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  1. Yesterday
  2. I dont see any point to play on Phoenix any more but if u like it. I dont have items for MG or SM, i gave all cr and jewels too but u can check geers on killua and Haze - if u need something just tell me ingame: PornStar PS: ill give u black fenrir's too 😜 cheers
  3. Last week
  4. xeronil

    Hi i am looking for a supplier of Bless and soul gems for credits. The order will be for 500 of each. Kindly let me know about your prices. You can private mail/message if u want. Also take into consideration the price drop in these items as more time goes by. The price decided will be fixed irrespective of rise or fall in market prices. So make your bids accordingly. The jewels can be given in smaller quantities over time if needed don't need all together at once. Thank you. P.S - i wont reveal the suppliers name or price publicly unless you want me to so as to not mess up your other trades.
  5. ADMIN

    @Amstaff The system is automatic and we don't touch it. A given warn is a given warn, you can't be punished just by random warns, you need enough warns for punishment, and others that waste their warn without reason won't be able to warn real cases, it worked well on Phoenix and it is working the same here. @TOMMYskillfiger I think your idea is abusable. Example: 2 mates in same team, both are warning another one and they can make anti-game without being warned by that guy. Just a random thought, it may be not.
  6. TOMMYskillfiger

    im suggesting to add an option in IT, when you get x number of warns you wont have the option to warn them back.
  7. RedBuLL

    Bre, de fiecare data am murit cat a tras Trompeta in mine. Cred ca ar fi trebuit sa va focusati cum sa ii omorati, nu sa arunc mingea. Chiar incercam sa o arunc, dar pe moment nu intelegeam dc nu merge. Chiar si asa KAMA3 era incontinuu cu Voyager langa el. Ati jucat asa de bine incat doar eu reuseam sa iau mingea. Devex ala urla degeaba, eram doar cu el jos si ma rugam de el sa o ia.
  8. Amstaff

    nu ma intereseaza decat sa mi se scoata warn ca mi-ai dat fara motiv. punct. stop stam let admin decide
  9. Amstaff

    ps, la 4-0 ti a dat si devex si voyager warn si tu mi ai dat doar mie, ps2 de ce ai dat? ti se pare ca nu jucam?, poate nu il omoram dar vreau sa stiu de ce, doar pentru ca ti-am dat eu si ai zis ca esti si tu mai golanas...eu ti am dat ca nu intelegeai ca toata echipa urla la tine sa ia kama3 mingea si o luai tu de fiecare data stiind de 2 ori pe pielea ta ca nu esti in stare sa o cari
  10. RedBuLL

    It was me on FCKSQD. I had /lock on that account, thats why I didnt droped the ball. I realized at the final. @Devex I said to take the ball last time, but you didnt. And was obvlious they will win with Voyager in their team. Thanks PS: Amstaff nu stiu dc te-ai bagat in seama cu warn-ul ala. la 4-0 te simteai in stare sa il omori pe voyager?
  11. Voyager

    I can confirm that I witnessed his troll but his act of this was once - get the star and go into his base without dropping it or trying to deliver it for like 20-30 sec. However I can't comment about other stuff happened. For this situation I have warned him as well.
  12. Devex

    Well, not sure if it help you but I can confirm that FCKSQD acted very weird and he reported you without any reason🤨
  13. Amstaff

    Hello, after he troll IT and i warn him, he warn me back and i wish if someone could get me out this WARN. Devex, KAMA3, Hudiniy can confirm he s troll, voyager saw too ( in enemy team ). Thanx Link : https://ibb.co/SnyvL5W PS: i don t troll so i do nt deserve that warn. ty
  14. Gion

    @Chukundah +3 warning points, total 9 points => accessing site restriction until 12/12/2019, 16:00 +1 point will result in a permanent ban
  15. Gion

    Defuze +1 warn => 1 day mute Closed
  16. hi... im not the only one observing that after the last patch the xp is nerfed  for ppl with 6 rr and went back high for the ppl with 5 rr... i experienced that first hand since i just did 6th rr couple days ago and my alt just yesterday... now i find myself  taking more than a week to do the 6th rr also.. i dont really find it fair... please fix this thank you

    1. ADMIN


      Hello, you should read the patch better, exp was boosted (again) for 0-9 resets. Currently 5rr is higher than 6rr because 5rr does have a +100% exp while 6rr does have +25% exp.

