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  2. ADMIN

    Technically speaking, there is no difference between server1 and server20. Make a video with what exactly is happening, I wanna see from your side.
  3. ADMIN

    There's already a lot of good staff here and we really appreciate your input and encouraging everyone to come and leave their feedback! I won't reply to any of it, but I already have added a lot of ideas and plans to our to-do list regarding the current input, some of them will come as fast as possible, other things will come during the incoming year and other things on next edition(s). Thanks again!
  4. ADMIN

    Zen from mobs is direct proportional with the exp given by the mobs (the higher the exp, the more zen dropped). Also all the zen dropped and picked by a member in a party will be equally split between all party members (automatically). The easier method to make zen is to sell non-exc items from medals to shop.
  5. ADMIN

    Banned, thanks for report.
  6. Yesterday
  7. i am at devias trying to get levels and zens by partying the HELPER but this player named mixsher keep getting the zens even he isn't in our party, it is so unfair with newbees not getting the zens. 4 hours in party i only get 2m? WTH please admins work about it.
  8. Geralt of Rivia

    Hello guys, Since I started playing here, I could never played different server for more than 2 days. In this MU, the staffs always try to improve game-play, always make changes such that everybody happy. For each point, I will talk about what I like about it and then I will explain several aspects I think that we can make changes for the better game play. + Stage system is awesome because it allows new players to catch up with the top players. For example, I have seen aQua guys rose to top of the leader board. That brings more competition and balance to the server. However, some are confused by the stage exp. It would be nice if we have a message saying that they are in a stage and that after certain lvl their exp will be increased up again. I have also seen many newbies joined and left after a while when they see gap between them and top ppl widen as they enter a stage and top pros go out of the stage. For example, people enter a stage 2 at 315 right now and see ProBSB at 393, they would lose their motivation a bit. Of course they may not know that when ProBSB is 395, their stage will be removed. Thus, we shall also inform player by server message or quiz event that stage exp will be remove after top player reach certain level. My last point for stage system is that we could add one additional stage to prolong the game pace: 220-235, 300-315, 350-365, 380-395 (i.e., lower gap for higher stage.) + Maps, battle maps, and non-pvp maps: What I like is that OldSquadMU gives space for different type of players. I believe, however, battle maps should rewards players more to encourage more actions. For example, better gens rewards each month, e.g. one top ancient for each top-3 players per month?!. Relics' mobs should have more chance to drop gems than kanturu 3 (i dont know if it is like that right now). Right now, we have/or will have a "good" boss at all battle maps except atlans. Vul has Queen, relics has nightmare, and raklion has Selupan. I suggest to spawn a weak illusion of kundun with server announcement in atlans rather than loren's ring (not so strong so that newbies can kill it in time too, fun for everyone yay!). Kalima7 should be a PVP map if it drops 380 items. Kan2 should have 2-3 spots of Satyros+Blade hunter to reduce the leveling gap and make players feel better about their chars. We can also increase the droprate of fenrir's ingredients in Crywolf for AFK lords! + Classes: balanced. For next season only, we can RF: reduce the AOE of roar to 3, one very good buffer cannot be super duper good pvm too. Increase the DSR gain per agi for RF to compensate and give more diversity of stats build. Increase BK's PVM ability a bit Improve the speed of summoners per agi a bit to boost hybrid build. Improve DL PVM ability a bit + PK system: I think PK war right now is too heavily punished. Right now, who has more time to bring characters back to spot after being pk-ed will win. We can change so that killing an ee will give 1 kill count only if your party is full and is in 6x6 distance from you. + Game events: DS/BC: at a small variation in starting time of DS/BC so that non-Europe players can enter too. I'm old, slow-handed, and have high latency. IT5-6: 10% drop of feather of condor is too great. How about 60% Old Box 4, 5% Feather of Condor, 30% Old Box 3, 5% Old Box 5? Doppleganger: Only a few people go to this event. I think it would be nice to improve the rewards, for example, a rare chance of dropping Old Box 3. Bosses and invasions: are awesome right now. On the other hands, only rabbits invasion is doable for newbies. Maybe, we can add some ez-killed pouch of blessing invasions in lost tower 1-2-3-7. These pouches should drop a jewels like rabbits and a very rare chance to drop reset fruit, they are blessing aren't they?. There should be one or two fixed-time invasion for old/busy people. Quiz event: maximum 1 win for one ip per day. I always see only a limited number of people win this event ­čśĽ That's all I have to say about it. Thank you. I hope OldSquad will always strike to be a better server as it has been doing in the last 3 years. Best, Mira of Rivia IGN: Ciri
  9. vladis01

