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    1. that rule applies only from insulting + trashtalks , there is no trash talks or insults
    2. what is wrong whit this people ? so much hate , so much racism , im starting to feel bad for the jew community after all the history and photos we have seen of the holocaust , the amount of people that have suffer from this is awfull and this kids have no respect for the jewish community .. i dont even think that 2 days ban is enough for this kids to learn the lesson and respect the milions of people that suffered in that era , and even nowadays they are still targets of racism and insults , as i far see from this screenshots every single of them deserve punish for still keep continuing the hate for the good jew players that are here to have fun and not being target of hate and racism from 0 manners infants
    3. of course guild players come defend him , doesnt change the fact hes being racist and speaking about what hitler did to jews indirectly .. stop being ignorant and ignoring this fact for trying to defend him .
    4. unnaceptable such kind of behavior and words .. kids nowadays have 0 manners , completly deserves a punish for this racism towards the good jew community.
    5. racism towards israel community https://ibb.co/VxC6vPQ https://ibb.co/28ZKwd0 https://ibb.co/hFsP2Cy
    6. https://ibb.co/RcW7VZ6 insult + same terms as betley on this post calling gipsy inderectly
    7. how funny u trying to be , wheres the SS of u asking RF items for the dragon pants ? dont worry theres no kind of report for scam , just now ppl will know u as liar and scammer thats all . GL
    8. https://ibb.co/kgbkxSP wanted to buy this item , he asked for RF items , and he scammed me by taking the items and not giving the pants dragon , not reporting or asking for help from admin , just for everyone too know and see this brazilian party and whoever is brazilian is playing whit him . There exists chat log as proofs. I advise no one buy or sell nothing to this trash human scammer.
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