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    2. Here are the shared formulas for the characters: If there is something that is not described here then you can(and should) easily test it by yourself on the test server. Commands:
    3. Earlier
    4. Pvp dark lods with build stats and skill tree
    5. Please read the rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    6. Sorry for the long response time, I had a death in the family that got me really fucked up. Almost healed now, tho.. I must've placed this topic on read first time when I saw it but I was so down to even take a decision back then and my mind probably had it on 'solved'. Again, apologies.. notMe, scheau, SecondWife - banned in IT for 2 weeks. Locked.
    7. Login multiple afk accounts and blocking event fair play. Good game guys. Video : Video https://clipchamp.com/watch/05D9bt0NQib
    8. Hello, Here are a few suggestions: Seeds Can something be made so the AG value/cost seeds to actually be useful? Maybe raise their sell price to shop, or add an option to mix seeds together? Also, regarding socket items, is it possible unlock a 4th option for the next GRR reward/other event rewards? Rings Is a possibility to add the option to mix rings/pendants? or at least to upgrade them (from +1/+4). Also, regarding rings, can Rare Rings (4opt) can be added as reward for quests/GRR/or other events? Imp/Guardian angels Is it possible to add a new mix receipt to goblin. I know I've seen this topic before (10 imps to make a Demon, similar to Uniria mix) Also, maybe some events as we had on Inception, to revive the joy of the game?
    9. Gion

      Hello Everyone!

      Welcome here! We hope that you will enjoy the gameplay! For easy support you can always text our Facebook page: OldSquad Community
    10. Zaoo banned for 2 days for racism. Locked.
    11. I'm Jordan, i am from Philippines and currently living in United Arab Emirates. I played MU Online since 2005 also different servers, and stopped last 2012. It very nostalgic to be back. Hopeful to meet you all in-game. IGN: Satan (You probably know me since i frequently asking for Twisting Slash Skill) HAHAHA
    12. Please read the reporting rules before actually reporting.
    13. His characters are . CanEmDi, BanLungTun, droLkraD, SickMyDuck, ChetMeMAh https://imgur.com/YA7DD3D https://imgur.com/j6iAMlK
    14. dear admin I would like to report player that rude to me

      His name is Senka

      image (1).png

    15. To fix the problem Download and install Visual c++ 2015 x86
    16. Hellow! The game is showing its default values, we did script them a lot, here's a link for the formulas and if there is something that you can't find on the list then you can try it out on the test server.
    17. Hello, i just started playing as BK. As i add some stats on energy, i saw that the DMG multiplier seens to not be working as it suposed to do. Is it some kind of Class Balance? Is it just visual? Thanks.
    18. Zaoo +1 warn (based on the valid evidence), total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. Locked.
    19. AlmightySM muted for 6 hours, no warn this time, based on the valid evidence. Locked.
    20. Thief muted for 6 hours, no warn this time. Locked.
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