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Welcome to OldSquad Community

Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
Then you are in the best place!
Join our MU Online Servers and feel the difference.


- Progressive Gameplay.
- Dynamic Low EXP.
- Boosted EXP for Newbies!


- Highly configured details in a Smart & Professional way.
- 15/24 Support on Forum & Facebook.
- Satisfaction Guaranteed!


- Dedicated Project without monthly restarts.
- 95% UP-TIME with announced Maintenances.
- Weekly Updates & Improvements.


- No WebShop / CashShop / VipServer.
- Credits can be farmed easily INGAME.
- 100% Balanced Services.
Important Info
  • Register now to gain full access!
  • Full Info about Inception: HERE
  • Full Info about Phoenix: HERE
  • OSGM Competition: HERE
  • Big Guide for Newbies: HERE

[Phoenix] Official information (many details about server)

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OldSquadMU - Project Phoenix - Info



Why to choose US?

  • This is a REAL STABLE SERVER - In 1 year I don't know if there are more than 3-5 down-times apart from updates.
  • This is a REAL LONG TERM SERVER - Guaranteed a minimum of 8 months lifetime (doesn't matter player count) up to 12 months lifetime (depending on player count) - Proved on both Max30RR & first NonReset editions that lasted almost 1 year each.
  • This is a REAL PLAY2WIN SERVER - I didn't really saw until now any top server that doesn't sell items (WebShop) or have CashShop for 3x seals (like 400% exp), panda pets and other shits. And when I say PLAY2WIN, many top players can confirm if they spent more than first VIP donations to be on top - Credits are very easy to be farmed without donating anything but again, you must PLAY for that.
  • This is a REAL PROFESSIONAL SERVER - Minimum level of bugs, configured in a Smart & Professional way with a lot of unique features.
  • This is a REAL DEDICATED PROJECT - Yes, we aren't here for money, we are here to make a REAL COMMUNITY for this shitty game that eaten our childhood. We aren't opening and closing servers each month just for money, we aren't changing the name of servers just to "refresh" reputation. We are OldSquad. We are here to stay.
  • This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me) is actually supporting any player with any request in the fastest time possible (starting from instant to maximum 1 day - there are some exceptions when I am very busy or I am not home at all but meh).
  • This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me) is actually listening to players suggestions/opinions and is fighting hard to touch anything (good) that players are coming with.
  • This is the ONLY SERVER where you find an UNIQUE GAMEPLAY - apart from all the normal boring gameplays - that is constantly improving and adjusting to players needs.
  • This is one of the very few servers that DOESN'T HAVE FAKE ONLINE players: If you check many top servers, they don't even show online players on rankings tab, neither entire top 100 players. This is because they are using artificially online count that is boosted into the website, and they don't show online players so people can't check if it's real or not. Almost all top servers are doing that just to attract players.
  • Furthermore, this is one of the few servers that have a limit of ACC per IP+HWID (3).

Basic Info

  • Season 6 Episode OldSquad.
  • Dynamic Exp [10-35x] - starts with very low exp and goes to higher exp as game progress.
  • Newbies boosts including exp boosts.
  • Master EXP: Dynamic 1-4x.
  • 35% Drop.
  • Gameplay: Non-Reset with 10 optional Resets.
  • Party Exp System (Solo = 100%, 2 Players = 96%, 3 Players = 92%, 4 Players = 104%, 5 Players = 110%, Perfect Party = +4% exp).
  • All events working with nice rewards.
  • No alliances.
  • Max 25 players in a guild for normal classes and max 30 players in guild for DL-GM.
  • Elf Soldier buff until level 250.
  • Maximum of 3 accounts on same IP/HWID.
  • Shops for a low exp server.
  • Maximum of 9 HP (Large) pots stack and 30 Mana (Large) pots stack (for PvP and PvM experience).
  • Create Guild at level 150.
  • Create DL, MG, RF at level 150 (or Level 1 with VIP).
  • Reconnect system fully working.
  • No Web-Shop, no Cash-Shop, only VIP System (without VIP Server) & Web-Credits for Premium Modules.
  • Helper from level 1.
  • Party Exp Gap: 120 Levels.
  • Max Level to delete a Character: 10 (0 resets). To delete chars over level 10 you need to contact us.
  • Max ADD on Items: 28.

Gameplay Info


OldSquad is going to offer you a nice & unique experience with build-base, very interesting PvM and balanced PvP for all classes, that can satisfy any kind of player (passive, farmer, pvp-lover, afk-er, competitive, etc.).

Once again, OldSquad is bringing another innovation into the MU Online scene, coming out with a brand new gameplay.

The PHOENIX concept was born from 'try-fail-learn' mistakes and also from your own feedbacks and needs.
What's unique about PHOENIX? Well, EVERYONE will have a chance to compete, and the whole feeling of the server will please both low-exp/long-term lovers and also casuals/pvp-players that prefer to farm less and fight more, while having decent chances.


There are 2 big gameplay roads in PHOENIX, as it is a combination of Non-Reset server with a Max-Reset server:

1. Non-Reset Gameplay:

The first part of the server is the level 0-400 part. It is considered to be a semi-hard experience, a bit higher than the original NonReset, designed for everyone to be able to complete it in a decent amount of time in order to start competing (both casuals and hard-core players). The dynamic system plays it's role during this level 0-400, but in this server, instead of going up and down, it goes only from down to up (decrease -> increase) as game progress, in order to make it feel smooth at all the level stages (uniform progress instead of exponential progress).
Example of old system: You were spending 2 days for level 1-200 and 3 more for level 200-220. Now, instead, you'll spend 4-5 days for 1-220 in an uniform way.

The Non-Reset part of the gameplay also includes 2 breaks (with some content being released with them). The breaks are from 300-320 and 380-395.
The breaks needs 3 passers in order to be done (3 people to pass the level break). All 3 of them will be rewarded for the break-completion, and when the 3rd player finish the break, entire break-exp will be 50% from server exp, easier for the rest of players, until the next break completion, when the first one will be removed.
Example of break: If normal exp is 15.000 at level 299, when you enter break exp at 300, you will get only 15-20% of normal exp (which is 2.250-3000 in this case). When first 3 players finish the break, the exp for the rest of server for that break will be 50-60%. That means the rest of players will get around 7.500-9.000 exp.

2. Max-Reset Gameplay:

When you reach level 400, that's the moment when the gameplay explodes. You need to choose what you're going to do depending on your time. You have 3 different options:
- Go for the reset(s) - maximum 10, all optional.
- Go for the Quest3 and start farming Master Level for a PvP advantage.
- Go for hunting/bosses/etc. as you have advantage over those that went for resets and farm your items, prepare for the moment when others will be able to compete again.

Now, most of casual players will stick with 400 and won't go for resets if they don't want to, but there are also pros and cons for why to do or not do the resets.
Firstly, if you choose to stay with level 400, you can only make limited amount of Master Level, that is raised after each reset. Secondly, you will have a really low ML exp, that is increasing after each reset.
Thirdly, each reset will bring you 60 extra points to spend and also UNIQUE BUFFS to your character (buffs like increase DEF%, increase AG%, increase HP%, increase DMG%, etc.), each reset giving better and better bonuses.
Now, the resets comes also with minuses, and they are the fact that you need to make the level 0-400 again, but with a lower exp for each reset you do.
Apart from that, you won't be able to compete for hard things when you are going for resets due to lower level than opponents.

So, as a conclusion, the PHOENIX concept is giving everyone a fair chance to START competing (with low effort), a medium chance for everyone to be really good (doing few resets, doing some ML), and a hard chance for people that really wants to be THE BEST (real long-term run that will be worth for every bonus and points you get extra, until 10 resets).

