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  2. ADMIN

    It is not technically possible to restore the SD. But should be clear that you should always have some small sd pots on you if you want to fight with 100% sd, especially that you control when you start the challenge.
  3. Roby

    You all cried about DL , and now come back here that was hit too hard ? xD People fcking wrote novels about how OP is DL , what did u expect ? I propose dmg of chaotic to remain the same (45% nerfed) and reduce 50 % def of DL !
  4. ADMIN

    Rejected, newbies interested into *total fair* catch-up mechanic should wait & follow Wormhole. We already do more than we should, for newbies, from all points of views (starting from exp boosts, restrictive pvp, non-pvp events, fairness gaps and so on). Again, follow model next time.
  5. ADMIN

    Please follow the model, next time Gion won't accept topics that doesn't follow the model, even if the suggestion is fine or not. You got 35 credits.
  6. Juri

    I think DL was hit too hard, but will se how it goes. I would consider giving back some damage for chaotic and maybe reduce def/defense rate of dl.
  7. Juri

    Seems like this was partially accepted according to last patch, can you move it? @Gion
  8. ADMIN

    The following changes are up from now: [UPDATED] Now there's no longer a pause between Imperial Event rounds or the first minute standby of the event. Note: This means that once you enter you can directly start the event (without waiting 1 minute) as well as after each gate the timer starts directly and you can continue the event without waiting the extra minute. [UPDATED] Now the Imperial Event will be *officially* over ONLY when you kill all monsters (not only the boss monster from last round). Note: This is available for the records only, rewards are still given when the bosses does die. [UPDATED] Maximum time per round on Imperial Event reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes. [UPDATED] Medics HP & Bosses HP from Imperial Event slightly buffed. [FIXED] Liliputans from Imperial not correctly despawning from the Event. [UPDATED] Now if you start the event before the day is over (like at 23:5x+) and finish it after the new day has started, the record will be registered for the previous day not for the day you finished it.
  9. Today
  10. Gion

    Hello! Sometimes the client displays wrong required stats, you can check the right stats on the test server.
  11. blocker147

    Patch helped me with issue. Thank you.
  12. ADMIN

    Hello, you need to download the manual patch (24 November) and paste it over the client. Link:
  13. When I run game I see the following issue(img below). First of all few things I need to clarify: 1. Today(11.24.2020) at the morning I was able to run the game. No problems. 2. Later at the same day at the evening I tried to run the game and I got the following issue, without making any changes at my PC or with game files. 3. Every time I run game though main.exe instead of PlayInception.exe. Because of this issue, which I raise 3 months ago. What I already tried to do: 1. To run game through PlayInception. No effect. 2. Turn Off Windows Defender. Then run game. No effect. 3. Delete this item_eng.bmd file. No effect. But shows another error: Corrupted file :....\Eng\item.bmd 4. To run game through PlayInception after deleting file. No effect. 5. Delete all game files and unzip folder with game again. Then run game through PlayInception. No effect. 6. Then I added main file from NoLauncherInception archive. No effect. 7. Turn On Windows Defender back. As a result I still see the following img. What can I do about this problem?
  14. andrakora

    Hey guys, Need help with this: just bought a exc Lilium helm, made it +9 and I can`t mount it, although all my stats are in order. I tried logging off, but it didn`t help... It happened on my char - Trojana, as we speak. It is a constant issue, so a timeframe is irrelevant.
  15. ADMIN

