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Feedback from players

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We would like to hear more thoughts from our players, so I will start this topic, "Feedback", for you guys to write here all the good and the bad things, ofc, so we can know your taste, as OldSquad players. 

And this topic it.s not like "the report topic" type. You can say if you don.t like the drop from LostTower, or from OldBoxes, or if you like it. We want to know if we do a good thing, so we can keep doing it, and same for bad things. 

Best regards,

OS staff

Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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Hello! Thx for the oportunitie of sharing with the staff!

I'd like to talk about 2 things...

First of all, the Box of Kundun.

It takes for us a full party at lvl 360+ to kill a golden Satyr, actually its kind of risky when it spawn in the wrong spot... After all that work I get a nice and shiny box+4, but when I drop it just get some Dragon or Legendary stuff... I dont think it worth the effort of killing that golden for such a low item. It would be way more worthy if I could get some Ashcrow, Iris, Valiant...

Almost the same with +5 Boxes.. I think it could easly have a medium chance of droping Great Dragon, Dark Master, Dark Soul, etc without braking the -- hard to achieve -- drop balance of the game.


Tottaly different topic now...

The PvP Event.

My idea for that is maybe hard to achieve.. but I dont think its right if a strong player with an alternative character with a full ancient set +12, wings and weapon +15 win every tournament.... I think the low lvl tournaments are a great way to test your strenght while runing for lvl 400. Test you cant do against a VERY FAT random secondary char from some old player.

I dont know exactly why is the idea of those tournaments, I may be ignoring the real function you mind for that.


From now, thank you for reading and for your hard work.

Its a great server. It made me enjoy the game again.





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I'd start with what i think is the best feature i ever saw in a private Mu server: the Exp stages.

Growing a character on OldSquad in the first 2-3 months was so much fun, and even if it was difficult from time to time it was not tedious at all. Congratulations on the concept, and i think you should explore and refine this even more in future editions.

What i like about it:

- it provides fun and challenge for all categories of player: hardcore players compete to be first during each stage for prizes and honor, dragging the whole server with them. Hunters are pushed to keep up, being the first party to hunt a newly unlocked map and bringing back the loot is one of the best parts in mu. Casuals still have a chance to compete  and not fall behind by too much.

- it allows for players that started later to catch up and not give up. It keeps bringing new blood to the server and competition and challenge for the top players

- new events, bosses and rewards tied to these stages - brilliant idea, brings excitement to each stage and one more reason for top players to be among the first to beat the stage


What i think could be improved:

Better balancing of time and equipment churn in each stage:

In this edition, Stage 1 (lvl 1-240) took only 2 days. I think this was a too short period, for one of the most fun parts of Mu: being a newbie running around Devias, Lost Tower and Atlans in medal gear, happy that you found your first excellent item. Maybe it's the nostalgia speaking, but my guess is that this part is a favourite of most players.

Stage 2 (lvl 241-331 i think) took between 2 and 3 weeks - nice balance, great fights in Icarus for feathers

Stage 3 (331 - 395) took 3 weeks - balance started to break a little, as top players were in full ancient/exc +11-13 while others at the same level were in medal sets

Stage 4 (396 - 480 for 10 players) took 2 weeks, it would've been even shorter if the initial 450 limit would've been maintained (probably holidays xp boost helped with this). Balance went completely off, as some players started exploiting (without breaking rules) certain events, by optimizing the small details. By now, 10% of the server gets 80% of the valuable loot. It's not uncommon for a single char to outdamage an entire party (see BC AEs).

It's been 6 weeks since the last stage, and the top player is currently lvl 572. Since everyone is in the top xp maps now and all content was unlocked, the game is slowly starting to become a chore, getting a couple levels a day while mostly afk and eyeing only the ultimate set, because jewels are scarce. It will probably take another 6 boring weeks for the top player to reach max.



1. Increase the threshold for players needed to finish the stage. Stage 1 - 1 player 241, Stage 2 - 3 players 331, Stage 3 - 5 players etc.

2. To keep it fair for the top finishers, increase the reward to something really special for the first: For example an exc weapon + 3 opts from the next stage, or Old Box, or a pair of wings suited for the stage. It would be a special reward, but still keeping the balance later on. An Exc Legendary Staff + EDR + speed + lvl/20 is a treasure at lvl 241, but only a bragging item later on, keeping the balance.

3. As suggested before, encourage each stage to have it's proper equipment. In this edition, we jumped from medal gear to Ancient, because of OP medal items and early access to top ancient.

If it's techically possible, make CC 1-2 drop tier 1 ancient, CC 3-4 tier 1+2 ancient, CC 5-7 1+2+top tier ancients. This can also apply to Devil Square, providing a source of useful items to flow from newbies to tops (low tier ancients for seeds)

I touched medal items before: Heart tier 1 max +11, Silver Medal tier 2 max +9, Gold Medal tier 3 max +7/8. Encourage players to have multiple choices in picking gear and upping sets that later get sold to newbies. Make resources more widely available, so people up sets that later become obsolete

4. Increase number of mobs on spot gradually, with each stage, if possible.

5. Add other stages to ML: for 50, 100, 150 ML, keeping some content locked until 100ML (For example Wings 4, Selupan + Socket Items 5 socket). It would encourage players to fill up a weapon luck 4 socket at level 410 for example. Not happening now, because seeds are rare and everyone aims top. Lower ML stages can unlock mediocre seeds drops in one map

6. Increase the frequency of BC/DS/CC events and enforce HWID limit for entries to prevent farming, if technically possible.

