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Castle Siege

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During time we focused a lot on increasing CS experience for people involved, and we did a lot of things starting from unique CS system, reduction of people in guild/alliances, custom rules on CS like teleport on switch and other nice things to encourage a good experience.

Nobody else did any of this things for CS instead of us (not even Global MU, and they had great CS fights without any modifications or 'special rules'). But we did it, in the hope of good things.

Today we got again the confirmation that doesn't matter what you do, it just depends on people mentality and that's all.

Starting from GROM hyperboles and excuses when they lose ('3v1 guilds not fair', 'small people stopping us on gates', etc.) along with proud exaggerated statements when they win (we won 20vs50 when actually they won 20vs23) and other shits like that , along with bad intended people like mamed (Areocell) that his only scope is to show his 'small balls' and nothing else good, along with people that starts to suffer about themselves and laugh at their opponents when they win - while keeping the silence when they lose - along with random people that 'are practicing for CS' without the GM online but disturbing both attackers and defenders that are actually trying to fight each-other, and along with random small guild that really tryharded to do something at CS at least for fun and despite being lower in level than others, but ended being accused by helping either GROM or Squadron, all of this things make me pretty sad.

Again, this is not a 'technical' problem, as 95% of servers doesn't have 10% of what we have for CS, including webzen, and still having great CS'es without any cryers. But this is our playerbase, never thinking about overall experience and only thinking for themselves, asking for hundred of features and when they get them they only try to abuse them or cry about how others are 'abusing' them in their own perspective.

Due to this, we're cancelling any anti-game rules starting from next CS, and also bringing back the possibility for alliance players to join CS, not only main guild.

From now, you are able to do anything you want on CS, attack whoever you want, help whoever you want, have fun by killing anyone anywhere, participate with how many people you want, etc.

Play the game as it was designed, crying will only make you look stupid in the eyes of entire server.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Areocell + main char - 5 days ban both IP (so you won't spam again the post for 2 days from alts for why you got banned) and chars. If you didn't felt the last ban due to other alts, you will feel this one.

@Respect Fallen for your nice try, hope to see you more at CS.

Ah, and I'm not speaking fairy tales, this are few screens from each individual situation that I spoke about (I have more but it's enough to make clear that I was there, and I saw everything before making my statements):






"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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