    Patch is now live! Let us know if you find anything wrong after it.
  16. ADMIN

    A new manual patch was added with the update from today, for those that can't use the Launcher.
  17. Release date: 24.11.2020 at 17:30 - There will be a small server restart. Congrats to OneWar, Snook and Venom for finishing the Stage 2.1! News: People that progressed through Stage 2.1 can use /stagereward to get their reward based on the progress, after the Patch is up! Make sure to update the client via Launcher / Manual patch after it will be up. Changelog: [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 20 resets. [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 2.1 (15rr) is now removed. 15th reset does have the same exp table like 14th reset. [UPDATED] 3rd Newbies EXP boost added: 0rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-350). 1rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-360). 2rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-370). 3rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-380). 4rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-390). 5rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-400). 6rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-400). 7rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-400). 8rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-400). 9rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-400). 10rr: +200% EXP 11rr: +200% EXP 12rr: +150% EXP 13rr: +100% EXP. [UPDATED] Released Sign of Dimensions in drop (mobs level 90+) - for Doppelganger. Note: We're going to release Doppelganger Event either tonight at 00:00 or tomorrow, we are a bit late with it. [UPDATED] Droprate of Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul & Jewel of Life slightly nerfed across all maps, keeping the tier drops the same. [UPDATED] Illusion of Kundun has been buffed. It will also drop any ancient tier now. [UPDATED] Released GGDs. [ADDED] Banned Build at CS will now also be shown on website -> Castle Siege. Note: Maximum time to ban a build on Sunday reduced from 16:45 to 16:00. [FIXED] Some of the items that got their level modified in previous patches (like kundun / kb / etc.) were still having the initial level on client-side, showing wrong CM rates when being used. [FIXED] Change Race to correctly return the ML Points. [UPDATED] Vote now requires at least 4 resets. [UPDATED] Selling items on Market now requires at least 3 resets. [UPDATED] Now you can sell characters on Character Market that have at least 8 resets. [UPDATED] Now you can no longer sell Small Wings/Capes on Market. [UPDATED] Now you can no longer get a Target on Mercenary Quest that is already being targetted for Quest by another mercenar. [UPDATED] Now Event Entries will reset at 00:00 instead of 22:59. [UPDATED] Now after each CS Erohim will be buffed in terms of DEF & HP (no matter who is winning). [UPDATED] Now Reset Fruits will reset 600 points per fruit instead of 210. [UPDATED] Reset Fruits have been removed from Old Boxes 1 & 2. [ADDED] Character Lock System V2: Now it will also prevent the locked character to move items (from vault, character equipment / inventory / store, etc.) Now after you use /lock for the first time it will work like this: The permissions will no longer be disabled when you use /lock, basically nothing will happen in that moment. This means that you won't have to use /unlock every time you relog char / move from (to) gens-maps, etc. Now, every time you LEAVE ACCOUNT (select server, x game, dcfriend, etc.) there will be an auto-lock on your account, as long as the /lock was used at least one time. The password from the auto-lock is the same password you used last time for the /lock. After your account is logged off, the next time you (or someone else) does enter it, it will firstly have to /unlock the account in order to further use it (no matter if you/he change server, relog, etc.). This improvements are meant to help with the following things: Improve the quality of life for those that use /lock (so they have to /unlock the character only when they leave account instead of every time they warp to other servers, etc.) Provide high level of security for your account (so people that disconnect you & want to steal your things they must first pass the /unlock password). Note: From now on, if you choose to use this system (which is highly recommended for those that share their account/pass with others) you will have 95% security to your in-game things. The only things that can't be protected with /lock are the items from main-vault (which can be accessed / moved / stealed from website). Everything else (extra wares, equipment, store, inventories, etc.) are protected. So in order to bring it to 100% make sure to not store VERY IMPORTANT items on your main-vault (ware 0), while using the new /lock. Note2: All the existing locks have been removed. If you choose to use this new system you have to use /lock again. Note3: IMPORTANT! MAKE SURE TO NOTE YOUR /LOCK PASSWORD EVERY TIME YOU SET/CHANGE IT! IT WILL ALWAYS AUTO-LOCK WITH THE LAST PASSWORD USED ON THE /LOCK! [ADDED] Live Stream notice during CS. Note: If there will be a Live Stream ongoing during CS it will be announced (with link) every time Teams Score / TOP3 Killers / TOP3 Stampers is announced globally. Note2: If there is no Live Stream ongoing it will also announce that Live Stream is OFF, on the same moments. + Other small fixes / adjustments / improvements. The following changes will be up tonight at 00:00 (so it won't affect the current day ranks) - except of statues reward which will be up from now. [UPDATED] Now there's no longer a pause between Imperial Event rounds or the first minute standby of the event. Note: This means that once you enter you can directly start the event (without waiting 1 minute) as well as after each gate the timer starts directly and you can continue the event without waiting the extra minute. [UPDATED] Now the Imperial Event will be *officially* over ONLY when you kill all monsters (not only the boss monster from last round). [UPDATED] Maximum time per round on Imperial Event reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes. [UPDATED] Medics HP & Bosses HP from Imperial Event slightly buffed. [UPDATED] Now statues from Imperial Event have a chance to drop Jewel of Chaos as well. Dynamic Characters Balance tweaks Based on the Council's feedback for 10-15rr & our own view related to chars, this are the following tweaks for Stage 2.1: In order to reduce the "gap" between high level chars and lower level chars into events / challenges, all characters except RF (that will gain Level*5 ASR Level*3 DSR) will now gain Level*0.5 PvP ASR & DSR. The difference will be made in terms of AGI, which was also tweaked across all chars. DL: [UPDATED] Nerfed Chaotic damage by 45%. [UPDATED] Buffed PvM damage by 6%. [UPDATED] Buffed Fire Scream damage by 10%. Note: We've been witnesses to DL domination since 5rr. His time is over for now and we may touch him again later on. The biggest problem on DL was that usually chaotic was bugged so we've made the balance around Fire Scream. Apparently chaotic is working up to 80% of its potential (probably the balance-load of double servers helped) so this was the main reason of such insane damage. Note2: What we want from DL is to have 2 type of gameplay on PvP, the higher-risk higher-reward that's based on Fire Scream (getting closer for full dps) and a weaker but safer option with Chaotic when kiting / waiting SD to be burnt and then switching to Fire Scream as finisher. After this changes, Chaotic is just a bit worse than FS, in terms of DPS (Damage*hits per second). SUM: [UPDATED] Increased damage taken from rest of classes on PvP by 5%. Note: We're keeping the small part left of the damage buff she received but we're increasing the damage she takes, to preserve the glass-cannon identity that we want for her. BK: [UPDATED] Reduced damage taken from rest of classes on PvP by 6%. Note: BK currently needs a bit of help to stay alive in PvP, we may remove this buff later on. AE: [UPDATED] Nerfed PvP damage done to BK, RF & MG by 8%. [UPDATED] Buffed PvP damage done to SM, DL, SUM by 10%. Note: The highest DPS that AE can put on PvP depends on her close-range position, so we're nerfing the cases where she basically don't need to do anything to profit from the max dps (vs melees) and buffing the cases where she actually needs to position herself to profit from max dps (vs ranges). RF: RF is currently over performing but it is as we wanted him to be, until at least next stage when we'll start looking at him. It is his time to shine.
  18. Hvman

