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    This interview is about Snook, a player who got ranked no 1 on Phoenix#2 weeks ago and he is still number one in the moment I write this article, he is ranked top number one also on Master Level Main rankings, Hall of Fame general rankings, Chaos Castle general rankings, and second ranked Castle Siege Tank rankings , and he is also a member of "The Council" (one of the newest Old Squad projects). Reporter: "Hello, Snook ! Welllcomeeeee to the News Paper's Hall of Fammeeeeeeeee ! Snook:"Hello, Mr. Reporter ! Thank you for having me ! 🙏 " Reporter : " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. ? " Snook:"My name is Florin. I am 25 years old, from Romania. I am self-employed , with 3 different income sources at the moment. My main hobbies would be sports ( with fitness and football being by far my favorite , but I also enjoy table tennis and basketball), movies , tv-shows, cars and reading and learning constantly new things " Reporter:" Three different income sources? Wow tell us a bit more about that." Snook:" Well, it's nothing special. They are all related to health. Two are strongly correlated, I am a personal trainer and a health and nutrition coach and I am also involved in my mother's business ( a medicinal leeches bio laboratory) which has been my main activity for the past months due to the covid19 situation." Reporter:" Regarding this covid 19 pandemic, how did it affect you?" Snook:" My major problem with covid19 was that they closed the gyms and they also blocked international transportation by air, which affected our sales. I also feel the need to say that this is far from a pandemic with this new virus " Reporter: "How much time do you spend/day playing mu OldSquad (average)? " Snook:" It really depends. For the past two weeks, I've spent about 2-3 hours, maybe. Today under 1 hour, so far 😂 . At the start of the server, I was on maybe 10-14 hours since my activities were closed/at a minimum level. " Reporter : "When did you start to play Mu Online? " Snook:"I first started when I was 11-12 maybe with my older brother. It was a 97d server and we had no idea what we were doing After that we played on and off, mostly together. There was a break of 5-6 years maybe where we didn't play any server, suddenly realizing how many things appeared and how much the game has evolved. This is probably the longest DB that I've played continuously. " Reporter : "How did you find OldSquad ?" Snook:" My brother found it on xtremetop100 when there was a 50rr edition. 2 years ago maybe. We loved it from the start, as we could see how much passion ADMIN put into making this server probably the best private one at this moment. I mean , not only ADMIN , the entire OS team." Reporter :"What nicknames did you have in the past?"" Snook:" I think I had Florin the first time and then Snook. In the first servers I had Sn0ok3r , the nickname I was using on CS 1.6" Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated? What types of VIP did you use since the start of Phoenix and why?" Snook:"I have PRO vip for the past 4-6 weeks, I think. I've started with HUNTER, had VIP activated all the time. Started with HUNTER because it was better than DEALER for leveling up. " Reporter: " How did you manage to climb in top and eventually get the most desired place ? Can you reveal us "the secret"? " Snook:"If you wanna play for the top you MUST have a permanent party and try to have someone to cover the party all the time (being able to refill at nights and lvling up at top spots makes all the difference). We've tested on test-server the best spots for every level and we managed to get a nice lead versus the others. I've managed to get 1st now just because Rusuletz and Makiavelli stopped playing ( so seriously ). They've had pro vip since the release and therefore they had a big advantage at leveling. " Reporter:" But still, you were chasing the no 1 rank since server started and it came a bit late, what made the difference between you and the "stage breakers" back then?" Snook:" There were a couple of reasons. First one, the release of Grizzly spots in Elbeland right before the start of the server (which are better than ice queen in dev4). We didn't pay attention to that reply on the forum and didn't know about this. Secondly, the warp bug for dungeon 3 ( where you could walk to dungeon 3 at 53 or sth instead of 70). After that, the party kill rate made another difference (they had 2 dl's in party with OP dmg while SM was hitting 3-400 in karutan1). Another big difference was made by our party member Alex, which told mafy to move to our maps every time we were making xp better than them " Reporter :" What about HoF rankings, how did you got so many trophies? " Snook:" CC is playing a huge role in that. I've been getting first there for the past 5-6 weeks I think. Of course, PRO vip plays an important part in this, since you have an extra entry/day." Reporter :"Since you are top no one Soul Master player on the server, can you reveal us a few tips about Soul Master pvp build/ ML skill tree? Can you reveal your stats ?" Snook:"Well, I don't want to reveal them , since this makes quite a difference. I've tested several builds with each RR and now I think I've found the best one so far. It also depends on play-style/set. As with ML , on SM it's pretty basic , nothing special. " Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player playing on this server for the first time, what should he do to get to the top places? How should he build stats on Soul Master ?" Snook:"Sneaky question . He should try to get into all bc/ds / day. They matter a lot actually. In my opinion, at the start he could try and have higher vitality/agility to survive in better maps. After he gets a decent gear, he can decrease those and add to energy. SM is very gear dependent, without a nice staff and wings, his dmg is very poor. And, of course, try and get a permanent party with shared teamviewer/anydesk." Reporter :"What characters do you think are the best for PvP ? Snook:"It depends on the stage of the game. At this moment, close to end game , I believe SM/SUM to be the best. BK is probably the best PVP as long as he one shots sm/sum with combo , if he doesn't then he'd die from the DPS. " Reporter: "Speaking of permanent party... Can you tell us a few words about the importance of a perma party on OldSquad, and a short story about how you and your perma mates got together?" Snook:"Permanent party , with shared TV/anydesk is the most important aspect on the server. Being able to refill the chars when the user is AFK or bring back from safe-zone if he dies will make all the difference in experience. Without one you might die in the first 2 minutes after you go AFK and realize that you've wasted 5-6 hours. Every minute is important for experience, especially at the start. Often you notice multiple differences in levels in a party between members that go to events (ex. invasions) and the ones that just afk on spot. We've actually replaced our perma a