards, for example, a rare chance of dropping Old Box 3.
  • Bosses and invasions: are awesome right now. On the other hands, only rabbits invasion is doable  for newbies. Maybe, we can add some ez-killed pouch of blessing invasions in lost tower 1-2-3-7. These  pouches should drop a jewels like rabbits and a very rare chance to drop reset fruit, they are blessing aren't they?. There should be one or two fixed-time invasion for old/busy people.
  • Quiz event: maximum 1 win for one ip per day. I always see only a limited number of people win this event 😕

That's all I have to say about it. Thank you. I hope OldSquad will always strike to be a better server as it has been doing in the last 3 years.


Mira of Rivia

IGN: Ciri


Pro PvAFK player!

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There's already a lot of good staff here and we really appreciate your input and encouraging everyone to come and leave their feedback!

I won't reply to any of it, but I already have added a lot of ideas and plans to our to-do list regarding the current input, some of them will come as fast as possible, other things will come during the incoming year and other things on next edition(s).

Thanks again!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Well, for sure, first of all, congratz for your hard work to make those servers better and better !

I will came with a feedback, for 50RR server, because I didnt play on non rr :) its not my style :D

I recommand to you to make this post, in the start of the servers,  or 1-2 months from it, because its quite hard to remember all feedbacks about 50RR, but I will try :D

1. About the stages.

Generally I think its a good idea, but I think that the players who make the stages first, should win something. On 50RR, after first 3 ppl make stages, its all clear for all. I remember when we play, that all we stay for top 3 players to finish stages, and they work very hard on it.  Some from top 3 players, get angry and ask us, on guild? Why to make it ? For you to make faster xp after? Why to rush bc ds, to make it ?  And others like this. I think its a better idea to make it like this : if 3-5 players must make a stage, first of them who make it, to win something, but not like 300 credits, I dont know what, what is important to the game in that period. Another problem it was, for top 3 players who finish stage, that they didnt get a big advantage after, because others players dont have any stage anymore, so I think its better for the rest of the players to have a little stage to make it anyway, like 50% less hard that top 3 players make it. And maybe its an ideea to get a little reward too, like jwls or something. First players who unblock to win nice things, to get motivated, and to be a fight for who finish it, and the rest, they will know that is anyway a stage, so will fight to finish.

2. Reach 50 rr.

Here is some problem, in my oppinion. After you reached 50 rr, there is no real motivation to start it again, and go until 50 rr. Why ? I remember that we get until 40-45 rr, after 1 month or 1 month and 1week. We play hard, and if we go GR, we will add after anothers 50 RR, so another around 1 month ( quite less this time ),  we will get 2k points. After another 1 month of hard play, you get 2k extra points, when you have already 30-35k from first rr, very less, in my oppinion, and you can see that many players quit after getting around 50 rr. I saw that you put some rewards, like credits, and only at 3rd GR you put items or something. For me, this is not a motivation, some credits, you can buy them with 15-20 euro, and most of the players donate already 10-20 euro, to get in top until  first GR. So for GR you should put better reward, real one and interesting, to be really attractive for the players. Anyway you get from 0rr and 1 GR, and most of players will beat you, but you can be motivated to play hard and after 2 weeks, you have a considerable advantage for that who dont have GR, and stay at 50 RR.

3. Elf stats.

After I write the point 2, its easy to understand why I quit. I go Agility ELF so, I reach maximum AGI ( 25k points ) at 40 rr I think. So from now on, at every RR, I put points in vitality, which will help me only in CS, and a little at CC. That was hard booring, very hard. I cant put in ENE because buffs was nerfed, so I must put only vit, and I get bored very fast, in 3-4 rr, I quit. I recomand to either to make energy counts or at least to let ppl to go full stats, like 32.5k. The point is that its 50 RR server, high xp,  and you can put only 25k, its shit :D I know that you make it later, after 2-3 GR you can add more stats, but if server is not motivating, not many players will reach 3GR to have full stat in agi or ene or str. I think you make it because characters should dont get over power, but I can tell you that with 25kagi, I dont won CC very often, DS I dont hit hard, but I have an advantage that I won some BC, but that was not guaranteed, if u have AE in BC you won, I lose many times.

4. Reward in BC DS.

I was quite dissapointed about reward in BC, normally I go 4 bc/day, and I won 2-3 usually, with my party, but most of the time we got demon or angel, I think here should be a better chance for OB or other rewards.