Some bonus Gameplay info:

  • Quest 3 have low drops - it is hard - expect from few hours to few days to drop your items.
  • ML can be done on any mobs over level 95 (default GMO).
  • Resets cost starts from 800kk and goes up with 100kk each reset.
  • Small wings are nerfed compared to what they show. Wings Level 1 are better than them.
  • Swamp mobs are boosted in level compared to the rest of default mobs in order to offer the best ML exp from all maps.
  • There is no reset stats on web! So be careful with how you add your points! You can only reset stats with reset fruits farmed ingame (BoK+1/BoK+2/OldBox1/OldBox2).
  • 4 NON-PVP maps: Aida(1,2), Karutan1, Kalima7 and Crywolf where you can only KS.
    • NON-PVP maps have 80% exp and 25% drop.
  • 4 GENS maps: Atlans, Vulcanus, Raklion and Swamp.
    • Gens Maps have +5% exp compared to non-gens maps.
  • All other maps are 100% PVP, with free KS (no ban), free PK (no ban).
  • PK clear is off, so if you want to PK you must also wait 20-60 minutes to clear and/or you must kill mobs.
  • Swamp is a level 395+ map designed only for Master Level.
  • Kalimas are populated!
  • There is no ARENA (forget about leveling on the same place for 3 months, that's not how MU is supposed to be).
  • Exp will be raised for lower levels anytime we consider (to encourage new players).

This system will make the game more interesting and more skill/build-based (+long term) and also the entire balance of server (Economy, PvP, PvM,etc.) will be adjusted anytime.
Also, the gap between top 30 characters and the rest of the server will be lower.
Also, any person who wants to start after xx days from server start can recover easily (if he plays a lot).

Non Reset System & Resets System


Non-Reset System (Level 1-399 and 0 resets):

  • Exp is Dynamic, but this time it's starting from very low and it goes up to higher values.
  • The main objective of this move is to let you feel and progress through ALL MAPS.
  • On older system it was too easy to pass first levels and then too hard for the last ones.
  • Now, on the new system, it will be an uniform progression where the difficulty is decreasing as game progress.
    • As an example, instead of making 1 level in 2 minutes at level 60 and 1 level in 5 hours at level 390, you will make like 1 level in 7 minutes at 60 and 3 hours at 390.
  • Basically, the exp difficulty is switched from high levels to lower levels, and balanced at the intersection.
  • In this way you'll feel the game much better and everything that it can offer you at all the stages, not just passing blindly and then dying for some high levels.
    • Level 1-160:
      • Exp is increased with 10% each 20 levels (21,41,etc.), that means at level 41 you will get 10% more exp than at level 40, same for 61 and 60, etc. until 161 and 160 inclusive.
    • Level 180-280:
      • Exp is increased with 15% each 20 levels (201,221,etc.), that means at level 201 you will get 15% more exp than at level 200, same for 221 and 220 and etc. until 280 and 281 inclusive.
    • Level 300-320:
      • This is the Break 1, between this levels the EXP will go down to 15% of the amount of EXP that you gained at 299.
        • When first 3 players pass the 300-320 break, the break exp (300-320) will get up to 50% until break2 is finished when it will go back to normal exp (100%).
        • The rewards for first 3 players to complete the Break 1 are:
          • 1 week of Professional VIP (that is unlocked after first break) for 1st player.
          • 1x BoK+4 item +L +2x options at choice for all 3 players.
    • Level 320-335:
      • Exp rate is the same as the exp rate from level 299.
    • Level 336-366:
      • Exp is increased with 10% each 15 levels (336,351,366), that means at level 336 you will get 10% more exp than at level 335, same for 351 and 350 and etc. until 380.
    • Level 380-395:
      • This is the Break 2, between this levels the EXP will go down to 20% of the amount of EXP that you gained at 379.
      • When first 3 players pass the 380-395 break, the break exp (380-395) will get up to 60% for 7-10 more days when it will go back to normal exp (100%).
      • The rewards for first 3 players to complete the Break 2 are:
        • 2 weeks of Professional VIP for 1st player.
        • 1x Dark Elf/Nightmare weapon +L + 1x option at choice for all 3 players.
    • Level 395-400:
      • Exp rate is the same as the exp rate from level 379.

Master Level System:

  • Master Exp is very low (2x) but it can be boosted if you choose to go for resets.
  • You can make only a limited amount of ML on each reset:
    • 0 resets -> Max Level 40.
    • 1 reset -> Max Level 75.
    • 2 resets -> Max Level 100.
    • 3 resets -> Max Level 130.
    • 4 resets -> Max Level 160.
    • 5-10 resets -> Max Level 200.
  • Each reset is boosting the previous ML levels with 20% exp.
    • Example:
      • At 1 reset you have 120% exp for 0-40 ML and 100% for 41-75.
      • At 2 resets you have 140% exp for 0-40 ML, 120% exp for 41-75 ML and 100% exp for 76-100 ML.
      • Etc.
  • After each stage of ML (40,75,100,130,160) the global ML exp goes down with 6% compared to previous level exp.

Resets System (Level 1-399 and 1+ resets):

  • There is no more Dynamic exp rate (it is the same rate for level 1-400).
  • The exp is capped at Level 321 rate of 0rr exp (to spend less time on low maps which will be less populated and spend more time on higher maps which will be more populated - while having a small buff in exp to start with).
  • After each reset, the total exp rate goes down with 6% compared to previous reset exp rate.
  • Advantages of Resets:
    • Extra 60 points for each reset (to add).
    • Unlock of ML (until 5 resets when it reach the limit).
    • Boosted ML exp for previous ML stages.
    • Free rebuild of stat points if you made your build in a wrong way or want to test new things out.
    • ML is kept after Reset and it can give you an advantage at leveling up again.
    • You have a boost in level 0-400 exp, more noticeable on lower levels than on high levels.
    • You have an advantage at any lower-level events (including Arena Tournament) as you're stronger than normal 0 rr players.
    • Unique Bonuses:
      •  1RR ->   +2% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +1% Defense,     +2% HP.
      •  2RR ->   +3% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +2% Defense,     +2% HP,       +5% AG.
      •  3RR ->   +4% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +3% Defense,     +3% HP,     +10% AG,    +2% SD.
      •  4RR ->   +5% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +4% Defense,     +3% HP,     +15% AG,    +4% SD.
      •  5RR ->   +5% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +5% Defense,     +4% HP,     +20% AG,    +6% SD.
      •  6RR ->   +8% Damage(PvP/PvM),      +6% Defense,     +7% HP,     +25% AG,    +8% SD.
      •  7RR ->   +11% Damage(PvP/PvM),    +7% Defense,     +9% HP,     +25% AG,    +9% SD.
      •  8RR ->   +13% Damage(PvP/PvM),    +8% Defense,    +11% HP,    +25% AG,   +10% SD.
      •  9RR ->   +15% Damage(PvP/PvM),    +9% Defense,    +13% HP,    +30% AG,   +11% SD.
      • 10RR ->  +18% Damage(PvP/PvM),   +10% Defense,  +15% HP,    +30% AG,   +12% SD.
  • Disadvantages of Resets:
    • Grinding Level 0-400 again.
    • All stats are lost after reset and you start only with the bonus points from each reset (60xResetNumber).
    • Equipped items are working only after you have the needed stats for them (but no levels needed for any item).
    • You won't be able to compete for bigger things until you'll not be again higher level.
    • You can be farmed by your opponents if they hate you (making it difficult to exp fast enough).
    • You can't use the Level 4 Wings (you need level 500+ for Wings level 4 to work).
    • You have lower level 0-400 exp after each reset.
Old Box System & 380 Items
There are 5 boxes (Old Box 1, Old Box 2, etc.)
1 is the weakest, 5 is the best.

Old Boxes can't be: Traded, Moved to Vault, Moved to Store (you can only drop them).

380 Items can only be farmed on Events Bosses.

- Kundun (Kalima) have a chance to drop 380 Weapons.
- Medusa (Swamp) have a chance to drop 380 Weapons.
- Dark Elves (CryWolf Event) have a chance to drop 380 Gloves.
- Bloody Queen (Vulcanus) is dropping 380 Boots.
- Nightmare (Kanturu Relics) is dropping 380 Helm.
- Selupan (Raklion) is dropping 380 Pants.
- Balgass (CryWolf Event) is dropping 2x 380 Armor.