lot this DB. Started with Venom (who is a real-life good friend of mine) and Alex (we met on forum for Inception last db and we became friends, what were the odds that we were living so close to each other? ). Searching for 2 more players for our perma we found Mindpower and Rain, but their objective with the game was different than ours, they wanted a more chill approach so after a few weeks we changed members and kept changing since 1 member after another stopped playing. Right now the party consists of me , Venom , Waste and Duke. " Reporter: " Why Squadron disbanded? " Snook:"Most of the players stopped playing after the first 2-4 weeks , so there was no point in keeping the guild anymore. At a moment only Zutto, Waste and Chukundah were still playing, while all the others were afk , busy with work or other stuff. " Reporter : "What happened with BedeJutro's items during the most controversial Castle Siege on Phoenix#2 ?" Snook:" Well, obviously, someone with access on the account logged on him and took his items during CS time. It was pretty nice for him to give them back though." Reporter:" So, it wasn't you?" Snook:" Pretty hard to be me when I was facing 20-25 players trying to kill me on stamp during that time. I know I'm tough, but I still have to press Q Also, I never had the details to that account as I had no business with that party members." Reporter:" Last week Hardcore created 3 guilds to kick Sapphire from Castle Siege and then they farmed points to get free Lord Boxes, how do you comment their action? " Snook:"I don't really care. For me the competition on the server is dead for several weeks now. Maybe now that random guild may realize how inexperienced they really are. " Reporter: " Do you think that your guild can win the Castle Siege? " Snook:"In a close number of members fight , yeah. If there is a guild with double the number of players , probably not. Anyway , we are pretty busy and had no time for CS. " Reporter:" At the beginning of this data base you were a Hardcore member, what happened? Why did you left the guild and then moved to the "enemy guild" ?" Snook:" Most of the players did not want me there , they made it pretty clear , so there was no point for me to stay. I also did not want to play with them, but I entered because of Alex and Rus." Reporter:"Since you are a council member, can you give us some details about what this council means, why you applied, how you were elected and what your expectations are from this council? " Snook:"It's everything at the start, so I know as much as it was presented to everyone. I was invited by Gion to take part in this project , which I'm honored and happy to. I hope that together we can make OS projects more fun, balanced and enjoyable for all types of players , from serious to casual. " Reporter : " Do you read the News Paper ? " Snook:"ALWAYS!! " Reporter : " Do you believe in superstitions? Do you think that the Castle is Cursed? " Snook:"Somehow , maybe. I think it brings a lot of greed at surface, but it all depends on the people that make the guild. We never had issues in Squadron with this because everyone has equal chances for the items " Reporter : " Did you see what happened to the guilds that held the castle? If it is not the "curse" (which can be defined by greed, selfishness and pride), what could it be to destroy the most of the guilds in that way?" Snook:" In my most sincere opinion , the core members of the guild. If they see themselves above the rest of the players , as the only party/players that matter , then of course the others will not accept this." Reporter :"What do you suggest to improve on NewsPaper ?" Snook:"Well, I truly enjoy it, but maybe sometimes it can be made more fact-based, rather than dramatize. But maybe it's just my preference." Reporter: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Phoenix#2 ?" Snook:"I'd go with a 7." Reporter: " What would you change to this server? What do you expect from the following servers?" Snook:"I would want to see a slower pace for the server and fewer bugs/ more balance for top events. Compared to my experience on Inception, it feels that ADMIN didn't have that much time for this edition, which is understandable, many things may appear in someone's daily life. " Reporter: "There are rumors that the last base date you were banned,are they true? What happened? Snook:"Yes , although I'm not sure why it's a rumor , since it was never a secret. I tried to sell my account. Wanted to quit forever, heard from someone that he did , so I figured why not make some money if I invested so much time in the end. Wasn't aware at that time of the rule. " Reporter: "What do you think about this rule related to the sale of items / accounts for real money? The buyer receives free of charge what the seller offers if he reports to Admin."" ? Snook:"I believe many ABUSE this rule, forcing this kind of trades. I presented my opinion to ADMIN at that time also. People should be encourage to report this for the community , and just get them banned, but not get the items or especially the account. Maybe a small reward like toca,ob,creds." Reporter: "There are some rumors on the server that say VIP affects the concept of "play-to-win gameplay", what do you think of these rumors? Is a player who is active able reach the top without donating? " Snook:" Definitely , maybe they'd have to donate the first 2 weeks , or at least the first one. You can make a lot of credits by selling items/jwls. I made around 25-30K this edition so far I think. The game would be harder and more enjoyable without blacksmith upgrades (+12/ add luck) and therefore the credit trades will be lower , jwls will be more important and less scams, but this server is not for free , so I understand it perfectly that it needs to generate revenue for it to self sustain.Although probably PRO vip is a little OP" Reporter:"I have 4 challenges for you, do you accept them? Now it's a fixed number 😂" Snook:" Bring it on " Reporter :"Challenge no 1: I need the names of the 3 players you respect the most from Sapphire, the names of the 3 players you hate from this guild, the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 you dislike the most on OldSquad" Snook:" I respect no one from Sapphire , I've barely saw a couple of them on server, I don't hate anyone either. Hating someone over a game seems really problematic for me. I'm really indifferent with all of them. The 3 players I respect the most on OS, that's hard. I'd have to go with Voyager (very nice guy with great leadership skills), Exilia ( always minded his business and never trash talked, also had the pleasure to play in party with him for a couple of weeks and had some really, really interesting talks with him) and Diablo ( he truly understands the concept of fair play and game competition). Reporter: " Challenge no 2: Tell me 3 things you like most about our staff team, and 3 things you don't like about them!" Snook:" Well , let's see. I like how they try and come up with different events ideas , such as soccer , or OSGM. I