    I'm DL and i say NERF DL cause it's too op? Also, chain lightning skill on summ is not working so cometfall has to have higher atk speed on summ compared to SM ofc, since summ's chain lightning is a lot faster than sm's cometfall. The dmg is pretty understandable, summ is paper, so he needs high dmg for bursts given that he dies in 3 hits. This is what i was looking for. The buff idea. P.S. My conclusion is: Nerf DL pvp dmg 2-5%, buff pvm 2-5% Buff ae, or gets his buff to be worth that 4k ene for ice. Rest of the classes seems fine on w3+ddi.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Juri

    I actually agree, i would consider just adding some dmg from ene for elf as well. But only on 1st and 3rd srv, not on CS srv.
  21. Colossus

    no one talking about summy high defense and high attack speed ?
  22. Exilia

    In my opinion the only problem with elf right now is that you need to add 4k energy to unlock ice arrow, and the fact that using those points on ene provides us literally nothing more than the spell itself. Just imagine if BK would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock combo - he would still get % skill damage and stronger fortitude buff. If sMG would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock fire slash - he would still get higher % defense reduction. If DL would have to add 4k ene in order to unlock chaotic - he would still get stronger critical damage buff. If summoner would have to add 4k str in order to unlock her abilities - well, that would be lame, right? I do think that pure pvm elf is still able to do the things she is supposed to (ks goldens, bc, other bosses, etc.), pure pvp elf is still pretty strong against melee range fighters, but this hybrid build - or so called support elf - feels really incomplete due the way you have to build her. I do understand that the ice arrow is pretty strong ability, and im fine with the fact that we will lose some damage and survivability if we wish to use it, but I also feel like there should be some additional benefits for using that 4k points on energy. And still I think the best option to do this would be to enable the def/dmg buff on sv1, but only with xx(10/20 maybe?) % of the basic value. This would simply give more identity for this "support" elf and those points used on energy would not feel like such a waste anymore. And since we're talking about DL's, I don't play the class by myself, but at the moment it feels like he has the top tier mobility, top tier damage, top tier defense and top tier range. Don't really have ideas how to balance it, but I give my +1 for disabling the horse movement in Illusion Temple, it's just unnecessary benefit which creates nothing more than unbalance.
  23. enTaroaduN

