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    g translate: suck my dick...fuck you and others

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    Totally deserved imo, you KS with party of 5, not to KS in the sense of getting exp cuz most of you are at break, just to ruin other people gameplay experience :)

    And it was shared accounts, asked AniliLMM in the morning why he KS and he said he doesnt know what's he doing there, he jost woke up ^^

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    This happend more then 12 hours ago as is mandatory for bl, as far as i can see.

    I dont wanna defend myself, by saying this.

    I take full responsibility for what i said, i apologize for the other 4 members.

    But i cant apologize to u the guy the was controlling the other 4, and did what u did

    Ill let admin decide, whatever he decides,    ill take it


    peace and gl to all




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    Indeed the displayed hour makes the report invalid, but there can be differences between the time zones. @KillBill, is your PC hour different than the server's? If yes please state it so we can eventually make sure when the chat took place.

    Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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    @Gion my time it's +2 from server time so i guess it's after 12h, couldn't post early cuz of work, the still deserve a warn for that trash talk if not mute.

    Up to you, tnx.

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    Even if we do not promote this type of behavior, we have to stick to the rules in this case too, in order for the future reports not to be interpreted.

    Also we should point out that if someone is really bothering you, you should take 2 minutes and report him straight away.


    Mop the floor, hide the wet sign just to catch 'em slippin'

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