like how seriously they take into consideration racism speech ( I believe this to be one of the problems that shouldn't exist in our time) I also like how they leave a freedom to free speach and room for fights on the server , adds some spice to the game sometimes I think they should take into consideration better actions against repetitive toxic players. I don't like how uncarelessly Admin sometimes responds to forum posts.." Reporter:" Challenge no 3: Tell us 3 things you would improve on our server and top 3 things you like the most" Snook :" Things I would improve: 1. Better balance for top events, especially IT. 2. Slower pace of game-play 3. Lower rewards from stages. " "Three things I like the most: 1. Stages 2. CS game-play 3.The server configuration and how the information is presented" Reporter: " Challenge no 4 : Tell us the council members names and your opinion about each one" Snook:" Council members at this moment are: ADMIN, Alex, Archie, Cerberus, Legion, mafy, Nephilim, snake, snook, Waste, Zutto. Admin- don't know him that well , seems like a decent guy that puts passion into this server Alex - friend of mine , biggest noob , hard to carry him for the second time, lucky for me I'm quite strong ( lots of love Alex) ; he sometimes comes up with awesome ideas for this server (ex: pvpquest) Archie - I don't know him at all Cerberus - played with him a little on Inception , seemed like a serious guy Legion - haven't seen him once so far mafy - he cares only about his own interest Nephilim - pretty decent , funny guy snake - I don't know him Snook - hopefully you'll make an idea from this interview Waste - pretty smart and funny guy , it's a pleasure to play with him Zutto - he seems to mind his own business" Reporter:" Do you strongly believe that this group of players will bring servers that will be appreciated by all players who will join?" Snook :" I truly believe each and everyone has their strengths and weakness and together I think we will complete each other and we will manage to improve the server's quality, even if it's only with a little." Reporter:" Thank you very much for time and patience, I wish you GL on all plans!" Snook:" Thank you very much also , it was a pleasure " This was Snook's Interview, a top player, council member and "behind the keyboard" seems to be a honest guy who enjoys to be a part of our community !
  2. Reporter

    Message to @everyone who think they can do better the Reporter job, i kindly invite you to apply for the new job !
  3. A controversial episode with spectacular upheavals took place last Sunday in the battle for Phoenix's Supremacy. OneSteppy, guild that held the supremacy of the server for its first time, a guild that seems to be growing and that is focusing on recruiting all active players, (they manage to recruit people even from Hardcore last week), prepare the defense, managing to gather a large number of players, organizing about 4 parties. Some "voices" told me that they were 21 players but 3 of them were afk, most of the time. On the other side, Hardcore, the guild that dominated this data base winning most of the battles for Supremacy, starts as attackers. Fewer and weaker than ever, they barely managed to gather only 10 or 11 warriors, ("voices" told me that at the start of the battle. They were only 9 at that moment) and give the impression of throwing themselves blindly in a battle without odds for win. The fight begins, Hardcore "unleashed" the attack, a pale attack, an attack in which they are massacred inside the castle, but they do not seem affected at all and continue, they manage to register several times and make some points.. The only warrior who seem to shine, from Hardcore, is "The magnificent" Crucify who knocks down everyone in his path including BedeJutro who was slayed 2-3 times by him. But everything seems lost for Hardcore, mafy dies continuously every time he gets near the crown and tries to register, we approach the last half hour and the ones from OneSteppy are almost preparing to celebrate a new victory. Tokyo "The Slayer", Voymax "The Brave" and "The Lethal" Incubus were the protagonists of this massacre, making rivers of blood flow in the throne room , and it seems like the easiest victory is already there for them because everything seems to be played, they lead with a huge difference points, at 18:22 the score was 10594 vs 3484 in their favor. Hardcore manage to record and this is the moment when the people from RISE decide to take part in the battle, and, man.. they did it, but they didn't attack to win points or to try to conquer the throne. Driven by anger and hatred they take part in this fight just to hit the OneSteppy guild, so they join on Hardcore side and starts helping them by preventing OneSteppy from registering. We enter the last half of hour and OneSteppy starts to lose precious points, they try to stay in the lead of the fight by making multiple kills and trying to move RISE warriors from switches, but they fall in to the dark and after they were on the wave believing that nothing can stop them from keeping the castle for another week, they start to feel helpless, because the victory starts to be threatened.. The time passes, they struggle, they try but they seem lost, confused, watching, as the time goes by, how the huge difference of points they had is getting smaller and smaller, the crown on BedeJutro's head starts to shake. Time flies and eventually Hardcore wins an unexpected battle with the help that some of the guild members did not want, because in past they lost the castle weeks in a row in exactly the same way, even if they dominated the fights back then, they were defeated by dirty anti-games and unfair-play strategies, they won this fight and put the crown back on mafy's head but this time the crown looks stained with dirty blood, an unexpected victory won without being fully deserved. This week I asked here and there about what happened. What made these warriors, who in the past fought on the same side, in the same guild, hate each other so much now? The first answers came from Snook and I will write down a part of the small discussion with him bellow : Reporter: " Hello! What really happened between you, guys, and OneSteppy? How did you end up here as "the worst enemies" ?" Snook : "Hello! Well, I like to think that we are the "worst enemies" because we are really good at what we're doing , especially when someone's pissing us off. What happened is that we didn't want to play with guys that think they are good when the competition is done. Stepy is a guild wihthout any principles or character." Reporter: "Are they worst than Hardcore?" Snook : "Well, you can’t really compare a guild with history on the server with a mixture of random players, even though so many from HC stopped playing, also I'm pretty sure some were happy that I did , while others probably hated it completely. We didn't do it for them " I went forward with investigation and asked ncux from OneSteppy about their point of view : ncux :" Snook was in our guild with Venom, and