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Patch - 28.03.2019

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Release date: 28.03.2019 15:45 - Updates are already up from now and no server restart needed.


  • Released Derkons.
  • Turned back test server on.
  • [FIXED] Some events hours showing wrong on calendar (H) from game.
  • [FIXED] CS registration not working on website.
  • [FIXED] Notification announcer on website.
    • You will receive notifications numbers in real time near your login name from top right side of web.
  • [FIXED] Minimum level to join Arena Tournament to 150 instead of 200.
  • [FIXED] /chars command.
  • [FIXED] Summon in LostTower
    • Level 115+, any LostTower.
  • [FIXED] Event Entries to reset at 23:59 instead of 16:59.
  • [UPDATED] From now non-exc items (from mobs) can drop from +1 to +4 instead of +2 to +5.
  • [UPDATED] From now non-exc items (from mobs) can drop with maximum +12 add.
  • [UPDATED] From now Hearts/Medals items can drop with add from +8 to +24.
  • [UPDATED] From now Hearts items can drop from +7 to +9, Silver Medal items from +6 to +8 and Gold Medal items from +5 to +8.
  • [UPDATED] From now the message from killing a budge or ww will contain the location in the same proposition, not separate ones.
  • [UPDATED] Increased Jewel of Chaos drop rate with 25%.
  • [ADDED] Build-type show on /info command (you can see what build-type does a character have).
    • If it doesn't meet the rules for a main build, it means it's a Hybrid build.
  • [ADDED] Multi-chars multi-event IP Check. From now you can join an ongoing Event (BC,DS,CC,IT) only with one character per IP.
    • That means if you join BC6 for example with a character, you won't be able to join at the same hour (event) with another character on BC1-8.
      • Exception: For DS & BC, you can join with 2 characters on IP only if the 2nd character is an EE (Energy Elf - Elf with under 250 AGI and 100 STR).
    • Obs: This new feature is added to reduce abusive farming with multiple accounts at least on the same Event, and also to assure main chars does have slots.
  • [ADDED] Orcs remaining counter for each map on /invasion.
    • It is showed between ( ) after each WW map.
  • [IMPROVED] Random respawn after dying on PvP invasion.
    • Now it will look for good coords to respawn until it finds them, instead of moving to safe zone when there are wrong coords.
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments.

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