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    1. Yesterday
    2. Maybe I should've been logged in to google, now I was able to watch them. Ciucalau - banned from IT for 14 days on account and IP. Locked.
    3. That is strange. If you see the attached image, supposedly everyone with the link should have access. Do you have any other easy way to share videos?
    4. Make sure to select Genesis as "Current server" on web
    5. char created but not found on the char control panel .. char name :Power server :GENESIS Class: BK
    6. Google says this: Who has access You do not have permission to view sharing information for this item
    7. Ciucalau AFK in IT. We would stand a chance if he was on. He didn't move the whole game, as the videos show. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w6zhwjoNX92amoCZedh05A5-walZ0a9P?usp=share_link
    8. Last week
    9. Lol, not everyone on Genesis have items, just us, HARDCORE. Best regards,
    10. [UPDATED] Now you have to be online on CS server at the end of CS in order to be able to receive the Losing Side reward. Available for both Inception & Genesis.
    11. all of your opinions are useless, dont try to change a rock's mind lol
    12. Betley +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. dArtagnan +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked. Edit: traktorek +3 forum warns => restricted from posting for 1 day.
    13. Taking into account that Amar was just warned minutes ago in other report and it is the same 15-20 minutes interval when maybe he got angry for some reason, we will just extend the mute from 36 hours to 48, no warn. Locked.
    14. Amar +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. Locked.
    15. https://imgur.com/h61J0K0 https://imgur.com/OKuT1KG
    16. bl agresiv... https://imgur.com/a/ERHuOmE https://imgur.com/a/6NuIf6q https://imgur.com/a/yRnm1jl https://imgur.com/a/Eyiafs3 https://imgur.com/a/oPQ078e
    17. u made the provocation , u called me bastard over here ;)) , And i didnt bullying no1 love u ❤️
    18. https://imgur.com/a/EFTzNNT 1 - it's the first time I post someone , the accused person still continues to be toxic... 2 - if it wasn't written on global and I didn't have a lost mother, I would skip it 3 - I want a transparent and fair decision thank you
    19. Hmm , i think is worth to hunt invasions , because we don't have webshop , so we can't buy more stuff with credits . In blacksmith we can only add lk , and make items +12 / +8.So...i must go to invasion / bc / ds , etc.. to get items (exc / ancient / whatever). 2nd I must go to invasion (WW , selupan , bc , ds) to get jwls to make wings and items +9 , so..players MUST go at invasion. If we have credits will be more intersting , we can buy / sell characters , we can do a lot of things , and the primary exchange coin will be jewels . It's true you should take some credits for invasion to do a balance but i'm pretty sure you can , cuz you did this 2-3 years ago. Ok , that's my opinion , i'm waiting for other ppl to see my sugestion. Good luck guys !
    20. I like the idea. But I would not proceed with credits, rather with another kind of currency, such as Goblin Poits, or RUUD. With this currency, you can buy other things, not what you can buy with credits.
    21. We had this option in the past, and thinking that the target would be an active server we recalculated the economy in such way that the credits from online hours to be transferred to the active hunt, especially on low events, so that everyone can reach them, but also as a way of reducing the relevancy of alt characters (so you won't have to have 10 characters just for credits, while the invasions will become worthless because we cannot just add this option, we have to cut what we've just added from another place in order to maintain the economy and thus the server alive). Anyway, the suggestion is still open, let's hear more opinions if there are
    22. Hello, I also come with the following proposal: To introduce Online Trade Hours per credits in the website. I think it is beneficial for both players, who can stay online to go to events and for those with less time but still active (AFK). This suggestion would reduce the very big difference between the players and it will be win-win for everyone. Those credits can be earned by both type of players , from events and from Online hours trade, and those who stay (AFK) can hardly reach, but at least they can reach the level of all players in a certain time interval. This proposal started from the idea of reducing the difference between the two types of players, and having a more balanced gameplay. Good luck!
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