he was afk all the time, focusing only for lvling up, we were always asking for his help during the fights for bosses like Selupan or Medusa and he never came, Tokyo and others started a conversation about why we need those kind of players in guild, who just ask for items but never helps, so Snook left and he asked all ppl who wants to join his new guild so Waste, DarknesSBK and FKinGCunT left following him, mostly because now they are fully geared and they do not want to help low lvl guys from our guild. They are led by the principle " when you are strong you want to be in a top guild but you don't care about the newbie members" " At the beginning of this week, another important moment was the start of a war between OneSteppy and Hardcore, a war that seems to never end and that makes the safe zones from Vulcanus or Swamp to become more populated than ever, a war that hold the time in one place for these guilds because they hunt each other day and night, and if some of the players try to take refuge, going afk through safe locations they are chased by enemies and if they can't be killed, secondary characters are left on them to slow their exp down. As I write this article I see some guilds that have already registered Sign of lord, is it an attempt of Hardcore or Rise to prevent OneSteppy from taking part in the fight on Sunday? Will OneSteppy have the strength to return to the battle? Will they accumulate enough points to be able to participate?(it is already Friday and they can register only tomorrow but they cannot add Signs of Lord anymore)
  4. Reporter

    https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/149-wormhole-medium-style-inceptions-kid-inactive/, I think this is what you are talking about and Admin already uses this but on Inception (Max 30 rr)
  5. The Council, a project in which experienced or not so experienced players can help the administrative team take the best decisions in the game, where they can ask for explanations and understand the direction our community is heading. Over time I have seen all sorts of players with or without experience who complain about various things, they usually expect that if you enter the forum and open a simple topic, everything is solved, without thinking about the consequences. For example: an Elf player would like to have the top pvp Elf, top PVM, top everything, of course, it's easy to go in and ask but the impact of an upgrade of a class in the game can ruin the whole balance of the server. This new project is about us, about the players, about our community, a project that will help us to evolve progressively, I had a little talk with Gion, and I asked him to give us some more details about this project, so you can understand better what it is about. I've selected the most on-point discussions: Reporter:" Hello, Gion ! " Gion: " Hello, my dear friend ! " Reporter: "Can you tell us where the idea for the council came from? Who thought of this project and what is its purpose? " Gion: " Sure ! ADMIN had this idea, we wanted to implement it since the beginning of Inception, but we had a lot to work on the server side, so we delayed it until now. " Reporter:" What are your expectations from future Council members? Gion: " Since we delayed the project until now, it is understood by default that we want some quality, meaning that we cannot let 90% of the players' opinions in the hands of the .. let's say people who are not ready. Reporter:" The opinions of these council members will have a decisive impact on the game ?" Gion : " Of course. It is well known that this game is better in teams, no matter if a team has 2-5-25 members. Assuming that a team is usually sharing the way of thinking, because that's why they're a team, right ? So, assuming that the team has the same mentality, our aim is to have a representative in as many teams as possible, from the newcomers' parties up to the highest guilds. Just like a sampler does. Our aim is the Democracy. We want everyone to matter, and taking this into account, that's why I said that the Council is 90% of the players' opinion, any player can still open polls / suggestions / etc. by himself" Reporter: "After a player joins this Council, will he be able to continue to talk freely on the forum or in game?" Gion :" Yessir ! Anyone can speak freely " Reporter:" Will these players, once they enter this Council have any advantage in the game?" Gion: " There are no immediate physical rewards, as there are no responsabilities, but I am sure that the overall quality of the personal gameplay, as well as the public gameplay will be highly increased soon " Reporter:" Those who register, in order to be elected, must know how to speak English very well? " Gion: " It is recommended to know English in order to be able to let us, the others, know what's on your mind." Reporter:" In the announcement made regarding the recruitments of council members you mentioned that those members should be "Players that had contributed during these years", can you be a little more explicit?" Gion: " You don't have to meet all the requirements in order to be "elected" as a Council member. As you can see, the newcomers will be a part of it too. That's the "academic" answer, the true reason was already mentioned by me above, and it is that we want quality, even the newcomers have to show that they are ready and that they are really willing to do this. Obviously, the ones that "have already contributed during these years" are well-known by us. And we appreciate it. Looking forward to see more people doing it ! Cheers !" Reporter:" But when you say "contributed" you do not mean that he need to be a donor or something, right? " Gion: " 🤦‍♂️No, sir. It has nothing to do with the donations. We are talking about the ones who contributed with suggestions, ideas, also understanding when a suggestion/idea cannot be implemented not because it is wrong, but because we promote what the majority wants, just like it is in Democracy. " Reporter:"The announcement for the recruitment of these council members was made around 5-6 days ago, what is the status of the number of players registered for the selection? " Gion: " There are some players who expressed their will to do this and we are very glad. Thank you !" Reporter: "Who will select these members and when will this selection take place?" Gion: " The selection is made by ADMIN and me, as I said, based on the previous experiences (personal or public), no matter how small these experiences were. As you can see, we have already stared to add Members. " Thank you very much, Gion ! I am convinced that this new project will have 100% success rate ! Old Squad Council, a new futuristic project that is made for our community benefits! You have nothing to lose guys, to apply for a council member position just send a message with your CV via Facebook messenger ! More details here : https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3883-oldsquad-council/
  6. Reporter

    Updated! RISE members did not helped OneSteppy last Sunday! Ty Hvman for clearing it up!
