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    1. The rebirth of Phoenix #3 was a rough path as hundreds of players struggled to get the highest level as fast as possible in order to increase their rewards, for the creation of the first pair of wings to the excitement of getting your first drop of Blue Feather and crafting the first level 2 pair of wings. There's an insane battles in Icarus, you can see even three parties on 1 spot, fighting day and night to get that Feather/Crest, so they could start gearing up for the war that was inevitable at the first Castle Siege that allowed access to many benefits: Hardcore stood their ground as their roaster seemed to be more disciplined against the opponents , but the war is far from over, we are at the end of the Break 2 and things will become harder for every one as the creation of level 3 wings will be on everyone's mind, but this is not gonna be an easy task, as players will have to work together more than ever to achieve higher power and to advance through the ranks as fast as possible. If you've worked hard so far you will need to work even harder now to stay on top, as many will rise after the stage came to an end, and to start leveling up again, unlocking new BOSSES & GEAR along with the spoils of war that will be granted upon only the most strongest and most organized guilds & parties. Time has frozen in this stage, as always, everything is vague, many warriors are fighting but most do not understand why? Why am I doing this? Why am I trying, why do I do( everything I do ) if I don't have a party or a guild ?? That's exactly what you guys have to do, to get together, to make a perm, to make friends, the rest comes naturally, the top guilds guests will take you inside if you're "decently dressed". It's all about teamwork, well dressing up your party members, help your guild, your 'mans', and go Forward in top!!! This server is the real play to win version of MU online, of course many of you will say that you cannot win if you do not pay but let's see the facts: top 30 players since beginning are hard workers so they invest more than "money", they invested time!!! Remember that and they are actually the 'kingpins' of this game, they do not need to buy VIP cause they win it on Castle Siege, they do not need to donate for credits because they are active, they farm items and sell if you ( the rest of you) won't wake up! Advices : make friends, get stable pt (turn it into main party), join a guild and fight for supremacy!!! The beginning of Phoenix#3 was hard, it was about the most active and most determined players to get to top, HARDCORE again smashed all rankings because of their core but it is not all about that, they gain respect and developed a Strategy based on the main core, then they absorbed former Squadrons Core (Zutto, Waste, Fane, Avicii and FKinGCunT) and imagine that they did that just few days before TwoCheeks and his team announced the coming back thing. Hardcore won easy the first CS that counts with 20170 points, Neutral, the guild with our legendary Moldavian warriors are followers with 4687 points, Nosgoth, the guild from which we all had higher expectations, a guild made by former Diamond Core, got only 3818 points, they seemed a little disorganized, but on Inception they proved to be formidable opponents for those in Hardcore, and last but not least Squadron, this legendary guild seems to miss the players who left for Hardcore, that magnificent party composed of Zutto, Waste, Fane, Avicii and FKinGCunT, they also have lost a little ground in this server start, but in the future we hope to see again that great guild that is fighting with real chances to conquer the crown.
    2. Ha ha, you know that I "don't like" to spread rumors, of course I "hear some voices" but I try all kinds of therapies to get rid of them! 🤪
    3. Hello everyone, Did you miss me? Well, I don't know your opinion, but I definitely missed you! Today is a great day for Old Squad Community, a long-awaited one by many of the players who have already felt the taste of the quality of this server and, of course, the taste of the competition. The moment has come and we are pleased to enjoy this fresh data base with many surprises, from one data base to another we have seen these servers evolve based on the previous experience, we have enjoyed all those bloody "on the edge" wars, we have seen great guilds destroyed by the curse and turned in ash, we have also seen how some have managed to rise from their own ashes just like the sacred bird who inspired the name of this server, returning better organized and more motivated, with warriors led by pride, thirst for revenge and glory with great leaders who awakened an entire community, warriors who did not give up when everything was lost and made miracles overturning impossible situations, we saw battles won with pride but also shameful victories, we saw how hatred and pride turned strong characters covering them with shame, we felt many times the sour taste of disappointment seeing warriors we admire falling prey to recklessness, we all lived shameful but also glorious moments, everything happens here, dear readers in this beautiful community of which we are all part. A pleasant surprise was announced recently on forum by the founder of Squadron, TwoCheeks, a leader that is known as one of the most respected in the History of OldSquad, a leader who announced that will bring back the strongest core of this Legendary Guild and not only, also promising very interesting fights for supremacy. We already know that every database we have seen many guilds that we can say that are legendary, but we have also seen "unexpected" changes in the battle for supremacy and new guilds that have managed to amaze the entire Community. I wonder what will be the name of the guilds that will rise this time to face them? We already know the names of some legendary guilds who felt the taste of victory on the eternal battlefield called "Valey of Loren" so, will it be Hardcore? or Dynasty? or maybe GROM? Will we see guilds like ATTACK or a return of some from the distant past like NONE? Will the battle for supremacy bring us new guilds? There is still time to find a guild that matches your type of gameplay, you can ask around: https://discord.gg/zjNSMPNc One thing is for sure, time will reveal us the answers to all these questions and more. Having said that, all I can do is to wish you a lot of fun and I hope you relive all the feelings mentioned above! May the Curse stay away from you!
