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    Patch - 21.04.2021


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    Release date: 21.04.2021 06:00 - Patch will be up when the Break 2 is officially over.

    Congrats to Avicii, Waste and Zutto for finishing the Break 2 and unlocking the normal exp for the rest of players, as well as winning 1x BoK+5 item +11 +L +1x option & 1 week of PRO VIP.

    People that progressed through Break 2 can use /breakreward to get their reward based on the progress, after the Patch is up!

    Info: Regarding yesterday's Arena Tournament, something got stuck somehow (despite everything being fine last week), though no errors popped so we'll take our time to debug what happened and fix it for future. We'll try to host a 2nd Arena Tournament on this Saturday, with the round from yesterday. In case we won't be able to host the 2nd AT, we'll offer the consolation prize to those that participated today.


    • [UPDATED] Exp from level 350 is now unlocked.
    • [UPDATED] Break 2 exp (330-349) is back to normal (100% instead of 17.5%).
    • [UPDATED] 2nd Newbies EXP boost has been applied:
      • Current table:
        • Level 1-39: +200%
        • Level 40-99: +175%
        • Level 100-159: +150%
        • Level 160-219: +125%
        • Level 220-259: +100%
        • Level 260-284: +80%
        • Level 285-299: +60%
        • Level 300-314: +40%
        • Level 315-329: +20%
    • [UPDATED] BoK+4 Goldens released.
    • [UPDATED] BoK+5 Goldens released.
    • [UPDATED] Kundun released.
    • [UPDATED] Kanturu Event released.
    • [UPDATED] Crywolf Event released.
    • [UPDATED] Imperial Guardian Event released.
      • Note: Weekly rankings reward will start from next week (Monday), we're waiting feedback related to difficulty until then.
    • [UPDATED] Doppelganger Event released.
    • [UPDATED] Professional VIP (website) released.
    • [UPDATED] Chaos Machine from +11 to +12 (website) released.
    • [UPDATED] Character Market (website) released.
    • [UPDATED] Now Ring level 80 will drop small wings for the class that drops it.
    • [UPDATED] Increased the drop rate of starter skills (es, ts, etc.).
    • [UPDATED] A new small nerf to Illusion of Kundun & Cursed Dragon HP.
    • [UPDATED] Reduced Goldens Invasion time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
    • [UPDATED] Reduced WW Invasion time from 15 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • [FIXED] CS System not registering the personal contribution for Kills & Deaths correctly.
      • Note: The kills you see on CS ranks were the *default kills*, added no matter if kill was counted or not for Points.
      • Note2: I showed you those so you can at least see some insights from last CS, they will be deleted on next CS and you'll only see the correct kills & points ranks from there on.
    • [UPDATED] Adjusted IT mobs damage across all levels from lower to higher damage.
    • [UPDATED] Now Gold Medals can drop up to monsters level 120 instead of 96.
    • [FIXED] Arena Tournament giving 1/2 levels EXP to those that had lower level than the max level at LL.
      • Note: Chars were fixed manually after the LL.
    • [UPDATED] Now if you have lower level than the Special 2 of AT (Random Stats) you'll get a reset of exp bar when you're out.
      • Note: If you have same level or higher level than the Special 2 of AT you'll keep your EXP bar as it was before joining.
    • [UPDATED] Now if you have lower level than the maximum level of LL round you'll get a reset of exp bar when you're out.
      • Note: If you have same level as the maximum level of LL round you'll keep your EXP bar as it was before joining.
    • [UPDATED] If you get disqualified or if you get disconnected from LL round you'll win half of the consolation prize (+1 if it is not an even number).
      • Example: If the current consolation reward is 5x JoH, if you get disqualified / disconnected from LL you'll still get 3x JoH.
      • Note: This is not applied to performance reward, you'll lose it entirely.
      • Note2: In the disconnect case, you'll receive your *half* reward in Jewel Wallet instead of character inventory (as it is disconnected) - it will also send you a notification on web.
      • Note3: This was applied to last LL as well.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    Patch is now live!

    Let us know if you find anything wrong after it.

    Good night!

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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