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Patch - 16.05.2019

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Release date: 16.05.2019 22:30 - Updates are up after the maintenance was completed.

Extras: Stay up to date with latest news and quality content provided by our @Reporter here:


Note: [DOCUMENTED] Means something that was already up in the last days, but only now is documented.

  • [DOCUMENTED] Added message when trying to attack a party member.
  • [DOCUMENTED] Added message when trying to attack players at Non-PvP invasions.
  • [DOCUMENTED] Added message when trying to attack players on Non-PvP maps.
  • [DOCUMENTED] Fixed some times DL's getting disconnected-reconnected when attacking with fireburst.
  • [DOCUMENTED] Fixed Guilds score/average level to count the resets only as +30 levels instead of +400 levels per reset.
  • [UPDATED] Improved IT Warn System:
    • [DOCUMENTED] The players will be registered in system only after 1 minute from the start of the event (so it won't give warns to those moved by Event on another map where the event didn't started due to under 4 players).
    • [DOCUMENTED] Now the warns for move/disconnect are only given if leaving in the first 8 minutes of the Event, after that you can safely leave (you'll be noticed).
      • So no matter if you're winning or losing, if you don't want to get the warns, you need to stay for at least 8 minutes in the Event. Anyone who leave earlier will get the warns (reasons doesn't matter).
    • [DOCUMENTED] Now if all enemies left (before the 8 minutes passed) you can safely leave IT without waiting for the 8 minutes to pass.
      • You'll be noticed as well.
    • [ADDED] Now you can warn people only after first 3 minutes since start.
    • [ADDED] Now the warns that you got are active for 1 week from the moment you get the warn (instead of going to reset on each sunday).
    • [ADDED] Now the warns that you have to spare are going to reset after 1 week from the moment you used them.
      • Example: If you use a warn on Monday and 2 warns on Wednesday, on next Monday you will have 1 warn and on next Wednesday you will have 3 warns (if you don't use them before again).
  • [FIXED] Invasion Normalizer when there are different type of invasions in the same time to override pvp/non-pvp only on the different type map.
    • Example: Until now if for example there was a PvP Goldens invasion ongoing and a Non PvP Cursed was spawned, both cursed map (elbeland) and goldens maps were set as Non Pvp due to cursed Non Pvp.
    • Now, if there are 2 different types of invasions in the same time, the non-pvp maps will be only the non-pvp bosses maps, rest will be normal.
  • [ADDED] Cursed, Kundun, Medusa, Bloody Queen and Wings Protector messages on /invasion if they are alive (top left screen).
  • [UPDATED] Nerfed Dark Elf (Quest 3) damage while boosting his HP so you won't depend on EE at all.
  • [UPDATED] Gaion & Doppleganger:
    • From now you need at least level 100 to enter Gaion & Doppleganger.
    • From now your entire party needs to have at least level 100 to enter Gaion & Doppleganger
      • If 1 char from party does have under level 100 the event will reject your party.
    • Difficulty reduced with 8% for both events.
    • Gaion rewards nerfed for first 3 levels:
    • Jewels dropped 5 per boss (without JoL chance).
    • Talisman chance removed.
  • [UPDATED] Newbies exp (level 1-350) boosted with 10-30%.
  • [UPDATED] Flame of condor drop raised a little.
  • [UPDATED] Quiz questions to match latest updates as well as added new questions.
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments.

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