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Patch - 06.10.2018

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Adjusted DL cape level 4 to match it's level 3 version (-15% absorb).
- Increased time between use of spells of Selupan from 1 second to 2.5 seconds. (already up since few days)
- Added move-back on arena events zone if somehow you escape from there (especially for royal rumble).
- Reworked Arena Tournament to match final version:
From 0-4rr now it's 0-15rr. - Monday 
From 5-10rr now it's 16-25rr - Tuesday & Friday
From 11-16rr now it's 26-35rr - Wednesday & Saturday
From 15-22rr now it's 36-50rr - Thursday & Sunday
- Reworked Illusion Temple to match final version:
IT1: 0-10rr, level 200-300.
IT2: 11-20rr, level 301-350.
IT3: 21-30rr, level 351-370.
IT4: 31-40rr, level 371-385.
IT5: 41-50rr, level 386-399.
IT6: 41-50rr, Quest level 3 + level 400.
- Released Grand Reset:
You need 50 resets and level 400 to make it.
You need 1.500.000.000 zen to make it.
You need to have all items unequipped to make it.
You must write /greset in order to make the grand reset.
After GR you will have 0 resets, level 1, and same Skills/Items/Quests/ML done.
After GR there is no dynamic exp on resets, just the dynamic from levels (neither boosted on low resets or lowered as game progress, you have a static exp).
After each GR you will receive extra 2000 points (total of extra 6000 points with 3 GR).
Apart from bonus points, each GR give his own extra-rewards:
GR1: 3500 credits
GR2: 7 seeds on sphere level 5 at your choice (dd,ref,hp,edr,etc.)
GR3: Wings Level 4 +luck+9+2 options at your choice (ign,ref,full hp rec) & Golden Fenrir & Legends Group.
Each reward will be unlocked when you reach the GR + 25 resets (1 GR 25 resets for 1st reward, 2 GR 25 resets for 2nd reward, 3 GR 25 resets for 3rd reward).
- From now if you get disconnect on DS or BC you will be reconnected on the Event.
Notice: Even if you will be reconnected on event, you won't be 'part' of it anymore.
That means, you won't get the weekly points from event, when the other people leave the Event it will be closed, you won't get the BC reward, you won't see the gate and the rest of players BC, etc.
So you can only profit from the exp and drops if you get disconnect into Event (and only if there are other people than you on Event).
- Added Qualification time for OSGM events (10 minutes) announced each minute + auto despawn after 10 minutes if not all slots are used.
- Added Ghost Napins on swamp (replaced with other mobs on some spots).
- Raised the limit of speed for disconnect (for those encountering random disconnects-reconnects due to bigger ping with server than normal and threated by speed check over limit).
- Adjusted speed rules on some skills to reduce the 'speed bugs' on clean players.
- Reduced zen cost for first 7 resets from 60kk - 90kk to:
1st reset = 10kk zen
2nd reset = 20kk zen
3rd reset = 30kk zen
4th reset = 40kk zen
5th reset = 50kk zen
6th reset = 60kk zen
7th reset = 70kk zen
- Increased flame of condor drop rate with 15%.
- Increased chance of skill for socket weapons to 100%.
- Now you need minimm 5 resets to put items on Auction.
- Updated calendar to reflect latest changes (update via Launcher).
- Fixed possibility to use non-exc 380 weapons on idol mix.
- Added back non-exc 380 weapons drop on Swamp.
- Added new macro protection.
- Increased overall exp for 0-30rr with 10% and 31-50rr with 5%.
- Other small fixes/adjustments.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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