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  • Welcome to OldSquad Community

    Looking to have fun on a Professional Environment?
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    - Progressive Gameplay.
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    - Dedicated Project without monthly restarts.
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    - No WebShop / CashShop / VipServer.
    - Credits can be farmed easily INGAME.
    - 100% Balanced Services.

    [Phoenix] Downloads

    Recommended Posts

    OldSquadMU - Phoenix - 2k21 - V1 - Full Client (MEGA) (29 March 2021)

    OldSquadMU - Phoenix - 2k21 - V1 - Full Client (Google Drive) (29 March 2021)


    OldSquadMU - Phoenix - 2k21 - Manual Patch (for those that can't use Launcher for auto-update) (MEGA)

    Note: Extract & replace the files on the game folder.

    OldSquadMU - Phoenix - 2k21 - No-Launcher Patch (for those that can't start game via Launcher - you can start via main.exe) (MEGA):
    Note: Extract & replace the files from on game folder, then never touch PlayPhoenix.exe again, only main.exe.


    Anti-Lag Patch (for CS especially - it will reduce all animations from the game):
    Note: Extract & replace the files on the game folder.


    If the game is not working or you have errors follow this steps:

    • If you receive Administrator permission error when launching Launcher (PlayPhoenix.exe) - red warning - you need to disable UAC from registries.
    • START GAME ONLY VIA LAUNCHER (PlayPhoenix.exe), else the game will not start!
    • If you have extraction problems (archive is corrupt, etc.) then install LATEST WinRar version.
    • You need to have a clean WINDOWS without VIRUSES or ROOTKITS, else the game won't work!
    • If you have main.exe CRASH ERROR on START please do the following things:
      • a) Right click on main.exe -> Properties -> Compatibility -> 
        • -> Check on 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' -> select Windows XP (Service Pack3) from list
        • -> Check on 'Run this program as an administrator' -> Press Apply.
      • b) Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Press on 'Settings' from 'Performance' tab ->
        • -> Data Execution Prevention -> Check on 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:' ->
        • -> Click on 'Add...' -> Select the OldSquadMU Folder -> Select main.exe and press on ADD, repeat procedure for Launcher (PlayPhoenix.exe) also ->
        • -> Press Apply.
      • c) Add the MU folder to Antivirus Exceptions or disable any ANTIVIRUS/Firewall/Anti-Malware that you have running before trying to open the game (Eset,Avira,Windows Defender,AVG,etc.).
    • If game is not starting after you press START (nothing happens) do the following thing:
      • Go to RUN -> CMD and write 'netstat winsock reset' -> press ENTER and RESTART PC!
      • If it is still not working then RESTART Internet / try to change IP ADDRESS!

    After every step check if it's working.

    It should work 100% if you follow all the steps!

    You can also ask for support on facebook or forum.

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    Updated for 2021.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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