    First of all, I have access to many accounts Roby, from 5rr to 14rr so I tested a lot, on the official server and test server as well. Don't get me wrong, I didn't said to remove horse, I like DL class myself as well, but this is actually ridiculous how powerful the class is. The horse thing as I said, was just a small example of DL's advantages, and I can go on if you want more, I didn't said that's the main problem, it was just a small example that can always have an impact in the game, like many others. DL's mobility was always a thing for the class, but since it has so much DPS on that chaotic, being so tanky, etc, besides that, he has insane mobility as well, that was my point. I am not here to fight over things like this, unless you give me arguments, your words are just nonsense. And second of all, I don't know why're you talking about my stats and gears, Enis+Anubis +0, that's my farming/leveling gears. But to make you happy, I'll give you a fair example. I tested my SM against HooligaN's DL, same rr, same lvl. Even tho I have better gears than him, and I am talking about my PVP set(3/5 Pad Items +15 LK+dd+ref+hp+mana/Lk+ref+hp+mana+zen/Lk+ref+hp+mana+zen +2 Legendary items Lk+dd+ref/LK+dd+hp +12) and another try with full Legendary set +12 LK+dd+ref/Lk+dd+hp/Lk+dd+dsr. And about my stats, no, I have 7k hp with my PVP set on(3k vit +the hp from set). Both results are, not matter how much I am kiting, it's impossible to kill him, even tho I always manage to get his SD to 0, first, when I am trying to stay still for a second to hit my full dmg, my health just melts and I just can't kill him. About VRF, if you read again, I just said that VRF is the only class that can get close to beat DL. At this point, DL can still beat VRF, because VRF it's still scaling and it will scale even more, so soon, VRF gonna be unkillable. But let me remind you that VRF has very low mobility, very low hit range and so on, and if you want, you can just infinitely kite him, and you won't be able to kill him, but neither will he, unlike DL that can kill any other class from a range that they can't reach, even tho they are kiting or running. So why a single class should have so many advantages and a full kit in PVP and PVM as well, while others have to carefully build either for PVP or PVM, and still getting their ass kicked, by one class. Give me solid arguments next time, don't speak things that you don't know about. Most of you on this server changed your class, into DL and RF, cause you saw this two classes are just overwhelming the others, in PVP and PVM as well. So why you even bother to contradict me, when you know the truth yourself? DL it's extremely broken right now, the players knows it, the STAFF knows it, so we are all waiting for it's nerf next patch, to finally see this class, at the same "level" with the others.
  24. Last week
  25. CeptaVista

    From all what did he wrote u just look for mistakes and ignore the real truth about illusion temple and golden rush , phatentic , get your pants jizzed of this Dl and RF dominace in game.
  26. Roby

    Ok i really tried to read ... But i stopped here -''At this point, when almost nobody has fenrir, DL can just leave a dust trail behind everyone else that tries to hunt goldens, because of his Horse he can reach the goldens before any other class, he can cover the maps before any other class.'' It s just so desperate and cringe to say that lol , hey let s remove the dark horse from dark lord . Second attempt to read ''VRF has no chance vs DL '' idk what server you play my man , but DL no longer beats RF no matter how much he kites . I m seeing your stats right now , you are 12 rr and equiped with acc set + 0 , and probably u have 2 k max vit , and u come to complain of pvp settings .
  27. Phantomel