7. Rework the move level requirement a little, increasing the lvl req for mid maps by 20 (Atlans LT, Tarkan, Aida, Karutan, Kanturu). Also decrease the move lvl advantage MG,RF,DL have a little. Their requirements are a little too low compared to the rest at the moment

8. Limit the maximum upping level from web, based on item: Normal Item - max +12, Exc Item - max +11, Ancient & Socket - max +10


I have some thoughts about character balance and PVP, but another time.


Thanks for one the best servers i've ever played!

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There is something I want to expand upon from that last thread:
"The maps are freaking beautiful pieces of art that are meant to be explored. Most reset servers are just about picking a spot and staying there for the rest of your days, how silly is that? I know it's addictive, I've done it before, but it's a waste. Hunting should be like Mu Global, in which you can only beat the next category of monsters after some decent leveling or better gear, and not just because your level is now high enough to warp to a new map."

This resonates a little with what salam said:

14 hours ago, salam said:

In this edition, Stage 1 (lvl 1-240) took only 2 days. I think this was a too short period, for one of the most fun parts of Mu: being a newbie running around Devias, Lost Tower and Atlans in medal gear, happy that you found your first excellent item. Maybe it's the nostalgia speaking, but my guess is that this part is a favourite of most players.


This kind of feeling should be true during every stage. What is especially important to increase the sense of purpose in this game, is when you see others roaming around. When there are many people in one map, you feel part of a larger and alive community. One of the first things I do when trying a new server is going to Devias to see if there are players there. If there are not, or too few, the game is probably dying and I quit. There are multiple things that can be done to make people stay at the lower level maps much longer and much closer together. And this is not a bad thing as long as the core gameplay is enticing and fun, with pleasant surprises.

  1. Remove the Helper bots, Shadow Elf Buff, continuous medals, etc. Remove all unnecessary things from the game. Simplicity is divinity. Less is more.
    Ask yourself the question: "Does this help the core gameplay? Or does it just make things easier and make items less useful? Does it add or subtract?"  People like it easy, people naturally take the path of least resistance. They think it will increase their happiness and fun, but it does the opposite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic_treadmill. Anyway making things harder increases the value and dependence on hard-earned items, given that the drop rate is low enough. And ultimately this will make players stay in (low level) maps longer, as they need better gear to go on.
  2. Completely customize all items damage, defense, and drop level. Configure it relative to how many items the class has, and what the max damage on items is. This makes most items are useful again and doesn't make leveling in, say Devias, for two weeks not boring. If there is an item you want to be found, you'll want to play there. As soon as you have all the items you need from a certain map, you have no reason to stay there except for the exp, if it is nice enough.
    So, let's say there are only 11 swords, 100 monster levels, and a max damage of 1000 on swords. Then you could configure things like this:
    Sword Sword dmg Monster drop level Monster difficulty difficulty mutiplier
    (compound interest)
    1 1 1 1,00 1,3
    2 100 10 1,30  
    3 200 20 1,69  
    4 300 30 2,20  
    5 400 40 2,86  
    6 500 50 3,71  
    7 600 60 4,83  
    8 700 70 6,27  
    9 800 80 8,16  
    10 900 90 10,60  
    11 1000 100 13,79  
    For simplicity the items should improve linearly and the monster strength exponentially. This way the mountain gets harder as you reach the top, and things don't feel monotonous. Also, the numbers above are examples. I have no idea what monster strength increase is feasible on a non-reset server, and it also depends on how strong you can make the items (If max dmg on sword is 1000, you can't have monsters that require dmg 1200 swords). Ideally, the best monster in the game should only be able to be defeated with at least a full party. Or dare I say, a full guild.
    I know all of this is easy to say, but it takes a long time to calculate the right values and we haven't even considered socket and ancient items yet. Also all the skills can be customized so they are mostly all useful. It's a long and tedious task, but it is, possible and worthwhile to pull it off. All of this (making everything useful) makes you grind in each map longer, but more fun as well. It let's you be creative with monster placement and mob bosses that only drop certain items and what not. It truly creates a long term hardcore server.
    TL;DR: unforcefully incentivize players to stay in the same map as long as possible; by having lowest drop rate, custom weapon stats, and exponential monster strength improvement.
  3. I got tons of more ideas, but I forgot this is a feedback thread, not a suggestion box.

Some more actual feedback.

