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  1. He just pm me and complete our deal, but it happen after i post this thread and /post in game, i dont know why but i hope it just a game issue make discrete conversation
  2. Hi Admin, please help me Server: Phoenix Id: Isley I just have a deal with this guys id "Ancorana", trade his feather 3 with 2800 credits, 1st i buy his items in market with 1300 creds and the rest 1500 creds after we complete trade the feather 3. But after i buyed his items for 1300 creds, he deny my pm and pretend like he cant see my pm, he is a scammer stole my credits Could u please give me some judge Thank so much https://imgur.com/8wyh529 https://imgur.com/xIt44Eb https://imgur.com/J36Raxp https://imgur.com/vxhMBAO https://imgur.com/OJAVfBF
  3. Phoenix server Hi my 3 client (3 id) reconnect consecutive, and of course, i cant join any event DS,BC,IT even golden hunt If you mind to help me, Admin, thank so much
  4. kanshuin

    Hi how could you ignor player's problems like that my ADMIN
  5. Hi Admin, Could you please check my master tab and bugs here: - Ice resist bug? -> ice effect from mobs cant use antidote, it mean slow forever unless i reconnect (antidote effect in pvp) - Increase life after killing monster life/8 option not work Please check and help me solve it Tks https://imgur.com/Q1Lhqlg
  6. kanshuin

    hey those are not the same opt bro, what happen ?
  7. kanshuin

    But +13 not +13%, is it same?
  8. kanshuin

    Hi admin, i just buy this raven stick from market This raven stick option is "sd reduction 13%" formed in market but after move it to game it become "sd decrement increase +13" Please help me to check and fix it, tks https://ibb.co/djDwmL https://ibb.co/eN3J0f https://ibb.co/m3N0D0
  9. kanshuin

    No Pls check https://ibb.co/mmRygo
  10. kanshuin

    Hi GM, My Soul Master cant learn Blast skill, please help me
  11. kanshuin

    Thank for your reply How many str and agi those items require?
  12. kanshuin

  13. kanshuin

    Both of these 2 items dominic (armor and pant) Tks
  14. kanshuin

    Dear admin, please check my character "farmmilk", it meet problem with items demonic, those cant use although i met those requirements
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