  7. It's been two weeks since the last episode of the great war for the supremacy of Phoenix was written. Hardcore, after defeating Squadron in the last battle, managed to win the battle that followed, defeating OneSteppy (a new guild made by former Squadron members who started collecting all the active warriors on the server), so, the Hardcore ones won by a difference of about 2k points, although OneSteppy warriors did well on the battlefield and managed to consolidate their strategies, however it is a new guild with new players, it takes time to consolidate the roles of each player and to build a solid team that would put Hardcore in trouble. Time passed, the fights for the Big Bosses given in these two weeks were divided, in the mornings the ones from Hardcore managed to defeat most of these bosses (because they didn't have opponents), but in the evening the ones from OneSteppy dominated most of those fights. Sunday finally came and a new battle was preparing to be written with a lot of blood in the pages of Phoenix's history by these brave warriors. Hardcore, in the position of server leaders, although they suffered stinging defeats at Medusa or Selupan, and even if they seemed dejected all week, they begin to gather their active warriors and form parties, they bring inside the castle about 15 fighters and prepare the defensive. They do not seem to be interested in upgrading gates or statues (later, I found out the reason, in the last fights they were demolished before the first 15 minutes so their upgrade would have been useless because only after the first 15 minutes of the game holding the castle matters). On the other side, the ones from OneSteppy, having the boosted moral given by the small victories accumulated during the week, are preparing the attack, again, without using any strategy that would imply blocking a build, but still having an advantage of 2000 points, and very good morale, unleashes the attack. It's a balanced fight, it's like a clash of two tornadoes, both guilds give their best, the crown switches from mafy's head to BedeJutro's every 5 minutes. Both guilds are focusing only on the attack, and they don't seem to concentrate enough in defense, that's how the minutes go and everything is balanced, although the middle of the battle seems to be dominated by those in OneSteppy who manage to kill mafy many times, thus gaining precious points. Towards the end of the game, the people from Hardcore seem more lucid and start to gain ground .. but not enough to win. Related to Squadron, not all the active players moved to OneSteppy, some of them made a new guild called Raise and I saw last days some of them helping Hardcore on bosses, even though everything seemed ok inside the Squadron, it seems that different interests and quarrels made these players split into these two guilds. Although we saw RISE players last two weeks helping OneSteppy, last week those brave warriors won by their own forces . Surely time will tell us the answers to these questions that arise after these moves on the chessboard of Phoenix leaders : Will the RISE guild decide to attack the castle independently? Will they build a guild that is competitive? Will the OneSteppy guild receive support from their former comrades? Will Hardcore be able to return to supremacy? (if it wasn't the 2000 point penalty they would win but with a small difference of points) As I did on last article, I will end the article with the top 10 best killers of the week, led by Tokyo, the M.V.P of the last Castle Siege, and the achievements of the 2 guild masters mafy and BedeJutro the newest leader of the server. Rank Character Name Class Resets PK Points Death Points 1 Tokyo Dimension Master 5 97 2 2 Moonlight Fist Master 5 80 17 3 RuSuLeTzZz Dimension Master 5 64 8 4 Voymax Fist Master 5 47 2 5 SupremeMG Duel Master 4 46 18 6 DuK4N Fist Master 4 39 3 7 Diablo Blade Master 5 28 2 8 BlooDySUM Dimension Master 3 27 28 9 TszakTszak Dimension Master 4 26 19 10 Crucify Fist Master 5 25 21 11 mafy Lord Emperor 5 1 12 12 BedeJutro Lord Emperor 5 0 5
  8. Reporter

    Nice story @Cerberus, and i want to thank you that even after you have quit the game you still read TheNewsPaper: ))
  9. Last week we had one of the most unbalanced battles for Phoenix #2 supremacy, the surprise coming from Hardcore,a great guild of fighters coming to the battlefield with their heads held high, even though they suffered a shameful defeat a week ago, these warriors returned to the battlefield ready to tear apart, suffocate, destroy, and then trample on anyone and anything on their path. The fight has started, Hardcore and Wiggle unleashed the attack, Squadron in the position of defenders resisted well in the first hour of this fight, Wiggle did well also, they scored points, they counted in the start but the madness was unleashed immediately after the first hour of fight, which, by the way, was also the hour when guild leaders usually are concentrated in the consolidating or adapting strategies. But, as I said, the time for probing ended and now the bloody show with the Hardcore in the foreground begins. mafy successfully registers and Hardcore becomes the Defender, then focuses all their "cannons" on Trippy, and when he is shot down they quickly move them cannons at Slawomir, these two Guild Masters are frozen or stunned and then KOed one by one, whenever they try to register the seal, by "The magnificent" Crucify ( THE MVP of this Castle Siege). RuSuLeTzZz, "The Machine Gun", and Makiavelli, "The Ripper". These mercilessly warriors, after finishing the enemy Guild Masters, are slaughtering all the remaining enemies inside the Throne Room. These brave warriors were also assisted by the 4 elves: Shadyska EE, WhoAmI, xSOFIAx and Maria, who behaved exemplary, managing to freeze Trippy and Slawomir almost every time they were registering. Squadron, did not give up and fought until the end, even if at the end of this Castle Siege they were forced to bow their heads and kneel, again, in front of Hardcore, being defeated by a difference of over 8000 points, "The amazing" Zutto, accompanied by "The mighty" BBwojownik, "The Insane" Chukundah and Voymax "The Brave", were highlighted by the multiple kills made, as for Wiggle, they managed to gather only 4908 points at this Castle Siege, and the following warriors stood out: TzakTzak, Xeroo and Nephilim who close the top 10 killers. The warriors from Hardcore manage to sit mafy back on this most desired throne and together, at the end of this castle siege, they celebrate a victory that, although it seemed easy, was not one without sweat. After this Castle Siege, unexpected strange things happened. Squadron and Wiggle disbanded, related to Squadron, there are rumors on the server (coming from Hardcore side) that say they were so humiliated after this defeat that they disbanded the