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  1. ADMIN

    I've reported to devs, not something I can personally fix. On the next update the event will be disabled during invasions.
  2. ADMIN

    Patch is up! Please let us know anything you find wrong and if you have any feedback for the Merc V2 in this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/51-general-mu-discussions/ Don't forget to update client! Enjoy!
  3. Release date: 05.12.2019 at around 17:35 - There will be a small server restart. Reconnect is not guaranteed so make sure to be online. After thousands of lines of code and hundreds of tests we are ready to bring you a reworked from scratch Mercenary Squad system, that we would like to simply call it Mercenary Squad V2. Special thanks to @minimal.ro for his feedback and suggestions that inspired the V2 rework. Note: A full reset to Mercenaries will be made. Note2: Don't forget to update the client after the patch is live! Mercenary System V2: New Features: [ADDED] Mute List Feature Now when you start a quest you will receive Mute on characters online & on any new character you try to log in as well as disabling the option to open a store. Mute will be removed when Quest is failed, retried, repelled or finished, along with the store access restore. This will prevent "friendly quests" as we got used to. [ADDED] Black List Feature Whenever you finish a quest with a Target (kill or repel), the target will be added to the blacklist. Blacklist targets can't appear as quest targets for up to 7 days since they were added to the blacklist. [ADDED] Challenge Feature Now when you are being targeted in a Quest, you will receive a global message, "You are being Hunted!", every 1 minute, in first 5 minutes from quest. During these 5 minutes, you can type /challenge. If you do this, you and your Target (which you don't know) will be moved to a Colosseum Arena, each one in a different side. The first one that will die will lose (means Target will successfully Repel or Hunter will successfully finish the Quest). Both players won't be able to move from the Map until the "duel" is over, or one of them will exit game. If Hunter leave the game before any of them dying, he will fail the quest & lose 50 points. If Target leave the game before any of them dying, he will lose 100 Points and Hunter will get to retry the quest. In Colosseum, both Repel points reward and Quest points reward are increased, for the Challenge. You won't gain any PK level in the Colosseum. [ADDED] Quest Normalizer Feature Now Mercenary Quest will first try to assign you targets based on resets interval as following: It will look 5 times for Target with same reset like you. It will look 6 times for Target with -1/+1 reset compared to you. It will look 7 times for Target with -2/+2 resets compared to you. It will look 8 times for Target with -3/+3 resets compared to you. It will look 9 times for Target with -4/+4 resets compared to you. It will look 10 times for Target with -5/+5 resets compared to you. If it doesn't find any target during this 45 tries, it will look for Target with any reset. [ADDED] PvP Info From now you can see anyone's PvP info (including yourself) when writing /info CharName. By default it will show only PK Kills. If the player is part of Gens it will also show Gens Family. If the player is part of Mercenary Squad it will also show Mercenary Points, Quests and Repels. [ADDED] Mercenary Bounty The old reward (gemstones) is now replaced with Mercenary Bounty. Mercenary Bounty can only be gained from Quests & Repels. Mercenary Bounty drops can be adjusted in time based on economy & stage. Mercenary Bounty drops: 82% chance for Gemstone, Jewel of Harmony, Jewel of Creation. 15% chance for IT Ticket(1), EDR/CRIT/DMG/SPEED Scrolls, 100 Antidotes. 3% chance for TOCA, Flame of Condor. Updates: [UPDATED] Now when you are in Battle Maps you won't gain Mercenary Points. [UPDATED] Now when you are in Battle Maps you won't be targeted for Quests. [UPDATED] Now you will gain Mercenary Points only out of safe-zones. [UPDATED] Now you won't gain Mercenary Points in Events maps & other inaccessible quest locations. [UPDATED] Now you will gain 1 Mercenary Point every 7 minutes instead of every 10 minutes. [UPDATED] Now if you leave game or go to Server 20 during quest time you will fail the quest. [UPDATED] Now Points earned from Quests/Repels are Dynamic: Now Points are based on the kill type (normal or challenge), repel (normal or challenge) and reset difference. Now