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    4. Gion

      oWnage +1 warn for insults(there's no racism by just naming a race) => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    5. CubbyBear

      What do you mean?
    6. Gion

      No other exchange of replies?
    7. CubbyBear

      play games just for fun, why are we Asians discriminated against
    8. it seems like they really hate Southeast Asians playing games? they call us cockroaches and rats the same humans , where are they than me ? I want equality in the game, please help Gion and Admin handle this situation https://imgur.com/tHgKe0B
    9. Gion

      Unfortunately I cannot be sure that it is something racist, it can be out of context. Btw, why would you take a screenshot by phone when you have a printscreen button on the keyboard? Locked.
    10. kthanhcb

      sorry. Because I took pictures with my phone, it was released at 15 o'clock on 04/07/2021, after completing the chaoscastle
    11. Gion

      Please read reporting rules before actually reporting. Time/date?
    12. I think this is not the Duke I used to know, maybe someone else but his words like this are unacceptable, we didn't talk to him before. I report to Admin and Gion to resolve https://imgur.com/MXN9EEb
    13. BlackJack Event in 5 minutes!

    14. Knightmare banned for 2 days for racism. 1 warn is added for the colorful language used on global chat. Locked.
    15. Gion

      Knockout +1 warn => muted for 12h. Locked.
    16. https://postimg.cc/6y0fj87m
    17. someone not getting hes daily portion of rice and crickets
    18. I think American Boyz should change target at this war to 2nd one , maybe we will see less messange from cunts whose's making provocate everywhere 😜 TRUMP IS MY GOD ❤️
    19. mainly want to know why you start problems then complain on forum when someone responds. you already went and killed my party. so it seems that you want trouble. I AM NOSGOTH edit: enjoy that spanking, kisses big boy 😘
    20. @Conclave because you don't know about me and Nosgoth and you like to interfere between us
    21. mainly want to know why you start problems then complain on forum when someone responds. you already went and killed my party. so it seems that you want trouble.
    22. @Conclave Whatever you want, if you like to meddle in other people's business
    23. are you sure you want to do this? my bk is better than yours....
    24. lol I have already been to war with you, and you quit already. You dont scare me
    25. @Conclave Do you also want to go to war with us? How far do you understand the story of my team and Nosgoth? if you want i will find you too
    26. Also stop spamming trying to get your post count up. Lol
    27. I see that you jump to the defensive quickly. Why is that? Feeling like you have done something wrong by instigating a problem then running to the forum so your daddy can help? Get wrecked little man, you dont stand a chance if we decide to come after you.
    28. you guys are the ones making war, and i said i won't let you play freely :) it's best to stop crying and quit the game :) and think before you speak
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