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  1. Reporter

    Nice, i updated the main article, Ty for your story !
  2. Before the start of a game, have you ever spent minutes thinking about what name to give to the character you will play? Have you ever wondered what inspired players to choose their names ? I did wonder, so, I started an investigation last week, I took 50 names from our Old Squad main rankings top and looked for their origins and meanings,I only found 30 online during this research but I won't bore you too much with this introduction, so let's see what these players said about their nicknames: Snook: " My name comes from snooker, this was my first nickname when I was playing c.s.1.6" Makiavelli: "My name comes from a famous writer who wrote the book called “The Prince” which inspired Tupac in his creations." ShaDyzka: "I’m using this nick from like 10 years; it’s Shady mainly, I just added a suffix because I just liked how it sounds: (being in shade)" No1LiveEr: "it’s from when I was younger, it reminds me of the time when I met my wife" BBwojownik: "wojownik means “warrior” in polish, and BB are the initials of the real name" Nephilim: "Originally I used it as 'fallen angel', but after some time I understood it was some mythical monster: a Giant" Ripo: "From nowhere, I invented it when I was a little kiddo, inspired by Warlords Battlecry where I played necromant" Zutto: " No juice story behind it, I choose just randomly, always used nicks started with “Z” " Duke: " it’s a name from British ppl, highest in rank; I chose it when I played BK and wanted to be rank 1 " Darkmaster : "I got this name when I started playing in last edition of phoenix, I liked how it sounds " Waste: "From nowhere, I was starting Oldsquad, sit in front of my keyboard to find out one, and this one came to my mind. " Limbo: " limbo it’s actually a part of hell in ancient mytology; it’s also connected to madaras technique " DarkYo: " I chose this nickname when I start playing mu for the first time, I was with some friends and I said that it sounds nice " Crucify: "There is nothing special about my name, I heard from a movie and I liked pronunciation; the movie was Spartacus, that I remember" Xinchao: " The name comes from a Vietnamese server where I played long time ago" Peps: " it’s quite a dumb story, happened 16-17 years ago when I took a drink with Pepsi and Coca-Cola with a friend, because we are looking for nicknames I chose Peps and he chose Colas, and ever since friends call us that way" RuSuLeTzZz: " It’s my nick from childhood, when all called me like this deriving from my real name" mafy :" long time ago, when I was a child, I played cs and I used the nick Mafyot, but all my friends called me mafy so I kept it in all games that I played " Chukundah (quoted from his interview😞 )"From the actor Chuck Norris, I just tried to invent something after "Chuck" so it wouldn't be the same name , so I came out with Chukundah." Fane: " My nickname comes from my real name, Stefan, who means “crown” in Greek " Moonlight: "My wife chose this name from Lineage 2, where she played a class named Moonlight Sentinel - an archer " RedBuLL: " My name comes from the well-known energizer with the same name that I frequently consume" Pershing: " Pershing is the nickname of one of the highest polish gangster, I'm interested in this kind of stories " Aloe: " I made an elf as alt on 50rr, and on my desk was an Aloe Vera plant, so here's the name: Aloe " Alex: "He is not playing anymore but Snook told us that this is the real name of the owner, that's why he chose it. " Diablo: "I chose this name few years ago, and it means "the devil" " 5GSP0RT : "It comes from rap music, also 5 grams Marijuana sport; because I'm just smoking and is tell like that someone use runs gym " ALOHA: " When i join first time Oldsquad, I start with a new nickname took it from 1 streamers from dota2; but I played with nickname Gh0st more than 10 years and I chose it because was an unique name on that time " KAIDO: "it's from the anime ''One piece''; a younko have name Kaido " Juri: "Many years ago, like in 2000-2001, when I got internet , I was trying to figure out what nick to use so I decided to use it after Juri Gagarin , a Russian cosmonaut who flied the first time in cosmos " Kreiser_VII: "My cousin suggested Kreiser me when I was like 12, my old username was kinda lame and I was starting a new MMORPG. I started using Kreiser_VII because I'd often see Kreiser already in use, and I love Final Fantasy VII, now I flip-flop between both depending on the type of character I wanna build." These are the first 30 meanings of the nicknames of the players I found online, in this way I invite all readers of the newspaper to give a reply and tell us the story of your name, I will edit all these stories in the article!
