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  1. vladis01

    Grats fot 3 years. About playing its great that you constantly improving serwer and fixing bug. One problem we see its with summoner speed attack diference serw 1/crywolf, and hope it will be improved. I have also noticed that derkon counting it's bugged cos always says there is 1/2 . But i am not 100% sure about it. My sugestions would be: - non pvp map for mlvl with decreased mexp- but still safe for exp. - increase chaos machine rate for making items +10 ,+11 and +12 cos for now it's a little bit hard for somenone who don't want to put a lot of credits to makes each set when its not really worth to give them for upgrade item , but giving only jewels would bo worth it. That might be all. Thanks for server. Best Regards VladisSU (nonRR)
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