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  1. MinjansLv

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to unlock extra bank? Cuz i couldnt find merchant zyro?!
  2. MinjansLv

    Hello, I woke up today and saw my acc was disconnected. i was like meh, happens, but then when i tried to launch game, i couldt. So i checked the process and when i pressed start, a blue mu hack protection came out and stayed a bit and then it turned orange and said, unable to connect to server. I reseted my internet and everything else is working. Please help
  3. MinjansLv

    Hello, It seems that i have message in friendmail, but when i open it, the page is empty, it is loaded but its empty. I was wondering if someone can help me Minjans
  4. MinjansLv

    Hello, I have a problem with my helper and icarus map. My char always seem to walk to other spots to attack them and never stays at my spot where pt is. My helper settings are put to range 1 for attack and 2 for obtaining, but hes still walking around. I think this is the reason why i havent gotten a single feather in 3days.... Hope someone can help me, MinjansLv
  5. MinjansLv

    Hello, So i wanted to try DL, and i bought vip specially for better start. Turns out i have been maxing the wrong stat, strenght, because i dont deal any good dmg. So i went to web to check out if i could reset my stats and as i find it, its says that it cost 1400 creds. I think that it is a bit ridicilous, as i only get 24points for vote. I am not gonna spend any more money on the game only because i have made a newbie mistake. I was hoping that maybe you could change the first stat reset to free, so people like me wouldnt mess everything up in the beggining. I look forward to hearing from you, MinjansLv
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