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  1. Yesterday
  2. ADMIN

    It does not.
  3. ADMIN

    He's banned on all accounts and ip/hwid. You got his scepter in vault. Thanks for report!
  4. styoupid

    Hi This dude approached me and tried to sell me scepter for real cash... he then claimed that he is quitting and he wants to make some money, once I told him that I can help him quit by reporting him, he said that I was threatening him Also, when I told him that he is clearly breaking rules, he said that everyone is haha I hope he gets deserved punishment, perhaps help him leave GameOver
  5. Last week
  6. sashatref

    but registration form allowed same e-mail.
  7. ADMIN

    You can't have 2 accounts on same email.
  8. ADMIN

    Hello, do you still encounter the problem? If yes, I'll send you a launcherless patch so you can skip launcher and enter via main.exe.
  9. weew

    For royal items pm in-game
  10. Mitsakos

    Bump. Updated with current needs, W3 for BK.
  11. Mitsakos

    How it feels like when I log in my 2nd account:
  12. snake

  13. Gion

    Probably you can't, but send me a PM with account name and email and I will try to activate your account
  14. sashatref

    I register two accounts with same e-mail. Now i can't activate second account, because can't receive activation e-mail. And i can't login on web-site, use market, etc. How activate second account?
  15. Gion

    Hello ! We will look into the problem and we'll reply with an answer. Ty for understanding
  16. Kallista

    Hello! Please help me! I have played on the server for 2 months and now, after last update, i cant connect into the game. I tried all steps you described to fix the error, but none of those steps worked to me. Below, i attached a picture. I hope you can help me to solve this error. Thanks a lot!
  17. Release date: 14.07.2019 at 18:35 - Updates are up and no restart is needed. Changelog: [Mercenary Squad] Fixed the JoH reward inventory space check from 3 spaces to 2 spaces. [Mercenary Squad] Now you can change the seal reward from ML exp to Normal exp and vice-versa at the cost of -50% of points and -50% of quests done. In order to change them you must write /changeseal - if you have ML will switch to Normal and vice-versa. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will prioritize targeting a non-guild/ally players for quest first, and only if it can't find will include them. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes on battle maps while having the same gens. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes in safe-zones. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes in Server 20 (crywolf,lot,etc.). [Mercenary Squad] Now the EE-kill punishment is bypassed if EE is mercenary (for both non-mercenaries and mercenaries). [Mercenary Squad] Now it will show you your current target if you write /pvpquest while a quest is ongoing. [Mercenary Squad] A new feature has been introduced - Repel. Now if the quest targets kill their hunter before being killed, they will receive 30 points and 1x Jewel of Harmony, and the mercenar will fail the quest. [Mercenary Squad] Now there is a limit of 15 kills between mercenaries, when you reach 15 kills, the next kills between mercenaries won't count, that means will be free kills. [Mercenary Squad] Fixed some reported bugs. Announcement: A reset has been made to all the mercenaries, as the system was in beta and some of you had problems with it, some of you bad luck, etc. Now you start a fair race, even though bugs may still occur we're ready with most important things. So, in order to be part of mercenaries, you'll need to register again and start from scratch. [ADDED] Current PK Count showing after each kill. [FIXED] Kalima & Events to reconnect in the same place all the chars involved (not only first 15 chars). [UPDATED] Now the same threatment like Kalima is done to LoT If you'll reconnect on LoT you'll be reconnected on the same place instead of at the gate. Still, if you die or get killed in LoT you'll still be moved outside at the gate. [UPDATED] All the updates from official server have been added to the test-server to match it perfectly. - + Other small fixes/adjustments. Let us know if you find anything wrong after this patch and also any feedback/reports you may have to further improve our systems.
  18. Earlier
  19. MadLord

    Buy exe Dark Master +Luck +any bad option (like hp / mana ...) Dark Master Mask +L+? Dark Master Armor +L+? Dark Master Pants +L+? Dark Master Boots +L+? Dark Master Gloves +L+? Striker Scepter +L+mana Mail me in game or PM in forum Game and Forum username: MadLord
  20. ADMIN

    Pretty sure nobody cares who's leaving or who's playing. Nobody force anyone to do things they don't like (in this case, playing). But just leave in silence, you look pathethic with such crybaby topics. Good luck further!
  21. Rothgar

    Karutan2/K7/CW, just say that, CYA
  22. Ammodytes

    Well , Mu is AFK Game , even original devs created Mu Helper to be able to play while afking. To call "trash" players , the one who afk-ing cos they have families , or jobs ...its a bit harsh , dont you think ? And what are you doing while you sleep ? You close PC / Laptop ?? or you continue lvling ?
  23. Rothgar

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