    4. There was nothing certain when I wrote the article...
    5. It's been 2 weeks since I wrote the last article about the spectacular fight for supremacy. In these two weeks the time seemed to be frozen, everyone wants to take advantage of this moment (so the server became the most balanced server in the history of OldSquad) except OneWar, no one wants to go for the 15th reset because it enters the stage, and one can lose advantage, or does not recover the gap, but in the meantime we have a balanced top 100. Right now everyone in the top 100 has 14 resets or is just one step away from it and this is lovely! The balance is "at home" on OldSquad after almost 2 months of play and promises incredible battles for supremacy. Speaking, the two battles have been fought since then, the first of them was dominated from beginning to the end by Hardcore, they took advantage of the disorganization of opponents at that time (Neutral, Diamond and FORMOZA). While on the Hardcore side we could see the "perfect" organization, the other three guilds were simply MASSACRED, they had chaotic attacks, disorganization, not even a bit of vision or any strategy, at one point the castle looked like a huge spot on which the Hardcore warriors were quietly leveling, having in the foreground these three superstars: RuSuLeTzZz "The Machine Gun", "The Crusher" mafy and Mu3rTe "The Death Bringer". Time passes slowly, very slowly as if to prolong the agony of the three guilds with fighters who came to the battlefield with "plastic weapons". Eventually the fight is over and Hardcore remain invincible after the most unbalanced fight from the beginning of the server until now, It was just an "easy practice" for No1LiveEr's crew, a victory without any emotion. The following week was a busy one in our community, Neutral was in the forefront, disbanding after that shameful defeat, and a new scandal shook the forum... Chukundah, Snook and Venom robbed Hardwell, Zutto and FKinGCunT in revenge after Zutto did the same thing by robbing Snook, an entire drama was unleashed and The Curse that has been hidden so far suddenly hit so hard cause probably forever splitting the warriors from the second guild as power on the server. "The Amazing" Zutto gave up the fight, Trippy too, FcKinGCunT went to Hardcore (this week), Snook and Chukundah's party joined Dynasty, Exillia and few more went in Diamond. The week passes quickly, a new guild takes shape under the leadership of Fane, who collected one party from Neutral and FORMOZA's core. We saw in the past that he is an experienced leader in the fight for supremacy, who, after a break of about a year, returns to lead a guild in the Battle for Supremacy, its name is Dynasty and looks very promising. Diamond is reorganizing the strategy after the last defeat, also receiving some fresh forces from Neutral, and MIDGARD is still looking for a strategy, their alliance with FORMOZA did not seem to work last week, they got only one Lord Box, so this time they will go on their own. Eventually these 3 guilds register at Castle Siege and for the first time we see a guild (Dynasty) registering signs of lord to ban a build, it took 5 weeks to see this "miracle" - a strategy to consider. Sunday came, the invincible Hardcore Warriors are preparing a new defense, everything seems to work perfectly for them, with the number one enemy guild destroyed, and with an unprecedented victory in the last week, everything seems to be "a new walk of recreation through the land of trials" for them. Dynasty, to everyone's surprise, although they registered 305 signs of the lord, didn't ban any build, but from the beginning the fight seems balanced, Diamond and MIDGARD tries to keep up, Hardcore has a handicap of 3000 points but seem to recover well and and after the first hour the score is: Dynasty 4548 points, Diamond 2886 points, MIDGARD 2142 points and Hardcore has 461 points. In this last hour, the fight for the switches seems to be disputed between the Dynasty and Diamond guilds, the ones from Hardcore are focusing on kills but it is a strategy that doesn't seem to bear fruit because enemy stamps don't fall anymore, the chaos that took over the other guilds last week now seems to be spreading over Hardcore, although they score a lot of kills, they fail to register because they are losing the fight for switches and so we enter in the last 25 minutes, the crown on No1LiveEr's head starts to shake seriously, Dynasty seem to be in control, Diamond doesn't seem to give up even though they are a little behind but they are in the defenders' position, while MIDGARD doesn't seem to matter too