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    1. Today
    2. I never traded someone before entering gaion. I just played with you few times staying gaion 20 min, but remember when I let you win ob5(I let you join in last 10 minutes coz you needed atleast 1 point). I'm not the one who started all these messes as you say now. I am the one who will pk, because you asked for it.
    3. Funny Krize talking about trading before gaion and blocking entrance, teleporting to kalima... Should have talked butcher or endo before posting this stuff :S Cuz this is exactly their footprint.
    4. @Gionits obvlious you dont want to change nothing, you already voted and from a long time ago discussion I remember your opinion Totusi incercam sa si pastram jucatorii, nu intentionam sa paraseasca serverul ^^ Nobody came with a better idea, so you should reject this suggestion and close the topic. Cya!
    5. Badabing, you are hypocrites. Im not here to make a weapon for miself. I dont used to post any of you till this guy AlexMG started to " jerk off on my mother graveyard", to "piss on my mother graveyard" and so on. If u want to see more of these let the rules like it is. From now on everybody who will swear me, cursed me, maximum will be reported, but with outdated screenshots, just to see how stupid are some of you. If you want to stay in the mud, just stay. Rules are for everybody, not for myself. Good luck!
    6. Yesterday
    7. Practice what you preach. Stop being a hypocrite. This is obviously being weaponized to target an individual. It's not like you guys were never toxic. And you guys were the racist in the first place
    8. The toxicity from Oldboys/hardcore/rampage players existed way before steppers. Almost all sundays and many bosses majority of last year were not even trash talk/banter but blatant toxicity from Oldboys, even Zigg/Zaoo was very racist with the fried dogs thing. As a bystander all Ive seen is how one guild starts the toxicity and when they get same treatment in return they start to find solutions to remove players from the server. Funny how they themselves cant see it that way. Always an excuse. Things get heated when people get frustrated but when you bait people to go there, that is on you. And all that dawi has said here is true. But the topic in hand, harsher punishment does seem like a good idea but right now the suggestion seems like someone is trying to weaponize it. When you make life miserable for people and then see them lash out just so you can report to get them banned, especially coming from the guild that resorts to that kind of tricks, that is not a suggestion I can get behind.
    9. Dawi, We all went through what you are describing, but do you really think that cursing/bl whatever will help settle things down? If I remember correctly at the beginning of this aggressive behavior, you guys were not the target. We were quite content with jabs/taunts, etc. during and after boss fights. But unfortunately the situation only got worse after some ppl from steppers went above a certain limit, and continued to escalate things. We all have diffrent limits when it comes to what we can tolerate. Personly don't take offense easily (and trust me, neitherdoes tibi), but if someone says something about my dead mother, i will call sick at work and teach the guy some manners. So yes, to avoid all this (witch is getting already out of hand) some action is necessary. Having a rule that takes the gravity of the offense in to account is not a bad ideea in my book. We can talk about this all day long, but at the end it will not solve anything, that is what we all should understand from this "debate". Dear Gion, Kind reminder to u as well:))))))) We are on topic, discussing if this is necessary and if this moves forward maybe even giving you a rule proposal. Best regards, K
    10. Might be somehow offtopic, but kind reminder: I think that the recent reports are related to this one, reports which triggered this suggestion imo.
    11. They are not indirect, they are very direct. I play a chill game and respect everyone across the board. Out of all people I am sure you are one of the people that can confirm that. But your teammates abuse is relentless. I was traded by whoever played Cursed a while back when going gaion rank, I woke up Kalima7 plenty. Last night too- I left /re auto to help newbs on karutan2 because there I can farm in peace, and I woke up K7. List goes on. Boss fights are meant for conflict and trash talk which I fully accept. I helped your guys's guild with quests, items etc. not just one or 2 ppl. And every time I am "rewarded" with the same retarded behavior. The same goes for many other players, just because a handful cannot distinguish between individuals. What I said previously stands. By your logic Adolf Hitler was just a chill painter also... Regards, dawi-
    12. David, I have to say this...both your posts ar full of indirect insults, aimed at both tibi as well as all off us. I don't think this is very constructive and it will also not lead to a conclusion regarding the topic that is being discussed. As you well know, all 3 guilds have some less then well behaved players, so in my opinion the blame for this situation is mutual. Also, every one seem to forget that this is a game, and for my part I play to relax in my limited time, but that does not mean I like to see my screen full with cursing/trash talk every day. On a another note, since this situation started because of cursing (I personally saw alexmg cursing tibi unprovoked) I think that upping the penalty for cursing, is a first good step for having a better game quality. Maybe not 2 days ban, for the first offense, but something has to be done. P.S. I know tibi, and he s chill guy until someone goes overboard. (Like trading his party before gaion, making gaions in 20 min so others can't enter, kalima tp from auto party, and all manner of other "nice stuff")
    13. Last week
    14. Tibi, it is pretty sad actually to see you can't distinguish between individuals and the <us vs them> mentality has been ingrained deeply inside your behavior just like they had it before 1989 Romania. Sad to see you seem to lack individuality. The server is PVP- oriented, yes; and in case you need reminder: PVP invasions, Chaos Castle, Arena, Duel, Gamble, Gens Maps etc scenarios for you to practice your PVP skills instead of 'cleaning' swamp of people that have done nothing to you and are farming lvls/ zen. I am not going to try and reason with you because, honestly, you seem to lack the capacity for it- I tried to reason with you before to no avail (on multiple occasions), and that I have to say, seems to be the common denominator of your alliance. It looks to me you guys take your real world frustrations and generously impart them on the players trying to enjoy their free time here. Best of luck. dawi-
    15. agree , badadonkeys are full losers sleeping in path of castle and in crown for 2hours zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    16. 1st of all this is a pvp server. If u cant deal this, you should move on non pvp maps. I pk only Badabing and Steppers members because you have big mouths everyday on post. Also your gm and steppers owners are the best trashtalkers on srv. Many of you are collateral victims.