  3. It's a Sunday morning, a spring Sunday, flower buds can be seen in the "ferris" wheel from Noria, trees sprouting in Lorencia, but the deeper I move towards the land of trials everything turns red, the red of the blood shed by the heroes of the past still feels in this part of the land but everything is green all around - a quiet Sunday with the market going smoothly, the sellers are looking for profit for their trades. Checking regularly the chat & market, buyers are careful to quality and price and everything is going smoothly. The morning starts to be pale because the noon begins to make its presence known, in Lorencia you can feel the first signs of the preparations for the magnificent war, the warriors are queuing up at Dopple, they want to reach the maximum capacity of their force at any cost. They try to charm their vital buffs to help them be victorious. I move on with the research and clock already rings 15:00: all brave heroes went to Elbeland, it is an overcrowded city at this moment, the great warriors trade their equipment, they look for their best weapons and combinations and they prepare hardly for the great battle, the battle yet to come ... Time passes quickly, the last hour of preparations comes, warriors are starting to merge in CryWolf, teams from Squadron and Wiggle are starting to form and everyone is eagerly waiting for the hour of battle. Squadron and Wiggle start the fight with the attackers advantage for the second week in a row, with 2000 points ahead, and with the chance to block a build, a chance that neither of the guilds took advantage of, as if they are too confident in their chances to care about "such details". On the other hand, Hardcore meticulously prepares everything, upgrades the gates and the stone statues in the Valley of Loren and everyone is focused on what is to come, waiting for their "prey" to join the fight. The clock strikes 5:00 PM, the fighters bravely advance into the valley and the fight begins. Squadron and Wiggle fight and successfully destroy the gates and statues, relatively easy, and get inside the castle, Hardcore regroups and the massacre begins. It's unbelievable, Wiggle is starting to matter in this war although they don't have enough strength, they are confident in their power and chances, they fight side by side with both guilds, they do anything to win, if not to take the castle at least to make precious points in this fight for supremacy and finally to take part of the treats. As for the great guilds fighting for supremacy, Hardcore seems to laugh in their path, they seem to have found the recipe for success because the incredible Crucify crushes everything in his path, knocking down Trippy so many times as if his defense didn't even exist in front of this great fighter , Squadron, humiliated, is starting the riot, although they deliberately gave up some territory, get behind Hardcore with 3000 points and only the first hour and 15 minutes of the fight passed. Squadron starts to catch up and to get organized, they manage to create chaos inside Hardcore, and slightly reduce the handicap... we approach the last half hour and everything starts to take shape, Wiggle although they have collected some points, they seem to step aside. Squadron attacks like a hurricane, Hardcore is based on dmg dealers and the throne room turns into a Slaughterhouse. Squadron manage to close the gap and they are dangerously close to win. But Crucify knocks down Trippy again, Makiavelli and RuSuLeTzZz, "the summoner machine gun", slaughter everyone in their path. However, Squadron manage to maintain the balance, it is a tiny difference and they manage to register. There are only 2 minutes left in the game, Squadron is very close, the ones from Hardcore seem confused, time passes quickly and it is the premiere for OldSquad, Hardcore winning by an unbelievable small difference: 20555 points for Hardcore vs 20340 on the part of those in Squadron. Hardcore wins and despite internal fights they manage to organize themselves so as to reduce the handicap and take advantage, on the other hand Squadron seem stunned especially from Crucify`s lethal hits and now they seem to be hit by The Curse, although they had the advantage of receiving the game for free, they failed to take advantage of it and were again brought to their knees by Hardcore. The score at this moment is 4-2 in favor of Hardcore, which seems invincible. I said earlier that Squadron was hit by the curse, well, because other scandals arise related to the members of this guild, there are voices that say they should be ashamed because again they stole items from guild members ( Collision was suddenly undressed) and there are voices from Hardcore accusing Chukundah of scam (these voices say that RuSuletzZz would have wanted to buy lvl 3 wings for credits from Chukundah and Chukundah accepted although he did not gave the wings after he received the credits) Leaving aside the gossip and scandals, all the merits to WIGGLE who are making the battle much more interesting. They have collected 6k+ points and I am convinced that in the future they will be a force to be reckoned with in this fight!