Maybe its an ideea to make some reward in DS, but there drops ancients, so its anyway a good thing. I remember in DS6, if u didnt enter in first 30 sec, after it was full =)) so nice !

5. It was a problem with drop of chaos, we that were in top, we fight hard for having chaos to make invitations in bc ds, we think ofter about newbies, because we that play hard, dont have chaos, what they do? :D After you raise with 15 % the drop, it was much better.

That is what I remember, a constructive feedback for you.

Now I will say also other part of experience.

For me, it was the best mu server that I ever play, most of it bugless. Lots of players online ( especially until 40-45rr :D ), events were amaizing for me, the time you put them, and how you think them, that interval of 2 hours, between bc ds, it was very good. In the meanwhile you can go rabbits, dragon invasion and other, that was a very nice schedule, I like it alot.

I also like very much the events that were made by admins, very nice with that spawning in town... nice.

After I quit 50 RR server, some players ask me to join another server, because its nice, and have nice settings, a low xp server. I say ok... I join and we see about. I go, I start there, and after 1-2 days I get bored hard, but why ? Not because server is not good, but because is FAAAAAR away than OldSquad, it was like... lots of bugs, lots of information that dont maches with other information, and things like this. And I say to them, you are fucking idiots? How you can compare OldSquad with this shit server? Well, I quit it fast.

Now I wait for 30RR server, or 50RR server :D 

Thanks for all hard work on this server, I really appreciate, and it was awsome, but, let my AE to make it full AGI :D :D  :D 

Wish you all the best for you and your team.



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Edit update:

I have been an MU fan since my school days. I have played local servers and the most I loved is the season 6 episode 3. I stopped playing since 2016 because of mismanaged by admins and the like for being unfair in their members.

Just last month as I face on the net, I saw an ad of an MU (not oldsquad) and decided to search for a good server and I found out OLDSQUAD nonreset. It is not the best on the results page but it was perfect for me, an international hardserver, real play to win, dedicated admins, season 3 episode and others. Wooww!! This is what I want and immediately downloaded the files. 

Experience? Well ijust want to say some words for that and I will just make my feedback short because I haven't encountered bugs or errors yet, in short this is a nice Muonline server.

O-utstanding experience from start all the way to high level 

L-ively events and players

D-ynamic distribution of exp and drops

S-pecial and not an ordinary server you can play

Q-uality server made to last

U-nique system that will keep you playing

A-mazing experience

D-edicated admins and GMs


Suggestions and Feedbacks?

- Remove Helper1, 2 and 3 - It is fine for reset servers but for non reset, a player can no longer make an effort to level up in his own. Note the golden message "Want to gain more EXP/DROPS?" Well for me I can leave my characters to lvl up on helper alone and can no longer purchase VIP

- REmove 5 scoket slot and make it balance on battle. Or make it 3 slots only. It is so overpower if you compare it to 2 excellent options.  I mean if I have 2 excellent options, and versus 5 socket slot with just 3-4 seeds on it, OMG, how can I fight?

- Minimized excellent, BOKs, Ancients.. I will no longer want to purchase VIP since there are lots of excellent which mostly comes from golden hunt (BOKs) in the market. Every golden invasion, how many can drop excellent within 1 day? So many. Then VIP for excellent drops is useless.


This might not be the best server for some but it is the most exciting server you could ever play, that's what makes oldsquad the best for me.




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First of all, congrats for 3 years. I know how hard it is to maintain such a thing and develop new features. This is hands down the best server I've ever played (of course this does not mean perfect) and you seem to genuinely care about it and the community so big thumbs up. I've played on all servers (non-rr, 30rr, 50rr, if there was another server it was before i new there was an oldsquad) and this is the feedback i can give you:


  1. Power level gap - The gap between active 2/47 players and 2-3 hours a day casual players is HUGE. There are always 100-150 players that are fed as fuck and the rest of us (more casual players) might as well not play, theres nothing we can do to even get close to those 150. MU Online is and will remain an AFK game for the most part. I think you need to give less rewards for active play - id say roughly 20% less and increase items/jewels drop from "AFK" play with 20% as well. This gap is most noticable on non-reset server i think - you can check top 100 players and rest of the players.
  2. Donations and VIP - Now, I understand you need money to maintain the server, Im not stupid. But again, those who donate crasy money will have HUGE advantage. You promote the server being Play2Win but donating plays huge part in this as well. My suggestion here is make only 1 type of donation - lets say $20, and only the first donation to grand credits. That way donate can really mean DONATE - as of now it might as well say "BUY CREDITS". Also if you do this you need to come up with different method of generating income but idk what that might be. (ads on website?)
  3. Messy spots - I noticed couple of spots with mobs spawning too far away from each other making it difficult to clear. Kanturu2 150 50, Kanturu2 110 60, Trials - spot with lizard warrior, dont remember coords. These are just the few i noticed, im sure there are other spots like them. You should go through all spots and check spawning coords.
  4. Devil Square / Blood Castle - 20 participants max with 3 hours between events is not nearly enough especially for the non-reset server, reset servers were fine i think. We need more slots - atleast 40, and more spots in DS, if the limit is 40 then 8 spots, there is enough room in the event map for 9 spots so this should not be an issue.
  5. Invasion mobs - Invasion mobs on non-reset are too strong for a solo player and i think there are a lot of players playing on their own. Maybe make +1 - +4 mobs weaker.
  6. Fortress of Imperial Guardian - Again as DS/BC, there are people clearing the event 24/7 and rest of the players cant go. My suggestion here is to remove the limit of only 1 instance of the event so parties can join whenever and it will create another instance. Now, if this is not possible, another solution is to decrease the invitation drop dramatically - 80% atleast. Of course, its too late for this non-reset (people have tons of invitations already) so maybe in the next server.
  7. Quiz event - Some people are answering too quickly for some reason (latency to server, hacks idk) making it really hard for others to participate. Adding 3 seconds delay for example to answer the question after it appeared might fix this but idk, you have to test it.
  8. New feature for blacksmith - Adding option to item with credits - I think this will be very useful on non-reset server. With max of +3 lets say - so if is an armor item - 12add max. I got this idea while failing hundreds of lifes for simple 4add on item with luck. You have to check the % on that one because it cant be 70% as stated in info. (or RNG of MU is not really a random, cant say for now as im not that familiar)
  9. 2lvl wings excess - There is always a stage in a server where clean 2lvl wings are worthless. You cant sell them to anyone because all players have wings and looking only for ignore/luck wings. Possible solution here is add vendor in-game or feature on website to sell the wings for 10b 10s - this is just an example. Another cool thing you can do is "disassemble" feature - you put the wings and there is a 90% chance you get a feather back from it. This might be easier to do on the website i think. (but dont forget the security, there will be people trying to exploit it, as everything else 😁)
  10. OSGM events consolation price - I think the consolation price should be updated weekly. As it starts from 2 chaos, every week it should be increased by a little. 2 chaos are not worth much after 1 month into the server.
  11. Fist Fight Event - This event has to go. It is not fun at all, you cant understand what is happening, its too slow, its exploitable. (with group of people taking 1 corner and staying together, basically guaranteeing reward)
  12. Bigger maps not droping exc - I dont know if this is actually the case or im very very unlucky but i think the last maps (karutan, raklion etc) are not dropping excellent items. Why? This is one of the chances for casual players to catch up with 24/7 players
  13. Custom quest system - Ive seen couple of servers with their own custom quest system - you kill mobs and get rewards for it. It will be really cool to have the same thing in our server. Possible rewards are jewels, feather, crest, box of kundun, chaos cards. This will promote active play.
  14. Website design - There are few thing on the website that are kinda off - styles, design and usability (as i said to @ADMIN in pm, i can help with stuff for the website :)). One of the things is the market layout - its very slow to check items, there should be more items per page and a different layout. This is just a quick example i did, you can perceive the information about latest items more quickly in a grid, this is my opinion of course, some of you may disagree - example link


Happy holidays guys, stay awesome and keep doing what you are doing.



PP: If my post is one of the winners, just give my reward to the next guy as I'm not playing the non-reset anymore so it will be a waste 🙂

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First of all I want to congratulate you and say thank you for the excellent work.

I also apologize for my English.

  • 1)Information for new players and inexperienced.

-For me, as a person who hasn’t played mu for 10 years, it was very hard to collect information bit by bit. I need some kind of database that includes a description of basic things.This could increase the number of unique users per site.For example:What is DS,BC,wich materials need,the link on forum with lvl for each DS etc.It is also absolutely incomprehensible how things improve and how much each improvement gives.(for example ex DS staff+9 or Ex AA staff +9).Google not helping coz the numbers are different.Ingame command works only for normal items.To understand what is Bloody Queen event i ask admin and wasted hes time.The drops from Kundun Boxes were posted 2 late on forum.(founf it on 50 rr server info) etc.I try 2 find Mobs stats anywhere,Like Hp,Attack rate ,ilvl.Google information does not match server settings.

