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    4. Phantomel

      To be fair I don't see this as being racism, if anything, the only offense I found in that comment is BL for calling him stupid - And he should be muted. Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. If some football commentator sais "The moldavian/bulgarian/w.e player is a verry good player", you can't acuse him of being racist. Rusu didn't express any hate or bad language against a race, he only called that individual player "stupid". To be f
    5. Scama?RO

      https://prnt.sc/12p7841 De unde pana unde, ei au voie sa ne injure de mama de dimineata pana seara, DE MAMA, si la noi daca se scapa cineva la nervi dupa X injuraturi din partea lor sa zica ceva, ia direct ban 2 zile? eu zic sa verificati din nou, deoarece daca dati asa ban, ar trebui banata toata guilda lor. In cazul asta va rog sa se ia masuri si impotriva jucatorului KILLALL
    6. Chukundah

      🤣 As i clearly see, whitout any doubts, its is obvious there is racism involved here towards our moldavian player astralstep , so in my honest opinion this punish is well deserved . Thank you Gion for making a better community in oldsquad
    7. Hellow , Acording to this topic : " moldovean ptrost" is racism and it's banable 48h. In return , in my discusion with GION " stupid romanian" is not racism if you're romanian . So now , GION is using 2 different opinions about this. GION , please check the flag of astralstep : and also he posted from a america upload site : SO astralstep is American. Whit what i`m racist in this case? How do we know that guy is a moldavian ? And how do you know that i`m not moldavian and i di
    8. Yesterday
    9. Gion

      RuSuLeTzZz banned for 2 days. Locked.
    10. https://ibb.co/gJTdWg2 RuSuLeTzZz: stupid moldovan
    11. BlackJack Event in 5 minutes!

    12. BetleyKOX

      XDDDDDDDDDDD Typical guild of cry babe's
    13. Last week
    14. ADMIN

      Well, as long as you're making a topic in Game Questions / Problems instead of General Discussions and in the same time claiming that w3 rate is fake just because you're getting 100 fails, I can't threat you any serious. Yea, I admit is my bad that I couldn't resist ignoring such topic, but my eyes can't handle it. Well, there's a reason why I quitted "public relationships" some time ago and passed them to Gion, I am allergic to the standard mentality of the majority of MU players, me gusta not. /Signing off
    15. Phantomel

      You don't have to act ironically towards me, just cause I'm active on forum and I'm telling you what everyone thinks but they won't talk just because you use to give those kind of answers I didn't ask for an exact date, we were hoping to get one response such as - in one week, one month w/e. People are camping golden spawns, also I didn't say that the spawns are set on x,y coordinates, I'm aware that it has some RNG to it as well, but some spots get more spawns than the others. As I said, its just weird having just 4 w3 on the server considering the number of flames that are being dropped, an
    16. ADMIN

      Soon does mean a set date. Goldens don't have random spawns. W3 rates are fake. #TellMeMorePlz
    17. cant join in it because of the delay i want to reduce this delay
    18. Phantomel

      We just got another fail, btw. 16 and counting
    19. Phantomel

      I can send you a full list of who combined W3 and you can check for yourself if you check logs. I'm not exagerating at all. W3 were failing on inception as well, but lets say every 4 combines we would get a wing. It's been 2 weeks since people started doing IT5 with the flame drops, and the CC box4, lots of flames appeared on the server, but it is very weird how only 4 W3 are currently in game at this point of the game. I'm not blaming anyone, but I'm just curious how it all worked out for the other guilds regarding w3.
    20. ADMIN

      If you ask GaaRa or NoCoZaUJ, they will tell you its 100%. If you ask SupremeBK he/she will tell you its 50%. If you ask the 7 HC people (not 15 as you're trying to suggest), they will tell you its 0%. Didn't want to answer but hey, I hate people that tries to exaggerate the facts, just because of frustrations. #Peace.
    21. Gion

    22. I just wanted to ask other players from other guilds - do you feel like W3 rates are as they are supposed to be? Are we that unlucky to fail every single combination from a whooping total of 15, or does anyone else also feel like 40% ain't 40% rate?
    23. ADMIN

      You can't speak about BC & DS as Events when you're just referring to some "harder" ones. Well before discussing further more on this spot EXP vs DS/BC EXP we can do anytime a test on test-server with a full party in BC/DS for 15/20 min vs a full party on normal spots, for 15/20 min. Then we can talk facts. Oh yea, that's for sure if some of the levels are harder you won't surpass spot exp, but it has nothing to do with the number of mobs from the event, just the difficulty. Having people on top 40 without a single event is not impossible, but being in top 40 without a single event AND
    24. Phantomel

      I know that in theory low DS/BC are a good way of getting xp, and they are, up from a point. But I can give you examples of parties that were in top 40 and they didn't do a single event early(that's when I complained about DS4 being hard) and lower DS's were not so much different than spot xp. Kill rate was very low in DS4 and mobs were hitting like a truck(very well geared party, paired up with an ERF). About invasions, I know they have some RNG side, but I'm pretty sure that once you know some spawns, you have waayyyyy higher chances of finding it than some others, there are spots on th
    25. NamNguyen +2 warns => muted for 36 hours. Locked.
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