  4. Yesterday was a sad day for me and probably for many other players in our community, the third edition of Inception (formerly known as max 30 rr) has come to an end, but I am delighted that this phenomenal game has once again managed to amaze me, to surprise me and to awaken me again all possible moods: happiness, sadness, disappointment, pride, etc. I went through all the mixing feelings again along the server and I am convinced that you have experienced these feelings too! Inception, a server born from the passion of ADMIN for this game, had a long life of 254 days, that means over 8 months that kept us all connected and reminded us of the old style game-play, just like every server launched by Admin does it, bounds friendships, restores past friendships making it possible for players who played together 10-15 years ago on servers with high difficulty to meet again and bring back emotions and memories full of nostalgia. It was an intense server with tight battles for supremacy, there are XVlll chapters from The Curse "Back to Origins " written in the NewsPaper section. The News Paper reached a record on number of views, there were intense fights in the written lines of the players who moved the fight from the game on the forum and in chapters VII and XlV I was afraid that Admin will have to call the firemen to prevent the flames on the forum from burning to the ground the whole editorial office! The Curse "Back to Origins " aroused the interest of the players whom I want to thank in this way for appreciation but also for criticism !! It was a sad day, since Inception got to its end, but I am convinced that when it will come back to life in September-October period will bring us again the fun and will have even more fun then on this edition. Lets make MU great AGAIN together, guys and, enjoy playing Phoenix #2 until then! As a great edition of Inception is over, I will end this article by letting Gion to share his views and experience about this server: Gion : "Hello, ladies and gentlemen ! First of all, it is an honor for me to have the word, especially the last word. It is an honor talking about Inception, it is an honor having you around and I think that I am very, very lucky to be a part of this and to be able to get to know you. Again, our community, powered by you, was "on top of the chain", breaking lots of records, from the number of online players, to the Castle Siege fights and to the OSGM Events. We had the opportunity to see top players, top strategies and not only. We saw new players rising and shining on the highest level, tho we saw empires crushing. "Curses", drama, hard work and even envy. We had a little bit of all. We learned a lot, and not only by technical means, but we learned a lot about each other and I hope and I also know that this will help us in the future, in terms of a higher quality community, as a whole. Special thanks to ADMIN and Reporter, they were the sparkle that lighted up everything ! Thank you very much and we are looking forward to meet again ! Best regards, OldSquad Team "
  5. Reporter

  6. The war for supremacy continued last week giving us a spectacular new battle, as in the previous week Hardcore parties were ready and over 20 warriors could be seen preparing in CryWolf safe zone. A group of warriors who abandoned Hardcore last weeks formed a new guild called Wiggle, they, under the command of Slawomir, also registered for the fight but they where not to be seen at start. Squadron started as defenders, confident in their breasts although they had some important absences, with the gates and crystals upgraded, they tried to gain valuable time by defending the castle from the first gates, they tried to divide the Hardcore warriors by opening the gates and closing them continuously. Hardcore does not seem shocked by these maneuvers because the same tactics was used last week, they managed to destroy the gates and crystals in about 13 minutes and the fight moves inside the most desired Castle. The fight is tight, Hardcore and Squadron fight as if they are at the same level of power, whenever one of the guilds loses the position of defenders they return quickly and register, so the first hour of the fight passes and the score is easy in favor of Hardcore, who started with a advantage of 2000 points and they could've make it bigger if they would've blocked a build, but for unknown reasons they didn't used this advantage. A party from Wiggle joins the fight after this first hour, although the guild seems to be starting to take shape, only a few warriors came, probably for pvp fun. The intense fight between Squadron and Hardcore continues, we are approaching the last 30 minutes and it seems that Squadron has started to reduce the handicap, the trophy is on the table, nothing