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Hello guys

I just want to say that in my view and many others the DL it`s one of the worst PVP Chars. I could be wrong or maybe I don`t have yet 10 reset or maybe my build its wrong. I never saw in any db the dl to be so weak (you can`t beat any chars if they have same items as you) My Build its Str -vit dl with set adamantine 2 opt +13+ddi7 Cape lvl 3+L+11 . I got 2k str 700 vit with 400 agi and i can`t touch rf/sm/smg/bk..I can only have a chance against ae +emg and with summoner its almost even.

I don`t know if the dl dmg its nerfed or my build its wrong but clearly dl dont have any chance on pvp...its almost useless ..good only for castle as tank..also really bad on pvm..with broy`s+agnis set really low dmg.

My ml its 80 and its full pvp.  I know that many people will say that dl its a castle holder or a tank...but it think we should have a chance on pvp/pvm also....I`m open to suggestions and also..if anyone else have a better build strategy will be welcomed with a reply on this post. Me personally i think dl should have a little bit more dmg..

Have fun and a good day guys

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DL looks inconsistent in terms of damage and defence.

if alegzander DL suffers from attack, so maybe should look into.

chaotic doesnt work proper on server1 only server20 but drains AG so need SDL for max ag possible but wont do any proper damage.

SDL doesnt have any purpose atm, imho. better get EDL and buff critical and for pvp SMG. would make more sense. 

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Either goes EDL or VitDL LOL.

Pro PvAFK player!

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yes @Trâu but ene dl no dmg also pvp...and pvm not great what to do with vit dl pvp? its good only if u are gm..or if u keep switch at cs..str dl dmg its next to 0...at pvp/pvm


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@alegzander in the evening we go test server and i will show u good DL equip 

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make one character, exept bk, from test

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