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  1. Sneaky

    So maybe i found a solution for endless event problem. Gion should have X (number) of questions prepared for each event. For every good answer players gets (1c for example). Every wrong answer result in kick-out from event. The maximum of questions is for example 15(may be lower, but i think this is good quantity). After this there will be a small reward for everyone that answered questions correctly, and eliminate ppl like on In&Out, with stardust drop etc., so we could pick the winners. So gion should be prepared for every T/F Event with fresh questions (maybe we could not ask only questions about MU or oldsquad? I mean every event - other topic, for example one day the questions are about MU history. Another one can be about football for example.) For me, all the questions should be related with MU and it's can be done, but Gion have to prepare some questions and try to not make them repeat every event. We can take some questions from Quiz event, we can make new ones. We can implement questions not purely about game but about MU Continent (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_(lost_continent).)
  2. Sneaky

    I've had inspired by OX event from Metin2 private servers, so maybe there u seen similiar thing. I'm afraid that this can be hard-to-do in MU, but i don't know. To be honest MU is the only MMORPG that i've played on private servers and never tried to make own server, or even been GM so i am kinda noob in this case. Can't figure out is it possible or not because i have no experience in this kind of stuff.
  3. Sneaky

    Ture/False event, simple as IN&OUT, for example: There is a GM on the map, and 20 players. The players can move ONLY AFTER GM ask a question, wich have only two possible answers - true or false On the right side of the map there is a "TRUE" zone, on left side "FALSE" After GM asks the question players have 5-10sec to decide where to stand to answer (T/F), all the players who answer wrong gets warped to lorencia/eliminated from paracipating in event. I am not sure it is possible to do in MU, and with our event system etc, i've seen similiar event on another MMORPG game. If i said something that's not-clear let me know, i will try to explain it in more detailed way.
  4. Sneaky

    Nice, now it's gonna be less annoying
  5. Sneaky

    I think that if u lost spawn time, you lost chance to participate in fight. Also there are other ppl on the server, anytime u can ask your guild/friends. The random timers are there to make it more difficult. If you lost the message about K7/Bloody or something, this is your fault in most of the cases. The thing is that the people who really waits for something for spawn will not be rewarded as they should be for waiting (sometimes for hours as you said) for event message.
  6. Sneaky

    I think that the calendar is enough, you can see when something will spawn/event will start except the goldens cuz they spawn on random minutes. If u check it and see "oh Kundun in 15mins, i have to pay attention to the game now", then u have more chances to get rewarded with finding this event/mob first and getting higher chances to get loot.
  7. Sneaky

    Yeah i think that auction could work more "realistic" in way, that when someone places a new bet, 5-15minutes are added to the timer if the time of the auction left is less than 10 minutes for example.
  8. Sneaky

    I do not really understand what do you mean with "chat room". You mean chat window size? It can be modified by those simple buttons u have there. If i remember correctly by buttons F5 & F4 too.
  9. Sneaky

    Seems like ur firewall is blocking the connection, try to disable ur antivirus and/or firewall.
  10. Sneaky

    Totally agree about buffing EE's buffs
  11. Sneaky

    I think that's pretty normal that BK is doing a little bit worse at bosses or events because it's melee class. I am sure that balance for this moment makes BK being a little bit behind other classes, but that's normal for a class wich is purely pvp. In the endgame stage every class can be unkillable if someone who plays it have a little bit experience with char that he's playing with. Balance gives nothing if someone is just better than you. Even most OP build with a noob behind keyboard is useless.
  12. Sneaky

    Maybe you antivirus blocking the hack shield? Tried to disable antivirus & firewall?
  13. Sneaky

    Tried reinstalling? Run as admin? Any info about ur operating system?
  14. Sneaky

    I think that's not true. For putting up money here u can get only some more + on ur items, get em luck, or have a little bit faster lvling but still it's not overpowered at all. There are no FO item webshops, x-shops etc that u really HAVE TO spend money on. It just takes more time, on every micro-transaction game u have a opportunity to spend money to have everything a little bit faster, easier etc. That's natural, try to find a server without credits/coins/etc system implemented and w/o donors who spend money to be top5 or top1, depends on person individually.
  15. Sneaky

    For me 15 is a little bit too less. I think 20w/o DL and 25 with DL would be nice. And max alliance of 2 guilds. But i don't think that will change something with 2 "pro" guilds only, on most servers it finish like this. In almost every server i've seen that best players from best guilds finally join the 2 guilds on the top. I don't think that guild member limit really matters in that case.
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