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  1. no, mate, you're the dumb one. you will soon be crying that the server has become boring since no one is taking part in events. Or are you saying I'm wrong ? and the last Mercenary did not live 2 weeks ? after then only couple of people continued to do 1 quest in day, or Soccer ? I also said that he will not last long, in the final it was. I'm tired of proving anything to you.
  2. would be good target your quest teleported to you ? why do we need such difficulties as the same level, higher map... Go to make like last time, in 2 weeks all ppls make higher buff lvl and all will stay afk. sry for my cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good job mate, good balance, great work
  3. trololo

  4. trololo

    in the global aspect this is a small increase.
  5. trololo

    2,5*4 =10 000 or 2,7*4 = 10 800 please don't try to be clever.
  6. trololo

    when u beat 2.5k, don't matter +100-200 DMG, otherwise they would usless
  7. trololo

    if we talk about Lord of the mix, I don't see absolutely not a problem, someone people trying to justify the excessive force of character that these items, in fact they are almost identical to those that can be found from the boxes
  8. trololo

    mate why u trashtalk now ? sMG was good only in case if he was on couple of RR more or had better items than have rest, and even so BK killed him with 3-4 combo. SM and summ was weak for the most part for lack of good staff
  9. trololo

    do you have a split personality, too ? hour ago you wrote that 5 people cannot kill me and now that Im weak ? You choose what I am... personally, I'm happy with my choice, Yes, I've lost when compared with MG or aRF, but it's better than playing broken characters
  10. trololo

    admin said the opposite, that RF is the only class whose DMG will only increase, because he's got the formula connected with %. so that's you're wrong. to accuse me that I'm not tested it's stupid. I'm not going to prove this fact to everyone either. https://youtu.be/oY_ZSSO3q_g?t=270 here talk Kumaniok, I the only who actively uses forum, this and there is the reason on which all from this list of not complains. complaining about what ? are you saying I'm your level of player ? are you dressed like me ? or the same RR as me ? if I kill a couple of noname players on event is not a problem. Good players can kill me, and here you showed all of us, that you don't know shit about the game.
  11. trololo

    he just can trash-talk, nothing more. u not understand ?:D
  12. trololo

    if it's written at least someone with experience....it's funny to hear such words from a piece of shi...
  13. trololo

    in case you haven't noticed, I showed you the difference between Lord mix and my Brass set on the frame at least once you wrote something really right
  14. trololo

    I'm tired of explaining something. I think at least now you shut your mouth
  15. trololo

    I will repeat, you this subject began not I. Here speech about your set not resisted, I discuss here about DMG
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