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    1. Immature abuser/threatener: Panday101 My socondary character: SosuNoob Screens: https://imgur.com/a/R5slZpv So its not really bad language - its thread to safety and life. At first I thought that Panday101 (who never showed signs of degradation before) was joking regarding what he was saying (see screens). But he indeed claims he is not joking there - which is a serious thing and I believe that he threatens my relatives. This are very dangerous statements that he makes and I hope that he will be judged accordingly. This is the most dangerous form of cyber bullying and
    2. DrSolstix

      High chances that it is MGCreative. Please check. Thanks
    3. DrSolstix

      I chose random tag since I could not find antigame tag. The thing is that I am BK and I have limited attack range. Its not a big secret that being BK is worst character for doing CC since its hard to kill mobs when youu have no AoE spells which results in slow mob killing and high risks of being pushed out of CC by exploding creeps. Long story short, I am finding it extra frustrating when noobs go into CC and after obtaining hight amount of mob kills they just run away from fighting you. In my case it is usually an SM who manages to get more mob kills then me and then just avoi
    4. Immature abuser: MadArrows Screens: https://imgur.com/a/jkhdnqJ Please mute him/her for several days. Such a behaviour is unacceptable.
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