    Grats fot 3 years. About playing its great that you constantly improving serwer and fixing bug. One problem we see its with summoner speed attack diference serw 1/crywolf, and hope it will be improved. I have also noticed that derkon counting it's bugged cos always says there is 1/2 . But i am not 100% sure about it. My sugestions would be: - non pvp map for mlvl with decreased mexp- but still safe for exp. - increase chaos machine rate for making items +10 ,+11 and +12 cos for now it's a little bit hard for somenone who don't want to put a lot of credits to makes each set when its not really worth to give them for upgrade item , but giving only jewels would bo worth it. That might be all. Thanks for server. Best Regards VladisSU (nonRR)
  10. Aurel

    https://imgur.com/a/uU7HT2r .
  11. aGreSivS #

    Sorry guys but i don't speak english. Vreau sa-ti explic un lucru, de ce server-urile tale Admin nu traiesc mult timp. Incep de la inceput - primele saptamini toti au inters sa ridice lvl si sa ajunga in top. Stai o luna aproape si ucizi doar Kundun +1+2+3, si cine primul gaseste acela si castiga, daca te faci PK la primul minut la un +3 in Tarkan, gata, aici s-a termin invasia, din cauza ca nu poti sa mai faci move, si nici DL nu-ti poate da summon.- 0 PvP 0 Inters. Solutie : Sa fie posibil sa dai Summon in timpul oricarui event. (In Battle zone tot) La inceput pana la lvl 320 cand era cel mai mare azart sa mergi un BC sau DS nu-ti puteai perimite, cauza lipsa de chaos. Ne aduam un guild intreg ca niste autisti la Rabbit Invasion sa stringem poate ceva chaos si sa ne permitem odata in saptamana sa mergem un BC/DS (pana la lvl 320), deci si aici eram nevoiti sa stam afk, interes -0. Cursed Dragon Elbeland e la fel.Trebuie sa bati doar Dragonul, si nici n-ai timp sa faci PK. explic. 1:mergi la risc ca daca faci PK,pierzi din timp si drop poate sa nu fie al tau (fiindca altii in timp bat dragonul) 2: dupa ce te faci Phono, daca se primeste ca mori, aici s-a terminat totul, fiindca pana ajungi pe jos dragonul deja este mort. Solutie :Sa fie Free PvP Zona ca in lorencia. (sau solutia de mai sus) Castle Siege: Este cel mai important event pe acest server, si cel mai interesant. Dar vreau sa va intreb, pentru ce luptati voi asa intensiv?? Pentru Jewel of guardian si hainele ACC care cad in LoT? Sau pentru Senior care v-a fi disponibil dupa 2 luni de server, si nimeni pe nici un server (30rr,50rr) nu s-a imbracat niciodata un set 380 lvl. Deja preferam soket.Care e interesul sa lupti pentru castel, cand in Kanturu Relics la maya cad 2 Arme exe, si CryWolf din Dark Elf la fel? Deci nu ai nici un avantaj daca ai Castelul, fiindca sunt event-uri mai folositoare(chiar daca e 0 PvP in crywolf (in relics e ok) Este al 3-lea server unde incepem noi cu prietenii sa jucam acest server, si mereu aceeasi problema, ca dupa 1-2 luni devine plictisitor serverul. E mai interesan un server "FULL-PVP" cum e scris pe Site , unde sa fie PvP Kalima7 BOSS, PvP CryWolf Balgass,+4 fara non pvp zona, +5 sa poti da kill si la gens, dar te intelegem ca gandesti alt fel asupra la aceste lucuri, deci macar modifica ceea ce te rog batietii deja de 3 serveruri, cu CS era doar parerea mea O joaca placuta.:)
  12. Last week
  13. Shuryk