Old Boxes Drop:

Old Box 1: Ring Exc / Wings LvL 1 (+0...+9) / 10x Invitations Kalima / AGI+VIT Reset Fruits.
Old Box 2: Pend Exc / Demon / Magic Backpack (Extend Inventory) / 10x Invitations DS / STR+ENE Reset Fruits.
Old Box 3: Horn Fragment / Feather / Crest / Jewel Bundle (10x Bless/Soul/Chaos) / Talisman of Chaos Assembly / Wings Level 2 (Lowest Chance) / 10x Invitations BC.
Old Box 4: Ancient Tier 1 / Flame of Condor / Jewel Bundle (20x Bless/Soul/Chaos/Life) / Talisman of Chaos Assembly / Broken Horn / 10x Invitations IT.
Old Box 5: Seeds (DD, HP, REF, EDR, CRIT) / Wings LvL 3 (Lowest Chance) / Feather of Condor / Jewel Bundle (30x Bless/Soul/Chaos/Life/Creation).

They can be obtained on almost any event from our server (check event rewards on every stage).

Events Info
1. Rabbits Invasion:
- 3 times per day (04:45, 12:45, 20:45).
- 18 rabbits per map on 5 maps: Noria, Atlans (1-3), Dungeon (1-3), Elbeland (1-3), Devias (1-4).
- Duration of Rabbits Invasion is 10 minutes.
- 55% chance to get: 1 Bless / 1 Soul / 1 Chaos.
- 45% chance to get: 4.000.000 zen.
- You gain 4 CREDITS per kill.

2. Arena Tournament:
- Every day at 19:50, each day have a limit (Level 150-320, 321-379, 380-399, 400+).
- Schedule:
Level 150-320: Thursday & Sunday (you must write /warp pvparena1 to join this one).
Level 321-379: Wednesday & Saturday (you must write /warp pvparena2 to join this one).
Level 380-399: Tuesday & Friday (you must write /warp pvparena3 to join this one).
Level 400+: Monday (you must write /warp pvparena4 to join this one).
- Minimum of 3 players to start, maximum of 40 players to play.
- After 40 deaths you will be eliminated.
- One kill = 12 points, one death = -5 points.
- Fight for 10 minutes and then get ranked + rewarded.
- You will be PK Stage level 2, you can't leave map, you can't make parties, you can't buff other people.
- You will respawn on random coordonates after death.
- After 10 minutes you will be ranked and automatically rewarded with:
1st place: 250 credits + HoF Badge (+10xJoH for 380-399 Arena & +20x JoH for 400+ Arena).
2nd place: 180 credits.
3rd place: 140 credits.
4th place: 110 credits.
5th place: 90 credits.
6th place: 75 credits.
7th place: 60 credits.
8th place: 40 credits.

3. White Wizards Invasion:
- Every 6 hours (00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30).
- They will spawn on 5 maps: Dungeon, Devias, Noria, Lorencia and Elbeland.
- Duration of WW Invasion is 15 minutes.
- There are both PvP and Non-PvP WW's that are alternating each hour (at 00:45 for example it's a PvP WW, at 06:45 is a Non PvP WW, etc.).
- PvP WW: Free PK near WW(no penalty for killing), while killed player is respawning close to the WW.
- Non PvP WW: Not possible to kill players during this WW, as long as there is still a WW alive on that map, and 8 seconds after.
- WW drops 4 random Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 15% chance to get Old Box 1 and 8% chance to get Old Box 2 between the Jewels.
- Orcs have 8% chance to drop Ring of Wizard, 15% chance to drop 1x Bless/Soul and 77% chance to drop 6.000.000 Zen.
- Orcs are spread on entire map (not near the WW) and you must hunt them as well.
- You gain 15 CREDITS per kill.

4. Chaos Castle:
- Every 3 hours (00:00, 03:00, 06:00, 09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00).
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY CC REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- There is a decent drop of jewels on CC5, CC6 and CC7.
- Players that win the CC will get rewards:
CC 1-3: 3 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life/Chaos) + Low chance for Star (Rings/Pends exc). 
CC 4: 25% chance to get Old Box 1, 25% chance to get Old Box 2, 50% chance to get 1x Random Low Tier Ancient.
CC 5: 15% chance to get Old Box 1, 35% chance to get Old Box 2, 50% chance to get 1x Random Low-Mid Tier Ancient + Random Jewels from mobs.
CC 6: 15% chance to get Old Box 4, 35% chance to get Old Box 3, 50% chance to get 1x Random Ancient + Random Jewels from mobs.
CC 7: 25% chance to get Old Box 4, 25% chance to get Old Box 3, 50% chance to get 1x Random Ancient + Random Jewels from mobs.

5. Blood Castle:
- Every 3 hours (01:30, 04:30, 07:30, 10:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30, 22:30).
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY BC REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- You can close the BC only when there are maximum 3 minutes left from event.
- Exp on BC is raised with 100%.
- There is a decent drop of jewels if you stay until the end.
- Players that win the BC will get rewards:
BC 1-3: 3x Jewel of Chaos.
BC 4: 3 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 10% chance to get Old Box 1 between 3 Jewels.
BC 5: 4 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 10% chance to get Old Box 1 + 10% chance to get Old Box 2 between 4 Jewels.
BC 6: 5 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 15% chance to get Old Box 2 between 5 Jewels.
BC 7: 35% chance to get 10b/10s/10c, 40% chance to get Demon, 10% chance to get Angel, 15% chance to get Old Box 3.
BC 8: 50% chance to get 10b/10s/10c, 30% chance to get Demon, 5% chance to get Angel, 5% chance to get Old Box 3, 10% chance to get Old Box 4.

6. Devil Square:
- Every 3 hours (02:15, 05:15, 08:15, 11:15, 14:15, 17:15, 20:15, 23:15).
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY DS REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- You can farm Season 4 Spells (Explosion, Five Shot,etc.) ONLY on DS! (Lower DS-es have lower chance).
- Exp on DS is raised with 100%.
- There is a decent drop of jewels if you stay until the end.
    - DS 6-7 have a very low chance to drop Random Ancient items.
- DS 7 have a low chance to drop Sphere Level 4.

7. Goldens Invasion:
- Every 4 hours, random minutes (03:xx, 07:xx, 11:xx, 15:xx, 19:xx, 23:xx).
- Duration of Goldens Invasion is 30 minutes.
- There are both PvP and Non-PvP invasions that are alternating each hour (at 3:xx for example it's a PvP invasion, at 3:xx is a Non PvP invasion, etc.).
- PvP Invasions: Free PK near Goldens (no penalty for killing), while killed player is respawning close to the golden.
- Non PvP Invasions: Not possible to kill players during this Invasions, as long as there are still Goldens alive on that map, and 8 seconds after.
- You gain different amount of CREDITS per kill.
- Box of Kundun + 1: 6 Goblins in Noria, 5 Rabbits in Elbeland, 4 Soldiers in Lorencia [also gives 3 CREDITS].
- Box of Kundun + 2: 6 Devils in LostTowers, 5 Knights in Dungeon, 4 Titans in Devias, 4 Vepars in Atlans [also gives 4 CREDITS].
- Box of Kundun + 3: 8 Tantalos in Tarkan, 5 Golems in Aida, 3 Crusts in Icarus [also gives 5 CREDITS].
- Box of Kundun + 4: 5 Satyros in Kanturu, 4 Satyros in Karutan2, 3 Satyros in Karutan1 [also gives 8 CREDITS].
- Box of Kundun + 5: 4 Iron Knight in Raklion, 3 Golden Napins in Swamp, 2 Twin Tale in Relics [also gives 12 CREDITS].

- Special: 1 Budge Dragon in Lorencia, 1 Budge Dragon in Devias,1 Budge Dragon in Noria, 1 Budge Dragon in Elbeland that is dropping Stars (for Rings/Pendants Exc.) [also gives 12 CREDITS].
- Special: 1 Derkon in LostTower, 1 Derkon in Atlans that is dropping 2x random BoK(+1/+5) + 50% chance for extra 1x random BoK (+1/+3) [also gives 15 CREDITS].
- Special: 1 GGD in Karutan2, 1 GGD in Vulcanus that is dropping 5 boxes +4/+5 [also gives 20CREDITS].

8. Kanturu Event:
- Rewards from Hands: 2 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) and 8% chance to drop Old Box 2 between 2 Jewels.
- Rewards from Nightmare (BOSS): 1 item - Exc. Weapon (Knight Blade, Platina Staff, etc.) + 380 Helm + 35% Chance for Old Box 4 .
- You gain 40 CREDITS per Nightmare kill.

