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    3. Russian Roulette Event in 5 minutes!

    4. Gion

      Ragnor banned for 2 days for racism. Locked.
    5. RushMePls

    6. Earlier
    7. mumumu

      any answer?
    8. Gion

      Antivirus +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    9. Gion

      WEED +1 warn, total of 2 => muted for 36 hours. Locked.
    10. Russian Roulette Event in 5 minutes!

    11. mumumu

    12. Hi Again... same problem with WEED/RedMg ( same pers ), just because i'm gens v and he's d and i killed him in relicks he start saying those things... I don't bother if he call me noob but my mother died 4 years ago so... and also to say f### on post... https://imgur.com/a/liz35mr https://imgur.com/a/w5SRCVB https://imgur.com/a/nX1NRxI https://imgur.com/a/pfE1KiI https://imgur.com/a/MLr10CZ
    13. Final Characters balance for end-game is now up on both Inception & Wormhole. 30rr characters are now way closer on both PvP & PvM. The rebalance is done in an similar way compared to last edition's rebalance from last stage: Enjoy!
    14. Gion

      Please read the rules before actually reporting. Locked.
    15. mumumu

      Image : https://ibb.co/xzrkSQF
    16. mumumu

      Hi, i was in IT5 event in the winning group (4:0) as you can see in the image I entered the blue portal and the whole game stucked and i didnt got my reward Image : https://ibb.co/xzrkSQF i would like to get my reward if its possible.. IT event once in 12h so its pretty big deal.. Nickname : RedMG Thanks!
    17. Image - https://ibb.co/NYqhn2S Take care of it please. He's a really unpleasant person.
    18. ADMIN

      Hello, 1. The whole idea of having more people in late game is exactly because people quit and there are always only 2 alliances still fighting at CS. More slots on them = more people to enjoy CS on end-game. Though since we'll have a CS V3 on next edition(s), the guild-alliance system will be changed once again. 2. It was exactly like that in past and community wanted the vice-versa (less time on stage on early resets and longer on higher resets). 3. There are enough activities available for active players, we don't plan any new ones. 4. & 7. - there is already a big rework for entire economy incoming for the next edition(s). 5. I do remember that summon CD is still on CD after relog, but maybe I remember it wrong. If it's the opposite then yes, we can add such extra CD after relog. 6. There needs to be a fight for more than 10 minutes on such boss, if gates are closing after 10 minutes and there is a fight where only 2-3 characters without a DL remain alive then even if they won the PvP fight, they can't finish the boss. Feel free to leave your suggestions / feedback in this topic, we will consider anything good for future in terms of improvements.
    19. alegzander

      Hello guys. I have some few suggestions about game and events, don`t take it personal. 1:I think will be better in the beggining of the server guilds to be able to have more members and to lower it after server its going in time as people quit and we are less guys. 2:Stages should be reversed, harder in the beggining and easier later as people gonna quit by 25 rr and will be boring. People who miss the start can catch up in early game . 3:Maybe we could add some bosses that will give few lvl`s exp, as most of the time people are getting bored on the spot, this way people gonna try to be more active.(random time will help also),Or you can get some exp buffs from the boss that can be activated straight away for the party who was killing the boss. 4:Fenrir its the most op item in the game, i think its a game breaker if we are able to have it early. Maybe if we can have it after last stage will be more equal pvp and pvm. 5:Summon from DL to have CD after you switch server as you can abuse very easy on events having the dl on Switch.(when boss active),Maybe eBK and Erf. 6:Selupan to have lower time on spawn (maybe 10 min to join) and maybe max 1h time to kill it, if gate close. 7:The ob`s drops are pretty silly as from example, the ob3 drops feather/crest also wings but by the time that we can farm or drop ob3 the value of them its almost non existent. Ob5 drops edr/crit seeds =0 value, jwls also 0 value in later stage. maybe a rework will be better. Some of the ideas could be wrong for some people and good for others,but if we dont have a chat we cant improve the game. Feel free to reply with your ideas and maybe admin in future will add some new things. Good Luck and take care.
    20. Gion

      Robyy +1 warn => muted for 12 hours. Locked.
    21. Roby

      Si frustrat si slab , si fara coloana vertebrala :))))) , ai fugit rpd pe forum sa postezi 😆
    22. RAZVAN

