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  3. Additional info regarding the /pvpquest feature ! !NOTE: Due to the effect of the Mercenary Change in level -this was created in order for you to be able to access the map of your Target- , you will lose the EXP achieved for that level (for example if you change at 90% of level 320, after your quest is done, your level will be back at 320, but 0% progress). We recommend you to use /pvpquest when your bar is 0, or as close as possible.
  4. Release date: 09.04.2019 05:15 - Updates are already up and no server restart needed. Changelog: [FIXED] CC not showing the winner/giving the win points when the "last man standing" killed last players alive in consecutive row. [UPDATED] Now CC will also show players that got eliminated by "map traps" - which means mob explosions / restricted zone. [UPDATED] Symbols of Kundun now does spawn on mobs levels that match their invitation level. [UPDATED] Character Market minimum requirements are now level 350 and 0 resets. [FIXED] Valiant & Glorious items dropping from monsters higher than their tier. Now they drop like Iris/Ashcrow, etc. + Other small fixes/adjustments.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Kaladin

    Buying mg 2nd wings, leave ur nick here if you have them, and ill get notification, thanks.
  7. Hi, im buying Brass items (Armor, Pants, Bots, Gloves, Helm) + Luck+Damage reduction = jewel Ingame: Franquetoh Thanks.
  8. ADMIN

    On our server Valiant is tier4 item (BoK4) and Thunder Hawk is tier5 item (BoK5). Items tiers can be seen on official info topic -> item tiers category. But I will check the normal mobs drop, may be a default drop where valiant is considered higher (by webzen) than thunder hawk.
  9. Kaladin

    Not sure if in webzen servers its the same, coz i cant find data on google, but thunderhawk , 2nd mg set, has more deffencive stats then valliant set 5th mg set. This shouldnt be right as valiant drops from a lot stronger mobs then thunderhawk. Anyway, just thought id bring this to your attention . sorry if this has been reported already. https://imgur.com/a/yxaLvvF http://muonline.webzen.com/guides/32/189/items/set-items
  10. Kaladin

    Yea, im also buying them, ill offer much better price. Lulu PM Edit. 2nd mg wings, not TS orb, (BedHead changed it :D)
  11. Gion

    OldPro + 1 warn => 1 day mute Locked.
  12. BedHead

    Buying Rune Blade+9+s=Jewels Buying Soul Barrier scroll=1c ign: BedHead (mail/pm me)
  13. ADMIN

    For #1, it does tell you left side in chat (with blue) if it could find good coordonates on respawn, if it didn't it respawned you on safe-zone. It tries 500 times to find right coords near golden, but it doesn't always find depending on golden zones. It works normally for me and it does announce me if it didn't find good coords for respawn. For #2, keep in mind that Mercenaries does bypass such non-pvp rule of the invasion, which means Mercenaries can kill each-others during non-pvp invasions.
  14. Kaladin

    im not sure if you are aware, but pvp and non pvp invasions don't work as intended. "PvP Invasions: Free PK near Goldens (no penalty for killing), while killed player is respawning close to the golden" i am not sure about the penalty, but you definitely don't re spawn near the place you were killed. "Non PvP Invasions: Not possible to kill players during this Invasions, as long as there are still Goldens alive on that map, and 8 seconds after." Yes, you can very easy kill other players, right next to the golden mobs in fact, i've been killed many times during the hunt in "non-pvp invasion" Can you confirm that this is a bug ? or is this something that was left in information from Phoenix#1 and was forgotten to edit ?
  15. Last week
  16. ADMIN

    Hello, We're currently working on finding and stopping the root of the attacks we're facing. We'll for sure offer some compensations when we'll fully get rid of them. Until then, please be patient, we're doing our best, but it is not as easy as it sounds due to the new type of attacks we're encountering. Cheers!
  17. danoc

    i piss on you all :google translate
  18. Release date: 06.04.2019 14:05 - Updates are already up and no server restart needed. Congrats to Cristian, mafy and Makiavelli for finishing the Break 1 and unlocking the extra exp for the rest of players, as well as winning 1x BoK+4 Weapon + LK + 2 OPT. Changelog: [UPDATED] Break 1 exp (260-280) increased to 70% from 25% - up since around 11:20 AM. [UPDATED] BoK+3 goldens released. [UPDATED] Now Reset Fruits will show on website the amount of points they restore (instead of level of the fruit). [UPDATED] Now you can see Eliminations (player kills) & CC Wins on CC Ranks (counting from now on). [UPDATED] Now you get extra 500+(CCLevel*300) CC points per player eliminated on CC, based on the CC level. [UPDATED] Now you get extra 3000+(CCLevel*1000) CC points for winning CC (last man standing), based on CC level. [UPDATED] Weekly rankings are now active. [UPDATED] Now when writing /info you will also see the class if the build is Hybrid (like Hybrid-BK, Hybrid-SM, etc.). [UPDATED] Replaced Alpha Crust from DS1 with Iron Wheel (easier mob). [UPDATED] Add luck from website unlocked. [UPDATED] Chaos Machine from +10 to +11 on website unlocked. [UPDATED] Increase ADD Option from website unlocked. [UPDATED] Mercenary Squad unlocked (you can write /registerpvp to register). Current Mercenary Bounty rewards: 90% chance for Jewel of Soul / Jewel of Chaos / Jewel of Life. 10% chance for Doppleganger Scrolls / Antidotes.
  19. I want to ask about the events in the game, can you tell me?
    1. Gion


      Sure, mate. What do you want to know ?

    2. cubomtg


      event in game?


    3. Gion


      GameMaster Events (OSGM) will start later. It is too early now for such big rewards

  20. hello

    1. cubomtg


      What time is it now?
    2. Gion


      12:56 PM at this moment 

  21. Gion

    Mana / HP pots will remain as they are, I am sorry. Locked.
  22. Gion

    Good luck ! +1 warn on forum for triple post, btw.
  23. Kaladin

    i disagree, i like the way potions are now. ppl who sleep less are rewarded more.
  24. Spawn

    Probably many faced the problem that Mana and HP is enough for a maximum of 2 hours, of course this is not a problem for people who do not leave the PC, but most need to sleep anyway. I suggest that you raise the count of Health Potion(No large) and add Medium Mana potion with 50+ pieces. As well as increase the number of stacks in Health potion (no Large) because without Elves we need to buy a lot of Potion for regen HP
  25. mergulon

    ok thx time end game\
  26. mergulon

    And why serwer have speed limit go test and use 2000 agility +kris =250 speed its not 250!!!
  27. mergulon

    What? Atack poison not work i need use poison for medusa and other moob
  28. WhitecoX

    Hmmm .. ok multumesc .
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