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    Patch - 05.05.2021

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    Release date: 05.05.2021 17:00 - Patch will be up when the Break 3 is officially over.

    Congrats to FKinGCunT, Waste and Fane for finishing the Break 3 and unlocking the normal exp for the rest of players, as well as winning 1x Dark Elf/Nightmare weapon +13 +L + 1x option & 1 week of PRO VIP.

    People that progressed through Break 3 will be able to use /breakreward to get their reward based on the progress, after the Patch is up!

    Info: While this is just the break patch, there will be another patch soon that will also upgrade some of the current events rewards.

    Info2: Friendly reminder that there are still a lot of people that didn't use /arenareward yet, as part of the bugged Arenas.

    Info3: Because the Break 3 does represent the end the the Early game we've opened a topic where we're waiting your input. Feel free to leave your feedback related to Early Game! Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4345-early-game-feedback/

    Info4: OSGM #1 has started! More info: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/4343-osgm-1/


    • [UPDATED] Break 3 exp (385-400) is back to normal (100% instead of 20%).
    • [UPDATED] 3rd Newbies EXP boost has been applied:
      • Current table:
        • Level 1-39: +250%
        • Level 40-99: +225%
        • Level 100-159: +200%
        • Level 160-219: +175%
        • Level 220-259: +150%
        • Level 260-284: +125%
        • Level 285-299: +100%
        • Level 300-314: +85%
        • Level 315-329: +70%
        • Level 330-349: +55%
        • Level 350-359: +40%
        • Level 360-384: +20%
    • [UPDATED] Newbies Buffs have been released.
      • Note: Characters with 0 resets and under level 300 will receive Newbies Buffs every 10 minutes.
        • Defense buff: 60 + Level*0.5.
        • Damage buff: 40 + Level*0.35.
    • [UPDATED] Quest Level 3 (ML) released.
    • [UPDATED] End Game Quest System released.
    • [UPDATED] GGDs released.
    • [UPDATED] Bloody Witch Queen released.
    • [UPDATED] Feather & Crest droprate has been slightly raised.
    • [UPDATED] Slightly nerfed Bless, Soul & Chaos droprate on very low and low maps. Let newbies some space, thanks.
    • [UPDATED] Chance for Reset Fruits to drop from BoK+1 & BoK+2 raised from 15% to 25%.
    • [UPDATED] Instead of the Special 3 (Class-Only) on Tuesday, Arena Tournament will have a Special 1 (Normal, FFA) on Tuesday, as part of KotH rounds, basically having 2x Special 1 per week as KotH rounds.
      • Note: This was made in order to avoid future "blocks" on the AT, as we couldn't reproduce and find the cause on test-server, where the Special 3 KotH is working normally and ending without problems.
      • Note2: While we could continue to try and debug what happens on Tuesday's Special 3 on official server, it would mean to probably have few more "fails" on it that we highly want to avoid.
    • [FIXED] Market's filter popping on wrong positions on Website, should work normally now.
    • [FIXED] CS System not deleting the lot access from previous week in some cases, from now it will always delete all the LOT Grants when CS is over, no matter if the winner is changed or not.
    • [FIXED] Mercenary /qwarp not working for Swamp.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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    Patch is now live!

    Let us know if you find anything wrong.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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