9. Kundun (BOSS):
- 2 times per day (between 07:00 & 13:00 and between 19:00 and 01:00) - random minute/hour between this hours.
- Duration of Kundun is 30 minutes.
- One Kundun will spawn on Kalima6 (PvP Kundun) and one Kundun will spawn on Kalima7 (Non-PvP Kundun).
- The PvP and Non-PvP spawns are alternating each day (one day PvP is between 08:00 and 14:00, the next day is between 19:00 and 01:00).
- Rewards: 2x Random  Ancients + 20% chance to drop 380 Weapon between 2 ancients.
- There will be spawned an Illusion of Kundun also 1 time per day in Lorencia Circle (Full PvP, no punishments for PK) - JUST FOR FUN.
- Kill anyone on the small circle even if it's your guild mate and be the lucky one who gets the loot at the end.
- The Illusion of Kundun will drop 1 random Low-Mid Tier Ancient.
- It will spawn 1 time per day and have the window of 17:00 - 02:00.
- You gain 40 CREDITS per kill.

10. Medusa (BOSS):
- Every 12 hours, at 11:00 and 23:00.
- Duration of Medusa is 30 minutes.
- Rewards: 2 Socket Set Items with 3 slots (and lower chance for Socket Shields with 3~4 slots) + 50% chance for Weapon Level 380 + 30% chance for Old Box 5.
- You gain 55 CREDITS per kill.

11. Selupan (BOSS):
- Every 12 hours from when it is killed.
- Rewards: 3 Socket Set Items with 3 slots and 1 Socket Weapon with 4~5 slots + 380 Pants + 50% chance for Old Box 5.
- You gain 60 CREDITS per kill.

12. Erohim (BOSS):
- Every 24 hours from when it is killed.
- Rewards: 15% chance to get 1 Hyon Sword / Gywen Bow (for W3) + 25% chance to get 20b/20s/20c/20life + 60% chance to get 10b/10s/10c/10life.

13. Bloody Witch Queen (BOSS):
- She spawns in the darkest holes of Vulcanus, 2 times per day at Random Hour / Minute as following:
1 time between 16:00 and 20:00.
1 time between 01:00 and 05:00.
- Duration of Bloody Queen is 30 minutes.
- She is dropping 1x EXC Last tier Items (GD, DS,etc.) with 1-2 options and 380 Boots.
- She have a low chance to drop Old Box 4 and a very low chance to drop Old Box 5.
- She is a BOSS, so expect High HP / DMG.
- You gain 50 CREDITS per kill.

14. Cursed Dragon Revenge (BOSS):
- The Dragon is respawning 4 times per day on Elbeland at Random Hour / Minute as following:
1 time between 00:00 and 05:59.
1 time between 06:00 and 11:59.
1 time between 12:00 and 17:59.
1 time between 18:00 and 23:59.
- Duration of Cursed Dragon is 30 minutes.
- There are both PvP and Non-PvP Dragons that are alternating each hour (at 00:xx for example it's a PvP Dragon, at 06:xx is a Non PvP Dragon, etc.).
- PvP Dragon: Free PK near Dragon (no penalty for killing), while killed player is respawning close to the Dragon.
- Non PvP Dragon: Not possible to kill players during this Dragon, as long as there is still a Dragon alive on that map, and 8 seconds after.
- He is dropping only Old Boxes (1-4).
- Smaller Boxes have a higher chance of being dropped from him than the bigger ones.
- Because he was cursed to have 2 heads, the dragon lost his attack-power so even if he is a BOSS, he have a very low attack but it is compensated with a big pool of HP.
- He stays 1 hour after he is spawned.
- You gain 30 CREDITS per kill.

15. CryWolf Event:
- 2 times per week (Wednesday and Sunday at 21:50).
- Balgass drop: 2x 380 Armors + 50% chance for Old Box 4 / 50% chance for 1 PoH (Piece of Horn, Fenrir item).
- Dark Elves drop: 25% chance to drop Old Box 3, 25% chance to drop Exc. Weapons (Knight Blade, Platina Staff,etc.), 20% chance to drop 380 Gloves, 30% chance to drop 50kk ZEN.
- Bonus 15% EXP +5% on chaos machine for ENTIRE SERVER if you finish the Event.
- 2 Bless/Soul for each finalist.
- You gain 25 CREDITS per Dark Elf kill and 80 CREDITS per Balgass kill.

16. Imperial Guardian:
- It announce every time a boss is killed.
- You can join only 2 times per day with the same character.
- It doesn't have any cooldown.
- Drop Rate of invitation pieces is really low.
- Event is hard, you need a good party to finish it.
- Bosses are dropping 10 Jewels (B/S/Life/Chaos) + 30% chance for Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
- Sunday events are dropping 10 Jewels per Boss, 3 Bosses per event.
- Sunday's Final Boss also have a 100% chance to drop Talisman of Chaos Assembly.

17. Doppelganger Event:
- You can join only 2 times per day with the same character.
- Drop Rate of invitation pieces is really low.
- Event is hard, you need a good party to finish it.

Scroll of Quickness - speed +20.
Scroll of Defense - defense +85.
Scroll of Wrath - normal damage +50.
Scroll of Wizardry - wiz damage +50.
Scroll of Health - HP+300.
Scroll of Mana - mana +600.
Elixirs (all) +80 stats.
Scroll of Mana: 12 hours, won't disappear in any circumstances.
Scroll of Health & Scroll of Defense: 6 hours, won't dissappear in any circumstances.
Elixirs: 3 hours, won't disappear in any circumstances.
Scroll of Quickness, Scroll of Wrath & Scroll of Wizardry: 3 hours.
They will disappear if killed by a player at CS, IT, Arena Tournament, CC.
Scroll of Battle & Scroll of Strength: 45 minutes, won't disappear in any circumstances.
Rewards distribution:
Doppelganger 1-3 will drop only jewels (soul,life,creation - 2~4 per silver chest, 4 for golden chest).
Doppelganger 4 will drop all scrolls except EDR&CRIT scrolls and all elixirs.
Doppelganger 5&6 will drop all scrolls and all elixirs.
Silver Box (gained after each killed boss) will award 2x random scrolls (edr/crit with a low chance).
Golden Box (gained at the end of the event) will award 3x random scrolls (edr/crit with a low chance) and 2x random elixirs.

18. Illusion Temple:
- 2 times per day (09:30 and 21:30).
- You can join only 1 time per day with the same character.
- Minimum of Players for Event to start: 4
- You must leave the party in order to be able to join the Event.
Winners of IT 1 can win: 25% 10b/10s 75% Demon/Angel.
Winners of IT 2 can win: 65% 10b/10s ,25% Demon/Angel and 10% Feather/Crest.
Winners of IT 3 can win: 10b/10s/10c/10life and 10% chance for Feather/Crest.
Winners of IT 4 can win: 45% Old Box 3, 45% 10b/10s/10c/10gemstones and 10%  chance for Feather/Crest.
Winners of IT 5 can win: 54% 10gemstones, 40% Old Box 4, 3% Feather of Condor, 3% Old Box 5.
Winners of IT 6 can win: 40% 10JoH, 50% Old Box 4, 5% Feather of Condor, 5% Old Box 5.

19. Death King Invasion:
- Death King (Boss) and his Slaves (Death Bones) will invade Lorencia 2 times per day (10:00 and 22:00).
- There is 1 Boss per Invasion and 5 Slaves.
- Both Bosses and Slaves have a low HP pool and a easy-medium damage.
- If you are PK (Stage1 / Stage2) and you're killing a Boss you will be completely cleaned of your PK.
- If you are PK (Stage1 / Stage2) and you're killing a Slave you will clean 3 kills.

20. Bonus System:
- The bonuses will start at 09:00 & 18:00 Server Time with the exception of Saturday when Bonus starts at 21:30 (due to CS).
- Bonus System duration is 1:30 hours. 
- On weekly days (Monday-Friday) Bonus System will increase normal exp with 50% and ML exp with 25%.
- On weekends (Saturday, Sunday) Bonus System will increase normal exp with 100% and ML exp with 50%.