    Grats guys for all the work done. And so start. About last update, (block exp) its abuse feature coz not one newbie cant get PvP event, in all events participate and get only TOP ppl who transfer they items on low lvl character and dont give a chance for newbies.That need to fix i think. About (┬ęsummon in a party if DL does have a Guild ) Make that from Teleport Ally too. About ML and PvP defense/attack rate this need to nerf little or change basic formulas coz they make very big disbalance on gameplay. One char ~10 ML make more impact on PvP than 5-10 ppl 350-400lvl. And if consider that server have low exp it will take a very long time for that to have a chance to confront him. I propose or decrease x2 ML PvP defense/attack rate or rise basic formulas x2. (lvl 400 u have 2.200-2.800 defense rate// Attak rate~1-1.5k depend of stats, but 10lvl ML give u 3k defence/attack rate, IMHO its very imbalance ) About PK. A lot of my friends leave server by reason bad PK system , absolutely no one guy from server dont want to make PK coz its suicide, server its boring from best aspect of Mu online (PK). For example Icarus, stay 2 full pt on spot and all have only one PK, now system work that:Kill one guy=> clear PK=>Kill one guy. Its a rat game, nothing fun and boring. Another example from max30/50 :Relics warp relics=>kill all map=>return to spot, and this cycle repeat every 10-20 min. ofc ppls leave and online decrease I propose next: Summon on PK, Summon on Battle maps and free PK on Elbeland. restrictions for PK: All restrictions what we have + cant use shop(for pots) and cant join nonPvP maps(aida,CW,Kalima) (optional wichnot CC,PvP Arena, Illusion Temple) P.S. Remove Death King Invasion About forum, i think better its dont close post after responding staff , mb ppls have more suggestions or another opinion, it need to close after some days inactivity(not spam). sorry for my English, I hope everything will be clear. ┬ęDIEEEEEEEE
  14. Chukundah

    still the same , the diference of the speed i attack in server 20 and in server1 is not even close
  15. Godsmack

    Well looks like I will be the first one =). First of all I would like to take a time and thank you guys from OldSquad Staff, I've been playing the Global Mu Online since 2004 and I saw the game falling apart because hacks, dupes, bad updates, company greed, etc and I can tell you that NonRR (this is the second version I play) is one of the best mu online experience I had in years and with that said I would like to give you my humble opinion about both positives and negatives aspects of the server and make a few suggestions Leveling and Drops: - There are a few areas where the mobs are completely off balance. If you take K2, for example, where Satyr hits you for 5 dmg and a Blade Runner (3 levels more) gives you 100, something is not right. - I don't know why but there is no Berserkers on K2, if you take in consideration that Kentarus is a range mob and It makes the spot way harder to manage, I do think you should replace all Kentarus with Berserkers and this will make the player level experience in K2 way better. - Master level mobs are way too high, by default mobs 95 + should give ML exp, so players will have more options to level besides Vulcanus (Battle Zone), Relics (Battle Zone), Karutan 2 (Condras) and Swap (a part from the spots where Medusa Spawns). This way you will encourage higher level people bring new friends to the game as they will be able to interact with those friends much sooner, even if its just for party and leveling. - We don't have a single NO-PVP place to leveling once we hit ML, there is a HUGE area em AIDA2 with no mob spawns, you should consider use that. - The drops are very well distributed therefore should be no changes, nice work on that ­čśâ Hunts and Events: This is a perfect play to win server. So very well done in terms of activities but I think somethings could and should be better - You should consider make Devias a NO-PVP zone, this way we can have Lorencia PVP-FREE, Noria and Elbland Normal-PVP and Devias NO-PVP. so low gear players will be able to enjoy Invasions, without the chance of getting pked and stuff. You will also be able to put all the OSM Event NPC's in Devias for people to qualify since they won't be able to kill anyone and get to the qualifier first, I'm guessing that was the reason you moved the qualifiers from the maps to the SAFE zones. - Support chars are not well rewarded at all as they can't win credits in any events and for sure need a little bit more attention. - Quiz event is something that really need a fix, most of the times are the same random questions from a small list of known questions, people already know by heart therefore they will answer way faster then everyone else and if you take in consideration the latency due server location, It's almost impossible for me, as a Latin American player, for example, to enjoy it. Website and Support: - The limited amount of jewels you get by selling a single item is either to low or impossible to buy, we should be able to sell the expansive itens on market as well. - There should be a way to transfer credits from one account to another, as long as you can provide the credentials for the account you are transferring the credits to, for example, say you are a very active player that wins several events and do tons of hunts, you won't be purchase VIP for your support char, for example, cause you can't transfer your credits. So eventually he won't be able to keep the pace. - I usually get a reply from the staff in less than 24h, that's an awesome response time and even if I don't always get what I asked for, you guys are doing a outstanding job, keep going ^^ I do have a lots of suggestion but I might save it for the "6 Years Feedback Contest" cause I think we will get there and I really wish we can keep doing positive changes and getting better season by season. Thank you for the awesome experience Godsmack/Insanity/Reckless
  16. ADMIN

