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  1. PasiKonik

    ADMIN can u clean inventory from duplicate on PasiKonik and Leave one useble Red Spirit Pants +L +additional defense 12 + Damage decrease 4% + reflect damage 5% Ah and plz remove all "Gaions Order" from main chest.
  2. PasiKonik

    I see still those items Red Spirit in PasiKonik Inventory. And plz remove from my Chest "Gaions Order" becouse some are duplicate also.
  3. PasiKonik

    Hi I have duplicate items after recovery items on PasiKonik account and duplicate in main chest like "Gaion Order"
  4. PasiKonik

    Itz ok thx for to respond.
  5. PasiKonik

    Hello this is old subject about prize for Golden Month on Res Serv . I write on Priv but i dont get response. PasiKonik - 75 OSP : 120b 120s 40JoH