21. Quiz Event:
- The role of this Quiz Event is to encourage players to read and learn about what OldSquad can offer and to learn precious info that can help in their journey here (all info topics).
- The Quiz Event will start randomly 1 time per day between 10:00 and 23:59.
- There are 35 questions per day which can't repeat on the same day but they may appear into other day.
- The question will repeat every 20 seconds, for 3 times, if there is no correct answer after 1 minute it will be canceled and the next question will appear.
- The questions are made by us and are 100% from information of our servers (events,drops,mobs,credits,etc.) - so read everything in order to raise your chance to win on this event.
- You can only answer (win) 2 questions per day from the same IP.
- The answers are mostly simple and they can be either a number, a word, 2 words, yes, no or name of an object from game.
- In order to answer at the quiz you need to write /ans xxx where xxx = the answer that you think the question have.
- You need to write the exact answer in order to win (example 2 resets is different than 2 rr even if it means the same).
- The capital letters doesn't matter so you can write either EViL spIriT or Evil Spirit which will be right in both ways.
- The questions poll is around 200 for the moment but we'll keep adding questions until we reach around 400-450 unique questions.
- For the moment rewards are 2x Jewel of Bless & 1x Jewel of Chaos for each correct answer.

22. Royal Rumble Event:
- Every Friday.
- Registrations between 20:15 and 20:30.
- Event starts at 20:31 and it is over when there is only 1 character left at it.
- Maximum of 40 participants.
- You have 3 lifes (so you can die 2 times but the 3rd time you die you will be eliminated).
- The last man standing will win (and only him) 1x Feather & 1x Crest.
- How to register at event:
- You need to have Level 1 (new character).
- The character MUST be only DK.
- You must write /register between 20:15 and 20:30 to register it to event.
- Everything else is checked and set automatically (moving your char, deleting inventory, buffs, etc.).
- Anyone can participate doesn't matter resets/levels on his main character (equal chances for everyone).

23. OldSquad Golden Months Competition:



Spots Info
  • Except for Noria, Devias and Elbeland, anywhere you see a mob there is a spot for sure (we deleted extra mobs because we didn't want to have overpowered spots by mistake).
  • The number of mobs in spots are 7-8 (some spots have 7 mobs, other spots have 8 mobs).
  • All spots are a mass spawn (not a pointed one) so you must have SM/SUM/EMG or any AoE guy in parties to hold the spots.
  • All the spots from game have been manually reworked.
  • Every map is progressive, this means that the more you move into the map the better the mobs/combinations of mobs will be.
  • Each spot is following a strict pattern of spawn coordonates:
    • For low maps (Devias1-4, Dungeon1-3, Atlans1-2, LostTower1-7) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 6x6 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 8x8 coords.
    • For medium maps (Atlans3,Tarkan1-2,Aida1-2,Kanturu1-3) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 7x7 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 9x9 coords.
      • Exception: Icarus that have only 5 mobs per spot and mobs are spawning on 6x6 coords.
    • For high maps (Karutan1-2,Crywolf,Relics) the 7 mobs spots are spawning in 8x8 coords and the 8 mobs spots are spawning in 10x10 coords.
  • The number of 8 mobs spots is between 20% and 35% of spots.
  • The 8 mobs spots can't be found at the start of the maps (you need to move and look for them).
  • Mobs can't run from spots for more than 2 coordonates on their own (only if lured by players they can move more).
  • Almost all mobs from game are included in spots (on almost all maps).
  • The distance between spots is minimum of 12 coords (on restricted areas) and minimum of 15 coords on non-restricted areas.
  • All the spots are showing on MINIMAP (TAB)!
  • You can keep the cursor on the spot marked from minimap and it will show you the mobs type from that spot.

Spots distribution:

Lorencia - 4 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map. 
Noria - 3 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map. 
Elbeland1 - 2 spots - 1 each entrance (bigger ones) + mobs all over map.

Dungeon1 - Quest purpose: 1 spot Larvas + Cyclops
Dungeon2 - Quest purpose: 1 spot Ghosts, 1 spot Skeleton Archer + Hell Hound, 1 spot Hell Spider + Elite Skeleton
Dungeon3 - 9 spots (combinations of monsters).

Devias1 - 11 Worms spots, 8 Hommerd + Ice Monster spots.
Devias2 - 3 Assasin spots, 8 Yeti spots.
Devias3 - 12 Elite Yeti spots.
Devias4 - 6 Elite Yeti spots, 3 Ice Queen spots.
Total: 51 spots.

Atlans1 - 4 Bahamut spots, 5 Bahamut + Vepar spots, 3 Vepar + Valkyrie spots, 2 Valkyrie spots.
Atlans2 - 5 Great Bahamut spots, 4 Silver Valkyrie + Great Bahamut spots, 1 Silver Valkyrie + Hydra spot.
Atlans3 - 11 Lizard spots, 1 Lizard + Hydra spot.
Total: 36 spots.

LostTower1 - 5 Shadow spots, 5 Shadow + Poison Shadow spots.
LostTower2 - 8 Poison Shadow spots.
LostTower3 - 4 Cursed Wizard spots, 5 Cursed Wizard + Death Cow spots.
LostTower4 - 3 Death Cow spots, 4 Death Cow + Devil spots.
LostTower5 - 2 Death King spots, 5 Death King + Devil spots.
LostTower6 - 6 Death King + Death Gorgon spots.
LostTower7 - 3 Death Gorgon spots, 7 Death Gorgon + Death King spots, 4 Death Gorgon + Balrog spots.
Total: 61 spots.

Tarkan1 - 6 Mutant spots, 7 Mutant + Bloody Wolves spots, 3 Bloody Wolves spots, 3 Bloody Wolves + Iron Wheel spots, 2 Iron Wheel spots.
Tarkan2 - 5 Iron Wheel spots, 4 Tantalos spots, 6 Tantalos + Beam Knights spots, 2 Beam Knights spots, 1 Beam Knights + Zaikans spot.
Total: 39 spots.

Aida1 - 4 Death Tree spots, 6 Death Tree + Forest Orcs spots, 4 Forest Orcs spots.
Aida2 - 4 Death Rider spots, 12 Death Rider + Blue Golems spots, 6 Blue Golems spots.
Total: 36 spots.

Icarus - 4 Alquamos spots, 4 Mega Crusts spots, 4 Queen Rainer spots, 2 Drakan spots, 2 Alpha Crusts spots, 1 Alpha Crusts + Phantoms spot.
Total: 17 spots.

Kanturu1 - 7 Splinter Wolves spots, 4 Splinter Wolves + Iron Riders spots, 2 Iron Riders spots.
Kanturu2 - 2 Satyros + Iron Riders spots, 7 Satyros spots, 4 Blade Hunters + Kentauros spots, 4 Gigantis spots, 4 Gigantis + Genociders spots, 2 Genociders spots.
Kanturu3 - 3 Kentauros Warrior + Gigantis Warrior spots, 3 Gigantis Warrior spots, 3 Gigantis Warrior + Genocider Warrior spots, 1 Genocider Warrior spot.
Total: 46 spots. 

Kanturu Relics - 3 Twin Tale spots, 3 Twin Tale + Persona spots, 4 Persona + Dreadfear spots, 2 Dreadfear spots.
Total: 12 spots.

Karutan1 - 6 Venomous Scorpion spots, 6 Venomous Scorpion + Bone Scorpion spots, 2 Bone Scorpion spots, 4 Bone Scorpion + Orcus spots, 7 Orcus + Gollock spots, 6 Gollock spots.
Karutan2 - 4 Crypta spots, 5 Crypta + Crypos spots, 5 Crypos spots, 11 Condra + Narcondra spots.
Total: 56 spots.

Raklion - 2 Ice Walker spots, 2 Ice Walker + Giant Mammoth spots, 2 Ice Giant + Collutin spots, 2 Collutin spots, 2 Collutin + Iron Knight spots.
Total: 10 spots.

Vulcanus - 8 Zombie Fighter spots, 2 Zombie Fighter + Ressurected Gladiator spots, 5 Ressurected Gladiator spots, 1 Ressurected Gladiator + Ash Slaughterer spot, 6 Ash Slaughterer + Blood Assasin spots, 8 Blood Assasin + Cruel Blood Assasin spots, 6 Burning Lava Giant + Ruthless Lava Giant spots.
Total: 36 spots.