    I don't know, I'm speaking only about animation. Here is the patch that you can test (copy paste over client after exiting from opened mains): https://mega.nz/#!I44hkQ6Z!pSMOdjCKkRj0Bg-WzkQsMCqQnvVRkmVSlSLAm9O3Jg8
  17. Hello, Last evening we had 2 crashes on Server1 caused by the qualification script (when Gion tried to spawn them) which never happened before with the same script. I'll have to re-code it to make sure it won't happen again so the OSGM events from yesterday and today are cancelled and will be reprogrammed after I'm done with the qualifiers. Along with the crashes, latest updates have been released. Changelog: - Fixed Helpers level restriction. - Added Helper2 (LostTower7 max level 240). - Added a new feature: Block Exp From now you can block your Exp gained by using /blockexp. You can always unblock it by using /unblockexp. Max Level to use this feature: 300 The goal of this feature is to come in help for those having lower events chars and to not be forced to always delete and recreate them. - Added a new Invasion monster: Golden Derkon (baby GGD) There will be 1 Derkon in Atlans and 1 Derkon in Dungeon. They are dropping 4 random BoK+1 - BoK+3. They are giving 10 credits and 10 PvM points as well. - From now you can only use summon in a party if DL does have a Guild and if there is at least one person from same guild on DL party. This change is made to fix an abusive behavior of some random DL's summoning random parties out of spots during nights. - From now Attackers on CS can't attack each other except of in 6x6 switch zone. This change will encourage weaker guilds to come and attack the CS and will create a 'game of thrones' where defenders are really 'defenders', changing the crowns more frequently and switching the roles between attackers and defenders. Along with this change, now the Anti-Game on CS can be clearly defined as: * Holding switches for the defenders (with the clear intention of helping them instead of trying to register the crown for your own guild). * Participating at CS with a second Guild (and all the implications). * Killing other attackers on room without any intention of registering the crown for your own guild (being there just to help other guild to win). As long as you come at CS to win it for yourself (and clearly proving it during CS) you are free to do whatever you want inside room. - From now Sleep can't be canceled by allies (only by enemies). Since we added Friendly Fire at CS, the sleep effect have lost it's entire value due to 'easy-to-get-out-of-sleep' by friendly fire in combination with the low duration. Now we're making it to count again in your strategies. Apart from updates, we have other good news for you! This month we are celebrating 3 years since OldSquad Community was born! If you pair it with the Christmas we're forced to make you feel happy (at least) by being here with us! Before announcing what we're doing, I want to sincerely thank all of you, OldSquaders, along with the staff, that made this dream called OldSquad being possible! We've been through both good and bad times together, but I'm more than sure we shared a good time in this years. We started from the bottom, we started with a lot of problems, but we're here now, at the top, with a great development, and it will only get better as we have a lot of nice stuff on our to-do list for the incoming year! With all of this being said, this is what we are offering you: - Holiday bonus exp (doubled the happy hours time, from 1.5 hours to 3 hours each on NonRR and increased time on 50RR from 2 hours to 5 hours) - from 18.12.2018 until 25.12.2018! - 3 Years Feedback Contest. More info about it: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2741-3-years-feedback-contest We wish you a happy Christmas, a great new year and an awesome OldSquad experience! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  18. ADMIN

