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      Name: Memo Date of Birth: 07 July 1994 Gender: Male Location: Turkey Languages: Azerbaijan, English and a bit of Spanish Time Zone: GMT 3 Hobbies: Magic, Rally, computers and Violin Physical appearance: I'm Blonde, green eyes, tall (185 cm aprox) about 93 kg Job: mechanical engineer I started playing MU when I`m still in primary school, I grew up playing in computer Shops during the golden age of gaming.. ah nostalgic. Golden age of gaming we say here in Turkey because every corner of the city / town there is a computer shop where there a lot of players playing, there are instances that with 50 to 100 units of that shop is full where you need to line up or be quick to find some players nearing their time so you can exchange on their spot. I am a extrovert person, I developed my extroverted trait because of my times playing in computer shops. I have met and played with a lot of friends sharing bountiful memories on boss hunts etc, up until now even I am working as a full time project manager / software engineer and building my career, In almost of my free time I always play games to sooth my stress of adulting. As you can see my main attitude that I am proud of is me being solid friendly person, I can`t live a day without a laughter or bonding with a friend through means of available communications. I value almost all of the person I encounter, I have a good memory of the person I encounter even with a simple hi!. Honestly I`m a bit snob during the times I`m focused on my coding but rest assured that I always reply back even its the end of the world! You can talk to me here or on discord 😀 Discort : Mergen#8709 fun games for everyone 😀
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    4. u can try playing with a vpn, it could be better
    5. Still, notice at least the date/time when you get the next "auto-close" and the account(s) where it happened and send me on PM. An archive with LiveGuard/Logs would also be nice, after it happens.
    6. hahaha, can't say I didn't try
    7. Well, even with me hammering the key, I doubt I can get even more than 2 presses off within 5ms. I don't understand how, but I'll take your word for it being related to my ping, since I assume its one of the higher ones on the server (same reason why my damage very rarely lands in pvp, or moving npc). Just annoying that it never happened on the previous version. I mean I still get the random client bugs where I cannot tele or trade until or reload the client, but that's the same as before also and I assume also due to my ping. I've only pointed out the new ones Thanks for reply anyway, seriously didn't expect you would still be replying to topics here since you would be investing so much time in the next release.
    8. Even if I missed the "not", it is still a not It is actually in the how to get started - a newbies guide, the only place where it matters to be, for people that never played this game before (which probably are close to 0 nowadays). No problem in players doing mistakes / not knowing things, this is how we learn.
    9. It may have been a real bug if it happened for multiple players, but so far there were 11 macro detections since liveguard is up and most (if not all) are triggered by your characters. Key: 1 - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. Key: Q - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. Key: 2 - Press Count: 21 within 5 ms. I spammed myself for 2-3 minutes all keys + clicks and not a single detection, but a human can't press that much in that little time. The only other logical explanation would be a very high ping from your side towards anti-hack server. Related to auto-close, as I said, notice date/time and send me the logs and I'll handle them to the developer. I doubt the client closes without people doing anything on the PC, just by staying AFK, like it was happening with the other anti-hack.
    10. Great, so just PM admin to remove / change the option for you then I guess? This information available in one of the guides? most likely. Basic information new players will know? Not a chance.
    11. Yes, the old antihack very rarely did this. The new one closes all the time randomly. But also a lot when switching maps / moving client around your screen. The bugs I explained at the beginning of this thread. At the end of the day It doesn't really matter. So little amount of people playing now I know its only a matter of time till it closes ^^
    12. It is basic MU knowledge that the +16 ADD is the maximum add goblin does accept (it is written even in our guide) on any MU server at least up to season 6. And no, we're removing/changing options.
