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    2. In my opinion, the best option is to reduce the pvp damage from TS
    3. Today
    4. or maybe to add like 50 HP potion cap. Anyway most of the people run. regardless the guild. But putting a cap on the hp potions will be decent and maybe no sd potions if its a cap. If u have a tank build and 500 hp potions..you can run from 3-4 people easy.
    5. Yesterday
    6. this can be fixed by removing HP potions from everybody in CC when less than 3 minutes are left.
    7. Last week
    8. Character name that is submitting it: - Cutesugar Suggestion type (server/website/forum) : -server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough): For the 2nd GR i think we can take a whole different view, one based on making players actually play the game while also creating a more fair and square playfield. - Creation of a new GR system based only on quests (for the whole explanation please check last point) - Creation of new option on exe/380 items to make it playable How the suggestion can bring value: - Creates better changes for everyone to be equiped for end-game content (PVP) - Makes people active / actually joining events, not just all day afk or /offattack - Makes people experience all the content available How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision): In my view, i think the 2nd GR should bring the following updates for characters: -> 10 extra ML points ( obtainable by /makequest ) -> New reward system -> New quests Think of it like this, after the new ML update, people only stay afk on spot all day and maybe join DS / BC afk for some extra XP so that they can grind that final levels of ML. I think this is putting the whole server in standby mode instead of making it active. I would suggest implementing for the new GR (2nd GR) new quests: * Keep in mind, this ideea is designated to make players obtain 1 Reset / 3 quests finished like previous resets ) Maybe 15 - 30 quests that would require you to be active & maybe obtain some PVP/PVE Artefacts along the way to also get the old rings / old pend mix like: - Do BC X times / Do DS x times - Go to medusa or selupan - Go arena x times - Go gaion in specific requirement ( team of 2 / team of 3 / team of 4 ) - Go world bosses X times - Succesfully defend crywolf X times - Mix 100 items in goblin / Raid X people / Do pvpquests / etc etc so basically just create some achievable quests that require some active "grinding" instead of /offattack. * Considering the aproach of 15 quests -> 5 more ML lvls should be enabled ( 1 ML obtained / Reset ) or 10 more ML/Reset if we take the 30 quests aproach. Now considering the new rewards: - All 3rd quests should bring you 1PVE + 1PVP arte (so by the end of it you should have 5PVE 5PVP from quests alone without event rewards so that everybody should be able to obtain at least 1 OLD MIX by the end of questing / maybe 2 if we go for 30 quests ) Also quests 1 and 2 should give 1 New Squad Box New squad box system -> It can drop end game content for players ( DD SS / New jewel ) -> For DD SS there is no explanation needed, it will still be a viable asset. ** NEW JEWEL ** -> Should be a new type of mix item in goblin that would require ( 1PVP / 1 PVE + jewels / zen / etc -> Make it around the same price as a DD SS should be or a bit more ) and that item will add a 4th option to exe / 380 items who already have 3 options on them ( Let's say it add OLD SQUAD BUFF ) and also applicable to rare sets. That old squad buff or whatever you want to call the 4th option should make 380 items / exe items ( since only those can have this new jewel added to them ) competitive vs socket sets since people do rare sets / 380 / exe sets just for fun to be fair, socket will be kind forever in this format. Let's get it!
    9. One way to balance all characters in CC would be to disable the ability to use pets (kind of like being unable to enter CC with a fenrir) and automatically equip every class with an unkillable (like the golden fenrir) and impossible to unequip custom pet that modifies their damage or absorbs damage. Each class would need different values based on testing 1v1 duels without mounts to achieve balance and make every class viable. Perhaps teleport wouldn't even need to be fully disabled, if the cooldown is increased in CC and SM damage is buffed accordingly it could make it less cheesy without removing one of the core components of SMs toolkit.
    10. Not a bad idea. I think the best way to achieve this is to use what already exists in the game. I.e. the exc sets and weapons, 380 sets and weapons etc. Make them competitive with the socket items based on individual character stats - 380 sets are pretty much there already, but they are 1 per class. Exc sets are many, including the rare sets. And this to be achieved once items are made + 15. At lower tiers, they can still be "weak". So it would give the players the options to all look different and still be top- farm for 3 opt sets etc.
