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  1. Yesterday
  2. Gion

    Since there is no answer, I have to give to Krass 2 warns => 2 days mute
  3. Gion

    To upgrade your Wings level 3 to Wings level 4 you have to pass a kinda big challenge. Firstly, just like for wings level 3 with feather of condor, you need to mix a special item before mixing the wings level 4 themselves. There are 3 special items: Goat Statue, Hawk Statue and Oak Charm. Goat Statue is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: BK,SM,MG Hawk Status is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: DL and RF Oak Charm is needed if you want to upgrade Wings level 4 for: ELF and SUM How you can make this special items? You need to mix the following things at Chaos Goblin in Noria: - 1x Old Box 3 - 1x Old Box 4 - 1x Old Box 5 - 1x Chaos - 5x Creation - 1x 30b Bundle - 1x 30s Bundle - 1x Weapon 380 +13 +Add16 (No Explosion Blade / Sylph Wind Bow) - 400kk zen This item can be transferred to another character only via personal store, for now ! You have 50% chance to obtain a random special item (from Goat Statue, Hawk Statue and Oak Charm) and 50% to fail and lose everything. After you acquire the idol/charm that you are interested for your own upgrade the next hard part is coming: You need to acquire a Talisman of Luck, which is an old artifact that is dropped by the new minion Wings Protector. Wings Protector is a kinda-weak minion from the new army of Selupan and Medusa (even weaker than Cursed Dragon) but it's a sneaky one! He is spawning ONLY 1 time per day and ABSOLUTELY random as time (but 70% of times from 12:01 PM 23:00 PM and 30% of times from 23:01 PM to 11:59 am). It will always announce when it is spawning and also when it is killed / when he retreat. It will stay 1 hour after he is spawned. He can spawn on both Vulcanus and Raklion and it won't be specified on the announcement with a random spawn on one of the maps. After you defeat him and acquire your Talisman of Luck you can proceed with the next and last step which is the Wings Level 4 Upgrade Mix. You need to mix the following things at Chaos Goblin in Noria: - Idol/Charm (depends on what wings level 4 you want). - Wings Level 3 +13 +Add16 (your class wings, if you mix SUM wings3 you will get SUM wings4, if you mix ELF wings3 you will get ELF wings4, etc.) - 2x 30b Bundle - 2x 30s Bundle - 1x 30harmony Bundle - 1x Chaos - 1x 10creation Bundle - Talisman of Luck - 1000kk zen You have 100% chance to succeed with the upgrade! !!! Talisman of Luck and all Wings Level 4 are not tradeable/usable into web warehouse -> Personal work and 'achievement'. Attention again: If you mix Charm and W3 Elf + 13 you will gain W4 Elf. If you mix Hawk Idol and W3 RF you will gain W4 RF. Conclusion: It's an upgrade of your old wings. Info about Wings Level 4: - W4 can be equipped only by chars with Quest level 3 made and MINIMUM 100 MASTER LEVEL (It won't show the ML requirement on the client but it's needed to equip them). - W4 starts with 60% dmg and 60% absorb at +0 and grows only by 1% per level (at +9 are the same as W3 + 15). - Currently, you can't upgrade W4 more than + 9 but we'll add the option in the future if we'll consider to (so at +15 would be +6% dmg and abs compared to W3). - Increase defense by Level * 10 compared to W3 of Level * 4 and starting with 15 bonus def (at +9 it have 150 def compared to 126 of W3 + 15). - Options from life are +6 +12, +18, etc. compared to +4, +8, +12 of W3 (dmg, wizz and deff bonuses only - recovery is the same). - W4 have +2% chance for Ignore, Ref and Complete Life compared to W3's 5%. - W4 will always come with at least 1 option of this 3 on any MIX, with a maximum of 2 options (75% for 1 option, 25% for 2 options)
  4. Last week
  5. mikefgy02

    Thanks for the quick action admin/s. We PH player don't like his behaviour.
  6. Gion

    *Moved into the right section. *I want to point out that this is not the first time when Krass has this type of behaviour. Our staff will discuss about the charges, and we will be back with the decision. Note: If the respondent admits that he was wrong and he will apologize, we might "double think" the punishment time, but he has to do it before our decision will be posted. Thank you
  7. mikefgy02

    Disrespectful act about PH for a week now this is my first screenshot
  8. ADMIN

    Maintenance over. Thanks for your patience, it took a bit longer than expected. Enjoy!
  9. Hello, Today at around 21:30 we'll have a global maintenance on our systems. Because of that, the NonReset, Max50RR servers and probably other services will be unavailable for around 20-60 minutes. It have been few months without any big interruption, but it's time to have such maintenance. Thanks for understanding and look up to rejoin game after 22:30-23:00. Cheers!
  10. symphoiaf

    Guess who going to bankrupt at day 1
  11. iQon

    Great i love gambling im in.
  12. Gion

    Hello. Unfortunately we can.t do this. I suggest you to try the NonReset version, or wait for the next data Base, which (spoiler alert) will hopefully drop soon. Best regards, Gion
  13. wilowallas

    Hello admins, I used to play 30rr server a lot, and now that I'm back...that server is gone. Is there a chance for me to get my old characters back online? I had 3 online accounts. Thanks
  14. Sunt 29. Programator de jocuri. Lucrez în domeniul jocurilor de noroc. Proprietarul site http://jocuricalaaparate88.com/

