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Can someone explain me this?

I don t report a person, just maybe is a bug here?

If you see in second PrintScreen ( gee guild msg it s something about 3 vs 2 )

And maybe if it s Bug Abuse i would like to be punished cuz that person was inside if we win and he take prize, and no participate. Thanx.


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Moved into the right section.

I am not sure that I understand what happened there.

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in first prinscreen after team was random created, we was 2 in IT event and 3 in it party ( look at timer, 30 sec untill event start, so he can t go anywhere, if he was inside, must be there with us ), in second printscreen, at the end of event, 3rd party member appear from nowhere and he not participate at IT, but, if we win IT, he will receive reward without participate, that why i said i don t report noone if it s a bug, but it s a bug abuse better to punish, i saw this 3-4 times 


PS: in first 10 mins when it s announce IT, that 3rd character from my team it wasn t inside. He just appear in party when it start and appear in IT event when it s finished.

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maybe this need one up

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Idk what happened and there is nothing I can do. You have /warn if he was inside IT without participating.

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