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      The rebirth of Phoenix #3 was a rough path as hundreds of players struggled to get the highest level as fast as possible in order to increase their rewards, for the creation of the first pair of wings to the excitement of getting your first drop of Blue Feather and crafting the first level 2 pair of wings. There's an insane battles in Icarus, you can see even three parties on 1 spot, fighting day and night to get that Feather/Crest, so they could start gearing up for the war that was inevitable at the first Castle Siege that allowed access to many benefits: Hardcore stood their ground as their
    3. Ha ha, you know that I "don't like" to spread rumors, of course I "hear some voices" but I try all kinds of therapies to get rid of them! 🤪
    4. Hello everyone, Did you miss me? Well, I don't know your opinion, but I definitely missed you! Today is a great day for Old Squad Community, a long-awaited one by many of the players who have already felt the taste of the quality of this server and, of course, the taste of the competition. The moment has come and we are pleased to enjoy this fresh data base with many surprises, from one data base to another we have seen these servers evolve based on the previous experience, we have enjoyed all those bloody "on the edge" wars, we have seen great guilds destroyed by the curse and tu
    5. Reporter

      There was nothing certain when I wrote the article...
    6. It's been 2 weeks since I wrote the last article about the spectacular fight for supremacy. In these two weeks the time seemed to be frozen, everyone wants to take advantage of this moment (so the server became the most balanced server in the history of OldSquad) except OneWar, no one wants to go for the 15th reset because it enters the stage, and one can lose advantage, or does not recover the gap, but in the meantime we have a balanced top 100. Right now everyone in the top 100 has 14 resets or is just one step away from it and this is lovely! The balance is "at home" on OldSquad after almos
    7. A fairytale battle took place on the eternal battlefield called Valley of Loren, a battle like none ever seen before, a historical one that will remain written by the blood of these fighters in the stones from which the great castle is built. Four guilds took part in this epic bloody battle: Hardcore, Purge, Diamond and FORMOZA The guild that holds the supremacy of the server, Hardcore, led by No1LiveEr, as usual, prepared an almost perfect defense, upgraded the gates and the statues thus recovering 40% of the deficit which was not negligible (-3500 points). They started the fight being o
    8. Reporter

      From what I understand, you reported a hacker, he was banned only after 2-3 weeks, and you expected him to be banned instantly because you made the video? And the admins had to trust you 100% without doing any more checks, they had to ban him right in that second without any other evidence! OFFTOPIC: I've never heard Admin or Gion say there are not hackers/cheaters on server, of course they were (ban rankings are proof)I am convinced that they exist and will continue to exist I am also convinced that eventually they will get caught, Spawn did a good job reporting and Gion /
    9. Reporter

      And what is it about? However, I don't understand ...
    10. Reporter

      Honestly, I didn't understand anything, I believe in evidence, in complete stories, if you already started this, tell us the story of your disappointment about Gion
    11. Reporter

      Can you please give us some details about your statements?
    12. Reporter

      He is young but he already has memory loss, any doctor here? I hope not, Makiavelli the dentist Now even I am frustrated! How is it possible for him to forget the epic battles between NONE and BDSM, what times! Everything is written in the history of the first Phoenix, with a funny video that I will never forget! https://www.captiongenerator.com/1427602/Yami-wants-to-win-CS Yami was the leader of Smurfs Here you can read all about this amazing first Phoenix Edition!:
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