seems lost for either of the two great guilds, if last week the elves from Squadron brought a great added value, seriously destabilizing Hardcore attacks and making them terribly difficult, this week without their ice arrow, Squadron seem tired, as if they don't have enough breath to fight 2 hours intensely. They start to lose ground and the fight ends with a fabulous score for those in Hardcore 17404 points vs only 14358 for those from Squadron, the guild that was affected by the lack of skilled elves, they gave the impression that they lost their balance, at least at the end of this battle. Hardcore guild is on the wave again and mafy is crowned, reaching the highest level of pride and glory, he is now the leader of the guild that holds the supremacy on the server at this moment. After this epic and glorious win for Hardcore, there are rumors that The Curse strikes this great guild again because some important members are starting to leave the guild, again there are quarrels in this guild which, although it now holds the supremacy, fails to keep the top players inside. On the other side, Squadron bleeds hardly and now they lick their wounds like bleeding dogs, but I am convinced that they will return with greater ambition and they are already preparing for a new fight. A fight that promises a lot of action and new strategies. Regarding Wiggle, I hope to see them in greater numbers on the battlefield this Sunday , the rewards are important for all participating guilds, if they manage to collect enough points to unlock them Will Hardcore win again next week? Will they be able to defend the precious Castle? Will Squadron come back stronger this week? These are the main questions for the end of this week.
  7. Reporter

    This interview is about Chukundah, one of the best Summoner player in OldSquad history, at this moment he is ranked number 1 on Castle Siege Summoner pvp, no 1 in Summoner on HoF ranks, number one on Summoner on CC general rankings and no 1 Summoner on Mercenary ranking, he is also one of the most active players from our community in game and on forum. Reporter : "Hello, Chukundah ! Welcome to The News Paper Hall of Fame! " Chukundah :" Hello ^^" Reporter: " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, etc. " Chukundah :"Yes , my name is Angelo, I'm 25, I was born in Spain and came to Portugal when I was 8 years old . Lived in Lisbon for some time, then moved to Almada. I work in a clothing shop but all this virus thing happening, atm is closed , and I have a small retail business for an extra income. As hobby, I usually work out everyday , play videos games , go out few times at night, I also try to read as many books I can, related to psychology and others that help me understand how human being acts, thinks etc. Every book that teach something about human behavior interests me " Reporter: " When did you start playing Mu Online? What nicknames you had in past? " Chukundah :"I don't know for sure but I first played a Portuguese server probably in 2005-2007 , then after many years, I wanted to play mu again and found out OldSquad in 2016. My nickname was only Chukundah , and 1 time only I used MONTANA, for the first time when I played OldSquad " Reporter: "How did you find OldSquad? Can you tell us a short story about your first steps on our server? Have you came alone? What was your first permanent party, what was your first guild, etc ? " Chukundah :"I found it through Xtremetop100 , I checked the forum of the server looking for infos and they were really good, so I decided to start playing here. I came alone, yes, on a Non rr edition where DEADCATS and GROM were more active, I joined DEADCATS in the almost ending stage of game, which they quit playing after 2 weeks, then I started again whit them in prototype main party as they needed one active player " Reporter: "You are currently the No. 1 Summoner in the following major Old Squad ranks: Castle Siege pvp rankings, Hall of Fame rankings, Chaos Castle general rankings, and Mercenary Squad rankings, how did you accomplish this? Chukundah :"I don't really care about any rankings, doesn't define how good you are in game , maybe the CS one but still anyone can get on top if you play only for kills instead focusing the objectives that makes the win more secure , other rankings is just from being active. " Reporter :" Yea, but you are still the no. 1 on these rankings and I think people would like to know how they can get no 1 in any ranks" Chukundah :"To get in reset/lvl ranking for sure you need a permanent party with VIP + sharing TV / acc info , doing every BC+DS per day, and moving to higher spots when possible ( also, sometimes is better a lower spot whit faster clear speed) , even if u have to KS or PK for them ^^. Any other ranking that