    13. Not sure what bug are you talking about. Our previous anti-hack was an one time payment for license, years ago, live guard is paid on a monthly basis apart from the license. It is the only decent anti-hack for MU that is still updating in the market. Our previous anti-hack had no longer support since like 2-3 years ago. Most new cheats were working, a lot of random false positives with auto-close client without messages, incompatibilities with other anti-hacks (players couldn't play global MU or other servers with our server in the same time) and so on. The only reason why we still kept it is for the hwid bans and very basic protection. Banning 50-60 accounts per editions is no-fun, as well as having to check hack logs every few days to spot on hackers. It is currently the best software that we can use, and we'll use it no matter what cons it does have, it is on market since 2015 and the last update was few months ago. If you encounter problems with it you can notice date/hour when it happened and upload the logs and the developer will happily check out.
    14. i gave up doing 3rd wing. if i will not buy one , dont want to waste my nerves on bugged goblin
    15. I always had problems with liveguard on other mu servers in the past, idk why admin switched to it.
    16. No idea if you can reset the item, I'm sorry But +28 should be about the same % as +12, since its zen value 'resets' at +16. Have fun making that anc item +11+28 or +12+28 with creds
    17. I assume admin has stopped checking the forums now. But just wondering if anyone has figured out how to fix this bug yet? I still have it happen quite a bit, almost as annoying as the random client closes. I wonder if this anti cheat software is just cheaper than the old one?
    18. i am not asking about opinion when it gets bugged ^^ i know that higher than +16 gets bugged. I am asking for solution or opt reset from my item.
    19. it gets bugged on higher additional i guess if test server is up, u can test with 20add to find out whats the threshhold in general, +12(/13 in some cases depending on item)+16 is good for mix. But if 20add is not bugged, u can try +10/11+20
    20. Hi, I wanted to craft condor flame. I have all the parts ready. When i had a anc item+10+16+L it was at 26%. When i increased opt further - unfortunately up to +28 the chance is now 5%. Is there a way to fix that bug or remove opt from my item? Thanks
    21. Hello, The 2nd OSGM edition of Phoenix is over. Winners: 1st Place: Goddess - 93 OSP & 7 Participations - Golden Fenrir + 1x HoF Badge + Legends Group + Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. 2nd Place: oWnage - 92 OSP & 8 Participations - Feather of Condor + Flame of Condor + 2x TOCA. 3rd Place: Slayer - 89 OSP & 9 Participations - Feather of Condor + 1x TOCA. Extras: Hinata - 65 OSP & 7 Participations - 1x TOCA. No1LiveEr - 60 OSP & 9 Participations - 1x TOCA. Calia - 58 OSP & 8 Participations - 1x TOCA. Forfajter - 56 OSP & 4 Participations - 1x TOCA. Darkpro - 55 OSP & 3 Participations - 1x TOCA. In order to take your reward you need to type /osgmreward!
    22. Hello, I have been having 2 issues since the new Liveguard software was implemented. 1, The client randomly closes much more often than before. Have not figured out what the trigger is yet. 2, If I hammer a key, the software thinks I am using a key pressing software and closes the game + temp bans me. his has happened twice now while on my RF, with helper on and trying to rebuff without cancelling the helper. I just keep pressing number 1 and right clicking until the buff casts. Easy fix for me, from now on I'll cancel helper, cast buffs then re enable helper, doesn't happen too often since its just when a party member was not there when helper casts the buffs. Regards,
    23. a good MU so far, but it seems to be somewhat biased towards some players or a certain group (I can't say the names, but who most people think of) that is also the reason why The server is less competitive because it is unfair and as a result a lot of players quit the game at the same time. Hopefully the next server will end this situation, wish OldSquadMU to develop ❤️
    24. There won't be any info / progress about S17 shared on OldSquad, this community will remain only for S6. We're building a new, fresh community from 0 for the S17 project, and the info / progress about it will be shared only there. When we'll have the forum and web open for S17 we will do a one time announcement here.
    25. @ADMIN is it possible to have a roadmap and maybe a special thread to discuss S17 related things like pentragrams, new bosses, going from socket to ruud sets, ruud drops rate etc
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