    11. wtf all this topic is because u dont like bk kill all with ts and u want to get killed by combo? :)) bc it u say any other should defeat bk is crasy
    12. Hello, Inception Sprint 4 will be over today, 13th July at 19:00 GMT+3 (Server Time). At that moment, Inception will be removed from website and you won't be able to leave Lorencia safe-zone and / or make new trades, etc., but the server will remain online for 7 more days (until 20th July around 19:00~23:59 GMT+3 - so you can finish the transfer process). In order to transfer to Genesis you need to have at least 5 resets when it's over. If you have the requirements, you just have to write /transfer [NewName] [Genesis/Inception] from the Character you are transferring, where [NewName] = the name you want to have on Genesis and [Genesis/Inception] is your credits transfer option (if you choose Genesis, 100% of your Inception credits will be moved to Genesis, if you choose Inception, 20% of your current credits will remain on your Inception account for the next Inception Sprint and none will be transferred to Genesis). Example1: /transfer TestBK genesis -> Will transfer your character to Genesis with the new name as "TestBK" as well as 100% of your credits to Genesis. Example2: /transfer TestDL inception -> Will transfer your character to Genesis with the new name as "TestDL" and 20% of your current credits will remain on Inception account for the next Sprint. Note: Minimum 4 characters, maximum 10 characters for name. Note2: Only alphanumeric characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9), no special characters/symbols or so. Note3: The new name you choose must not be taken already on Genesis by someone else. Note4: The 2nd argument can only be genesis or inception (with any combination of upper/lower letters like GeNeSis, INCEPTION, etc.) What is transferred: Character's Equipment (with all content) Character's Inventory & Extended Inventory (with all content) Character's Store (with all content) Character's Zen The jewels and zen that you have in Jewel Wallet & Zen Wallet Main Vault (0) content (including the zen) ATTENTION!!!: The Main Vault (0) from Genesis will be REPLACED with the one from Inception, so make sure to have your items moved from Main warehouse (0) to warehouse (1) or (2) on GENESIS before transferring! Character's Master Level will be transferred BUT it will also be reset after transfer. ATTENTION!!!: All of your character skills will be RESET after transfer, if you had any ML! 100% of your Inception's credits (if you choose to transfer them) - else you will retain 20% of your credits from Inception for the next Inception Sprint (and none will be transferred to Genesis). What else is included with your character: HoFs Fruit Points Mercenary Squad Stats What is not included in the transfer: Secondary warehouses content (1-5) Web Warehouse content Market content Old "stats" of your character (like PvM Rankings, CS stats, etc.) Gens Status & Stats Observations: You need to have at least one free slot on Genesis account (same account) in order to transfer - command will let you know. After the transfer is complete, your character & account from Inception will be blocked and the credits/jewel & zen wallets you still have will be set to 0 (the account will be unblocked on the next Inception Sprint). You will be transferred with level 400 and the reset based on the transfer table. You will have 25 stats + the sum of points based on your new reset & genesis points as unused points, that you can freely add. Note: They aren't 100% accurate but once you do your first reset on Genesis they will be 100% accurate. I will remind you once again the transfer table for the resets & level: Cheers.
    13. thanks a lot it's nice info about MG … ❤️
    14. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward): Doink Suggestion type (server/website/forum): Server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough): As of now the strongest and smartest way to win chaos castle is using a tanky SM - getting the highest amount of mob kills and then avoiding combat for 10 minutes until the timer runs out, winning by points. It is most optimal strategy to use yet it makes the event quite unenjoyable for the other participants - there is no way to counter it apart from bringing 5+ teammates with enough damage and disables to catch the SM. Even with an ice elf SM can teleport while iced so in the end it comes down to having overwhelming numbers and breaking the spirit of the event by bringing in a team. The only remaining disables are dl and bk stun. DL lacks the damage in CC to be able to kill SM and bk... well have a look at the footage below The whole idea of chaos castle is a chaotic free for all battle - no teaming, no chat allowed, everyone looks the same. Yet in order to stand a chance against cheese such as teleport SM one must come in with many allies and be in a discord call to circumvent the measures against communicating. Here is an example of an average cc7 match: For context, I didn't know who the MG was until the end of the event but since we both saw we're up against a SM the only logical thing was to team up and hope we somehow manage to catch him. My hp bar is blue because I placed a blue box over it to hide the hp numbers, yet due to an error on my part they were still visible, thus I blurred that area with youtube edit options after uploading. I carry a rave set + a 2 handed mace switch with imps/demons + ww rings for these exact scenarios yet even if you do everything in your power to counter this strat it's next to impossible to catch them unless you have a significant numbers advantage - 5 vs 1 etc. The only logical thing is to exclusively play SM in chaos castle. As a person who has all the characters this doesn't affect me as much but I think this sort of meta isn't enjoyable for almost anyone involved. In order to make CC a fun and balanced pvp event there would need to be more changes than just disabling teleport on SM. Many characters underperform without mounts and taking away SM teleport could potentially make the class too weak to compete in CC. How the suggestion can bring value: Make events more fun and competetive for all classes instead of catering to cheese antifun meta.