Swamp - 1 Sapi-Unus spot, 1 Sapi-Tres spot, 1 Shadow Knight spot, 1 Thunder Napin spot, 1 Sapi-Unus + Sapi-Duo spot, 1 Sapi-Tres + Shadow Pawn spot, 1 Shadow Knight + Shadow Look spot, 1 Thunder Napin + Ghost Napin spot, 1 Sapi-Duo + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Shadow Pawn + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Shadow Look + Blaze Napin spot, 1 Ghost Napin + Blaze Napin spot.
Total: 12 spots (3 on each zone).

LoT - 2 Axe Warrior spots (5 mobs 6x6 range), 2 Lizard Warrior spots (5 mobs 7x7 range), 1 Poison Golem spot (6 mobs, 7x7 range), 1 Fire Golem spot (7 mobs, 8x8 range).
Total: 6 spots.
Note: Poison Golems are similar to Satyros and Fire Golem are similar to Genociders - profit by that.

Crywolf - 4 Werewolf spots, 3 Werewolf + Scout spots, 3 Scout spots.
Total: 10 spots.

Kalima(1-7) - 2 Aegis + Rogue Centurion spots, 2 Blood Soldier + Death Angel spots, 2 Necron + Death Centurion spots, 2 Schriker spots.
Total: 56 spots (8 for each kalima).


Drop Info & Economy System


Our Drop, PvM & Economy System are encouraging Active Players but they also help AFK/Casual Players to keep up.

Phoenix goal is to create a Progressive Items Evolution.
What does it mean?
Simple, on Phoenix you will have to constantly change and upgrade your items tiers in order to conquer higher maps (easier), and also to get better at PvP.
You won't be able to stick with the same items for too long (without upgrading them or changing them with higher tiers), if you want proper results.

How we make this concept turn from an idea to an actual implementation?
Well, we nerfed & boosted different ways of getting your gear, while also increased the overall Jewels (Bless, Soul & Chaos) drop from mobs, so anyone will be able to invest in their items without the fear of losing their 'hard-farmed' jewels.
On Phoenix, jewels will be your best-friend, you'll have to USE them, not COLLECT them. Of course that, if you want extra jewels you'll have to be active and hunt them on Events. But overall experience will be much smoother for everyone (active or casual players) in regards to Jewels, and much more permissive to use them instead of stacking them.

Jewels drop on maps are based on Monster levels, which means lower maps/mobs will have lower chance for jewels while high and end-game maps/mobs will have a higher drop rate - to reduce the ALTs farm.

Apart from Jewels we also increased the Excellent Items drops from Monsters (on most of the maps) so everyone can have access to something to invest in, apart from active players that will have extra Exc. Items from Goldens/Bosses but also will find the desired options much faster than the ones that get from monsters.

What you also need to know is that, on Phoenix, Zen is an important factor for Economy!

Important note: Due to the fact that we reworked entire economy system and because we can't simulate full maps of players to have real values (as you may know, the more mobs are killed on a map, the more drops it will give), we reserve our right to ADJUST anything from economy during gameplay for the sake of keeping a healthy environment for everyone involved.

This is what we consider the 'order of progression':
- Shop Items.
- Non-Exc items from Mobs.
- Hearts/Silver Medal/Gold Medal Items.
- Exc. Items from Mobs / Exc. Items from Goldens / Low Tier Ancients.
- Mid-High Tier Ancients / High-Tier Exc. from Events/BoK+5.
- End-Tier Exc (GD/DM,etc.) / 380 Set / Socket Set.

There are advantages and disadvantages for any choice, based on your goal and your class (PvP/PvM/Hunt,CS,etc.) but this is how the progression should look. Now, the option chances are different from method to method, and we want to present them as well, as they play an important role in the Progressive Items Evolution.

Items tiers can be seen on the dedicated topic for Ancient/Exc/Medals tiers.

Info about Option Chances:

  • Exc Items (from mobs):
    • Level: 0 only.
    • Luck: 60% chance.
    • Add: Between 0 & 12.
    • Excellent Options: 80% for 1 option, 20% for 2 options.
  • Ancient Items (from mobs/events):
    • Level: 0 only.
    • Luck: 25% chance.
    • Add: Between 0 & 8.
    • Ancient Options: 75% for +5 stamina, 25% for +10 stamina.
  • Common Items (from mobs):
    • Level: Between 1 & 4.
    • Luck: 80% chance.
    • Add: Between 4 & 12.
  • Box of Kundun Items:
    • Level: 0 only.
    • Luck: Between 30% & 60% chance based on Box Level (lower boxes have higher chances).
    • Add: Between 0 & 12.
    • Excellent Options: Between 25% & 50% for 2 options, based on Box Level (lower boxes have higher chances).
  • Hearts & Medals:
    • All items have 30% chance for Luck.
    • All items have chance for Add between 8 & 24 (higher add -> lower chance).
    • Levels:
      • Hearts: Between 7 & 9 for Set Items, between 7 & 9 for Shield/Weapons.
      • Silver Medals: Between 6 & 8 for Set Items, between 6 & 8 for Shield/Weapons.
      • Gold Medals: Between 5 & 8 for Set Items, between 5 & 8 for Shield/Weapons.
  • Events Items:
    • Weapons from Nightmare & Dark Elves:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 40% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 8.
      • Excellent Options: 75% for 1 option, 25% for 2 options.
    • Exc. Set Items from Bloody Queen:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 70% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 8.
      • Excellent Options: 80% for 1 option, 20% for 2 options.
    • Socket Items from Selupan & Medusa:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 50% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 12.
      • Socket Options: 100% for 3 slots (Set Items), 40% for 4 slots (Shields), 40% for 5 slots (Weapons).
    • Rings/Pendants from Stars/Old Boxes:
      • Level: Between 0 & 4.
      • Add: Between 0 & 3.
      • Excellent Options: 85% for 1 option, 15% for 2 options.
  • Socket Set Items (from Raklion mobs):
    • Level: 0 only.
    • Luck: 20% chance.
    • Add: Between 0 & 8.
    • Socket Options: 100% for 3 slots.
  • Chaos Machine Mixes:
    • Wings Level 1:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 15% chance.
      • Add: 0 only.
    • Wings Level 2:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 25% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 4.
      • Excellent Options: 80% for 0 options, 15% for 1 option, 5% for 2 options.
    • Wings Level 3:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 35% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 12.
      • Excellent Options: 60% for 0 options, 30% for 1 option, 10% for 2 options.
    • Wings Level 4:
      • Level: 0 only.
      • Luck: 100% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 12.
      • Excellent Options: 75% for 1 option, 25% for 2 options.
    • Senior Mix (GM Box):
      • Level: 11 only.
      • Luck: 30% chance.
      • Add: Between 0 & 8.
      • Excellent Options: 75% for 3 options, 25% for 4 options.

Socket System Changes:

In our mission to provide a progressive items system, we had reworked the Socket System to make it less-powerful (it was truly an end-game set, much better than any other options, thus forcing players to ignore other options, making socket their only choice/aspiration) while making it also easier to access and complete:

  • Cross Shield (DL) is now Socket Shield (as it should have been originally).
  • Selupan - Now dropping 3 Socket Set Items + 1 Socket Weapon (no PSS/PS exc. anymore).
  • Medusa - Now dropping 2 Socket Set Items + Lower chance for Socket Shields.
  • Set Items - 3 slots all.
  • Shields - 3 ~ 4 slots.
  • Weapons - 4 ~ 5 slots.
  • Sphere Max Level: 4 (Vulcanus, DS6-7).
  • Raklion mobs: Low chance to drop, only set items (no weapons/shields) with 3 slots.
  • Removed useless/less-useful seeds from combinations (to make the socket completion faster/easier).
    • Current available seeds (17 from total of 27):
      • Fire:
        • (Level type) Attack/Wizardry Inc.
        • Attack Speed Inc.
        • Maximum Attack/Wizardry Inc.
        • Minimum Attack/Wizardry Inc.
        • Attack/Wizardry Inc.
        • AG Cost Decrease
      • Water:
        • Block Rating Inc.
        • Defense Inc.
        • Shield Protection Inc.
        • Damage Reduction Inc.
        • Damage Reflection Inc.
      • Ice:
        • Skill Attack Inc.
      • Wind:
        • Maximum Life Inc.
        • AG Recovery Inc.
      • Lightning:
        • Excellent Damage Rate Inc.
        • Critical Damage Rate Inc.
      • Earth:
        • Vitality Inc.