  • 2)Drop/Leveling/Economy.

-Some  mobs are completely off balance.Like Beam Knigts xp is bad compare to Tantalos ,but Tantalos hp much lesser.Satyros totaly OP(low hits,big xp).Kalima  need more respawns.Berserkers only at 1 spawn with  Kentarus.Stage system totaly perfect and works well,but u need to add 2 stages at ML lvls.COz gap without it increases exponentially.(it's important).

-The balance of bless and soul is completely destroyed. If chaos is demanded by the pores, then bless and soul are considered trash. For two reasons:
1) Too big rewards for the CC.
2) Too easy to upgrade items.
There are several solutions. Reduce the rewards of stones for events. Balance % luck on items. (decrease the chance of luck globally or remove it after 12+ or make donate only for +11).Find some Balance.

-Remove strong sets from DS 5. Leave only the weak(It make it usefull ). Align the chance of dropping all parts from each set so that the entire server does not search for 1 item .

  • 3)Events/Hunts/Rewards.

- Server settings regarding golden invasion are almost perfect.If it possible increase the number of spawns budgets/ww x3.People already know all spawns and it's hard to find something without  knowledge.

-Rewards for support character should be increased or added.

-CC rewards :

1-3 jewels, 4-5 jewels +ob chance+5chaoses reward,don't add bless and soul(it's destroy economy),6-7 ob chance +10chaoses.The only wat to get blees/souls-rabbits/ww/drop at spots-rly help the eco of server.

-DS rewards :

1-4 jewels, 5-low tier anc sets,6-very low any anc sets drop but with same % on any part of set,7 -same

-WW rewards :

Perfect but add more spawns.

-Rabbits reward :

Perfect but add life drop.Also inc the Credits gained for 3.

-BC reward :


-Illusion Temple:

IT 1-4 - no boxes .5b/5s/5c +-

IT 5 + -perfect .

Also,AE ice is totaly OP at IT(decrease slow time for 2-4 sec).Some people join IT with muti accounts(TW) and just AFK etc.Find the way to don't let people afk at IT/bans for not fair play.

-All Boss Events:

Almost Perfect.Inc Kundun damage 30%(2 easy),Inc Medusa dmg 20-25%(2 easy),Cursed - inc damage 30%(very easy).

-Arena :

Give some credits to last place.Active play should be rewarded,even if it 2 credits).

-Bonus System:



Add more at Vulcanus,Swamp,Kalima.Some mix mobs.

-Quiz event:

Delete or totaly rework.Increase questions like x50 and probably it will be good.

-BJ,Russian Roulete.

BJ ok,Roulete -add new rule "Immune".Player Can say Immune after some one chose the side(right or left) but only 1 time at the game.Also palyer stay alive.More interactive.

  • 4) Website/Forum/Support.

-Support is good and always helpfull.

-Forum same,good information topics,but some topics should be added faster like Boxes drops etc.(for noobs).

-Website is very good.Database for noobs + some auction for some Items.Need system,where palyers decide is it item good for auction or not.

  • 4)PK System .

-Almost perfect but small changes are needed. That a character of level 299 cannot attack 300 is very strange. It needs some work.

  • 5)Formulas.

-Mg Wiz Dmg should be decrease.

-Vrf oneshot 1k should be decrease.

-DL Crit buff should be Increase.

Let's sum up.

-I would very much like to make it difficult for the server to do +15 and people didn't have maximum items +15 in a month, and use talismans, for example.

-You did an excellent job, but there are small things that need to be worked out.Thank you and all the best.







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I will re-edit my post and delete the previous one so it can be more clear.

After all those editions since I started on previous NonRR there are few things Admin changed while we played and some stuff he left for the other releases. There is some things I wish to be changed since it is a Hard server and many people are crying that is too hard for them.


1. Return the old style of DS and make everyone KS everyone, thats the point of this event and especially the quality of the server (HARD SERVER, I repeat H A R D server).

2. I would like to see more entertaining rewards for BC7 and IT7 since the drops are same as BC6 and IT6. Prolly you can add some different reward or increase the size of it.

3.Also I would like to see some changes on PVPArena, 150 credits is.. meh kinda too low to waste 10-30 min of leveling. There can be other options like - ingame rewards + credits. Since it is a HARD server don't overdose it but make it more viable. (May be add Reset Fruits as reward?)