Default *Normal* Quest Points reward is 35 Points. Now Default *Challenge* Quest Points reward is 45 Points. Now Default *Normal* Repel Points reward is 45 Points. Now Default *Challenge* Repel Points reward is 65 Points. Now the formula of points added is DefaultValue +- ResetDifference*2. Minimum points gained: 10. Maximum points gained: 85. [UPDATED] Now you will lose Mercenary Points when you are being killed as Quest Target (and only Quest Target, not for Repel). Formula: 1% of current Mercenary Points. Minimum points lost: 5 Points. Maximum points lost: 60 Points. Note: If you already passed the Seal Upgrade requirements you won't lose the Upgrade no matter if you go back under Points requirement. Note2: Points lost by dying as quest target or by leaving the Challenge can't go under 0 (minimum points value is 0). [UPDATED] Quest Retarget won't happen automatically anymore. You can retry by typing again /pvpquest when your target is gone/inaccessible. In this way you can choose for how many times you retry. [UPDATED] Now Quest extra reward is progressive: You gain 0 Mercenary Bounties as extra reward when you have < 500 Points. You gain 1 Mercenary Bounty as extra reward when you have between 500 and 999 Points. You gain 2 Mercenary Bounties as extra reward when you have between 1000 and 1999 Points. You gain 3 Mercenary Bounties as extra reward when you have over 2000 Points. You gain +1 Mercenary Bounty for every extra 1500 Points after 2000 (at 3500,5000,etc.). [UPDATED] Now Repel extra reward will always be the same amount of Mercenary Bounties that the Hunter would get based on his Points (if target has 0 Bounties as reward Repel will be 0 Bounties, etc.). [UPDATED] Seals System: Now you will have both ML Seal & Normal Seal active in the same time. Now each Seal will show you current seal level & bonuses. Normal 3rd level seal and ML 2nd level seal visuals are different. Now Normal Seal will give you +5%/+10%/+15% EXP based on level. Now ML Seal has only 2 levels: Level 1 = +6% ML EXP, and it is gained when Normal Seal reach Level 2. Level 2 = +12% ML EXP, and it is gained when Normal Seal reach Level 3. Requirements for Level 2 changed from 1200 Points & 10 Quests to 1600 Points, 8 Quests & 4 Repels. Requirements for Level 3 changed from 3500 Points & 30 Quests to 4500 Points, 25 Quests & 12 Repels. [UPDATED] Bonus EXP on Battle Maps is now +12% instead of +15%. [UPDATED] Mercenaries no longer gain Gens Points from online time in Battle Maps (only from RAIDs). The new Merc System will try to make sure that the playerbase is split in both Battle Maps and normal maps. In our vision, the new changes should make the gameplay balanced for 3 types of players: Casuals can play normally (without battle-maps and merc squad) with 100% EXP and no extra rewards. Semi-Casuals can play normally + battle maps when they are active, for extra 12% EXP and chance for Gens Rewards. Active players can play fully with Merc Squad (higher gain in long term). Advantages & Disadvantages between Battle Maps & Merc Squad: Advantages for Battle Maps: Battle Maps are giving constant high EXP bonus without any effort except online time. Battle Maps are safer than being Merc, as there are only 3 RAIDS per day to motivate killing AFKs. Chance for good rewards. Can be killed only by "half" of players (different Gens). Disadvantages for Battle Maps: Less maps/spots to play around. Harder to find/make party due to Gens Family restriction. First levels can't be played in Battle Maps as there are no very low Battle Maps. Lower ML exp in Vulcanus (even with the extra 12%) compared to Swamp Merc. Not guaranteed rewards & unscalable rewards. Monthly Contribution resets. Advantages for Merc Squad: High amount of maps and spots to play around. Easier to find/create party due to no Gens restriction & enough casuals playing in the normal maps. EXP bonus can help you in first Maps. EXP bonus has impact on Events (BC/DS). Higher ML EXP compared to Gens (in Swamp). Guaranteed rewards that are scaling. No further Merc resets. FUN. Disadvantages for Merc Squad: You need to reach at least Seal Level 2 to surpass Gens Bonus (with BC/DS extra EXP). Never safe AFK except in Crywolf. All PvP restrictions are removed versus other Mercenaries (for some this is an advantage I guess). No short-term gain. You need good effort to progress in the Merc System that will pay-off only in the long-term. We hope that you'll love the Mercenary Squad V2 as much as we loved to work on it!
  4. ADMIN