much. Since the beginning of this last hour, the score in the last 23 minutes is as follows: Dynasty 9510 points, Diamond 6300 points, Hardcore 4242 points, MIDGARD 3424 points. Time passes in favor of those in Diamond who slowly recover the deficit of points and before the last 5 minutes they are on the 1st place with a very small difference of points. The fight between Dynasty and Hardcore for the crown is won by Hardcore in these last 5 minutes and those from Dynasty have one more chance to register quickly, but this does not happen and we have in the PREMIERE a guild that manages to end Hardcore's domination. HVMAN snatches the crown from No1LiveEr's head and can celebrate with his team the first victory on this great war, a victory that slipped through their fingers in the past, a desired victory, a hard worked victory that could not be more beautiful, a victory won in the last 15 minutes that these warriors will not forget soon. On the other side, MIDGARD, if they hadn't let their guard down and continued to fight like in the first hour, would have scored a lot more points. Dynasty: if they would've built a solid strategy based on a build-ban they could have won, anyway they had a good performance, while Hardcore although they accumulated until the end 7022 points would not have won this fight even if they had not had the disadvantage of 3000 points. There are "voices" that say that "arrogance" combined with the attempt to repeat the strategy that humiliated 3 guilds a week ago was the biggest weakness (Achilles heal) for this great guild that dominated the server from the beginning until now. These "voices" say that now they are the ones hunted by the curse, invoking the fact that the leaders of this great guild no longer understand each other, the proof being that No1LiveEr is no longer a member of the main Hardcore party and he starts to fall from top. Was this the end of the Hardcore empire? Will Dynasty be able to fight the same without the help of FORMOZA's core players? Are we preparing for a "Diamond" era? The only thing that is certain is that the crown will rest on the head of the leader who has the most ardent and daring warriors, the guild most hungry after victory, with the greatest desire, will proudly hold the supremacy of the server
    6. A fairytale battle took place on the eternal battlefield called Valley of Loren, a battle like none ever seen before, a historical one that will remain written by the blood of these fighters in the stones from which the great castle is built. Four guilds took part in this epic bloody battle: Hardcore, Purge, Diamond and FORMOZA The guild that holds the supremacy of the server, Hardcore, led by No1LiveEr, as usual, prepared an almost perfect defense, upgraded the gates and the statues thus recovering 40% of the deficit which was not negligible (-3500 points). They started the fight being organized even from the first gates, trying to slow down the attacking guilds. The warriors of this great guild had a very difficult mission, an almost impossible one, considering last week's balanced fight. Purge, led by Snook, the guild that launches the attack, has once again brought in 25 of the best fighters ready to shed their blood to break this glorious Hardcore domination which lasted since this server's debut, followed by Diamond led by HVMAN, a guild that failed last week to make the threshold of 2500 points , but with a good performance, especially the "Glowing" Glowa which stamped number one in the previous battle, and the guild ranked with the fourth chance, FORMOZA, under the leadership of Mamelcia, a guild that takes part in this war for the first time. Due to the fact that we have three attacking guilds, the gates and statues fell very quickly, so, after the first 10 minutes have elapsed, the fight moves inside the castle, and the madness begins: the elves from Hardcore and Purge move amazingly, buffing, freezing, running, I can barely follow them, at the switches the fight is chaotic, Purge manages to register first, but next, the most focused stampers seem those from Diamond who manage to register pretty fast, although HVMAN and Snook are constantly hunted by Hardcore's elves and cannons. The fight is spectacular, we enter the last hour of the fight, and the score is commensurate, Purge leads accumulating so far 2942 points, followed by Diamond with 2050 points accumulated, Hardcore who managed to reduce the handicap quite a lot holding 1604 points and the last were those from FORMOZA with only 200 points. The crown switches from one end to the other of these great three leaders, Diamond takes advantage