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Patch - 04.07.2019

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Release date: 04.07.2019 at around 22:00 - A restart will be needed - reconnect will work but it is not guaranteed.

After some rough days of brainstorming, coding & testing we're proud to announce that the new systems will be released today in their BETA stage, along with a bigger patch, matching your feedback and needs!


  • [ADDED] Golden Race Event (BETA) - A new automated race event as part of OSGM Events.
    • There are 12 slots on each Race event, 2 players on each coordonate, 6 coordonates, given in the order of qualification.
    • The qualification is the same like the rest of OSGM Events, you need to find the Qualifiers in the safe-zones, 3 per map for Race.
    • The rewards are the same like the rest of OSGM Events.
    • Because this is a smaller Event in terms of time and number of participants, we'll try to host it 2 times per week.
    • Info about the System:
      • You'll be skinned as Golden Budge Dragon (to avoid any movement advantages a character can get).
      • You can't wear RINGS when joining the Event.
        • If you equip rings after registration to Event you'll be automatically eliminated from Event (at any point of it).
      • You won't be able to move from the start line until the event will start.
      • When the GM that holds the race will start it you will be warned on global chat with a timer (of 10 seconds).
        • After the 10 seconds will pass the race will be officially started and you will be able to move.
        • There will also be some Fireworks to mark the start of the race.
      • You will have to make 5 LAPS in order to win your reward/consolation.
        • To register a lap you'll have to click on the Race Manager after every lap you finish.
        • The Race Manager is located in Lorencia at the race zone, close to the start line.
        • You can only register a lap once in 30 seconds (individual timer not global timer).
        • The Race Manager will be unlocked 30 seconds after the race has started (you can't click it at the start).
        • If you don't register the LAP after you complete it (by simply clicking on the Race Manager) it won't be counted.
      • You will receive messages every time you register a lap, as well as messages with the laps of the rest of players.
      • The first player to register all the 5 laps will win 1st place (and will be automatically moved from the race zone as well as chained back to not be able to move until race is over or until he leave the zone).
        • The 2nd player to register all the 5 laps will win 2nd place, etc.
      • Everything is automatically (including the reward that you'll receive when you complete the 5 laps).
        • Because of that, the Event will be 100% fair as nobody can say "I was first, I was second, etc." due to visual bugs, whoever clicks first will win, no matter visual bugs.
      • If you leave the game (disconnect, etc.) or the race zone during the event you'll be eliminated from it.
      • You won't be able to cast spells during the race as well as you won't be able to attack or to be attacked by others during race.
      • During the race, the GM will watch over the Race Manager so nobody can cheat in any way.
      • After you complete the Race you will be moved out of the race zone and you'll be chained (you can continue to watch or leave the zone).
      • After race is started nobody else except registered players & GM's can stay in the race zone (others will be automatically moved to bar).
  • [ADDED] Mercenary Squad (BETA) - A new OPTIONAL PvP System for PvP lovers.
    • You can register into the squad by writing /registerpvp.
    • After you join you need to wait at least 6 hours before leaving it.
    • In order to leave you need to write /unregisterpvp.
    • You can join/leave for any number of times you want.
    • There are 2 types of registration: Normal Level & ML, that will reflect only the reward, but entire reward progression is based ONLY on what you choose.
    • If you write only /registerpvp you will be registered for Normal Level reward, if you write /registerpvp 2 you will be registered for Master Level reward.
    • There is also a new Ranking tab on Website (PvP Rankings), reflecting the top for Mercenaries.
    • The system is active only on normal server (server 20 excluded).
    • Features for those that register:
      • There are 3 levels of seals that you get by registering, which will upgrade in time:
        • First seal is automatically given after you register, it will increase your Normal Exp (if you register for normal exp) or Master Exp (if you register for ML exp) with 10%.
        • Second seal will raise your exp with 16%.
        • Third seal will raise your exp with 24%.
      • All seals will also have a visual effect on your character so people will know that you're part of the Mercenary Squad.
      • You will bypass Fairness Gaps versus other Mercenaries.
      • You will bypass PK Limit versus other Mercenaries.
      • You will bypass Non-PvP invasions versus other Mercenaries.
      • You will bypass Non-PvP maps versus other Mercenaries.
    • There is also a Mercenary Quest system that can be accessed once every 12 hours:
      • You can write /pvpquest if you want to start a Mercenary Quest.
      • This command will assign you a random ONLINE player from the Mercenary Squad that you need to kill in the next 15 minutes in order to finish the quest.
      • If you fail the quest nothing will happen.
      • If the target goes offline during those 15 minutes you will be assigned with another target and another 15 minutes.
    • Other aspects of Mercenary Squad:
      • There is a Points system in order to decide rankings for Mercenaries:
      • You will get 1 point for every 10 minutes of ONLINE TIME while you are registered on the squad.
      • You will get 25 points for every quest you finish as well as 2x Jewel of Harmony.
      • When you reach certain number of points & quests your seal will be upgraded:
        • 720 points & 8 finished quests will upgrade your seal to the 2nd one.
        • 2500 points & 20 finished quests will upgrade your seal to 3rd one.
        • Extra rewards based on points & quests that will be added at a later stage.
      • IMPORTANT! If you unregister from the Mercenary Squad you will LOSE all your ACCUMULATED POINTS!
        • So, the higher the risk the higher the reward.