    15. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward): Doink Suggestion type (server/website/forum): server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough): As we all know mu online is a heavily gear/level based game. That's not a problem in competetive sprints but for the more laid back permanent server it creates a barrier of entry for new players - having to spend 3-6 months grinding pve before you get to compete in your first boss fights is a sufficient deterrent for most new players as is. In the previous update we got old rings, which I believe is not the right direction in the long run. Vertical progression adds new content for the veterans of the server but only deepens the gap potential new players have to overcome before being able to compete in almost any event or participate in pvp. Old rings are a perfect example of vertical progression - new items are released and they blow old items out of the water (power creep) - making the grind even more dissuading for new players who are wondering whether it's worth it to spend 6 months grinding before they get to the endgame. In contrast to that, horizontal progression adds new content, new items and goals to grind for for everyone, while not making the previous items obsolete and not extending the time new players need to sink into the game before they can become relevant/competetive. Meanwhile vertical progression creates an even bigger gap between veterans and new players as to obtain artifacts necessary for crafting old rings one must be able to be competetive in both pvp and endgame pve. A working example of horizontal progression on oldsquad are excellent ddi sets versus socket sets - both are viable and have their use, what determines which option is better for you is your class, build and playstyle. Same thing with grand reset giving only 3k stats and 5% extra damage - technically vertical but it's in a similar spirit to horizontal and a good direction to make the game playable quick instead of gatekeeping content behind months of afk farming. How the suggestion can bring value: Help new players stick around and keep the player numbers healthy long term while still giving people goals to grind for. Less barrier of entry for new players, more build variety. (Optional) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision): If old rings were implemented as horizontal progression, they could perhaps have less defensive stats and less hprec than best in slot rings obtainable from budges, trading the defensive bonuses for more offensive stats (dd, edr, etc). This would make them best in slot for pve and for killer characters while jewelry obtainable from budges could stay best in slot for beefier characters who benefit more from extra dd/hp/ref/hprec. Not saying to change old rings now but I think it would be more healthy if future content was made with all of this in mind.
    16. MrBlue +1 warn, total of 3 => banned for 1 day. Locked.
    17. Again, if stun is considered an unfun mechanic by the majority of the community I'm all up for removal as long as BK is adequately compensated with a different feature that allows him to stay competetive and viable in 1v1 and teamfights, ideally making bk gameplay less frustrating and less based on luck - it has always been a character that lets the users skill shine, luck based mechanics are the antithesis of what BK represents. On the other side of the coin, every single class bar RF doesn't have to deal with stagger while essentially almost permastunning BK in fights (if you happen to cyclone a DL or Elf and get under them you are effectively permastunned, maybe 1 in 10 fights I manage to get out of that positon), yet when they get stunned suddenly it's an unfun mechanic. As of now even with stun it's incredibly painful to play this class in 1v1s without fenrir. If you do decide to go full ref tank to survive group engagements without fenrir you're still unable to catch up to mounted people and stun them, I have yet to see an umounted ref bk in a teamfight have any sort of impact apart from being a hard to kill buffer. If he gets on you you just walk away, there is nothing he can do to catch you. Even if he had 1k attack speed and you are oblivious enough to let an unmounted bk walk up to you, he will get staggered from ref, making it impossible to keep a target stunned for long - just walk away. It would be incredibly funny to see how teamfights will look like with no disabling abilities, ice ring +4 paired with potions of soul mean everyone will be unkillable and SM will become S tier . Perhaps buffing ice elf would fix this issue and give elf a second playstyle.
    18. Earlier
    19. Man u wanna just reduce stun.... That will be stupid. You ever chased SM with teleport or any char with fenrir? You not getting this BK lifestyle - If u keep posting here, please let us know your BK charname - isnt it you skippy? @WhoKnows seem to just wanna nerf BK because he cant go against it. He wont reveal his true character names either so why would we even listen to him. If every new player start complain about top DL/SUM for being too powerful - are they right to come here asking for other classes to be nerfed? Would be funny if it turns out that @WhoKnows is DL/SUM who cant go against bk...