guild. I started a little investigation in which I found out that this disband was not spontaneous, that the end of this great guild on Phoenix # 2 was planned for some time, the reasons being that a large part of the "old" players from the core of this guild had quit game for some time, also some old players like Chukundah have quit game right after this Castle Siege. But as always, from the grave of a great guild another one is born, so, this new guild named OneSteppy, under the command of BedeJutro, comes to life, and BedeJutro starts to recruit all the active former Squadron players and the ones that quit Wiggle. This week, I had a short discussion with "The Amazing" Zutto in which I found out that, although he is not currently in any guild, he has not given yet his last combo on the battlefield called Valley of Loren and will follow his Polish friends in the new guild that seems to gather all the remaining forces on the server to challenge Hardcore . The following questions arise after these unexpected moves on the chessboard of the leader of this server who is fighting for supremacy: Will the OneSteppy team manage to make a team in such a short time that will be able to put those in Hardcore in difficulty this week? Did Hardcore learn from the past and will they take the next fight seriously? Below you can find a summary of the last fight achievements of the 10 players mentioned above and of the 3 Guild Masters. Rank Player Name CLASS RESETS GUILD Weekly kill points Weekly death points 1 Crucify Fist Master 4 HARDCORE 182 3 2 Zutto Blade Master 5 Squadron 130 1 3 RuSuLeTzZz Dimension Master 5 HARDCORE 115 8 4 BBwojownik Duel Master 3 Squadron 112 38 5 TszakTszak Dimension Master 4 WIGGLE 96 51 6 Voymax Fist Master 4 Squadron 75 13 7 Xeroo Fist Master 4 WIGGLE 72 38 8 DuK4N Fist Master 4 Squadron 70 18 9 Makiavelli Duel Master 5 HARDCORE 69 16 10 Nephilim Duel Master 4 WIGGLE 59 40 38 mafy Lord Emperor 5 HARDCORE 3 1 39 Trippy Lord Emperor 4 Squadron 3 16 40 Slawomir Lord Emperor 3 WIGGLE 3 20
  10. Reporter

  11. Reporter

    Crucify is a player who seems to have appeared "out of nowhere" and in a relatively short time he managed to amaze us all, creating a Rage Fighter that is by far the best at Castle Siege Pvp, also he currently is ranked as 1st in the overall voter rankings, he has voted 246 times so far, and ranks 1st in the Gens rankings, in the past 7 days he has managed to make 180 raid kills and to accumulate 7257 points. Reporter : "Hello, Crucify ! Welcome to The News Paper Hall of Fame! " Crucify :" Hi " Reporter: " Can you, please, give us a description of yourself? Name, age, occupation, etc. " Crucify :"My name is Turgut, I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. 21 y/o and computer engineering student(6th term). I like traveling, still traveling cities in Turkey but I want travel between countries soon (I'll go Oulu university, Finland for study next year if we can get over this covid shit :P), also I like swimming. " Reporter: " Oooh, 21 y/o that makes you the youngest player from News Paper Hall of Fame! When did you start playing Mu Online? What nicknames you had in past? " Crucify :"Hahaha, yea :)). I started before, 7 or 8 years ago on a season 2 server with my cousin and played season 2 for long time (he's 28 y/o and he was playing over 10 years, unfortunately he is not playing on OldSquad because he don't have much free time), it's my 3rd or 4th higher season server than season 2. I used Lykia, Tr0uble, Hargreave, Prophet but last 4-5 years I use Crucify on every game. " Reporter: "How did you find OldSquad? Can you tell us a short story about your first steps on our server? Have you came alone? What was your first permanent party, what was your first guild, etc ? " Crucify :"I found Oldsquad on Xtremetop100. I checked first 10-15 servers(specially depends to webshops/services) and I saw that it's the only Play2win server. I started with my cousin and his friends on this year's Inception after 150-160 days server starts(we give a break like 1y and just wanted to play mu without for rank) then we see new server Phoenix coming. My first guild was Vikings at Inception. But even we were not in same guild, AlmightySM and Odyssey helped me and my friends too much. On Inception I was at stable party with my friends. But on phoenix they didn't play at beginning because they had no time so i was alone. My first permanent party is with Peps-Reborn-Deave-Arya but it didn't last long. Then we make stable party with Azir-Arseling-StrongOne-Skippy and now I'm in stable party with Azir-livy0u-Sosu-5GSP0RT and playing with Azir all the time(on events,bosses etc) " Reporter: "What do you think about this server and community?" Crucify :"Inception was good but I think admin is too busy to deal with Phoenix (pvp invasions fixed after 50days, disconnect problem took long too and there are always another bug). But I like this server, characters are balanced(hope admin solve ctrl bug soon) and if you are active you don't need to donate for credits. About community, mostly good, but there some toxic players " Reporter :" Did you started to play on Phoenix since day 1?" Crucify: "Yes" Reporter: "Do you have any VIP activated?" Crucify :"Not for now, I started without vip and make 150lvl sm for create rf, I usually buy vip when I got more than 3-4k credits before reset. Otherwise, I keep them for some upgrade. I buy hunter if I'm going to afk for couple days and pro for weeks that I play active(if i had credits :)) " Reporter: " How much time do you spend /day playing Mu Online? " Crucify :"It was like 4-5 hours, but in this covid situation and my father has some issues with his lungs I'm at home 7/24 for 40-50 days(also my university start to online lessons) so i spend like 8-10 hours for mu and watching some tv series when I'm not playing mu " Reporter :" Oh, sorry to hear that about your father, I hope he gets well!" Crucify :" Thanks , he needs to stop smoking for 'go better', but he doesn't" Reporter :"What advice would you give to a player who recently joined the server? What should he do to get to the top places or to get inside a top guild?" Crucify :"First of all they have to play active for all events specially BC/DS, for faster growth. When they are active for events they can join most of guilds and it becomes easier to hunt and they can find stable party in guild. " Reporter: "You said earlier that you joined Old Squad for its real play2win concept, whats your opinion now? There are many players, especially the new ones, but not only those, who say that they have no chance to reach the top because they do not donate, how do you comment on these statements?" Crucify :"Not 100% play2win, but it's much more better than other servers, someone can still donate a lot of money and get set easily but they always stay noob, even if