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  1. Yesterday
  2. https://ibb.co/61zpn3y https://ibb.co/JBpzVM0 https://ibb.co/RgC1HgZ
  3. d4rk0n

    I can't vote... (Can't validate your vote)
  4. Ofc, ppl will keep starting, but they'll start as 1-2 players on spot, not 5-10. Someone who started from the beginning had the hardest start. Newbies will have boosted exp, reset players to carry them, class-drop ring level 80, higher drop on skills and much more. They don't even care about 1 extra jewel they may drop in devias for the 2-3 hours that they will spent there. I understand you're an angry farmer, but you should reconsider your logic. Topic closed now, answer for the suggestion(s) was given already.
  5. This is really a bad logic, just because of start you had higher jewel drop, but people will keep starting, so i am not sure if you know what are you doing, someone who started from beginning had easier start and new people will have tougher.
  6. Last week
  7. Jewels drop from Devias has been normal (higher) just because of start, where all spots were occupied with 5-10 players and mostly mains. We know exactly what we are doing, thanks for your input.
  8. Yea, but that should be done before start of there server not after. Reducing a drop rate of jewels is not the solution honestly. New players will come and have problems with jewels because of this.
  9. Well if you get lvl 250 alts farming the entire devias, people with lvl 50 will never be able to level up so, something needs to be done.
  10. Honestly don't like it, this will mean that newcomers will have a disadvantage, because they will need to level they alts to move them to higher maps(which will be taken anyway by alts of people who already started) to actually drop jewels, this is the worst thing could be possibly done. Some people already farmed from devias some jewels. Next time consider this thing before start of the server - not after.
  11. Dungeon and Elbeland are events maps and they won't get any more spots. Devias is the place to level up to atlans/losttower. It already has more than enough spots, and will be even better after 1st patch when jewels drop will be reduced from devias so alts will move to higher maps as well, leaving more than enough space for future newcomers. For 2nd, there is no plan in adding anything else to the client.
  12. ADMIN

    We calculated each char defense on 1st reset when we added the buff, DL is nowhere close to need such buff.
  13. Hvman

    Character name: HVMAN Suggestion type: Server Content: I think in this moment, the class at a highest disadvantage in terms of pure afk lvling is the dark lord once he has no buff anymore. We do not have any def buff like MG/RF does, and we have no potential to get cape anytime soon, like i think will be a long time till we can actually farm icarus. So, given the fact that we have no horse, and no cape, the DL's defens is known to be the worse(i do not know about rf) without those 2 factors and still, is the only non-buffed char. I see myself repoting way often than my non-DL party members and strictly taking double their dmg. How can it bring value: Better life-quality in terms of leveling for DLs How i would implement my suggestion: Same as you did with MG/RF, make DLs get a deffense buff. P.S. I do not own or have tested the RF so he might even have a worse def with the buffs still, but i think he brings other values to the parties (like buffs) while DL simply brings nothing, given the fact that my 2 MGS do the same or more dmg than me.
  14. Legion

    Hello there, please read this topic : Then complete your post, Thank you.
  15. I think they don't want to make more spots so there are not a lot of spots for actual alts, that could also develop a problem to newer players since they can't kill or ks a lvl 200 farming jwls dungeon/elbe XD
  16. You can say exactly the same for maps you mentioned - devias and elbeland, though there are much more spots on those, and dungeon is pretty big that could have a space with more spots for grind and alts.
  17. Juri

    Trade: Leg Gloves+dd for Scale gloves+dd
  18. Luluu pizza

    dungeon 1 and 2 are more for rabbits and WWs. they are eventy maps, and you can esay lvl in devias or elbeland before going to atlants/lt .
  19. ADMIN

    Summ just have limited number of sets, and the lowest is part of the rare sets. That's the reason why we added Spirit as an extra SUM set in the first place.
  20. Character - Logans Suggestion type - Server, Inception Suggestion content: Additional spots should be added in Dungeon1 -2, because, let`s be real here, every spot is taken almost all of the time in every map due to the high player count, D2 especially, has only 3 spots at the beginning. This makes hardcore grind even harder, making players loose interest in the server. I think that D1-2 are one of those core maps to make that level break for LT, and, also, after 3rd spot in D2 it`s just a marathon🥵 run to D3 with absolutely nothing in the way. From this viewpoint you could even consider deleting D2 map from the game altogether, because it doesn`t play any significant role anymore. How the suggestion can bring value: As i mentioned above, i consider Dungeon as one of the core break-through maps, so adding more spots in them, especially D2, would improve server health (player number wise), user play times, personal relationships between players and better exp gain due to less KS`ing. It would also allow to better circulate lvl gaps between reset players and none-reset players. By this i mean that higher level players would faster move up to stronger maps, allowing low lvl players to return faster back in the spots rather then forcing them back down to low lvl maps with stupidly high lvl`s just because D2 is 80% emty anyway 😶. leveling in Devias 3-4 with 180+lvl isn`t the right way to healthy and promising gameplay. Nut thats what it is for now! Suggestion content: Another suggestion i want to introduce is - buff timers and dmg numbers (Icon Interface change). I've seen a lot that another servers with either older or newer seasons tend to make buffs more appeasing to players by adding actual clock timers and dmg/def numbers for more detailed view. I know that we have build formulas here but no one will sit at the game window and use calculator to actually count dmg and timer details. 😂 How the suggestion can bring value: Visually looking at detailed buff information would help to quicker understand all if`s and but`s about your character build and the best way`s to use it without immersing in to formula calculations or going to test server to play with stats and loose your precious playing time, ( not all of us can be online 24/7). Imagine adding points to one of your stats and actually seeing the difference in numbers instantly by just hovering mouse over buff icon. A very nice and comfortable way to manage your character. This all is my personal opinion open for debate and criticism. P.S. does anyone even use test server ?🤔
  21. Gion

    Eventho we made an example out of the previous report, we need to stick to the rules from now on, so I will let this topic open for you to repost the first screen, as it is stated in the rules. Regarding the second screen, DIAVOLO was offering some info, so let's pass his punishment, taking into account his "good" behavior
  22. Semtex

    Since i can`t upload 2 images at the same time even thou they doesn`t exceed size limit, here is the 2nd screenshot...
  23. Gion

    Quote from Rules&Reporting instructions: We allow only screenshots of the full chat log => He is not eligible for a warn. Tho we do not promote this type of behaviour => RuSuLeTzZz muted for 6 hours. Locked.
  24. https://ibb.co/njWKWg3 just suddently this creature is insulting me for no reason @Gion
  25. Hvman

    I don't even own a summ but isn't it a bit unfair to go with shop set till silver medal :-? Or is this to balance the fact that summ has a mid-game spike?
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