Info about Economy Drops:

  • High Drops:
    • Jewel of Bless - Drop starting from Devias to all maps. Higher Mobs = Higher Drop.
    • Jewel of Soul - Drop starting from Devias to all maps. Higher Mobs = Higher Drop.
  • Medium Drops:
    • Jewel of Guardian - Drop only in LoT.
    • Jewel of Chaos - Drop starting from Devias to all maps. Higher Mobs = Higher Drop.
  • Low Drops:
    • Zen - Drop from: Spot Mobs, Rabbits, Dark Elves, Orcs, etc.
    • Gemstone - Drop in Kanturu Relics and Kanturu3.
    • Dark Raven Spirit - Drop only in Kanturu2.
    • Sphere Level 3 - Drop only in Vulcanus.
  • Very Low Drops:
    • Feather & Crest - Drop only in Icarus.
    • Jewel of Life - Drop starting from Tarkan to all maps. Higher Mobs = Higher Drop.
    • Jewel of Creation - Drop starting from Tarkan to all maps. Higher Mobs = Higher Drop.
  • Lowest Drops:
    • Sphere Level 4 - Drop only in Vulcanus and DS7.
    • Dark Horse SpiritDrop only in Kanturu2.
    • Magic Backpack (Extension of Inventory) Drop only in Karutan2.
    • Flame of Condor - Drop only in Swamp.

Hearts/Silver Medals/Gold Medals System:

  • Heart of Love can be farmed on: Devias, Dungeon, Atlans1, LostTower1-4.
  • Silver Medal can be farmed on: Atlans2-3, LostTower5-7, Tarkan1, Aida1, Icarus, Kanturu1&2.
  • Gold Medal can be farmed on: Tarkan2, Aida2, Kanturu2-3, Karutan1-2, Relics.
  • Items tiers from hearts/medals can be seen on the dedicated topic for Ancient/Exc/Medals tiers.

Spells Drops:

  • Most Important Spells - Fireburst, Twisting Slash, Evil Spirits, Lighting Shock, Dark Side, Dragon Roar:
    • Maps: LostTower1-7, Atlans1-2, Dungeon3.
    • Drop: Low-Medium.
  • Season 4 Spells - Innovation, Ignore, Gigantic Storm, Multishot, Explosion, Flame Strike, Ravens, Wiz. Enchance, Recovery:
    • Maps: ONLY in Devil Square (1-7).
    • Drop: Low - DS1-4 have lower drop than DS5-7.
  • Low Tier Spells - Poison, Flame, Teleport, Lightning:
    • Maps: Any mobs between Level 6 & Level 37.
    • Drop: Medium-High.
  • Low-Mid Tier Spells - Hellfire, Inferno, Aqua Beam, Reflection, Sleep:
    • Maps: Any mobs between Level 39 & Level 60.
    • Drop: Medium-High.
  • Mid Tier Spells - Dragon Slasher, Teleport Ally, Greater Fortitude, Electric Spark, Penetration, Death Stab, Summon:
    • Maps: Any mobs between Level 62 & Level 76.
    • Drop: Medium.
  • Mid-High Tier Spells - Inc. Health, Berserker, Mana Shield, Cometfall, Critical Damage, Rageful Blow, Ice Arrow, Fire Slash:
    • Maps: Any mobs between Level 79 & Level 88.
    • Drop: Low-Medium.
  • High Tier Spells - Inc. Block, Weakness, Ice Storm, Decay, Nova, Fire Scream:
    • Maps: Any mobs between Level 90 & 112.
    • Drop: Low.

Other drops:

  • Starter Ring Level 40:
    • Any item from Heart of Love +6 -> +9.
  • Starter Ring Level 80:
    • Small Wings for all classes.
  • Box of Heaven:
    • Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life, Imp, Angel.

Chaos Machine Info
  • Devil Square Ticket 1-3: 85%; 4,5: 80%; 6,7: 75%.
  • Blood Castle Ticket 1-4: 85%; 5,6: 80%; 7,8: 75%.
  • Illusion Temple ticket 1,2: 85%; 3,4: 80%, 5,6: 75%.
  • Feather of Condor: 1-60% (60% max rate).
  • Wings lvl 1: 1-90% (90% max rate).
  • Wings lvl 2: 1-90% (90% max rate).
  • Wings lvl 3: 1-40% (40% max rate).
  • Item Upgrades (+10 -> +15 without luck):
    • +10: 70%.
    • +11: 65%.
    • +12,+13: 55%.
    • +14: 45%.
    • +15: 40%.
  • Luck will add + 20% chance on every upgrade.
  • Fruits Mix: 75%.
  • Dino Mix: 50%.
  • DL Pets Mix: 75%.
  • Piece of Horn: 55%.
  • Broken Horn: 45%.
  • Horn of Fenrir: 25%.
  • Gemstone Mix : 85%.
  • Lower Refine Stone Mix: 25%.
  • Higher Refine Stone Mix: 55%.
  • Lower Refine Stone in Item: 40%.
  • Higher Refine Stone in Item: 80%.
  • Jewels rates:
    • Soul: 60%.
    • Life: 70%.
    • Harmony: 75%.
      • Luck will add + 20% chance on Soul.

Wings Level 4 System
Wings Level 4 Lore:

A long time ago the MU Land was ruled by 2 significant names, Balgass and Kundun, who joined forces with only one objective: Destroying anyone in their path who tried to stand in their way.
But things weren't as simple as they seemed, on paper they should have ruled supreme, but our MU citizens proved to be resourceful in overcoming the threat of these two cruel rulers.
After being defeated multiple times, Balgass decided that Kundun's help alone was not enough for their plans to succeed, so they summoned from the underworld a new and bigger threat than themselves, to aid them in their quest for domination: Selupan
Time passed and Selupan realised that he was much stronger than both Kundun and Balgass, he decided to leave their alliance and create his own. That was the moment when Medusa joined him as a partner, their new goal: Destroying OldSquad World.
But just like Balgass had his own army and Kundun to help him, Selupan had a thirst for power and wanted an army of his own, he used his slaves from Raklion and Medusa's slaves from the Swamp. Then he created 2 new minions to add power to his own army: So came into being the Bloody Witch Queen and the Cursed Dragon which were sent to fight with MU citizens and attack our world while Selupan and Medusa were gathering enough energy and strength to join the battle.
As good always finds a way to triumph over evil, both of their minions were defeated multiple times by our defenders. This couldn't pass unnoticed by Balgass so he realised that Selupan was vulnerable, and he saw his opportunity to regain the throne of Evil had come. As their forces weren't enough to face Selupan alone, they made a compromise and asked our MU citizens for a colaboration.
This colaboration has lead to a pact between Balgass and them, where upon Balgass will summon a new minion called 'Wings Protector' which contains an old and lost artifact that can be used in forging a new tier of Wings for our MU citizens that can help them to finally defeat Selupan forever and grant Balgass and Kundun their supremacy of Evil.
OldSquaders were clever enough to accept and to sign this pact, because they knew that Balgass and Kundun are the lesser of the two evils and would be much easier to defeat in the future, should they attack them again, it made sense to join forces and defeat Selupan and his army. So they signed it and the new Wings tier entered our world!
But, what they didn't know when they signed it, is that it gives both Balgass and Kundun a long period to get stronger than ever, and it's very possible that Balgass and Kundun have a surprise in store for the MU citizens, after the OldSquaders have forged the first wings and defeated Selupan...

Wings Level 4 System:


To upgrade your Wings level 3 to Wings level 4 you have to pass a kinda big challenge.
Firstly, just like for wings level 3 with feather of condor, you need to mix a special item before mixing the wings level 4 themselves.
There are 3 special items: Goat Statue, Hawk Statue and Oak Charm.
Goat Statue is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: BK,SM,MG
Hawk Status is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: DL and RF
Oak Charm is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: ELF and SUM
How you can make this special items? 

You need to mix the following things at Chaos Goblin in Noria:
- 1x Old Box 3
- 1x Old Box 4
- 1x Old Box 5
- 1x Chaos
- 5x Creation
- 1x 30b Bundle
- 1x 30s Bundle
- 1x Weapon 380 +15 +Add16 (No Explosion Blade / Sylph Wind Bow)
- 400kk zen

You have 50% chance to obtain a random special item (from Goat Statue, Hawk Statue and Oak Charm) and 50% to fail and lose everything.

