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OldSquad Council

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Hello, OldSquaders !

We are glad to introduce you to a brand new group on forum, the Council group ! This group is created in order for the players to communicate with the staff easier. Our aim is to make the Council to represent the players, facilitating the feedback, the suggestions, the bug reports, basically everything. Having lots of online players can create confusion between the staff and the players, due to the repetitive reports, or repetitive requests for some changes (which are not that healthy for the community as a whole, but are still requested by some of the players that didn't know that the case was already presented and/or discussed). In this way we will try to sync the big decisions according to our players.


Some "requirements" / details:


Council group

- Special forum group & discord place where chosen players can communicate easier with the staff and represent the players from the community.

- Legends does have priority but not a guaranteed spot.

- Only accepting people that we enjoyed speaking with or we like their character.

- We need at least 1 person from each big guild from server.

- 1-2 newbies (playing 1st time on our community).

- Players that had contribution during these years.

- Maximum of 12-15 players, for now.

- No rewards but also no responsibilities, only participating when they what on discussions or bringing an opinion to others suggestions/reports/etc.

- People totally inactive from the group will be removed & replaced.

- People who want to join the council must send us details via Messenger to our Facebook page, OldSquad Community, and we'll select from them as well as inviting ourselves the good guys, if they don't 'apply.


We hope that you will enjoy this !

Best regards,

OldSquad Team

Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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