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  1. Happy Birthday Oldsquad !!! Thanks Admin for all the things you do for this game and not least for this community which is the best !! Also, Reporter wishes Merry Christmas and a new year full of accomplishments to all the players and staff team, I am a convinced optimist so I expect a year 2020 when OldSquad will have perfect, innovative and stable s6 servers. I look forward to seeing a Castle Siege v2 that balances the battle for supremacy on the server and a s14 / 15 server that brings hundreds of members to this community!
  2. Reporter

    @radzii here u will find out how to get jewels back
  3. Reporter

  4. Reporter

    Love vs CrackTeam , Love won 2:1 , nice fight both teams !
  5. Reporter

    Hello. I can't wait enough to see it on Castle Siege so i can write in NewsPaper about it, go go!! Rise and challenge the top Guilds for server supremacy! In the mean time u can study top guilds and top players strategy and evolution here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/176-oldsquad-newspaper/
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