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  1. hienbeo502

    update 12/18
  2. hienbeo502

    Yes. CS is fair now.All guild will fight for CS.All guild need to kill other for take CS.I dont like neverfind.He think only Grom and Squadron is center of ther worl.Other player is just low.I will stop lvl for stop that think
  3. hienbeo502

    My guild give up.Not me.Im not kill only grom.But i dont like you guild.Then what is wrong ?
  4. hienbeo502

    So why Vinci and ProBSB kill me ?
  5. hienbeo502

    He think just only Grom, Squadron is Guild ? Other player is just "low players"? Other play is not allow for CS ? When some one report me and its not true.Pls punish him.He can report other player like that.We need fair - xREDx
  6. hienbeo502

    What is wrong here ? My guild and grom not alliance.We fight for CS.What is wrong. Grom kill our member too.Can i report Vinci, ProBSB ?They try stop my guild ?
  7. hienbeo502

    IM LOOKING: -reset ene fruit - hades P H B 5 socket - guardian shield 5 socket SOME ITEM I HAVE FOR TRADE: - Toc, jw, credit Pls ----->MAIL ME<----- in game xxREDxx. Thanks !
  8. hi sir.I got 25rr 3gr.how get reward.my charc is REDBLADE

    Thanks :D

  9. Sit.I get 1gr and 25 rr.How can i get reward credit ?


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