    17. Let me make sure I understood correctly your proposal: At first glance and for the people that don't know you or anyone you are good friends with on this server, this is a great suggestion. BUT for everyone else who actually plays here and knows you, basically you are saying you would like to keep bullying everybody and playing the victim card at the same time. You want to keep killing everybody and treating them as second class citizens, while acting like the world owes you gratitude. In other words: "we want to keep making everyone's life here miserable, but if they talk back at us, our fragile ego can't handle it and we need daddy to intervene" With regards to language offense, there's no greater offenders than your alliance. You guys cross any racism and hatred lines known to the human race. You should really ponder life when you wake up in the morning and recalibrate your values. You bait people into getting angry with you from built up frustration due to your actions and then make it look like you are the only ones that got hurt. (I can give myself as example here) Please stop trying to look like a white knight when you are a bully and your alliance makes sport of everyone else's misery on the server. First become the person you tout here, and drop the façade. On a more personal note- get a freezer, you might melt otherwise. With regards, dawi- (Lanaya)
    18. Character name: Endorphin Suggestion type: Genesis server Suggestion content: Hello everybody! If you check https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/151-player-reports-warns/ you will see that there are many complaints about BL. Many of them cross the limit of common sense (one of them is Dominic's post about AlexMG) because the rules are not good. For any kind of swearing, the accused receives a maximum of several hours of chat silence for the first bad behavior. Playing with the same people everyday in this permanent server, I suggest drastically increasing the punishments. Many times people dont report these trash talking because they know what will happen... just mute for few hours.I am sure that if these swear words were about you, you would give permanent bans without blinking. Let's narrow this difference down a bit. How the suggestion can bring value: If a newcomer sees these discussions on the post, I'm sure he will give up playing. If the punishments are high, reporting will become rare, because they will not risk being punished. How would you personally implement your suggestion: For BL/Racism 1st offence = 1 day ban on the first 2 main chars 2nd time = 2 days ban on the first 2 main chars 3rd time = 4 days ban on the first 2 main chars 4th time = 4 days and so on
    19. This is not enough evidence to make sure he was 100% racist towards Romanian players / people. Not being a racism report makes the evidence not enough for a BL report as well. Locked.
    20. Lanaya +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. As for Grotesque the screenshot is not really showing that he was talking to you. If you have a better looking screen at least showing that you two were in the same place or any better evidence than a random chat please open a new report because either way we have to let the topic open for at least 12 hours for an eventual defense and this topic will be closed as the parent issue was solved. Locked.
    21. Please read the reporting rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    22. Gengar was already punished here: But this is not a place where we can tolerate such behavior as in changing characters to continue this.. Gengar - muted for 2 days. Locked.
    23. So many keyboard warriors.. those guys every single day they insult people. I do understand that we should not be snowflakes but some people should get a grip and mind their bussines is just a game . You can`t act like a child every single day and get away with that behaviour. I don`t understand how they never get punished. Hopefully @Gion will do something with those people regardless if they are from hardcore or other guilds. I don`t think mute is enough for that. Take care and try to be humans . Is just a game.
    24. https://postimg.cc/gallery/rd2pmXw/309b46f1 Gion, tell me what happens if I use these words on you? Ok, I know the answer. I get permanent ban. I don't understand why these guys will only receive warnings and if someone uses the same words on you, they will receive a permanent ban. Just look on Dominic post, how low ppl can be and they will nothing happend coz " these are the rules". Thank you in advance for nothing!
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