    Let's not even mention that, if by a miracle, SMG and BK get in the range of DL with full hp/sd, they will still get insta melted, even if you hit your combos flawlessly, you dont stand a chance. Just a clear example - Me with full +12ddhp ashcrow set, decent weapons, balanced stats(or at least that's what I tend to think about them) got melted against a DL with +0 scale set, with only one DD piece and non exc scepter. Did like 4 combos and I dropped dead. No one can tell me this is balanced.
  28. Juri

    That's really nice post and i hope staff and council will take this into account when making any changes soon.
  29. enTaroaduN

    I guess everyone is complaining about DL class, but not the DL owners themselves. Let me put it this way so you can understand, most of you on this server, changed race into DL, and why is that? Because you knew the class is way beyond broken, why? Let's see why: [PVM view] Just a few small examples: -As some people said above, about VRF solo stealing bc statue from AE's, I saw a lot of solo DL's stealing bc statues from solo AE's as well, using Chaotic. And as for a small example here, I tested my friend's pure AE with full Aruan Set, decent Albatros Bow Lk+2% +11, w2 +9, 13rr against Nephilim's DL. The thing was, indeed Nephilim is 14rr, not a big difference for 1 rr, but still, I managed to get first to 2 +5 goldens in Reliks, Nephilim came after 10 seconds or so. You know what was the result? He took both goldens, even tho I was first there, even tho I managed to have dmg advantage before him, he purely melted their healths with Chaotic like my elf was nothing. -Illusion Temple event, the thing is, DL is invincible since now, he can rebuild before the event starts. He just goes full tank and the other 5 people can't kill him, we can just wait till he delivers the Star, again and again, not to mention his mobility while using Horse. So the DL's always be the first to reach the Star and take it. So who gets the DL in their team, it's 100% win. And as a small reference about IT(The Illusion Temple system that's extremely unbalanced and it's about Master Level. When the event starts, it gives you 131,141,151lvl and so on, well, the thing is, the ones who have Master LVL, will automatically be detected as more lvl than the others that don't have ML. I had several times people with ML in IT 2-3-4, that we couldn't kill at all, just because they had this ML lvl difference. So tell me why people with ML are redirected to IT 1-2-3 where the newbies are trying to play and they will face top players with insane gears and master level that they will just can't be able to kill. This is extremely unbalanced and it ruins the event, completely. -At this point, when almost nobody has fenrir, DL can just leave a dust trail behind everyone else that tries to hunt goldens, because of his Horse he can reach the goldens before any other class, he can cover the maps before any other class. -I saw several times DL's that can steal Cursed, Kundun, Bloody Queen, goldens, from top AE's like HellDrake, Senpai, Dajbuzi. The reason is, in PVP invasions or the boss events, DL's can just resist till the end, spamming Chaotic on the boss while AE's can instantly die and lose the opportunity for more dmg on the boss. On the other side, on NON-PVP, again, DL's have more DPS on chaotic, than AE's on MultiShot with perfect positioning. BETLEY as a DL can confirm you all that he easily stole, several times, bosses from AE's, in PVP and NON-PVP. -And a lot of other things that you all noticed but you don't want to mention them because most of you now, changed into DL race so you can abuse it's overwhelming power over other classes. I can't wait for DL nerf so you can all change your races back, and be as bad as you were in the early stage. You were an MG at first eRoby, now you changed to DL, and we both know why. And I agree with you about VRF, he is extremely strong as well and easy to play, but has extremely low mobility and some of his spells are not hitting at all on moving targets, you need to have nerves of steel to play VRF against other classes. [PVP view] Just a few small examples: -Chaotic range and dps, it's insane. It's impossible for other classes to kite that since it has instant dmg on the target even if the target it's moving, not to mention the insane dps and dmg, even tho the DL is Hybryd DL and not pure SDL. It can just melt your health from a range that you can't even reach with other classes. And I will give you examples for each class, except SUMM, EMG and ARF, cause I haven't tested it my self: [DL]vs[BK]: Except CC and IT, anywhere else BK has no chance against DL, especially because of it's horse power. DL can infinitely kite BK and spam chaotic from insane range, and why except CC and IT? Because outside this 2 events, DL can instant use Horse Power if the BK manages to reach his position. So