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Patch - 18.04.2020

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Release date: 18.04.2020 16:35 - Updates are already up and no server restart needed.

Note: A reload of monsters have been made.


  • [FIXED] Dopple/Imperial deleting 2x invitations in some circumstances.
  • [UPDATED] Dopple/Imperial difficulty buffed with 10%.
  • [UPDATED] Released BoK+5 Goldens.
  • [UPDATED] BoK+4 now does drop Ancient set (SUMM).
  • [UPDATED] BoK+5 now does drop Black Rose set (SUMM).
  • [UPDATED] Adjusted the distance between the spots near 200 100 karutan2.
  • [FIXED] Warp from web having wrong values for levels/zen.
  • [UPDATED] Added Kanturu3 warp on website (last one, shows as Kanturu).

Due to the high amounts of players on this edition in the combination with the attacks we're constantly receiving the performance can drop from time to time ingame, if the players number will continue to increase in this weekend we'll have to think about ways of splitting players in 2 sub-servers (to optimize the performance, which sadly isn't hardware related, game is not really designed to hold so many players on a single sub-server) without affecting the economy, so we are looking forward for ideas of how a sub-server should be handled (we can add any kind of limitations, even level-wise). The best scenario would be a split of 500-600 cap on main server with a sub-server of 200-300, so the active part should be handled on main-server while afk, farm, etc. on 2nd sub-server. Looking forward your opinions on this, here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3726-sub-server-implementation-ideas/

Also, tomorrow will be the first Castle Siege from Phoenix.
As you may already know, it will have no rewards for the first week, they will be released progressively, the first one will be unlocked next week.
Due to this, we've decided to let 4 guilds at this first CS, removing ourselves (OldSquad) from CS, making space for the 4th team, as we all want to see more action if there are no rewards.
Because OuTLaWs had the most signs registered, they will start as Defenders, while ATTACK, HARDCORE and Squadron as Attackers.

Also, due to Easter, we've decided to let the 3 hours bonus of Bonus Manager on this weekend as well, instead of the normal 1.5 hours.

Happy Easter & enjoy!

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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Bloody mobs have been removed from game, they will be re-added when the quests will start.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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