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  3. hellldrake

  4. DsasterBoy

  5. Gion

    The kid server (WormHole) is designed for Inception
  6. Hvman

    So you plan on doing a "Phoenix Kid" and then merging the server here too? XD (i'm not sure if i understood correctly)
  7. Gion

    Ofc it is necessary, the others have to know why we took these measures
  8. Gion

    It did, in 70%. The next one will be better (we will adjust the duration, etc)
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hvman

    Oh, didn't know that. Did it work though? XD
  11. Reporter

    https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/149-wormhole-medium-style-inceptions-kid-inactive/, I think this is what you are talking about and Admin already uses this but on Inception (Max 30 rr)
  12. I don't know if you've ever thought about this, but there was a way, back in the day (used on webzen too) of merging servers. I can't remember wether they were same style of server then merged because of lack of player or not but my suggestion is: Use your advertisement/marketing ways to announce a new FRESH start (cause somehow every mu player nowadays looks for fresh and end up on shitty servers dunno why) give them a 1/2 boost in everything (exp/jwls/droprate) nothing way overpowered, but maybe to be close-ish to the top50 in the first 1month or something of playing? (Or at least become decently competitive to non-peak hours) Then, merge the servers into one, so the population will grow on server, and i'm sure you'll get more casual players, and new hardcore players and more money (let's be honest, you need the $ to support the server, it's not surviving on thin-air, who still thinks that is a moron) I'm pretty sure webzen did this too multiple times (merging) and maybe it will help you too, since i feel like this database is going to last for at least 3months+ (during the summer) and the playerbase has been drastically lowering) I'm not saying do that, just saying think about it. (I've seen you tried boosting lvl so the new casual players feel more inclined to go, but we all know that mu-players when they see people 6rr+ on a (10rr srv) they wont join for the usual reasons:i'm to far behind bla bla etc"
  13. Hvman

    If it's necessary i will translate it but to be honest half of it i don't even know how to translate. There are serious words thrown. https://imgur.com/a/6bQwEDj @Gion
  14. dontpanic

    ohhh right. it stopped working when CS started. thanks!
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