between this classes, at this point, it's a "catch me if you can" game. While BK can't even get close to hit a combo, DL can just kite, run and spam Chaotic till BK dies. Not to mention the Destruction skill for BK, is it even working? I tried several times, can't hit a single slow on the target, either has way too low hit rate, either not working at all. [DL]vs[SMG]: The same story as DL vs BK. The small difference is that SMG can use ice to slow DL down, but again, pointless, cause if SMG reaches DL position, he can easily use Horse Skill or antidotes. And let's not talk about a DL with 2 +4 Ring of Ice ^^ [DL]vs[AE]: While AE, as people mentioned above, has to sacrifice some points from her pure AGI build for Ice Arrow and lot of VIT to have decent health, not to insta die from 1 single hit, DL doesn't even have to balance a build, it works either way, you can't even tell the difference between a Hybryd DL and SDL, they both have insane survivability, insane mobility, insane health, insane dmg, insane def, you name it. AE has to get extremely close to DL to even try to use Ice Arrow on him. DL against AE, doesn't even have to move anyway so consider him permanently Iced but he can still kill you from insane range, while you as AE, can't get close to him to hit your full DMG, so what's the point? I know AE it's not supposed to be that good in PVP, but why you should limit the classes only for a small part of the game? So AE from now on it's gonna be useless in PVM and PVP as well? So everyone gonna just change race from now on? And we will see only elfs for Ice Arrow at CS and some bosses? Feels extremely wrong to me. There are people who wants to enjoy their favorite classes till the end of the game, not only for a small number of resets, then to just feel forced to change the class into something else that has potential in the game so they can compete with others. That's not fair to be honest, DL was a top class since the db started, could easily compete against AE with Chaotic. So why a class should permanently be top class in early, mid and maybe in late as well? But on the other hand, some classes will just be useless. [DL]vs[SM]: As a SM my self, I can tell that at this point, SM it's the most balanced class in the game, the scaling it's exactly as the Staff said it will be. The SM is getting stronger and stronger as it should, in a balanced way, but again, we have a problem against DL. The key point of SM in PVP it will always be the positioning and your kiting skills so against other classes, SM can kite, position and fight back as it should be. But, against a DL, positioning and kiting with teleport, it's pointless. He can just use F10 outzoom to it's maximum and spam chaotic from a range that none of your spells can reach. SM was supposed to be a range class, right? Yet none of it's spells can reach a DL position while he can spam Chaotic from that position, as a SM not even when you try to use Ice Storm to the nearest position of that DL, sometimes it won't reach at all, but DL's chaotic will reach you. And if you will try to get in his range to spam Blast, you will instantly die. [DL]vs[VRF]: At this point, VRF it's the only class that can get close to fight back a DL but even like that if only the DL stays still and it's not trying to kite. Imagine both 14rr classes(RF and DL). The ammount of health VRF has, it's huge, right? Arround 40k even more with full +hp set, rings. Well, imagine all that HP just going down like ice melting, from a range that VRF can't reach if the DL is kiting. Even tho the DL won't kite, VRF will have no chance against him. [DL]vs[SUMM]: I haven't tested this one my self, feel free to speak if anyone did. But in my opinion, since SUMM is such a squishy class, we know the story [DL]vs[EMG]: Not tested, but as SUMM class is, this EMG build it's squishy and as well, so the same story I guess. [DL]vs[ARF]: Not tested, and since ARF it's trash in PVP, not even worth to mention. [DL]vs[DL]: Not tested, but I am actually curious about a fight between SDL and Hybryd DL, i wanna see who wins. I could go on with several examples, but you all know that DL is extremely broken at the moment, even tho some of you won't admit it, because you are defending your own class, but still. Even tho ADMIN said that DL it's still extremely strong, compared to other classes. Somehow, some of you are here telling us the opposite. At this point, even the worst DL player on the server, can beat most of other good players, just because the class it's broken and doesn't require too much skill, if not, doesn't require skill at all, since all you have to do it's to stay stil and spam Chaotic. I hope it isn't too much to read, you can call me Reporter ^^. But I tried to put some things together since everyone is leaving their opinions here, there it is mine.
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