After you acquire the idol/charm that you are interested for your own upgrade the next hard part is coming:
You need to acquire a Talisman of Luck, which is an old artifact that is dropped by the new minion Wings Protector.
Wings Protector is a kinda-weak minion from the new army of Selupan and Medusa (even weaker than Cursed Dragon) but it's a sneaky one!
He is spawning ONLY 1 time per day and ABSOLUTELY random as time (but 70% of times from 12:01 PM 23:00 PM and 30% of times from 23:01 PM to 11:59 am).
It will always announce when it is spawning and also when it is killed / when he retreat.
It will stay 1 hour after he is spawned.
He can spawn on both Vulcanus and Raklion and it won't be specified on the announcement with a random spawn on one of the maps.

After you defeat him and acquire your Talisman of Luck you can proceed with the next and last step which is the Wings Level 4 Upgrade Mix.

You need to mix the following things at Chaos Goblin in Noria:
- Idol/Charm (depends on what wings level 4 you want).
- Wings Level 3 +13 +Add16 (your class wings, if you mix SUM wings3 you will get SUM wings4, if you mix ELF wings3 you will get ELF wings4, etc.)
- 2x 30b Bundle
- 2x 30s Bundle
- 1x 30harmony Bundle
- 1x Chaos
- 1x 10creation Bundle
- Talisman of Luck
- 1000kk zen

You have 100% chance to succeed with the upgrade!

!!! Talisman of Luck and all Wings Level 4 are not tradeable/usable into web warehouse -> Personal work and 'achievement'.

Attention again:
If you mix Charm and W3 Elf + 13 you will gain W4 Elf.
If you mix Hawk Idol and W3 RF you will gain W4 RF.
Conclusion: It's an upgrade of your old wings.

Info about Wings Level 4:

- W4 can be equipped only by chars with Quest level 3 made and MINIMUM 100 MASTER LEVEL (It won't show the ML requirement on the client but it's needed to equip them).
- W4 starts with 60% dmg and 60% absorb at +0 and grows only by 1% per level (at +9 are the same as W3 + 15).
- Currently, you can't upgrade W4 more than + 9 but we'll add the option in the future if we'll consider to (so at +15 would be +6% dmg and abs compared to W3).
- Increase defense by Level * 10 compared to W3 of Level * 4 and starting with 15 bonus def (at +9 it have 150 def compared to 126 of W3 + 15).
- Options from life are +6 +12, +18, etc. compared to +4, +8, +12 of W3 (dmg, wizz and deff bonuses only - recovery is the same).
- W4 have +2% chance for Ignore, Ref and Complete Life compared to W3's 5%.
- W4 will always come with at least 1 option of this 3 on any MIX, with a maximum of 2 options (75% for 1 option, 25% for 2 options).


Castle Siege System (Unique System)
  • Castle Siege is every Sunday at 19:00 Server Time.
  • Register period is between Monday and Wednesday (at 00:59) - from website it is until Thursday.
  • Sign of Lord period is between Wednesday (at 01:00) and Saturday (at 00:59).
  • You can register both ingame (on Valley of Loren) or on SITE (as GM of the alliance).
  • Friendly Fire is active (15% of damage goes to allies also).
  • After registering the crown, defensive team must go outside of the room and re-enter it (so you don't have to press CTRL to attack).
  • Crown is with accumulated time.
  • Every 3 seconds while the GM is outside of the room he will lose 1 second from the accumulated time.
  • Every FAIL of accumulating the crown (Example: you lose a switch, you miss-click again on the crown, etc.) will cost you -1 second of the accumulated time.
  • DL with Dark Horse can't be moved while registering the Crown. Also all classes on Fenrir can't be moved while registering the Crown.
  • Sleep duration is maximum 5 seconds.
  • Elf buff duration is 90 seconds.
  • Crown switches are not in the center of square so they are harder to be kept.
  • Minimum requirements in order to have a chance at CS: GM-DL-TANK + 2 TANKS (DL/BK) for SWITCHES.
  • Normal CS gameplay is the same (get switches, register crown, etc.) but the CS is won by the Team with the most Points at the end of CS (doesn’t matter if the Team is attacking at the end, it will still win the CS).
  • 15 minutes after CS starts (at 19:15) the initialization of the system will start. Starting from 19:15, the Team that is having the Defender status at CS will get Points for each second they remain Defenders. If the defenders lose the crown to attackers, the new defenders will start to earn Points. Basically any Team that have Defender status will earn Points for each second they are Defenders. The only rule to earn the points is that ALLY GM must be ONLINE and on CS map, else the Points won’t raise.
  • In order to offer a "COME-BACK" option for all participants (so CS won't be over in 1 hour of 1 guild holding the Defender status), the Points gained per second are increased progressively as CS goes on:
    • Between 19:15 & 19:59 Defenders gain 1 Point per second.
    • Between 20:00 & 20:20 Defenders gain 2 Points per second.
    • Between 20:21 & 20:45 Defenders gain 3 Points per second.
    • Between 20:46 & 21:00 Defenders gain 5 Points per second.
  • Apart from the Defender Points, killers can also contribute to their team by KILLING enemies on the crown room (ONLY crown room and only enemies, allies kills won’t give you points):
    • TANK (char with more than 40% of points into VIT, exception is the VRF) kill  = 15 Points
    • Ally GM kill = 40 Points
    • Rest of players = 4 Points
  • Every 3 minutes a global message will show up to announce current Points for all Teams involved at CS. Players can also use /score command anytime they want to check the Points situation.
  • At the end of the CS, the Team with the most Points accumulated will be the winners, doesn’t matter if they are attackers at the end.

Other CS Info:

- Teleport of SM disabled near Switch Crowns (5x5 space).
- Dark Horse skill cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.
- Mana Shield, Sweal, Reflect, Fitness, DSR buff have a standard duration of 60 seconds (ONLY on CS server).
- Defenders spawn location is between the end of the bridge and middle of 1st gates and 2nd gates.
- Summon cooldown increased to 45s.
- Battle Master skill (stun) duration increased from 15s to 20s.

For winners:

- Land of Trials access (with 5 spots) where Ancients are dropping (low rate) and JoG's are dropping (medium rate).
Entrance level in Valley: Level 200.
- Erohim access.
- Lord mix access (1 per day, 1x Game Master box per Mix).
Game Master box can be traded, and based on which character is dropping it, he will receive 1x last tier exc. item (GD, DM, etc. based on his class, +11, with 30% chance for luck and with 3-4 options). Pieces of set can be farmed from Bloody Queen as completions.
Info: This Game Master box is 'forcing' GM's to make choices based on CS performances of their players, so they can choose who to receive what directly, instead of pure luck with 5x elf items in a row wasting jewels and etc.
Example: If a BK will drop the Game Master box, he will receive GD item, DL will receive DM item, etc.



Extra Info Topics:

Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW: Click Me
Server RULES: Click Me
Info about CREDITS: Click Me
Everything about Characters, Buffs & Formulas: Click Me
Info about PvP System: Click Me
Info about Medals, Excellent & Ancient Tiers: Click Me
Info about Event Levels Entries (custom): Click Me

+ Many, many, many other things!

Let's bring MU Online to the next level!


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Topic has been cleared (any other feedbacks/suggestions can be wrote on discussion topic).

Entire Info have just been released (including everything that was missing or not clarified like non-reset / resets system, all the new changes, etc.)

The only bigger thing left to be worked / published is related to characters (formulas, buffs & changes).

They will be released most probably during next week (it require much more brain storm and tests).

Around 75-80% of everything posted here and in the other info topics have been already implemented. The rest of 20-25% (details, messages, quality of life, some unfinished changes, etc.) will be ready in the next week as we're still working 10/24 on them.

Due to that, we'll release the Phoenix Public Test Server on Saturday/Sunday, that will remain online after Phoenix official launch as well.

You'll be able to help us testing the entire content (as it's a 60% rework of everything we had until now), while also testing your own interests (chars,builds,items,etc.).

You'll have special commands and shops on the test server.

We wish that the Project Phoenix will really be our best project yet.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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