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Socket Item Creations on Test Server

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Hello @ADMIN

Is there any parameter I should add on drop command to make 5 sockets Itens on test server ?

For example:

/drop 5 31 15 0 1 7 0 

Should give me a +15+L+28 Imberial Staff but It always comes with 0 sockets, first I thought that the number of sockets would be random but after made like 5 staff and got 0 sockets in every single one, I guess I must be doing something wrong.


/spawn command is not working

Thank you for your time

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Adding Ancient item drop commands, fixing guardian option value and option to reset master tree points would be welcome aswell.

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For now the 5 socket option items can be made only by editor, but we still search for a drop code. For now we havent discovered it, or if it s possible, and we never heard about a drop command on other servers too. On every server these items are made in editor by administrators or by regular players on item shop, which is an editor too, but it works with some currency. For now we do not have an item shop. If we will discover the drop code, we.ll anounce for sure. 


Later Edit: And it is not only about 5 socket items, its about all socket items no matter how many slots.

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Go to crywolf, spawn a lot of medusa and selupan. Kill and profit. Thank me later.

Pro PvAFK player!

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