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Patch - 05.05.2019

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Release date: 05.05.2019 20:00 - Updates are already up from now and no server restart needed.


  • [ADDED] Participations counter for OSGM (can be seen on OSGM ranks).
    • Note: As stated previously, from now the shootout for equal points is based on events participation number.
  • [ADDED] From now you can pass the Fairness Gaps if you have a party of 4 and 5 players and all of them are on 6x6 range.
    • If attacker or the one being attacked does have such party (basically, on a spot), the Fairness Gap is passed and both attacker and the attacked one can attack each other without any gap.
    • The feature is similar to the one from Kill Limit (when you can pass Kill Limit while on spot/fights between parties).
    • The feature was added in order to 'fix' the cases when low or high players come to a spot just for KS, and can't be stopped due to Fairness Gap, which can now be passed with 4/5 members in party and on spot.
  • [ADDED] Released Wings Protector.
  • [UPDATED] Jewel of Chaos droprate lowered a little.
  • [UPDATED] Jewel of Bless droprate lowered a little.
  • [UPDATED] Jewel of Life droprate increased a little.
  • [UPDATED] Horn of Uniria droprate drastically reduced.
  • [UPDATED] OSP points for 1st and 2nd place from 50/35 to 40/30.
  • [UPDATED] Points needed to clear PK doubled (on each PK stage).
  • [UPDATED] Zen for warping from Website (for lower levels and for PK's) increased from 10x normal price to 35x normal price.
  • [UPDATED] Removed Golden Invasion effect from Atlans (was broken and was causing lags).
  • [UPDATED] Reworked Doppleganger Event:
    • Rewards improved:
      • Scroll of Quickness - speed from +15 to +20.
      • Scroll of Defense - defense from +60 to +85.
      • Scroll of Wrath - normal damage from +30 to +50.
      • Scroll of Wizardry - wiz damage from  +30 to +50.
      • Scroll of Health - HP from +200 to +300.
      • Scroll of Mana - mana from +300 to +600.
      • Elixirs (all) from +50 stats to +80 stats.
    • Duration of all Scrolls & Elixirs have been reworked under a new system:
      • Scroll of Mana: 12 hours, won't disappear in any circumstances.
      • Scroll of Health & Scroll of Defense: 6 hours, won't dissappear in any circumstances.
      • Elixirs: 3 hours, won't disappear in any circumstances.
      • Scroll of Quickness, Scroll of Wrath & Scroll of Wizardry: 3 hours.
        • They will disappear if killed by a player at CS, IT, Arena Tournament, CC.
      • Scroll of Battle & Scroll of Strength: 45 minutes, won't disappear in any circumstances.
    • Rewards distribution have been updated:
      • Doppleganger 1-3 will drop only jewels (soul,life,creation - 2~4 per silver chest, 4 for golden chest).
      • Doppleganger 4 will drop all scrolls except EDR&CRIT scrolls and all elixirs.
      • Doppleganger 5&6 will drop all scrolls and all elixirs.
    • Now Silver Box (gained after each killed boss) will award 2x random scrolls (edr/crit with a low chance).
    • Now Golden Box (gained at the end of the event) will award 3x random scrolls (edr/crit with a low chance) and 2x random elixirs.
  • [FIXED] ML Wiz Enchance not working properly.
  • [FIXED] Now you can only make 10 Potions of Bless/Soul at a time (to avoid being deleted on switch/relog when there are more than 10).
    • Potion of Bless/Soul stack is now 10 instead of 9 (to match default one) - update client.
  • [ADDED] Illusion Temple Warn System (Beta)
    • Illusion Temple is the second most interesting event after Castle Siege and we want it to be as good as possible.
    • Based on your feedback and because the old way of reporting IT Anti-Game/AFK with the video wasn't efficient enough to stop the abusers, now the control is in your hands (just like the MOBAS systems)!
    • From now any IT player can warn other IT player using the command /warn CharName.
    • The player must be in the same IT like you in order to be able to warn him.
    • The warn will be given on both Account & IP.
    • Each warn has its own points:
      • Warning a Team Player means giving him 2 points.
      • Warning an Enemy Player means giving him 1 point.
      • Leaving IT or disconnecting from IT will auto-warn you with 3 points (no matter if you're winning or losing, you need to stay until the end of event).
    • The following punishments will be automatically added for the Account & IP when the sum of ACC+IP points (accumulated) is reaching 10 points:
      • 1st Punishment (1st time reaching 10 points) = 4 days ban from IT on both ACC & IP.
      • 2nd Punishment (2nd time reaching 10 points) = 7 days ban from IT on both ACC & IP.
      • 3rd Punishment (3rd time reaching 10 points) = 10 days ban from IT on both ACC & IP.
      • 4th+ Punishment (4th and onwards reaching 10 points) = 14 days ban from IT on both ACC & IP.
    • The accumulated points are erased weekly.
    • The accumulated punishments are erased monthly.
    • Each player does have 3 warns per week on ACC+IP to manage (give) them as he wants that are going to reset on each Sunday at 23:59.
    • You can only warn the same Player once per IT Event.
    • When you are warning someone there will be a global message for everyone from IT showing who warned who.
    • The punishments are managed automatically and will show you until what date you're banned from IT when you try to join the Event.
    • Note: The system is on Beta so it can be adjusted based on your feedback (as well as it can have bugs or can not work 100% as intended so you can report us anything you may find about it).
  • [ADDED] From now EE's aren't allowed to join IT Event due to creating an unbalanced and unfun game for everyone involved.
    • Either only 1 team has EE and the other doesn't or one team gets 2-3 EE's that are useless.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    A small mistake has been corrected, EE's were treated as AE's and AE's as EE's on this IT. Sorry for that.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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