they have full set, there are so many players like that in server, also so many top player without donate even single cent :)). All they have to do is play active." Reporter: "Isn't that all the play2win concept definition?" Crucify : "When you say play2win people think that there are no credits/vip/premium services, that's why I said not 100%, but pretty close" Reporter : " You are 1 reset behind Alex, the RF ranked no 1 in general main rankings, what happened? How come you're so far away?" Crucify :"As I said, before covid I was playing like 4-5 hours per day sometimes less and didn't join events so much, and I was really behind when I start to play-hard, that's why I didn't participate at the first 2 CS." Reporter:" What classes have you played in the past? Is Rage Fighter your favorite class?" Crucify :"I play Dark Lord usually on season 2, I tried Rage Fighter on my first season 6 server and i liked it. After that i always play Rage Fighter when it's available on server, and yes, looks like my new favorite class " Reporter: "You are currently the No. 1 Rage Fighter in the following major Old Squad ranks: Castle Siege pvp rankings, general vote rankings, and gens pvp rankings, how did you accomplish this? Crucify :"For Castle Siege, I tried so many combinations for str/vit ratio on test server, I think it's the most important reason because I was wearing plate set luck dd (which is not really good compared to my opponents) on third cs and I was the best RF, again. For gens rank I wait raid most of time and thanks to my friend Azir for calling me on raid if I sleep or afk for some reason. For vote just put an alarm " Reporter:" Can you reveal us a few tips about Rage Fighters pvp build? Can you reveal your stats and/or ML skill tree? Crucify :"If I give my stats away, every rage fighter will use them, so only advice that i can give is to find best str/vit ratio with your weapon ^^ " Reporter :" Speaking of permanent party, do you have one ? Can you tell us a few words about each member and a short story about how you guys met and got in a perma?" Crucify :"Like I said before, I was in a permanent party with Peps-Arya-Reborn-Deave, but Peps left us because we were not active as he wants, then we all split. After that, I saw that Azir was looking for a member for his party so I joined them. After few players left/joined, it became a really good party. Azir is a really funny guy and really active on events, like me, he is the reason for my fast growth :). Livy0u is a really nice guy and he really likes to help ppl. Sosu and 5GSP0RT is in our party for just 1 week, so I don't know them very good but they both seem nice too. " Reporter: "How important is, in your opinion, a permanent party on OldSquad?" Crucify :"If you want to be in top, you have to be in permanent party with shared anydesk/teamviewer information for remote control(or give phone number, like I did at first times:)) " Reporter: "Tell us about Hardcore, how were you and your party recruited in this guild?" Crucify :"Actually, I found my party in Hardcore. I started Inception after 150-160 days and I remember Maki, mafy and few more player from Old-style(I wasn't in guild, I just saw them on top). On Phoenix I saw them again and I wanted to join because they were strong on Inception " Reporter:" There are rumors that the Hardcore leaders and members are greedy, this being the main reason why many players left this guild, how do you comment these rumors ? " Crucify :"Not the leaders, just members that left/were kicked from guild were greedy (not all, but most of them). If the leaders were greedy, they wouldn't make Senior set for player that they didn't play together before :)). We share everything in guild. If more than 1 people ask for the same item, it doesn't matter if they are in their party or not, they give that item to more active one " Reporter:" Hardcore, 2 weeks ago, lost the fight for supremacy with a big difference of points in favor of Squadron, what happened? " Crucify :"So many ppl from our main guild were busy for that day, and we took some players that don't have set from alt guild Alliance. But still 3 players didn't come and 2 players were afk at CS, so we play with 20. " Reporter: " Wiggle and Squadron, the guilds you've been fighting with for so long have been disbanded, do you think the players of these two guilds will unite against yours?" Crucify :" I'm sure that they will, otherwise game will become really boring :))" Reporter: " What do you think that are the reasons why these two guilds were disbanded? " Crucify :"For Squadron, I'm sure that most toxic player, Chukundah (or his another personality Tokyo that he uses now), is the one of reasons. For Wiggle, they call us greedy but I think they are the greedy ones, because 380 weapon for guild master is not the best option atm, it could be better if they gave boxes to one of rage fighters or blade knights. " Reporter:" So, do you think that The Curse hit them so bad that they disbanded? Wiggle and Squadron are the latest victims of this cruel Curse ? Crucify :" What is The Curse ? Defeat on CS maybe? I mean I know what curse means but The Curse looks like something special " Reporter :" The curse is defined by the greed and inside scandals that comes with the fight for supremacy, also spoil share between guild members, those are the main reasons that usually most of the guilds that held Castle disbanded, for more details please start reading this: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3453-phoenix-curse-history-of-castle-lords-and-guilds/ " Crucify : "Yea, looks like this Curse hit them " Reporter :"During last Sunday, your guild easily won the fight for supremacy, what did you do differently? " Crucify: "Participation was better for that CS, we played as 25. Also some ppl from EliteS came to our guild before couple days and some of them participate CS, they did a great job too. Reporter:" How do you comment on rumors that your guild is copying Squadron in developing strategies on each battle? " Crucify :"They always have excuses :)) " Reporter:" It is rumored on the server that you are the main weapon of the guild, that without you Hardcore would not have managed to win some of previous battles because you found Trippy's "Achilles' heel", managing to kill him most of the time. How do you comment on these rumors?" Crucify:" They won before I participate CS, so I doubt about it. In my opinion Rusu is the most important person on cs because he directing everyone on voice. Sorry about stun on last cs, bro :))" Reporter : "Related to Lord Mix, from what I've seen, you're the only Hardcore Rage Fighter with a Lord Mix set, but you aren't the biggest in the guild. How were you chosen for the first set? Did the other Rage Fighters players from the guild agree to let you have this first set? Crucify: " Yes, they voted about it, the reason that I got the first set is because I was the most active rage fighter in guild and I am the best rage fighter in server even with plate set, you can see on third CS ^^" Reporter:" Who is taking the decisions in Hardcore? " Crucify: "Council. 