    Hello, 3 Years Feedback Contest is a contest where any player can participate (both NonRR and Max50RR servers). It's as simple as it may suggest: Bring the biggest feedback for our project, speak freely and bring everything you think of, from what you like, what you don't like, what you would change, what you would like to see, etc. etc. Anything you thought of, just put it here, can be related to anything from servers gameplay, site, newbies experience, events, drops, etc. The biggest the feedback is (and complex) the higher your chances are to win the contest! You can also include a small story about you and how you find us and what was/is your experience here. We can't tell you that everything you will write will be taken care of, but everything will be read and noted, and we promise that we'll do our best to satisfy most of your needs and ideas that are doable, in time So the main goal of this contest is to get many data from you, that will help us in our development from incoming year, to be able to satisfy both your needs and our vision. Rewards: Anyone that come with a feedback will win 4 days of Silver-VIP! First place (the best one) will win a Golden Fenrir + 2 weeks of Silver-VIP. Second place will win 2 weeks of Silver-VIP. Third place will win 1 week of Silver-VIP. The winners will be chosen based on votes from our Staff (ADMIN, SouLSeT, Gion, GameGuard and HERO). The contest is starting from now and it will end on 25.12.2018, winners will be announced between 26.12.2018-30.12.2018. Don't forget to leave your character name as well (for the prize). Cheers!
  19. Robert

    Buy Hyon Helm, mail me in game to Robert
  20. weew

    so does AS affects chain lightning here ? as i cant see diff on golds with 55 as or 125 as
  21. ADMIN

    Huh, insulting a player is something meh, grown ups doing it frequently, insulting familly is like worst scenario of bad language, but wishing a familly to die is something incredible for a game, and more than sad. There is not enough punishment in an online game for such thing, but take 2 days pause to reflect at it.
  22. ADMIN

    I watched entire CS, the only real anti-game was already punished, when you're crying that a 250 level AE is disturbing 20x level 350+ players at CS is pretty sad. But, there is a new change in updates related to this kind of things, more info soon.
  23. ADMIN

    Michas - 3 days ban. The only reason why you're not getting rejected is because you helped us a lot to find the wholes of the dupe method, which I personally respect. Excuses like 'rage on CS anti-game' or 'not expected words' doesn't really mean anything for me, the intention is clear.
  24. ADMIN

    There is no registration on speed rules for chain lightning since I raised the limit. I will give you tomorrow to try a patch that may help with that but nothing is guaranteed as we are limited to anything related to client-side.
  25. ibobango

    Support? If playing vs guild that only came to Anti Game and the defenders at once on CS for u is support then yes.... rly..
  26. Shuryk

    My opinion is that: u can Help only attacking side, coz defense the Castle is all time easier than assault. This amendment will make often change owners of CS, that will give an incentive to many guilds.
  27. int24rain

    I have the feel that someone is supporting GROM. Also GROM are free to come with 2 more guilds to support them in the next CS. Also regarding this "anti game" by mamed. Well those guys was attacking us too, the thing is that we WERE in the castle all the time, so we didn't met any of them in the bridge or outside of the castle. As one guy said "cry is free".
  28. Legion

    All your comments, you've got nothing to add about this report but you create there some kind of sh** storm crying about that you were muted in the past. if you wanna just talk then feel free to use general discussion forum. Firstly, learn to read before posting fallacy sentence as there was no "fuck you admin" on post. Secondly you're again saying that some1 gonna get/ won't get ban, how do you know that, can you tell me? huh, I guess no. Thirdly, directly racism sentence from Naplet wasn't the first one as he habitually did it every day. Let me warn you once more @Chukundah , Stay out of this topic if you've got nothing to add in this subject. If you got any problems then find correct section for that, next post with your problems there will result with a forum warn/post restriction for xx days depending on the post content.
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