  17. Could do with SM / MG Wings LvL 2 and 3 , Jewels or anything as i give them too all online players Cheers
  18. OlivePITmg

    AS PROBABLY EVERYBODY WANTS A DECENT DAY AND A POLITE CHAT ON THE POST. I DON`T KNOW WHO Defuze WAS SWEARING TOO ,IT SHOULD`N BE THERE. My PM WAS FOR SOMEBODY ELSE PS Admin i know it`s not the place for this but can you please do something about feather drop on the phoenix server ? Thank you Good Day
  19. ADMIN

    Maintenance is over, updates are up! Let us know if you find anything wrong after this update!
  20. Release date: 09.11.2019 at 17:35 - Patch will be up after maintenance. Congrats to Makiavelli, darkyo and Devex for finishing the Stage 2! Note: You need to update the Client via Launcher! Changelog: [UPDATED] Stage 2 exp (10rr) is now 75%. [UPDATED] Stage 1.1 is now removed (exp on 5rr is now normal, like 4rr,3rr,etc.). [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied: Exp for 0rr is now 300% from 200%. Exp for 1-5rr is now +100% from +40%. Exp for 6-9rr is now +25%. [UPDATED] Maximum points in a single stat is now 16.000 from 8.000. [UPDATED] Old Boxes 3 & 4 are released. [UPDATED] Cursed Dragon evolved, HP increased, can drop OB3&4 as well now. [UPDATED] Balgass have been buffed in HP as well, and will drop extra 2x Old Box 4 as well. [UPDATED] 380 quest NPC is now released as well as 380 quest monsters. [UPDATED] Illusion Temple is now released. [UPDATED] Arena Tournament levels: 0-2rr is now 0-5rr. 3-6rr is now 6-10rr. 7-10rr is now 11-15rr. Added an extra level: 16-20rr. New schedule: 0-5rr is every Tuesday. 6-10rr is every Thursday and Sunday. 11-15rr is every Wednesday and Saturday 16-20rr is every Monday and Friday. [UPDATED] Imperial Guardian is now released. Note: You need at least 5 resets and level 300+ to join it. [UPDATED] Bloody Queen is now released. [UPDATED] Professional VIP is now released. [UPDATED] Chaos Machine (on site) is now maximum +12 from +11. [UPDATED] Reset Skill Tree (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Increase ADD Option (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Character Market (on site) is now released. [UPDATED] Limit of Market items is now 20 items/day from 10 items/day. [UPDATED] Market does require at least 1 reset to be used now. [UPDATED] Dark Horse got a new skin update, being an actual Dark Horse now xD. [UPDATED] Dark Horse is no longer requiring the level for bonuses to be active. The same thing is now applied to other pets that also requires level. [UPDATED] User interface have been visually updated. [FIXED] BC Reconnect being applied until xx:34 instead of until xx:30, "stuck-ing" players in some cases. [FIXED] Warping to pvparena from sv20, bypassing requirements. [UPDATED] From now DS6 & DS7 reward (box of ancients) will be generated into user inventory instead of dropping to the ground. [UPDATED] Blue golems no longer have their skill (that drains your mana). [UPDATED] Jewels drop on low and very low mobs have been highly reduced. [UPDATED] Now PvP Attack Rate gained from level is much lower (to reduce the gap between lower level characters vs high level characters, as it's a reset server). Change on ASR formula: Level*1 from Level*3 [UPDATED] RF Defence gain formula is now AGI/5 from AGI/7 (so he can be able to survive in maps like rest of chars). [UPDATED] RF DSR PvM rate is now AGI/6 from AGI/8 (same reason). + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.
  21. Gion

    Skitch +1 warn => 1 day mute Locked
  22. https://postimg.cc/xcNxQSCn https://imgur.com/a/gLH5ZPP
  23. Hello, The Stage 2 is close to its end, so the new patch is incoming. We'll take this opportunity to also make a full maintenance on our systems. We expect it to happen at around 17:00 tomorrow (Saturday), it will take 5-30 minutes and, while reconnect can work, it is not guaranteed so make sure to be online (or leave the characters in /offattack). We have both good and bad news. The good news is that the incoming patch is pretty big, covering both stage content and new content/features that will add another layer of gameplay and economy to our server. The bad news is that we are working on many things simultaneously and couldn't finish all of them yet, so the patch will be split in 2 parts, first part will be released tomorrow with stage content, fixes and updates while the 2nd part will be released in few days, along with new features/gameplay changes. Also the mercenary rework didn't started yet but it will come as well hopefully in 7-10 days. The 10rr exp will be unlocked before the actual patch from tomorrow (exactly when stage is over). Expect to see nice things in the next period. Thanks for being part of our journey! Kind regards, OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  24. Gion

    TzapusHHHH +1 warn => mute for 1 day Closed
  25. Earlier
  26. Timor

    https://imgur.com/a/o71waUh im sure its some alt/drop/other char, he logged out 2 min later you should consider muting main char i really want to know who is he 🙂
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