involves PVP and rewards requires in a 100 % rate a decent set +11+dd , and if you "main" that class you already should know the build that you should have to survive/kill against every other class, in order to have chances against other players and come out with a victory. Mercenary ranking doesn't involve much effort since you get random players to kill and mostly afk , just do 1 quest and back 12h after for another quest, as I did" Reporter: "What do you think about this server and community?" Chukundah :"One of the best server out there, just need improvement on season, and maybe 1 more GM to help admin with inside game stuff , that ppl complain/report , about community is all good as well , for me the more toxic they are, the better. I have no fun in well behaved community ^^ , unfortunately Admin doesn't allow that " Reporter: " Where does the name "Chukundah" come from?" Chukundah:" From the actor Chuck Norris, haha , I just tried to invent something after "Chuck" so it wouldn't be the same name , so I came out with Chukundah." Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? Do you have this VIP since you started Phoenix?" Chukundah :"I did bought Pro VIP yesterday for the first time just to do more events , but since the beginning I had only Hunter VIP " Reporter: " You are one of the most active players from our server, how much time do you spend /day playing Mu Online? " Chukundah :" If the server is really competitive and guild / party active too , in 24h I prob' play 13h , but meanwhile I do other stuff out of pc. I just time the events in alarm to do them and have discord on mobile to have notifications if something comes up" Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player who recently joined the server? What should he do to get to the top places or to get inside a top guild?" Chukundah : "This game is really hard for people that join later , Mu is a game where you need to have ppl to play it as party , if you play alone you won't get anywhere until you find a stable party, people that are joining now they struggle a lot because they are alone , they get ks / pk by stronger players that most likely make them quit , unless you are willing to do everything to fight with tops, then be patient, level up as much alone as you can or with party, if you have one, until you get lvl for higher map and party someone. Meanwhile creating an alt to lvl with you, going to all possible bc + ds , doing every golden invasion no matter what goldens you kill , every gear you get will be good if it has good opts for small boost on pvm, doing all these there will be a point that you will find someone to play whit and decent geared , also joining any guild that has active players also helps a lot, but it takes a loooot of time and patience , which I believe most new players don't have " Reporter: " Do you think that Old Squad has a really solid play to win concept?" Chukundah :"Yes , you can take me as an example , I only donated once at the beginning ( 10€ for vip) and had VIP every week until now and all set+12, doing every invasion , all events for weekly credits reward, selling items + jewels , I've made more than 30k credits " Reporter : "You are a player who always has something to say, always gets into conflicts, where does so much energy for flame come from?" Chukundah :" This is a game where the competition and the "hate" should and must exist , without this every mu server dies, so I like to start dramas and "conflicts", as you said , to bring all these together and make ppl more active in game, to get to you in some type of way, by going in invasions to get items to get stronger for killing you , and if you get them there in invasion they fight vs you to get it , instead of being soft and ignore you cause you don't have any probs with him / them , joining other guild cause they hate you and other etc .. everything that involves pvp and everything else in game like them going to your spot and kill all your party at night, and pk them every 1 hour ... goes on ^^ And sometimes I just do that for fun when I'm bored ^^ I don't really take anything serious. " Reporter:" Since I first saw you, few years ago, you were playing Summoner. Is this your favorite class? Have you tried to play any other class as main?" Chukundah :" Yes, it is. I play summoner since I started in that Portuguese server, but I once played BK and RF here, to try out , on which I sucked hard so i just stood with Summoner" Reporter :" Speaking of permanent party, do you have one? Can you tell us a few words about each member and a short story about how you guys met and got in a perma?" Chukundah :"After DEADCATS stop played i joined Squadron discord to play in next non rr edition and my first permanent party was with Zutto, Voyager, Okla