    20. how do we know exactly which ones are working and which ones does not work ? We need a list with the exact ones that are not working
    21. I totally agree with this part too "if its possible look into that stagger ("stop") problem and try find some sort of solution to this - if that can be changed i think reduced stun could be considered. Its is too hard to land a combo against high speed characters." Also, I agree that RF class its very, very bad to play. He dies in 2,3 hits, but let's take them 1 by 1 and concentrate this topic on BK as I said, I would love to play BK combo style, reduce stun a bit and let's have some fun. My eyes are hurting when I see a champion hero as BK playing full vit with mace and shield running around stunning
    22. I do feel sorry about RF - is probably harderst char to compete in this server. Nevertheless, i do believe doink has good points and well written review. I hope admins will find a way to balance things out, This FenrirBK was born first because being able to be useful in CS but turned out to be op in overall duels. @Gion if its possible look into that stagger ("stop") problem and try find some sort of solution to this - if that can be changed i think reduced stun could be considered. Its is too hard to land a combo against high speed characters.
    23. Giving BK a mount which stops stagger and allows to cyclone + nerfing combo damage to compensate would be an interesting change. Same thing could be done with RF. Or enabling stagger while mounted so it's the same playing field for everyone. Edit: It would also remove a lot of the skill ceiling from bk vs bk duels and make bk a paradise for macro users which I'm not sure is a good thing. Ye bk has no way to catch anyone on a fenrir if they decide to kite him but the fact that on top of that the class straight up loses the manfight in most scenarios even if no mistakes are made is wild. Keep in mind that's while using animation cancels, left clicks to stop cyclone glitch and all the other fancy shit to push bk to its limits. I feel like chasing people is the least of bks problems right now, you can't even win 1v1s unless you get lucky stuns even if the opponent just facetanks and holds rightclick if they are on dl/summ/elf. If you do get a stun you have to land at least 4-5 combos in the span of 2 seconds and hope it's enough to finish them. If stun glitches out and only lasts for 0.5-1 seconds you're dead. If you get staggered from ref you're dead. If you make a mistake you're also dead. And that stun in the first 2-3 seconds of the fight is your only win condition. The rest of the fights where you don't stun you just die with nothing you can do about it. If you cyclone a DL/ELF you often end up positioned right inside of them, taking all of the instances of either multishot or chaotic deseier - getting completely stunlocked and taking the maximum potential damage with no way out. Generally bk is the one being chased in most matchups but you can't really run much since your character refuses to take any input including movement while being hit... Really all you can do is mount up or just lose every matchup apart from RF while tryharding your ass off, you have no disengage and before you even reach the target your sd is generally gone.
    24. Nerf bk stun - almost all will go play other class. @Gion, could something be done for bk as in terms of that stagger ("stop") effect. I feel like this edr+double dmg Old ring set is making it even worse now.. Almost impossible to chase/catch anyone with fenrir....
    25. I have been in test server and 1v1 duels for the past month trying to make combo bk work, at this point I don't think there is anywhere else to go in terms of mechanical skill and class knowledge. Combo bk just feels terrible to play against mounted characters no matter the build, being unable to move or cast any spells for the majority of the fight just isn't an enjoyable experience. I think the amount of combo bks in duels and arena speaks for itself... The amount of mechanical skill and knowledge required is insane compared to all the other classes, yet you can't use it anywhere apart from CC - the only place where combo bk shines. Despite that the fights in CC are boring as the other classes aren't balanced around fighting without fenrir/dark horse and the wins are mostly free unless you end up against a tank SM where the gameplay quickly changes to playing a game of catch until the timer runs out... In the off chance of a rework/rebalance, if anyone on the oldsquad team wants info about animation cancels, animation cancel attack speed breakpoints and other stuff necessary to get the most out of the class for accurate testing purposes, let me know. I'm switching to the DL meta and putting bk on the shelf for now. I don't even want to imagine how horrible rage fighter feels to play. To any aspiring BKs, I highly suggest making a DL and downloading Mortal Kombat instead to satisfy combo cravings , the class is reduced to a support buffer (tank in CS), the only fun you'll have fighting will be against other combo BKs and there are not many out there left.
    26. Character name that is submitting it (for the potential reward). PACQUIAO/MagicGagi Suggestion type (server/website/forum). Server Suggestion content (make sure to include enough details so your suggestion is clear enough). Increasing the zen digits/value/total amount while on Store Mode: Limiting it to 99,999,999 means limited items to sell in-game. Maybe making it able to sell an item for at least 1 Billion to 1.8 Billion zen would benefit sellers/buyers. How the suggestion can bring value. Encourages Players: This will help the economy in-game. Less Hassle: Players that need the immediate item via zen trading would opt not to go to web market IF the item is available at some players posting store in-game. More Interaction between sellers/buyers. (Lorencia is like a ghost town to be honest, by doing it the Lorencia will be much more alive than ever before.) How would you personally implement your suggestion (your vision). Making patches/updates.
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