    Hobby-ul meu este jocurile online și călătoriile

  15. Gion

    New "Immune" feature added
  16. We want to present you our Special Edition of BlackJack. How is the game? We will play BlackJack as it was designed in casino. You can qualify for this event via forum. The date and the hour for this event will be announced with like a week in advance. What makes this Event to be special is the fact that we will play just like it.s done in casino. We'll give our players the opportunity to play BJ with jewels. The participants have to stack their jwls for event, and hand them to me before the event starts. You can give the jewels to me anytime you want, or just before the event start. (It's like buying chips from casino). This is the depositing stage. Your deposit can be as big as you want, but the minimum entrance allowed is 25 jewels (bless, soul or chaos) Rules for the actual BlackJack game ---> https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/how-to-play-blackjack.htm *Note that we are playing with multiple decks. I will explain how our game works : The maximum number of players that can play simultaneously at the table is 7. After we lock the number of players for the round, the game starts: Each player has to choose the bet for the current round. Then, I will drop 2 cards(boxes) for each player, and only 1 card(box) for me(the house) - this is the actual dealers face up card. After all players have finished their turn (including decisions), I will drop the 2nd box for me(the Dealer), which was the faced down card, then I will hit / stand. (Dealer has to draw at 16 or less and stand at 17 or more). *Bet requirements: -Accepted currency: Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Chaos -Minimum bet: 5 jwls of 1 kind per round -Maximum bet: a total of 150 jwls of any kind (it could be either let's say 150 Bless, either 50 B+50 S+50 C) per round -Your bet has to be a multiple of 5(and kind of jwl has to be multiple of 5. Example: 5b+5s is a legal bet, while 8b+2s is not) *Due to our type of play, we can NOT accept Early Surrender and Late surrender. BlackJack pays 3-2, not 6-5 (better for you). We do accept Insurance Bet and Splitting Cards, and Dealer can hit Soft 17. We allow you to double up if your score is 10 or 11, or any other number (some casinos won't let you double the 10 and the 11, but we do) Better explaining of Insurance Bet: If the dropped card for the dealer is an Ace(Jewel of Life), and you add the Insurance Bet, which is half of the original bet, and the Dealer has BlackJack, you win the Insurance Bet 2-1. You can double up your splitted cards, as long as you have enough jewels deposited. *Note that you are playing against the Dealer, not against other players ! The max number of qualified players for this event is 15. The first 7 players will go to the table, and we'll add another player from the queue when a player from the table leaves. Careful, if you are playing at the table, and you are out of jewels, if you want to make another deposit you will have to wait in queue, so make sure your first deposit will be enough for your play, if you don't want to wait in line. You can leave the event whenever you want, no matter if you win or lose, and you can come back later to the queue, as long as the Event is still on. We'll play BlackJack as long as there are 3 or more players at the table. The jewels will be handed to players after the event is done (unused jewels from deposits and the jewels earned during gameplay). *HOT Feature: The specs can enter in the queue for BlackJack if the time lets us to do this. The qualification for players and specs will be revealed later. Values for cards: 1=10=11=12=13 all equal to 10 Jewel of Life = Ace = 1 or 11 Video guide for BlackJack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idB-7FUaC-g with the notes that Insurance bets will be given after the hand, as I can't hide one of my cards if I drop it, Insurance Bet is ONLY half of the original bet, not more, not less, Double is ONLY the double of the original bet, not more, not less, and forget about the signs, we'll use normal chat. VERY IMPORTANT: Please read all the rules, we can NOT explain the rules during gameplay. Thank you and enjoy !
  17. Gion

    We want to go to the next level with events, so OS staff is glad to present you our New Special Editions Events. The starting time and the gameplay/rules for these events will be announced with like a week in advance. Here, spectators will be allowed as well. -But first we need to write a script that allows us to bring spectators at the events. Tickets for participants and spectators will be available, most probably, via forum. Stay tuned for more info.
  18. Earlier
  19. The OSGM rewards have been upgraded: - Added 4th and 5th places for weekly events (instead of only 3 places and consolations now there are 5 places and consolations). - Reworked given OSP points: First place: 50 OSP Second place: 35 OSP Third place: 25 OSP (last time the reward was 20 OSP) Fourth place: 15 OSP Fifth place: 10 OSP Consolations: 5 OSP About OSGM and OSP ----->
  20. meljoef

    Well, if Admin will consider and check the logs as no video was shown. Solid evidence and proof. But I think it it is hard to make and get videos because I think many of us don't know how to record it (except by phone).. And the most convenient is only Screenshots. Suggestions: Maybe an inactivity of 5-10 seconds (no movement, skill use) will get him DC. There are many abusers in IT and I think it is hard to monitor... Cheers
  21. I know I do not have screenshot... but if you guys could check the log. He did not move a single bit in IT5 at 21:00 today. Yet he got Feather of Condor which is quite unfair to the rest of us. I really urge you guy to do something about it. Remove the prize is good enough for me.
  22. ADMIN

    If you have a video, spit it up, else the report is invalid.
  23. Gion

    I can not access your image uploads -Switched from mobile to PC and it works now.
  24. Legion

    congratz, the password was : oakcharm
  25. Selphie

  26. Legion

    3rd Round : Account name : oldsquad Password: -random Item name from Mu Online (no npcs/maps etc, only items) -between 4-10 characters long -No capital letters -No spaces -No +/- signs -No linking words Example : Box of Kundun +5 will be boxkundun5, Wings of Storm will be wingsstorm Reward as it was promised, something special : Broken Horn, BC ticket, DS ticket. Round Start ! *Read event rules from primary post !
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