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  • Welcome to OldSquad Community

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    Patch - 11.05.2022


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    Release date: 11.05.2022 at 13:35 - Updates are up, monsters have been refreshed.

    Note: Make sure to update the client via Launcher.


    • [UPDATED] Bonus System now gives double master exp (weekend) and 50% master exp (week), just like the normal exp bonus.
    • [UPDATED] Gladiator's Pride now gives 20% bonus Master Exp (instead of 14%), just like the normal exp bonus. 
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Seal ML Level 1 now gives 8% master exp instead of 6%.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Seal ML Level 2 now gives 15% master exp instead of 12%.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad - Requirement for Level 2 Seal (normal) & Level 1 Seal (ML) is now 1500 Points, 10 Quests & 4 Repels OR 1500 Points & 25 Quests.
    • [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad - Requirement for Level 3 Seal (normal) & Level 2 Seal (ML) is now 3000 Points, 25 Quests & 10 Repels OR 3000 Points & 55 Quests.
    • [UPDATED] Chance for reset stat fruits from Rabbits raised from 6% to 8%.
    • [FIXED] Doppelganger extra consumable not being correctly added.
    • [UPDATED] Doppelganger Event now has a 100% chance to drop a reset stat fruit as extra reward.
      • Current reward:
        • 2x random items from normal scrolls and potions + 1x Reset Stat Fruit + 40% chance for 1x Elixir + 25% chance for 1x Extra Consumable + 10% chance for 1x Elite Scroll.
      • Note: This extra reset fruit can come with any amount of stat points as the rabbits. The one you get from Extra Consumable drop will only come with max stats (80).
    • [UPDATED] Double-drop no longer deleting the drop when it triggers, you can continue to enjoy double-drops for now. We collected some data and we'll continue to collect without deleting your drops. If our theory is tested up (need a bit more data) we may have 1 more shot at trying to fix this bug, else it will remain as an unintended feature.
    • [UPDATED] Now if a World Boss despawn (due to time up), the players that are affected by Selupan's Wrath will have it deleted without them doing anything.
    • [UPDATED] Slightly nerfed Dark Mammoth HP.
    • [UPDATED] Added HP percent left when World Boss despawns (so you can track your progress).

    While you are very close to kill all 3 world bosses, you still miss-play the invasion. You always kill the PvP boss before the Mammoth even spawns (so Mammoth stays with 35% Iron Shield for its entire duration).
    The way to correctly play it is to spawn the Mammoth as fast as possible so those that aren't enganged with PvP boss from start should focus on Mammoth so it gets as much HP down as possible before Soul Link is triggered.
    Good luck!

    "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" - Steve Jobs

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