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  1. Hello, Almost 10 months has passed since NonReset started its 2nd edition. Due to the many things changed on our economy system (to balance it for everyone, not only top players), NonReset was a victim of economy tweaks, that ended in it being pretty easy compared to how it was intended, so it wasn't the "hard server" that was promised and that was seen on its first edition. But, thanks to the feedback and its fail, Phoenix was born, and it was much better than both current and first edition of NonReset. All mistakes that were noticed by both you and us on NonReset were fixed/adjusted on Phoenix and together we created a better alternative for it, despite the sacrifices. So we can't be sad about it, we continue to learn from mistakes and "what works - what doesn't" and improve our overall servers to such standards, because nothing that is stale is fun and we must always adapt to your needs. Due to the low amount of people left active in the last 2 months (barely touching 25 online) we decided to end its suffering and to bring it down, as there is no point in keeping it up in the current state for more than it was granted. Due to that, NonReset will be officially closed on this Tuesday, between 20:00 and 00:00. Thanks to everyone that took part in this project and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! As for its future, we have both good news and bad news. The bad news is that NonReset will no longer be one of our main servers, Phoenix is just a better NonReset and we will continue with Phoenix. So it was the last NonReset edition on OldSquad. The good news is that NonReset won't be gone completely. Since 2 months ago we are in a pre-alpha phase of Season 14. Things are moving slowly because we have different priorities for now. But in future we plan to release our own Season 14 project (different from season 6) where NonReset will be moved as a standalone server there. The player-base of season 6 is getting lower and lower as more people start to taste the new seasons and remain there. Due to that we are forced to adapt to new things in order to keep being relevant on the MU Online scene. Our Season 6 project(s) will continue as normal until there are no more players to sustain them, which hopefully won't happen too soon, as we invested a lot of time and love in our projects. Farewell, NonReset!
  2. Our next project will start somewhere at the beginning of September. OldSquad - Inception - The 3rd edition of the old Max30RR server. Inception is the server where everything started in our community, and we're working on a bigger revamp of it, bringing new systems and features for you to enjoy. A fixed date for the start will be announced at the end of August, along with full info about the server. So, make sure to be free at the beginning of September to start a new journey in our world! Stay tunned on our site & forum for news. OldSquad Team. #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  3. ADMIN

    Ok, so apparently the problem is with the raven speed, which isn't working correctly for some reasons, giving way more attacks than it should based on numbers. The following changes have been applied: Max Damage from: 250 + (Raven Level) * 15 + (Command/3) to Max Damage: 450 + (Raven Level) * 30 + (Command/2) to Max Damage: 350 + (Raven Level) * 25 + (Command/3) to Max Damage: 350 + (Raven Level) * 25 + (Command/2) Speed from: 20 + [(Raven Level)*3]/2 + (Command/40) to Speed: 30 + [(Raven Level)*2] + (Command/30) to Speed: 25 + [(Raven Level)*1.75] + (Command/40) to Speed: 15 + (Raven Level) + (Command/50) Waiting feedback, should be fine now.
  4. ADMIN

    A correction patch has been added to the client for the min-max seed, as they weren't correctly fixed last time, now they should. Also, the latest raven tweaks were an "over-buff", we touched them again to be more balanced: Min Damage from: 180+ (Raven Level)*14 + (Command/5) to Min Damage: 250 + (Raven Level) * 20 + (Command/4) to Min Damage: 220 + (Raven Level) * 18 + (Command/4) Max Damage from: 250 + (Raven Level) * 15 + (Command/3) to Max Damage: 450 + (Raven Level) * 30 + (Command/2) to Max Damage: 350 + (Raven Level) * 25 + (Command/3) Speed from: 20 + [(Raven Level)*3]/2 + (Command/40) to Speed: 30 + [(Raven Level)*2] + (Command/30) to Speed: 25 + [(Raven Level)*1.75] + (Command/40) Attack Rate from: 1500 + (Raven Level) * 70 to Attack Rate: 1200 + (Raven Level) * 100 to Attack Rate: 1000 + (Raven Level) * 85 Extra: Now Raven have 75% chance to attack with AoE attack instead of single target attack (from 50% chance - more PvM less PvP).
  5. ADMIN

    Bob will be delivered (you'll have to download a new client when it will be updated, as it can't be updated via Launcher). About the skins - skins are available only from the pool of mobs (any skin is a direct skin of mobs, can't be customizable unless the mob skin is changed as well). What I can do is to make a pool of 12-20 skins that can be given randomly to people, each one with different skin, but all skins must have the same animation time for move, so if you really want such thing I'm up for suggestions of skins for pool, and I'll test which of them can be added.
  6. ADMIN

