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    Obraznic reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter Vl   
    Flames and lightnings were seen, and  thunders were heard in the Valey of Loren last Sunday. Castle walls were shaking, clouds of smoke and dust rose from the gates of the castle, a battlefield in its terrifying splendor, earthquakes that were felt in Lorencia, and the noise of the weapons and the screams terrified the church of Davias, the fight was unbelievable, Squadron did not let the guard down, not even for a moment ! Since the first assault they have continuously attacked, and, when they had to, they defended almost perfectly. I say these things because the fight was more balanced than the one that took place in the previous week, but Squadron lacked something.. A glimmer, a moment, they only needed a few more minutes, and they could've decided everything in their favor. This didn't happened because Rampage, as they used us to, were closer to perfection than Squadron, the difference was made only by the desire to succeed, when they defended all their Dark Lords were fighting as one, as if something mysterious was controlling them, they were defending the switch as if the last piece of life they had been dependent on that button. And the last 5 minutes were their key.
    ATTACK and Assasins guilds took part in this fight but were not yet ready for this fight, both guilds brought too few players, ATTACK failed to hold both switches in the same time to let ZaZaX register. Assasins started well, but were overwhelmed by the power of Squadron and Rampage, personally I was pleased to see these two guilds taking part in Castle Siege and I hope they will find solutions to become even more competitive!
    After this fight, Rampage came out to be the winner Guild, but something strange began to happen in this guild, which by brute force and organization dominated Inception for three weeks .... was hidden, seemed lost, everything it was so normal until now that I thought it had finally disappeared, but these first signs are already visible and I realize terrified of how cruel and ruthless he is, he sought weakness until he found it and when he found it showed the colts and started biting heavily from the most solid guilds on this server, this week the first signs that The Curse did not disappear were shown at Rampage, mafy and Trompeta left the guild after some internal fights, later this week I see RuSuLeTzZz offline, I try to find out what happened but I get hit by an unnatural silence, no one wants to say what happened and I don't understand anything.
    I take a look at the Squadron guild and I see that they have not escaped the ungrateful anger of this wretch Curse, Devex left the guild after this Castle Siege and there are rumors that he would like to go to the Rampage, Sc0pt also left and made a small guild in which he took some players. Because this new guild registered  to Castle Siege there are some rumors that Squadron has joined the second guild to slow down Rampage on switches, Is this a new strategy? Or is the curse who leaves you for a while to believe that you have triumphed and hit you when you did not expect it, so fast and so strong that only the great Guilds manage to stand up and engage in battle with him again the next day.
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    Obraznic reacted to Reporter in "The Curse" Back to Origins chapter V   
    Another episode was written by these powerful heroes who fight for the supremacy of Inception, it was a scandalous week, intense battle took place on the forum but also in the game. The most disputed ones were related to the riches of the Castle Siege and it is my obligation to write about them, I asked (as you well know) here and there, and all I can say is that some have appreciated these riches which, moreover, are not to be neglected. Some players said that it was too early to see items with 3-4 options on the server at the time, others said that the 380 lvl sets from Lord Mix are too easy to do, that they will unbalance the server and that Rampage will never lose the Castle. There are those in Rampage (and not only them) who say that it is normal for the guild that owns the Castle to have these privileges, they argue that it is not so easy to make these  380 items and that, besides the contribution of an entire guild they equip one character per week, they also provoke all the others who have no part of it to enter the fight and stop crying without taking part in this enchanting event. Admin argued that 380 items are not as powerful as the players thinks and that all the people who complain now have been indifferent or even asked in the past for Castle Siege to have better rewards to awake players interest in this event. 
    The days passed one by one and Sunday came, bringing the most important event on the server, the war for supremacy. Rampage warriors sucessfully defended for the second consecutive week the castle, and as in the other weeks, several guilds have registered but only one has really dared to show, that is of course Squadron. This powerful guild led by Voyager knows the taste of riches from the Lot and Lord Mix. These brave warriors came to Castle Siege to end the Rampage era and to restore balance on the server, they want to take RedBuLL down from the "Iron Throne" and re-seat Voyager. They came prepared for a life and death fight and it was seen from the first moment when the assaults began. 
     Rampage started defending with the parties divided on switches, intense fights took place on the both switches, Squadron managed to register with little delay, losing a little time that does not matter so much at first. Rampage regroups and conquers the castle on the first assault, the fight continues and the Crown moves from the head of RedBuLL to that of Voyager continuously, as if it does not know which head to choose .
    The first hour passes and everything is balanced, Rampage fail to distance with more than 1500 points and the Squadron fighters take courage, another 30 minutes pass and everything is equally balanced, we are at the most important moment of the fight, anything can happen, every minute, every second, every mistake matters enormously, wrong steps are not allowed at this point in the fight. Voyager puts his hand on the crown and Squadron equals Rampage to points. Those from Rampage return quickly to the throne room and RedBuLL registers successfully, then Rampage changes strategy, the whole guild defends a single switch and they manage to delay the Squadron warriors quite a lot, but eventually RedBuLL loses the Crown again, Squadron approaches dangerously, the score is as tight as any wrong step matter, Rampage take the crown again quick in the last 10 minutes but if Squadron manage to register one more time they will be winners...
    But the defense of Rampage resists, they are strong, a strong wall like a rock which repels all attacks, time runs out and Rampage manages to win this battle. A battle in which even the last 5 minutes mattered, it was sensational!!! Both guilds behaved professionally. 
    At this moment, in the Rampage and Squadron there are only about 50 top players, not a single guild other than these two is able to recruit the rest of the top players and try to rise to their level?
    Why is Assasins guild still registering but not participating? Is it true what the rumors say and they don't want to attack Rampage because they are friends? They don't care about the LordMix or LoT?
    What about ATTACK Guild? Why they are sleeping ? 
    What strategies will Squadron and Rampage develop considering that SD potions have been nerfed?
    Another highlight of this week is worth mentioning: Admin is testing and needs your support to release a new event that will be very fun!!! I hope you will find this event interesting it is called "Old Squad Soccer League", for more details please check the link: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3414-oldsquad-soccer-system-league/
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