1 people from every permanent party(some parties 2-3, if they are active most of time) in council so we take decisions together " Reporter:" Hmmm, it sounds like the newest project of Admin, so, do you already have a council where guild decisions are made? Can you name the members of this Hardcore Council?" Crucify: " Redbull, Shady, Maki, No1, Rusu, Mafy, Azir, Darkyo, Fane, Moonlight, Takeshi " Reporter:" Lately, more and more players are complaining that they have been scammed in the game, trying to buy items at prices that the market does not allow, thus being tricked. They are outraged on the forum and ask the admins to take action, what is your opinion about these events?" Crucify: " Admin is right about it, in my opinion, because this is a limit for prevent pay2win and make jewels more valuable. But still scamming is for dishonorable guys, like Chukundah. Rusu shouldn't trust him at first but I think he thinks that chuku has honor :)). Hope no one trusts him anymore." Reporter : "Do you have any enemies in the game?" Crucify :"No, I'm really new on OldSquad Community. I just don't like few toxic players but they are not strong enough to be 'my enemy'. " Reporter:" Can you tell us about the funniest moments you've experienced on OldSquad?" Crucify :"We played Inception with my friend, WhoAmI, and AlmightySM helped us so much, as I said before. When we started on Phoenix, we thought that we can join Attack guild with AlmightySM. Anyway on first day of server, WhoAmI, me and 3 other friends (that are not playing anymore) were leveling in Devias 4 and another party came and tried to KS us. WhoAmI really got pissed off and started to argue with them, then they ask us which guild we will join and WhoAmI says we will join Attack and 'kick your asses'. The funny part is he argued with Speedy(Wanheda) and his party. Only after we realized that he is one of the founders of ATTACK :)) " Reporter:" The number of online players started to decrease lately on Phoenix, what do you think that are the main reasons?" Crucify :"I think main reason is that Admin is not active and there are always another bug, i just got 3 warn from IT today morningm but I didn't participate. I was going to BC and I was warned. Also server is not easy, so new players get bored and leave. " Reporter:" Do you accept a few challenges?" Crucify :"If I understand right, you ask about players on challenges and I don't know players, I just know players in Hardcore. Am i right? " Reporter:" Well, first of all you need to accept the challenges. Who knows? It might get tricky. There will be several questions and one request, and I need details on each answer of yours." Crucify :" Nvm, I am in :))))) " Reporter :" Challenge no 1: Tell us the names of the 3 players you respect the most on OldSquad and the names of the 3 most toxic persons on Old Squad." Crucify :"I respect most Azir, mafy and Rusu and 3 most toxic players are Chuku, TrueSquad and gimiurhelm " Reporter: "Challenge no 2: Tell me 3 things you like most about the staff team of this server, and 3 things you don't like about them!" Crucify :"Admin is not active, i don't like it like everyone. Gion being too soft about bad langauge, he should give more warn/ban for swearing at family values. And Reporter looks like Squadron fan instead of neutral (no offence but everyone who can read newspaper about cs can understand that :)) " Reporter:" Challenge no 3: Give us the name of the 3 best pvp players on OldSquad !" Crucify :"Rusu, Zutto(only if he's not using macro, I don't understand about macros) and me, ofc ^^ " Reporter:" Challenge no 4 : What do you like most and what you dislike on Old Squad game play" Crucify :"Events are so important, you cant do any shit with 7/24 afk. Dynamic exp is amazing for encourage new players. Alliances can't participate on CS, so it's good, you have to make strategy instead of bringing so many ppl in the Siege. I don't like website blacksmith, especially add luck to items. There are always bugs, as I've said before. And Non-pvp events are annoying :)) " Reporter:"Challenge no 5(the in game request) :Give us a print screen with you ML skill tree build!" Crucify :" " Reporter:" Did you register for the Soccer Event tonight?" Crucify:" Yes, I was registered, but I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen" Reporter:" So, would you like Gion to increase the limit of participants?" Crucify :" Yes, it would be better i think. More players = more competition " Reporter:" Do you read the News Paper?" Crucify :" I did it only for this DB" Reporter:" What would you improve on NewsPaper ? Crucify :"Hmm, maybe you can start new series like daily things for every week, only top guild players read The War for Supremacy series. For example someone get banned today for selling item for real money. " Reporter:" Well, now I will argue about the lack of time, imagine that I am a player too and I spend 60% of my free time doing reporter job, so i am focusing on what I think that really adds '+' value for The News Paper " Crucify :"Yes, but I think that players can report to you for that daily things, with screenshots maybe, but yes, it requires so much time, it was just idea :)) " Reporter:" Since you already told us what should be improved, what do you say about all the unique and futuristic things added by Admin to a season 6 server (merecenary squad, all the / invasion, / entries, / info etc.)? Do you know that no one says anything about the cool things and only the bad ones are in the forums spotlights ? Crucify :" Except non pvp invasions, they are all useful, but I hate non-pvp invasions. " Reporter:" But not when you where a newbie and you will not stand a chance to hunt a gold when someone stronger comes and you already 60% killed it " Crucify :" Good point ! " Reporter: "Thank you very much for your time, patience and for the pure honest answers ! Now it is the time to let you send a message to the staff and to the friends/enemies !" Crucify :"Thanks to you too, I really appreciate it :)). To staff, pls feedback more on bugs. To my friends, let's destroy OneStepy too. And to my enemies, I don't have enemies :)) " This was Crucify's interview, a young player on our community, a player who has created the strongest Rage Fighter so far, and also a really nice guy, the interview lasted much more then I expected because he is a really nice guy and we also chit chat about a lot of things! Thank you again, Crucify! Wish you all the best, and I hope your father will stop smoking and he will get better!!
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