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  1. abc13def

    Boost is a good idea. I mean, it drops from BoK+5 (people told me) so it should be better (or at least comparable) than what one can easily farm in high quantity (and the upgrade much easily) in Raklion.
  2. abc13def

    I compared the damage to non-exc Raven+9 (96% wiz dmg) and the difference is a laughable 90 2570 critical dmg in Tarkan 2 with non-excelent Raven +9 (I have 1600ene + EE buff + berserker) 2660 critical dmg in Tarkan 2 with exc AA stick+12 (same buffs)
  3. abc13def

    Hi, exc AA stick +12 has only +102% additional wiz. dmg (it has the percentage of the non-excellent version) but it should have 118%. Look into it, please. The weapon as it is has no value as non-excelent Raven Stick +10 is the same but drops freely in Raklion I am talking about Phoenix server
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