of the fierce battle between Hardcore and Purge and begins to gain precious points when they hold the Crown, while Hardcore is recovering points step by step due to the multiple kills made by RuSuLeTzZz "The Machine Gun" , Mu3rTe "The Death Bringer", "The Stunning" Mael and BugBless "The Terror" . Purge counterattacks using its legends, "The Amazing" Zutto, "The Insane" Chukundah, "The Bloody" FKingCunt helped by MindPower and Duke. "Glowing" Glowa makes wonders again on the top switch and Almighty fights on a par with the other stampers for the bottom switch, so Diamond have countless chances to register, some successfully crowned, Achilles' heel for Diamond is still HVMAN which due to the fact that it was low level (297) was killed much easier than the other leaders but he still fights from peer to peer with them for The Crown. The fight continues to be dominated by Hardcore's countless kills slowly proposing in the first place, Diamond dominates with important minutes over the other guilds holding the crown on HVMAN's head for the longest time, they take full advantage of the fights between Hardcore and Purge, those (although we see a little chaos in their fight) seems to have the balance of the game with the cannons focused on Hardcore, being one step behind them. After we enter in the most important 30 minutes of this battle the score is: 12493 for Hardcore , Purge follows with 8192 points and currently holds the crown, Diamond accumulates 6640 points, and FORMOZA manages to accumulate 831 points and gives up this fight. As we approach the last 15 minutes of the game, Purge is about to overtake Hardcore but HVMAN snatches the crown from Snook's head, and Purge seems to lose clarity and morale, everything balances and when there are 6 minutes from the game the score looks like this: Hardcore 13806 points, Purge 13337 points and Diamond who still own the crown, has 9438 points. Everything is possible at this time, If Diamond keeps the position of defenders for another 6 minutes, they can win, if any of the other two leaders registers, will win the battle. The fight for switches seems to be dominated by Hardcore who manage to register when there are ONLY 4 minutes left in this battle and everything falls apart for Purge and Diamond, who have to settle for Lord Boxes so hard-worked, 4 for Diamond and 4 for Purge . Fantastic final for Hardcore in this battle, which continues to be the guild that dominates and hold the supremacy for 4 consecutive week. The warriors from Purge feel that they need to change something and start a reform, a reorganization to help them win next week, the leaders of this guild have decided to disband the guild and rebuild a new one, this is called "Neutral". Diamond were the surprise of the week, showing strength and unity, if last week they failed to cross the threshold, this week astonishing us all were on the verge of winning! Congratulations to all for this great fight!
    7. From what I understand, you reported a hacker, he was banned only after 2-3 weeks, and you expected him to be banned instantly because you made the video? And the admins had to trust you 100% without doing any more checks, they had to ban him right in that second without any other evidence! OFFTOPIC: I've never heard Admin or Gion say there are not hackers/cheaters on server, of course they were (ban rankings are proof)I am convinced that they exist and will continue to exist I am also convinced that eventually they will get caught, Spawn did a good job reporting and Gion / Admin did a job good banning the hacker. As long as it was banned in the end, what else matters? Ah, the players' pride that the Admins don't react instantly, just that the reporters are convinced of something does not mean that it should not be checked / reverified.
    8. And what is it about? However, I don't understand ...
    9. Honestly, I didn't understand anything, I believe in evidence, in complete stories, if you already started this, tell us the story of your disappointment about Gion
    10. Can you please give us some details about your statements?
    11. He is young but he already has memory loss, any doctor here? I hope not, Makiavelli the dentist Now even I am frustrated! How is it possible for him to forget the epic battles between NONE and BDSM, what times! Everything is written in the history of the first Phoenix, with a funny video that I will never forget! https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS Yami was the leader of Smurfs Here you can read all about this amazing first Phoenix Edition!:
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