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    Soccer Night - Info


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    Basic Info

    • Soccer Night is usually held during the weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday).
    • Anyone can register to the event no matter his class/level/resets/amount of friends (equal chances).
    • Different rewards for each edition, announced before registrations. Both consolation rewards & top 3 rewards.
      • Note: Rewards are progressive for consolation, the more advanced in bracket you are (games played), the more rewards you get.
    • The entire event will take between 1 and 2 hours, most probably, depending on how fast the games are finished.
    • People that does Register on forum before the deadline does have priority to participate at the Event.
    • IMPORTANT!!! Any attempt to register AND/OR participate at the Event with more than 1 character per person will get you banned for 7 days on all your accounts and characters accessed. We have 0 tolerance for this!

    Gameplay & Rules:

    • 3v3 Soccer Games between teams under our Custom Soccer System - no PvP involved into the event.
    • There are maximum of 8 teams that can participate at the Event, so up to 24 players.
    • Teams are made randomly with all the registered players (no "pre-mades" possible).
      • Note: A video with the generation of participants & teams will be posted when teams are communicated.
    • You will have 1 optional discord channel for your team if you want to use the voice-communications during the event.
      • Note: You can find the channels on our Discord -> Soccer Night -> Soccer Team 1 & Soccer Team 2.
    • All games are BO1 (Best out of 1) - You win the game you advance in bracket, you lose the game you are eliminated.
    • All games from tournament do have a maximum timer of 10 minutes (or 5 goals).
      • After 10 minutes, the Team with highest score will win the game.
        • Note: In case of a tie at the end of the 10 minutes, the first team to score a goal will win the game (with 5 minutes extended time).
        • Note2: If at the end of the extra 5 minutes there is still a tie, game is over and the winner is decided by a /dice roll, between the GM's of the teams. The highest dice (out of 100) will win.

    Registration & Check-in

    • Soccer Night will usually be announced with few days before it actually starts.
    • Anyone that wants to take part into the Event must register on the forum topic of each Soccer Night edition by leaving their character name that they want to participate with (you can create different characters for soccer if you wish to, based on each character pros and cons at soccer that you can read in the official info topic about Soccer).
    • Starting from the moment the edition is announced and until 2 hours before the Event does start, in the Event day, people that do register in this timeframe will have priority to participate at the Event.
    • In the Event day, a check-in must be made by registered characters if they want to keep their slot in the Event.
    • Check-ins will be made starting with 1 hour before the actual event does start, for a duration of 30 minutes.
      • Example: If event starts at 19:00, check-ins do start at 18:00 and will last until 17:30.
    • If at the end of the check-in duration, there are less than 24 players confirmed for the Event, Late Registrations are opened.
      • Late Registrations do last between 1:30 hours before the Event does start until 30 minutes before the Event does start (1 hour).
      • During this time, anyone can register to soccer (on forum) and come for check-in to "replace" those registered players that failed to check-in.
    • If there are more than 24 check-ins for an Event, the participants will be extracted randomly from the pool of checked-in players, first 24 being part of the teams and others being "back-ups" in case some people don't come at all.
    • In order to check-in you'll have to come Lorencia circle to @Gion and type "Character "Name" - check in" & also use your soccer skill.
      • NOTE!!! If you do your check-in and fail to participate in the tournament from different reasons you'll be banned for 3 days on all of your characters. Do the check-in ONLY if you know you can attend and play the (entire) event.
    • Teams will be posted with 15 minutes before the event does start. When they are posted, players must mobilize and prepare for the event (create & join the same guild & same party).
    • Bracket will be posted with 2-5 minutes before the event does start.

    OldSquad Soccer System Info

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