    Ok, RAID should 99.5% work fine now, but still let us know if anything.
  5. ADMIN

    Check vault again, it didn't saved first time on your account, probably you were using the vault.
  6. ADMIN

    I'm pretty sure that it's fixed, let me know feedback.
  7. ADMIN

    Rewards delivered!
  8. ADMIN

    Hello, The second OSGM edition of Inception is over. Winners: 1st Place: Waste - 282 OSP & 16 Participations - Golden Fenrir + Condor Feather. 2nd Place: kOlea - 174 OSP & 15 Participations - Condor Feather + Condor Flame. 3rd Place: Ciello - 125 OSP & 9 Participations - 30x Jewel of Soul + 30x Jewel of Harmony. Rewards for having 100+ OSP: Brown - 120 OSP & 6 Participations - 10x Jewel of Harmony Pogi - 117 OSP & 9 Participations - 10x Jewel of Harmony WhiteEE - 117 OSP & 8 Participations - 10x Jewel of Harmony All rewards have been delivered into the vault of the winners! The next edition has started and will last from 02.12.2019 until 31.12.2019. Prizes for this new edition: 1st Place: Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 2 Seeds at choice in Sphere Level 4. 2nd Place: 2 Seeds at choice in Sphere Level 4. 3rd Place: 2 Seeds at choice. Anyone who will reach 100+ OSP but not in Top3 will win 20x Jewel of Harmony. Weekly Events Rewards for this edition: Consolation at events: 2x Jewel of Soul + 1x Jewel of Chaos + 5x OSP 5th place at events: 3x Jewel of Soul + 1x BoK+5 + 10x OSP 4th place at events: 4x Jewel of Soul + 1x BoK+5 + 15x OSP 3rd place at events: 6x Jewel of Soul + 2x BoK+5 + 20x OSP 2nd place at events: 7x Jewel of Soul + 2x BoK+5 + 30x OSP 1st place at events: 8x Jewel of Soul + 3x BoK+5 + 40x OSP All info about OSGM: Enjoy!
  9. ADMIN

    If you want safe AFK you stay on non-pvp maps, that's what they are designed for, if you wish to stay AFK on Battle Maps you do it on your own risk, but with a lower risk compared to Mercenary, while gaining enough EXP boost that is matching the risk.
  10. ADMIN

    OSSL is cancelled & archived for future. Congrats to KARIS & 3Musketeers teams for the games! You'll get the accumulated reward for your games and extra 20x JoH for the discomfort of the cancellation. They will be delivered into your game vault (have space) during tomorrow. Cheers!
  11. Release date: 29.11.2019 at 00:15 - Stage patch is up and no restart is needed. Congrats to mafy, Trompeta and Atenea for finishing Stage 2.1! Changelog: [UPDATED] Stage 2.1 exp (15rr) is now 63.75% instead of 21.25%. [UPDATED] Stage 2 is now removed (exp on 10rr is now normal, like 9rr, 8rr, etc.). [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied: Exp for 1-5rr is now +150% from +100%. Exp for 6-10rr is now +70% from + 25%. Exp for 11-14rr is now +25%. [ADDED] Released GGD's (Vulcanus & Raklion).
  12. ADMIN