and Sync. On the next edition was Colision Psyke, Hase, Snajper aand this one was Hase, Colision, Waste, Kozy. They all good guys to play with, and experienced players . As for now, since Hase and Colision quit, I had party with MasterQue and Waste only , so we kinda jumping to other parties when they resetted and we lvling together, so as long it's stable exp and doing events, I don't mind " Reporter:" Can you describe the most powerful permanent party you had on OldSquad?" Chukundah :" I liked more the first party whit Okla, Zutto, Voyager, Sync, the daily chatting was nice ( without mentioning that I once entered Voyager TeamViewer and he had gayporn on .. everyone saw it cause I took SS so all know I'm not lying^^) , but too much afk, in that party I was taking 4 chars and me to every event ^^" Reporter:" Why aren't you in that permanent party anymore?" Chukundah :" They wanted to play together with other guys they played before, like Trippy and FkingCunt , so I didn't mind to make party with other ppl" Reporter: " You said earlier that the permanent party is essential in this game, but there are also players who have worked wonders solo, Mamed or Mu3rTe(on its start on Inception), what do you think about this style of play?" Chukundah :""I don't know too much about Mamed's style of leveling. About Mu3rTe I know: he creates a lot of chars to lvl with him , and once they gets same lvl or couple below him , he creates new ones to boost exp. It's a very good strategy to lvl up fast , but, also, you need to have a lot of patience to do this " Reporter: "What happened on Inception, why did you left game so early?" Chukundah :"I don't like a server with many resets , so I reached a point that I had everything on my summoner and got bored of resetting and lvling again." Reporter: "What is your role in Squadron?" Chukundah :"I don't have a specific role , I'm just a regular player here , sometimes I try to help in voice chat at CS , and in guild I also try to help whit stuff that happens inside, or preparing for something, related to invasions we mostly use guild chat " Reporter:" There are rumors that you're the main reason why Hardcore founders left Squadron, is it right? What really happened? Can you tell us? " Chukundah :" Yeah, it's true. When I join a guild I have standards, one can be giving everything free if you have and don't need. And they simply don't do it, they farmed spells and items , and didn't want to share for free, and also hiding from us, which pissed me off and drama started so they got kicked , and if you ask the players from Wiggle, that left them , they will say the same " Reporter: " Have you heard about the Snajper scandal? What happened there? Why were the items from his account taken away?" Chukundah :" Yes, I do , and poor Okla took all the blame , so I'm here to say that I'm the one who wanted to do this and asked Okla to help me. He(Snajper) was constantly, everyday talking shit to everyone , and one day he said he was going to leave us and help hardcore in next Sieges, so I suggested this to Okla and we took his stuff " Reporter:" Squadron lost last week the battle for supremacy, what happened? " Chukundah :"We were 23 players , Alex, Snook, Okla had other players playing on their accounts which takes all the experience , we also lacked the same AE's as we had last cs cause they couldn't play , and also in this cs we had new players playing with us , which they didn't follow our calls and were playing mostly for kills .. but I don't use this as an excuse to defeat , we did our best with what we had , gz for their win" Reporter: " What is your opinion about Hardcore merging with Dynasty? " Chukundah : "Don't know for sure if they were enemies or not, but since Hardcore didn't have enough players for CS , merging with some of them wasn't bad at all to keep the competition up " Reporter :" RuSuLeTzZz said in his interview that Squadron is .exe guild? How do you comment that? " Chukundah :"Cry is for free " Reporter : " RuSuLeTzZz also said about you in his interview 'He's a funny guy with multiple personalities ( ADMIN caught him speaking about him from another account, LOL) '. How do you comment those accusations? " Chukundah : "As I said above when you asked me about conflicts, I do that for fun ^^, maybe they think the contrary , don't really care " Reporter : "Do you have any enemies in the game?" Chukundah :"Everyone that is not in my guild / ally , is an enemy for me ." Reporter :" How do you comment the rumors that Reporter is a Squadron member?" Chukundah :" I don't believe you are, and if you were Squadron member i've would known for sure. About being a fan idk , good to know you are, haha " Reporter:" Can you tell us about the funniest moments you've experienced on OldSquad?" Chukundah :" The one I saw gay porn in Voyager's TeamViewer and shared in discord with guild ^^" Reporter:" The number of online players started to decrease lately on Phoenix, what do you think are the main reasons?" Chukundah :" As far I seen a lot of ppl quit due to fact of inactivity of Admin and also from the attacks that server/site suffered , and lack of interaction of him with players reporting stuff related to diff formulas in sv20 , hidden formulas in sv1, test server, and seeing bugs in game , and until now nothing being changed or helping them, and ppl still complaining, I can't say for sure these are the reasons , or if Admin really was inactive or fixing something , was just what I've seen in forum and in game of ppl speaking, or maybe was just players that gave up , along whit their alts. Reporter:" Do you accept a challenge?" Chukundah :" Ye " Reporter:" There will be several questions and I need details on each answer of yours. " Reporter :" Can you give us the name of the best guild master you ever had?" Chukundah :"Boyager , good leader " Reporter:" What did he do special and what did the other leaders you had not do?" Chukundah :" Every dramas inside guild he always took care with peace and make all good without consequences or problems after " Reporter:" How do you comment on rumors that TwoCheeks was the best guild master that Squadron ever had?" Chukundah :" Is not a rumor , it's true , I didn't play with TwoCheeks as him being GM, that's why I didn't mention him , but TwoCheeks I can mention in CS leading aspect , he's one of the best making strats and adapt everyone to any situation in ongoing CS." Reporter:" Can you give us the names of the 3 you respect the most in Hardcore and the names of the 3 players you dislike from Hardcore ?" Chukundah :" " Reporter:" Give us the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad." Chukundah :"As i said before , everyone out of my guild / ally , is an enemy , so i don't like or respect no one in or out of Hardcore" Reporter :" But you accepted challenge, so you have to name 3/3 with reasons ! " Chukundah:" Haha, ok , "respect" i give to Mu3rTe ( the real one , not his brother that plays right now), No1liveer and Takeshi because they are good players, dislike goes for Makiaveli, Rusuletz(for being complete rats that came out of the sewer after GROM and DEADCATS stop playing and finally they have the chance to shine, and acting like they are good in the game because they copy everything from us from items to strats in cs and creating alts to ask opinions about builds). And sparkle for talking shit all the time and suck, as well." Reporter :" Give us the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad " Chukundah:"The one who I respect the most is Zutto for his skills as BK, which is a very hard char to play , TwoCheeks for his leading at cs , and Voyager for maintaining the guild peacefully after dramas. I dislike most Makiashit , Rusushit and Sparkleshit ." Reporter:" Do you read the News Paper?" Chukundah :"When I have the patience to read all you write , yes, i do ^^ it's entertaining" Reporter:" What would you improve on NewsPaper ? Chukundah :" I don't know exactly, but as far I see you really do a good job." Reporter:" Do you think that NewsPaper adds +value on our community? " Chukundah :" Yes, 100% " Reporter: "Can you send a message for staff, friends , enemies?" Chukundah :"To staff :Stop banning me from forum , i don't intent no harm or toxicness , only to keep players mad and take revenge in game ^^ friends : SALUTE , enemies: there is a profile pic on my char in ranking that's for them. " Reporter: "Thank you very much for your time, patience and if I was respecting you as a player, now i started to respect you as a human being !! Keep up the good work!! Wish you Good Luck and have fun on Phoenix #2! " Chukundah :" All good , keep doing the NewsPaper job and don't stop doing it , you are doing a great job and you keep the community active on forum as well , and sometimes making some drama which is good too :d " This was Chukundah's interview, a top player on our community and a cerebral person that surprised me. I only knew him as a flamer and this interview changed my opinion 100% about him !!
  8. Reporter

    @livy0u I did some investigations on the server, and taking into account the rumors blown up by several voices, the name of the player spoken by most of them is Psyke, I do not know if I will be able to interview him, not in this life (the reason might be that you need actually to talk to that player), but I promise I will try ! 🙄
  9. Reporter

    Did I mention somewhere that they are the "best" players?
  10. Reporter

    @losiu03 It's not a "judgment", it's a statistic ...
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