  • Too much events with practically free BOKs is bad for the economy. It's cute for a while, but gets old fast. Personally, I wouldn't reward with normally unattainable or difficult to get items, but reward with jewels or vanity items. A general rule of thumb is to let the best possible items drop from monsters only, because pleasant surprises are the best (given that the drop rate is very low). Yes, goldens are tough, but they are a sure thing. Once enough players get strong enough, the market will be overflowed with these items, making them worthless. Also items with luck should never fall from boxes, because that's not luck. Items with luck should be left to the RNG gods. And BOKs should only drop single option excellent items. When all the items' defence stats are correctly adjusted, nearly every excellent item should be useful regardless of their option. Leather Gloves < Leather Gloves + 9 < Excellent Leather Gloves, etc. You catch my drift.
  • There was something really good about this server, and it's a mixture of things which I can't fully explain yet. This server also made me realize how much fun and how strong characters can actually be on a non-reset server. I think it didn't feel monotonous like other (reset) server usually feel like after a day or a week. Unfortunately it did begin to feel like that when Karutan 2 began to feel chill. There was nothing substantial I could find myself doing anymore. Only waiting for jewels to buy my next gear. It didn't feel like that in the beginning. This is something that should always be true no matter you're a casual or frequent player, you should always be able to build towards something. Infrequent players could be farming gear and jewels to make a leather set + luck + xx manually (without medals), while more casual players prefer a +7 set and try to hunt better mobs and items, while the best players will do everything. And this could all be done without breaking core gameplay and balance. When the item drop rate is extremely low, but the jewel drop rate is low to moderate, you leave everyone something to do no matter their level or free time.
  • The website market is the first time I've used it on a server, ever. Would be awesome if most items on there were actually sold more often than not.
  • Nice monster spots.
  • The forum is only accessible to those who ask for it. This is really nice because it prevents a lot of shit posts.
  • This server is actually hard and play to win, the title is not clickbait.

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The server is great but it gets boring in the long run. Same routine everyday. Even the events are routines!


Have a theme every month is a pretty cool idea! It works on mobile games why not apply it here?

different drops based on the month etc...

Holidays are a great way to invent themes and get the players to be active but most of the admins are on vacation as well.


When I was playing in MU Ph there was an event in the Valley of Loren to have all the freakin monsters appear! IT WILL BE EXCITING TO SEE IT IN THIS SERVER. Players are mostly concerned about the drops/gears/items which is great by the way. But there is also fun in just playing and leveling your characters. If you notice ALL PLAYERS ARE ON AFK WHEN THEY'RE LEVELLING MOST OF THE TIME. I do it because who wants to wait for the freaking bar to move. When you have an EE with full ml def and dmg buff its all AFK baby.


-Research and create themes!

-Create events for levelling up!

-Break away from routines!

-Be spontaneous!

-Create ways to challenge players every time!



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To me this server feels like a improved official mu server.Drop rates,spots,mobs etc thats all fine. However there are a few things that in my opinion would improve it even further. Such as:

-Remove the ''seasons''> By resetting everything you loose a lot of players. This is a game based on gear and progression. Instead of starting from scratch, release new content new things to look forward to. Thats what the official MU does.Higher lvls ,new gear etc. I for one dont want to bow to a exc legendary staff every few months instead i want to see my chars progress. Its not easy to get to end gear meaning full+15 etc. and many wont even get half way there. Every major and success full MU server kept their players by not changing too much too soon.Sure some like to walk around in medal gear all the time and once they get a exc set its game over for them but most of us want to see the full aspect of this game.Things like CS wont be more exciting if you dont let others catch up on gear and that takes time because most cant play 24/7.

-Another thing i want to adress is guild limit of 25 and no alliance.I  get the idea of wanting more competition in CS so you want to spread out the players in more guilds however i still think 25 is too low.As you can see CS attendance is the same as before if not worse so might wanna try the other way around.If only a hand full of guilds participate in CS anyway give them the opportunity to get more players in.Because there are not that many players willing to step up and lead a CS guild.And some guilds dont want to participate in CS but would want more active players in their guild for other stuff. And since LOT only has 5 spots i dont see why we cannot have a ally guild for secondary chars.Makes communicating with fellow members easier and creates space for main guild.


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Few suggestions about economy.

Hi is it possible to make OldBoxes and other hard to come by items as prizes for some higher events ?

Ive been in this server for a month and haven't even seen an Old box because old players take every boss that drops them , there is no competition.

since the server is Called Oldsquad i think it only makes sense that players who started later should have a chance to get them in some gm events.

Its not only oldboxes there are players who take every GGD and make 50bok`s a day.The seeds and 380 weapons are hard to come by because they just stash everything and then massively overcharge everyone who wants to buy them.The chaos castles from 1-6 are filled with alts with insane sets who just shit on everyone.The imperial event on sunday is very hard to get into because once again people do it 20 times in a row with every alt they have.

Second thing is why does this server say 2acc/hw when people just use virtual machines and old laptops to make 5-10 accounts how are people who actually only have 2 accounts supposed to compete with that?

I get about 5 jewels a day from farming while they have 5 accounts in lost tower grinding for jewels 24/7 it affects the economy. I have seen people with 5 accounts in same name run lower blood castles and devil squares too.

While i like the server the economy could be made better not just top 5% of players taking everything and stashing it somewhere it is hurting legit players.




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