    23. Patch is now up! Let us know if you find anything wrong.
    24. Release date: 06.01.2022 at 19:00 - No restart will be needed. Monsters will be refreshed though. Congrats to ChiPis, Pain and Sm0uke for finishing the last stage - Stage 3.1! Note: Everyone that progressed the Stage (having level 300+ and 25rr) can type /stagereward toca in order to take the reward, after patch is up! Note2: The final Characters rebalance for 30rr will be up most probably tomorrow, in worst case on Saturday. Note3: Don't forget that when first 25 players reach 30rr and level 400 the Quest System will be unlocked and the Change Race maximum reset restriction will be lifted. Changelog: [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 30 resets. [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 3.1 (25rr) is now removed. 25th reset does have the same exp table like 24th reset had. [UPDATED] 5th Newbies EXP boost: 0rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-350). 1rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-360). 2rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-370). 3rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-380). 4rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-390). 5rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-400). 6rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-400). 7rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-400). 8rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-400). 9rr: 700% EXP (constant level 1-400). 10rr: 600% EXP (constant level 1-400). 11rr: 600% EXP (constant level 1-400). 12rr: 600% EXP (constant level 1-400). 13rr: 600% EXP (constant level 1-400). 14rr: 600% EXP (constant level 1-400). 15rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-400). 16rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-400). 17rr: 500% EXP (constant level 1-400). 18rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-400). 19rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-400). 20rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-400). 21rr: +200% EXP. 22rr: +150% EXP. 23rr: +100% EXP. [UPDATED] Maximum ML is now 200 + 30 slow levels. [UPDATED] Maximum number of players in guild is now 35. [UPDATED] Old Box 5 can now drop Talisman of Luck. [UPDATED] Wings Protector has been released. Updates that were already up since few days ago: [UPDATED] Now /invasion counter is updated in real time (instead of 3-10 seconds delay after a monster being killed). [FIXED] Monsters sometimes disappearing after an invasion was over (for example Imperial monsters/gates when rabbits/ww invasion were over, kundun when goldens were over, etc.). Note: This is an old bug where we finally found the root cause and managed to fix it. [UPDATED] Now you can (safely) join Imperial Event during Goldens Invasions. [UPDATED] Now the Secromicons from Imperial Event are delivered directly into each player inventory, instead of dropping on the ground. [UPDATED] IT5 min reset is now 90% of TOP1 reset instead of 95% of TOP1 reset. [UPDATED] IT4 min reset is now 75% of TOP1 reset instead of 80% of TOP1 reset. [UPDATED] IT3 min reset is now 60% of TOP1 reset instead of 65% of TOP1 reset. Current IT table is: IT1: 30% of TOP1 Reset (rounded down) - 1 +. IT2: 45% of TOP1 Reset (rounded down) +. IT3: 60% of TOP1 Reset (rounded down) +. IT4: 75% of TOP1 Reset (rounded down) +. IT5: 90% of TOP1 Reset (rounded down) +.
    25. ADMIN

      Hello, The 3rd OSGM edition of Inception is over. Winners: 1st Place: eRoby - 190 OSP & 11 Participations - Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 4 seeds at choice in sphere level 4. 2nd Place: b0gdaN - 135 OSP & 8 Participations - 4 seeds at choice (not in sphere). 3rd Place: MrAyam - 135 OSP & 7 Participations - 3 seeds at choice (not in sphere). Extras: Fane - 122 OSP & 9 Participations - 2x TOCA. Bobosita - 120 OSP & 9 Participations - 2x TOCA. Woody - 105 OSP & 10 Participations - 2x TOCA. Phantomel - 90 OSP & 10 Participations - 2x TOCA. alegzander - 90 OSP & 9 Participations - 2x TOCA. Blestva - 90 OSP & 8 Participations - 2x TOCA. Celeron - 90 OSP & 4 Participations - 2x TOCA. Tokyo - 80 OSP & 8 Participations - 2x TOCA. In order to take your reward you need to type /osgmreward (in crywolf)! You need to contact either me or Gion for the seeds. The next edition has started and will last until 31.01.2022. Important change for this edition and future editions: The OSP values have changed. New values: Consolation: 5 OSP 5th Place: 8 OSP 4th Place: 11 OSP 3rd Place: 15 OSP 2nd Place: 20 OSP 1st Place: 25 OSP Important note: Things like "please wait us to finish X event before doing the OSGM event" or "why you do the unannounced event at night / morning / mid-day" will no longer be tolerated and you'll be muted for 1-3 days and even banned. We don't care that the individual x or y can't go to event because of W/E reasons. Prizes for this new edition: 1st place: Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 5 seeds at choice in sphere level 4. Note: Golden Fenrir can't be traded and can only be used by the character that won the OSGM. Furthermore, it can't die and does have a set duration of 1 month, starting from the day when it is received. Note2: Golden Fenrir can't be used at Castle Siege. 2nd place: 5 seeds at choice (not in sphere). 3rd place: 4 seeds at choice (not in sphere). Anyone who will reach 60+ OSP but not in Top3 will win 2x TOCA. Weekly Events Rewards for this edition: Consolation at events: 1x Jewel of Chaos + 5x OSP 5th place at events: 1x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+4 + 8x OSP 4th place at events: 2x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+4 + 11x OSP 3rd place at events: 2x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+5 + 15x OSP 2nd place at events: 3x Jewel of Chaos + 2x BoK+5 + 20x OSP 1st place at events: 3x Jewel of Chaos + 3x BoK+5 + 25x OSP All info about OSGM: Enjoy!
    26. Gion

      Hey there! You can check by yourself if the problem is from our side by looking at online players list from site. If there are many players (and by many I mean at least 40-50) connected in the same minute then yes, the problem is on our side. If not then it is on your side. Cheers!
    27. Vozo

      Hi, got randomly disconnected from Inc, was still able to stand on WH, now when the game is about to load to login screen im getting instant "Disconnected from the server" window, guildmate has the same problem so i guess theres some problem on the server side, hopefully can be fixed
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