    Hello, It's a client issue that happens from time to time but it's not fixable. What you can do, though, to not be affected by it, is to press K when you are in chaos machine and it does happen (so you will open the extra inventory and put back the item or etc.).
  7. Release date: 01.08.2019 at 15:10 - Updates are up and no restart is needed. Changelog: [FIXED] Min damage seed and Max damage seed being swapped (now they work correctly as they are written). [FIXED] Dark Raven ignoring players deff/dd frequently (at 10-15% rate) causing sometimes even 3-4 hits kill on end-game chars. Now you'll unlock special edr/crit/dd attributes for Raven at either level 50 or 2500+ Command. Now you'll gain 1% rate for having level 50 Raven and 1% rate for having 2500+ Command. The rate is for all special attributes (edr/crit/dd). This attributes are different compared to DL attributes and are separate assets with their own rate/hits. [UPDATED] Reworked Dark Raven formulas to be a more viable build instead of an 'abusing build': Min Damage from: 180+ (Raven Level)*14 + (Command/5) to Min Damage: 250 + (Raven Level) * 20 + (Command/4) Max Damage from: 250 + (Raven Level) * 15 + (Command/3) to Max Damage: 450 + (Raven Level) * 30 + (Command/2) Speed from: 20 + [(Raven Level)*3]/2 + (Command/40) to Speed: 30 + [(Raven Level)*2] + (Command/30) Attack Rate from: 1500 + (Raven Level) * 70 to Attack Rate: 1200 + (Raven Level) * 100 + Other small fixes/adjustments.
  8. ADMIN

    Hello, The fourth OSGM edition of Phoenix is over. Winners: 1st Place: CasualAE - 237 OSP & 10 Participations - Legends Group + Golden Fenrir + W4 Elf +L + 1 option. 2nd Place: Iridium - 190 OSP & 16 Participations - 3x Condor Feather. 3rd Place: CaraT - 190 OSP & 6 Participations - 2x Condor Feather. Rewards for having 100+ OSP but not in Top3: snake - 145 OSP & 10 Participations - 40x Jewel of Harmony. Haze - 125 OSP & 12 Participations - 40x Jewel of Harmony. WhiteCrow - 104 OSP & 9 Participations - 40x Jewel of Harmony. Winry - 100 OSP & 12 Participations - 40x Jewel of Harmony. All rewards have been delivered into the vault of the winners (or characters if there was no space in vault)! The last edition has started and will last from 01.08.2019 until 31.08.2019. Prizes for this new edition (same as previous edition): 1st Place: Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + Wings level 4 for the character that win + luck + 1 option at choice. 2nd Place: 3x Condor Feather. 3rd Place: 2x Condor Feather. Anyone who will reach 100+ OSP but not in Top3 will win 40x Jewel of Harmony. Weekly Events Rewards for this edition: Consolation at events: 1x Jewel of Harmony + 1x BoK+5 + 5x OSP 5th place at events: 2x Jewel of Harmony + 1x BoK+5 + 10x OSP 4th place at events: 2x Jewel of Harmony + 2x BoK+5 + 15x OSP 3rd place at events: 3x Jewel of Harmony + 2x BoK+5 + 25x OSP 2nd place at events: 3x Jewel of Harmony + 3x BoK+5 + 30x OSP 1st place at events: 5x Jewel of Harmony + 4x BoK+5 + 40x OSP All info about OSGM: Enjoy!
  9. ADMIN

    It does not.
  10. ADMIN

    He's banned on all accounts and ip/hwid. You got his scepter in vault. Thanks for report!
  11. ADMIN

    You can't have 2 accounts on same email.
  12. ADMIN

    Hello, do you still encounter the problem? If yes, I'll send you a launcherless patch so you can skip launcher and enter via main.exe.
  13. Release date: 14.07.2019 at 18:35 - Updates are up and no restart is needed. Changelog: [Mercenary Squad] Fixed the JoH reward inventory space check from 3 spaces to 2 spaces. [Mercenary Squad] Now you can change the seal reward from ML exp to Normal exp and vice-versa at the cost of -50% of points and -50% of quests done. In order to change them you must write /changeseal - if you have ML will switch to Normal and vice-versa. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will prioritize targeting a non-guild/ally players for quest first, and only if it can't find will include them. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes on battle maps while having the same gens. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes in safe-zones. [Mercenary Squad] Now the system will reassign another target for quest if the current target goes in Server 20 (crywolf,lot,etc.). [Mercenary Squad] Now the EE-kill punishment is bypassed if EE is mercenary (for both non-mercenaries and mercenaries). [Mercenary Squad] Now it will show you your current target if you write /pvpquest while a quest is ongoing. [Mercenary Squad] A new feature has been introduced - Repel. Now if the quest targets kill their hunter before being killed, they will receive 30 points and 1x Jewel of Harmony, and the mercenar will fail the quest. [Mercenary Squad] Now there is a limit of 15 kills between mercenaries, when you reach 15 kills, the next kills between mercenaries won't count, that means will be free kills. [Mercenary Squad] Fixed some reported bugs. Announcement: A reset has been made to all the mercenaries, as the system was in beta and some of you had problems with it, some of you bad luck, etc. Now you start a fair race, even though bugs may still occur we're ready with most important things. So, in order to be part of mercenaries, you'll need to register again and start from scratch. [ADDED] Current PK Count showing after each kill. [FIXED] Kalima & Events to reconnect in the same place all the chars involved (not only first 15 chars). [UPDATED] Now the same threatment like Kalima is done to LoT If you'll reconnect on LoT you'll be reconnected on the same place instead of at the gate. Still, if you die or get killed in LoT you'll still be moved outside at the gate. [UPDATED] All the updates from official server have been added to the test-server to match it perfectly. - + Other small fixes/adjustments. Let us know if you find anything wrong after this patch and also any feedback/reports you may have to further improve our systems.
  14. ADMIN

    While the broken coords can happen for sure, there is also another reason which will be fixed, where only first 15 ppl are saved for the same coords on reconnect/relog/death.
  15. ADMIN

    Idk what happened and there is nothing I can do. You have /warn if he was inside IT without participating.
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