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Releasing Test Server + Hiring new Staff

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Hello OldSquaders,

One thing that you always wanted and asked for, is a way to test certain things (either mobs, events but especially characters) without spending a lot of time and resources to do so.

We heard it, we thought a lot about how to give you something, and we finally found a great solution that will help both you but also us in our development and speed-up the process of finding bugs/miss-configs, getting new features, easier tests, etc.

With that being said, I finished the features, documentation and preparation for our brand new PUBLIC TEST SERVER!

What is this test server?

It's an extra server, separate from official NonReset, that you can access with the same client that you are using to access the official server. It will appear as 2nd option on server list. Also, you can access it with the same accounts that you are accessing the official server, no need to create new accounts, but you need to create new characters.

What you can do on this test server?

Basically, EVERYTHING. We added support for a lot of features that will help you testing basically anything you want. The only thing that you must be aware of, is that we will also work on that test server, that means it's stability is not guaranteed as we will do restarts, change things, etc. when we're working.

It is 100% mirrored from official server, so everything that you find and see on it will be the same on official server, if there is no official announcement of changes.

Test Server Documentation

The following features can be used on Test Server in order to explore whatever you want easier:

- /setlevel CharLevel - Set the desired Level for your Character.
- /setmlevel CharMLevel - Set the desired MLevel for your Character -first you have to do the 3rd quest to avoid bugs
- /setpoints LevelUpPoints - Set the desired level-up-points (a.k.a points to be added) for your Character.
- /setmpoints MLevelUpPoints - Set the desired mlevel-up-points (a.k.a master points to be added) for your Character.
- /setstr Strength - Set the desired Strength for your Character.
- /setagi Agility - Set the desired Agility for your Character.
- /setvit Vitality - Set the desired Strength for your Character.
- /setene Energy - Set the desired Energy for your Character.
- /setcmd Command - Set the desired Command for your Character.
- /money ZenAmount - Set the desired Zen for your Character.

- /pkclear - Remove your PK.
- /passquest - First time will evolve you to 2nd class (Blade Knight, Soul Master, etc.), second time will evolve you to 3rd class (Blade Master, Grand Master, etc.).

- /spawn MobId - Spawn the desired Monster on your Character position.
Example: /spawn 350 will spawn a Cursed Dragon on your Character position.

- /drop ItemSection ItemType ItemLevel ItemSkill ItemLuck ItemAdd ItemExc
Example: /drop 5 12 9 1 1 3 1 will make you an Excellent Grand Viper Staff + 9 + Skill + Luck + Add 12
*ItemSection = The section of the item in Item.txt (from 1 to 15).
*ItemType = The item number from the section number in Item.txt (from 0 to ~ 150).
*ItemLevel = The level of the item (from 0 to 15).
*ItemSkill = If item have skill or not (1 = with skill, 0 = without skill).
*ItemLuck = If item have luck or not (1 = with luck, 0 = without luck).
*ItemAdd = If item have add or not (0 = no add, 1 = add 4, 2 = add 8, 3 = add 12, etc.).
*ItemExc = If item is excellent or not (0 = non exc, 1 = exc, other combinations of numbers from 1 to 64 = combinations of exc options).

Download Items + Mobs information (for /drop and /spawn): https://mega.nz/#!YxwWWITD!7smMkIZo-hiTpXfNOBDfOqjLzwcGB5wiQ40Cb_DKfvc

Topic for Test Server Commands ---> https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2790-test-server-commands/?tab=comments#comment-28782


We hope that this will be really helpful for many of you. So enjoy testing things out and don't forget to let us know if you find something wrong!

Also, we're fully committed to offer you the best MU Online experience in the incoming year, so in order to do that, we need to expand our team with new talents and dedicated persons in order to make all of our ideas to come alive.
For this, we announce that we are officially hiring. Doesn't matter if you're a player looking for in-game rewards (VIP/Credits) or just a guy that want to make some extra bucks, you're welcome in our team if you have the needed skills that will be for sure, rewarded, in the way you choose it.

What we are looking for:
- 1-2 Game Masters focused on Support (In-Game and/or Facebook), Keeping the /post clear, Reports, etc. (No events involved).
- 1 Content Manager (Restructuring information, make information easier to be found, keep the information up-to-date, adding new content, format posts to be visually attractive, etc.).
- 1 Marketing Specialist (Dedicated in finding new ways to promote our project, working on a marketing strategy and trying to bring as many people as possible into our project by different ways).

If you think you would like to work with us, let me know either here via forum PM or at our e-mail address: oldsquadmu@gmail.com, with info about you, why you want to join us, what are your skills, and what you expect. We will have personal conversations from there on.

One thing that you should know is that my HR skills are the worst possible, pretty bad communication and assistance, so you should kinda know what you have to do without depending on me (of course, after explaining you from start).




Edited by Gion

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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