4. Remove the harmonies from Old Boxes and let people use Relics (Battle Map) to compete for Harmonies. Thats how it should be, also since there is Gemstones drop in Kanturu3 - you can make it Gens map too. This will kinda return the PVP into the game cause I see too much PVE and no PVP at all.

5. Fix Cursed Dragon pushups - mostly he push the melee chars and the rangerd ones stays in safe AOE without being knocked and 90% of the times they took the kill which is unfair for the melee characters IMO.

6. Make Kalima7 full PVP so people can contest for Kundun. Basically right now whoever gets there first - gets the kill in 99.99%. Kalima is not supposed to be like this and there should be PVP on all Bosses like it is in Medusa.

7. I strongly recommend to remove High tier Ancient drops from Chaos Castle and we can avoid this mess when everyone had their ancient sets even before LOT opens in early phase of the game which kinda destroys it. If you are making 3 entries max for CC - then limit it for the IP, cause many people raise their ALT's so they can farm extra ancients with full geared ancient set on lower CC. This will encourage people to use low tier ancient sets and have high tier only from Kundun and LOT - makes the game more viable and interesting.

8. One guy mention before that there are many spots which are so scattered that if you don't have SM or EMG its impossible to stay on it. 

Haters will hate but this is HARD server and I wish to remain like one. Please stop doing things easier for the people who complains cause you will get more money from donating pleasing them. You will just simply lose the quality of the server in terms of quantity.


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Hello. in my opinion , the server is medium balanced because the server has the Play  to win, But when you have in the washing machine at +10 70% it is something wrong. You have to put up with 750credit to raise item to +12 possibly luck is already 1.1k. There should be raised the percentage in the goblin machine from 10-12 because people who do not want to invest in the server have no chance of being on various CC events because I do not have enough well-conquered equipment.

I think that it will be everything.

Good Luck guys have fun playing the game on this server.


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What I change for the next rr db ?

1. ML harder(to do ml50 in a month).

2.Exc items only with 2 opt and low drop chance for dd/ref/hp.

3.Blacksmith for adding luck and jol opt(max 4% for hp/mana recovery and +12 dmg/def) and after lvl 400 for making items+10/+11.

I always tell the truth, even when I lie.

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Well... don't like low exp at RR server, it's about players who have V.I.P. If it would be free, without donations, 100% protected GS from injections and "hacks" probably would play... But since haven't figure out that and hold on Server low EXP... no chance I would play again. Maybe next year in NonReset, but it would be again some mistical things happen....like half guild banned, half of friends left in few days, while Admin found something. At first few "Grand Openings" had nice fights etc...but now its about V.I.P, because of what we guys left server and waiting for Play2Win. 

Work to put in: Play for 4months to get something.
Get experience from game: Find out that most of people didn't even "know" how to play and cry in post how dude click 123 with BK.
Cherry top of cake: Waisted your effort, time, electricity to get ur character on Rankking and at end you have no one to share with, because most of people are banned, AFK 24/7 or too low.

My feedback, what I exprienced in OldSquad by years and realise that no point to play, maybe when will be something different. But since theres more fights in elsewhere, no difference need. You guys can keep making this kind of servers! :)


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ofc after recent situation, i have new relatable words but listen,

the problem which needs to be target Nr.1 - encourage new players to contest and slow down a bit ancient farm not in LoT so you really want win CS for PvE damage boost.

remove cc4 anc drop, low drop in cc5 ( max 5% ),

but about new player encouragement, i thought about it for a while, but the problem is there is still ways to abuse it ( cant attack golds if more than XX PvE points, level, etc. ).

after 8 - 10 weeks,  when some players got bored, some shit happens. every server the same story.

we need new players and tell them -  try, contest GGD ( for example ), some synergy and you can do it...

otherwise game becomes unattractive for players who started later ...

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On 1/1/2019 at 3:47 AM, weew said:

ofc after recent situation, i have new relatable words but listen,

the problem which needs to be target Nr.1 - encourage new players to contest and slow down a bit ancient farm not in LoT so you really want win CS for PvE damage boost.

remove cc4 anc drop, low drop in cc5 ( max 5% ),

but about new player encouragement, i thought about it for a while, but the problem is there is still ways to abuse it ( cant attack golds if more than XX PvE points, level, etc. ).

after 8 - 10 weeks,  when some players got bored, some shit happens. every server the same story.

we need new players and tell them -  try, contest GGD ( for example ), some synergy and you can do it...

otherwise game becomes unattractive for players who started later ...

a lot of profit it hold the old players, than to look for new, your Guild broke this edition, at least in my game for sure

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