    Maintenance over. Patch is up!
  13. Release date: 28.11.2019 at 17:35 - Patch will be up after the full maintenance. It will take around 5~15 minutes, reconnect may work but it is not guaranteed! Note: This patch is standalone and not related to the stage mini-patch (because stage isn't over in time). The stage patch will be released after stage is over, without downtime. Changelog: [FIXED] Explosion blade having lower damage than Beuroba (lower tier item). [FIXED] Summon working on Karutan1, Relics & Tarkan even if no goldens alive. [FIXED] IT Warns not correctly deleting old participants since last patch, giving free warns for old participants every IT when they are not there. Note: Accumulated warns from the bug were deleted daily. [UPDATED] Removed STUN from Ice Walkers & Push from Giant Mammoths (Raklion). + Other small fixes/improvements/adjustments. Gens System BETA is over, a reset is made and it is starting officially along with the next changes: [UPDATED] From now you can join guilds with different gens compared to your char. Note: Killing Guild Mates during RAID won't give you any points. [FIXED] Gens Ranks from website to show real Rang based on Points & Gens rank (Officer, Knight, etc.) [ADDED] Raid kills counter on website gens ranking, showing total 'valid' (on unique targets) kills during RAIDs . [UPDATED] Gens switch time is now 6 hours instead of 12 hours. [UPDATED] There are now 3 RAIDS instead of 2. RAID1: 20:45 (from 21:00). RAID2: Random hour/minute between 01:00 and 07:59. RAID3: Random hour/minute between 10:00 and 16:59. [UPDATED] RAID duration is now 20 minutes instead of 30. [UPDATED] RAID default points per kill raised from 20 to 40. [UPDATED] RAID dynamic points formulas will go up/down with 3 points per reset difference instead of 2 points. [UPDATED] Now if you are killed during a RAID, you will lose points based on your Reset: Points lost = 5 + (ResetCount*3) [UPDATED] If you are killed during a RAID you won't be able to gain points from the Killer if you kill him back. Avoiding abuses where people would agree to kill each-others for points. [ADDED] Gens Rewards: At the end of each month, the players with most gens points (and not only) will be rewarded. The Gens reset will happen at the 30th day of each month, at 23:50 (everyone that is part of Gens will get disconnected-reconnected). After this disconnect you will be able to get your reward for the previous month. You will be able to take your reward for previous month anytime until the next Gens reset. There is also a gens contribution reset at the same time. In order to take your reward you'll have just to click the Gens NPC for your gens familly. It has a global cooldown of 4 seconds between rewards. Global cooldown means if Player A gets reward now, the others can get the reward 4 seconds later. Gens Rank Rewards: 1st place from Varnert & Duprian: 3x OB5 & 3x OB4 (assuming that OB5 will be unlocked until next month rewards). HoF Badge. 2nd place from Varnert & Duprian: 3x OB5 & 2x OB4. 3rd place from Varnert & Duprian: 3x OB5 & 1x OB4. 4th place from Varnert & Duprian: 2x OB5 & 2x OB4. 5th place from Varnert & Duprian: 2x OB5 & 1x OB4. There are 25(50) extra rewards for top 5~30 players from Varnert & Duprian: 2x OB4. So, choose your gens carefully! If one gens is lower populated you have more chances to get in top there!
  14. ADMIN

    One of the greatest players & human characters. Legion's work wasn't public mostly, but he had a big impact in many of the gameplay changes, a lot of brainstorms together behind the scenes. Thanks for everything and wish you the best going forward, even though you'll be around from time to time
  15. ADMIN

    A client update has been added into Launcher, please make it! Lilium set & stick got a replace with a "custom" lilium set/stick, because the original ones couldn't accept harmony (internally they were still considered socket items). Whoever has Lilium items (old) please equip them, go to crywolf and write /replace for each of them, to have the new ones. Cheers!
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