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    Patch - 12.05.2021


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    Release date: 12.05.2021 14:40 - Patch is live.

    Info: The last content will be unlocked on 01 June.
    Info2: Arena Tournament has been turned off for now. We're not happy with its current implementation and we're going to rework it a bit.


    • [UPDATED] Removed IP from Account Logs on website.
    • [UPDATED] Now all the stackable items does show their count on website, in a more visible way as well.
    • [UPDATED] Small wings now also show their Durability on website, so be aware when you buy them from Market.
    • [UPDATED] Maximum items to add in Market/day raised from 25 to 40.
    • [UPDATED] Added 2 more Bloody Monsters (Q1) in each of the 3 maps they spawn in.
    • [UPDATED] BC Gates & Statues are now immune to Poison, as well as few other competitive mobs/objects that were missing it.
    • [UPDATED] BC Gates & Statues from higher levels have been slightly nerfed in terms of HP.
    • [UPDATED] Removed Last HIT name from Atlans Derkon in order to stop causing confusions (last hit is last hit, most damage is most damage).
    • [UPDATED] You can now click on IT NPC with 5 minutes before it is open.
    • [UPDATED] You can no longer warn enemy players in IT.
    • [UPDATED] Golden Derkon damage has been buffed.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Points lost when being killed/repelled in a Quest:
      • Old: -25 points or -3% of Points, whichever is higher.
      • New: -35 points or -5% of Points, whichever is higher.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Points lost when disconnecting from a Challenge:
      • Old: -100 for the one with the quest, -150 for the one without the quest.
      • New: -120 Points & -5% of Points for the one with the quest, -180 Points & -5% of Points for the one without the quest.
    • [UPDATED] Except of Chaos (that has constant drop), difference in drop rate of Jewels between lower and higher maps is now bigger.
      • Jewels drop rate in higher maps has been raised (especially where you can't solo farm).
      • Jewels drop rate in lower maps has been lowered (especially where you can solo farm).
        • We're still trying to make more space for newbies, so right now it should be more profitable to farm in party in medium/higher maps than solo on lower maps.
    • [UPDATED] Raised drop rate for Imperial & Doppelganger invitation materials.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Bounty updated:
      • It can now drop Creations & Gemstones as well.
      • It now has a 2% chance to drop Flame of Condor or TOCA.
    • [UPDATED] Gens Rewards updated (starting from next reset, not this reset):
      • First place from Vanert & Duprian:
        • 1x OB5 & 4x OB4.
        • HoF badge.
      • 2nd place from Varnert & Duprian:
        • 1x OB5 & 3x OB4.
      • 3rd place from Vanert & Duprian:
        • 1x OB5 & 2x OB4.
      • 4th place form Vanert & Duprian:
        • 3x OB4.
      • 5th place from V & D
        • 2x OB4.
      • There are 25(50) extra rewards for top 5~30 players from Vanert and Duprian:
        • 1x TOCA.
    • [UPDATED] Imperial Event rewards updated (starting from next week, not this week):
      • Having 35+ Points = 10x Jewel of Harmony + 3x TOCA + HoF.
      • Having 25-34 points = 10x Jewel of Harmony + 2x TOCA.
      • Having 15-24 points = 2x TOCA.
      • Having 5-14 points = 1x TOCA.
    • + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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