Info: The new systems are in BETA, so expect to find bugs or things that won't work 100% as intended, as we request your reports in order to adjust them as well as your feedback/suggestions for improvements.

Other updates:

  • [ADDED] /buytalisman - A new optional feature to consume excessive jewels for those that don't want/can't farm their own Talisman from Wings Protector.
    • You can use /buytalisman in order to receive the Talisman dropped from Wings Protector (that is used to upgrade your Wings level 3 to Wings level 4).
    • The price for the talisman is 600 x Jewel of Bless, 300 x Jewel of Soul, 450 x Jewel of Chaos.
    • In order to buy it you must have all the jewels into your Jewel Wallet (from website).
    • The Jewels will be deleted from Jewel Wallet and the Talisman will be generated in your inventory (as long as you have space).
  • [UPDATED] Raised the droprate of fenrir mats from Crywolf with 150%.
  • [UPDATED] Raised the EXP in Crywolf with 10%.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced the chance for fenrir mats and horn from Old Boxes.
    • Info: This updates are made in order to shift a little the balance between farming fenrir mats vs winning them from Old Boxes.
  • [UPDATED] Adjusted RF PvP dmg taken from each char to match the late-game environment and continue to remain decent like rest of chars.
  • [UPDATED] Decreased Chain Drive cooldown from 900 ms to 650 ms.
  • [UPDATED] Increased Chain Drive base dmg from 30 to 40.
    • Info: Because our PvP balance was made for early-mid game, RF is the only char out of the normal rules that can't scale properly without adjustments (it's either too strong or too weak based on initial settings).
  • [UPDATED] Increased DL overall DMG (PvP & PvM) to match late-game environment and continue to remain decent like rest of chars.
  • [UPDATED] Increased Global PvP damage rate % with 20% (affecting all type of PvP from normal/gens to CC, IT, etc.)
  • [UPDATED] Increased Castle Siege PvP damage rate % with 12%.
    • Info: An increase in overall damage is needed to make sure that chars remain killable in the situation where they are both geared enough or tanky enough.
  • [UPDATED] Nerfed SD Recovery 380 option of Helm from +20% to +10%.
  • [UPDATED] From now you can't be in same party with a Party Master from different Gens on Battle Maps during Bosses (you'll be teleported to Lorencia).
    • Info: Instead of limiting the overall party with different Gens (and cause difficulties permanently to ppl not involved with bosses) we chose this option, creating just partial difficulties.
    • So, keep in mind that if you're in party with a different Gens party master while Medusa, Selupan or Witch Queen are alive you'll still be teleported to Lorencia, no matter if you're not going to them.
  • [UPDATED] Exp in Swamp raised with 7%.
  • [UPDATED] Exp in Raklion raised with 10%.
  • [UPDATED] Exp in Vulcanus nerfed with 5%.
    • Info: This map exp adjustments were made in order to make Raklion more attractive as well as having Swamp giving the best exp (for ML) as it was intended.
  • [UPDATED] Droprate of GEMS in Relics raised with 15%.
  • [UPDATED] Droprate of GEMS in Kanturu3 nerfed with 20%.
    • Info: We want Relics to be the first choice for GEMS farm, while Kanturu3 to be just a small extra not a main source.
  • [UPDATED] Limit of items added on Market per day from 15 to 10.
  • [UPDATED] Limit of total items added on Market from 100 to 65.
  • [UPDATED] Cost of adding an item to Market from 500.000 Zen to 3.000.000 Zen.
    • Info: We want to encourage trading outside of Market as well (in-game/forum).
  • + Other small fixes/adjustments

Info: In order to have a full experience (including Race NPC Name) it is recommended to download the new (full) client that has been uploaded and released into Downloads topic.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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A restart will be needed - reconnect will work but it is not guaranteed.

The new full client has been released.


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Patch released!

Let us know if you find anything wrong after this updates as well as any suggestions/improvements/reports for the new systems!


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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