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    1. ADMIN

      You lose HP with either IMP/Demon or Wings. You can surpass this HP loss with HP recovery rings and pendant (preferably 3/4%) and also, more importantly, +HP per monster kill on Pendant / Weapons.
    2. ADMIN

      Maintenance is over, patch is up! Let us know if you find anything wrong after!
    3. ADMIN

      As we've redesigned the DS take into account different opinions, I'll count this as an accepted suggestion. +40 credits.
    4. ADMIN

      Mats thingy - Accepted & implemented. +40 credits.
    5. ADMIN

      Accepted & implemented. +40 credits.
    6. ADMIN

      Hello, The first OSGM edition of Phoenix is over. Winners: 1st Place: Grazynka - 225 OSP & 16 Participations - Golden Fenrir + Legends Group + 2x TOCA + 20x Jewel of Harmony 2nd Place: Waste - 217 OSP & 14 Participations - 2x TOCA + 10x Jewel of Harmony. 3rd Place: Lucifer - 147 OSP & 13 Participations - 1x TOCA + 10x Jewel of Harmony. In order to take your reward you need to type /osgmreward after today's Patch! The next edition has started and will last until 30.06.2021. Prizes for this new edition: 1st Place: Golden Fenrir + Legen
    7. Release date: 01.06.2021 16:00 - There will be a global maintenance. Server will be off for 10~30 minutes. Changelog: [UPDATED] Released Selupan. [UPDATED] Released Medusa. [UPDATED] Released Wings Protector. [UPDATED] Released W4 Talisman chance from OB5. [UPDATED] Released Sockets in drop Raklion. [UPDATED] Released Sphere Level 4 in drop Vulcanus. [UPDATED] Newbies boost applied: Now level 1-200 have a static EXP based on level 180-200 EXP, instead of starting lower and reaching that EXP rate at 180. [UPDATED] Raised Q
    8. Hello, The current Inception edition has passed its deadline and due to the amount of players left active there is no point in keeping it online any longer. Even if it sounds like a stereotype, I once again believe that this edition was the best yet on our project (just like 3rd was the best until that point). Inception does never stop to impress us and does prove that MU can be played more than 1-2 months in an active manner. Well, the cold season does also help with that, as well as the newbies having an easier life to play and recover. A lot of patches were made during this e
    9. Hello, It is not the first time when I observe that Raklion is ignored as a map for its tier, in the favor of Vulcanus, even for mercenaries with max exp bonus. Why do you guys ignore it? What is its problem?
    10. ADMIN

      It's free chat, you can talk about anything, but I'll just remind you, as you're continuing to point at us ("fix this","change this",and other shits). We will NEVER touch characters during an ONGOING edition unless there's a mistake that is causing one or another to be WAY better or WAY worse than expected. I.E: Ravens DL Inc, ARF last Phoenix. If after close to 6 years you still think that coming on forum and saying "PLZ NERF X IS TOO STRONK PLZ BUFF Y IS TOO WEAK" will change anything well, you live in some parallel world compared to us. It is normal FOR ANY MMO game that some
    11. Release date: 12.05.2021 14:40 - Patch is live. Info: The last content will be unlocked on 01 June. Info2: Arena Tournament has been turned off for now. We're not happy with its current implementation and we're going to rework it a bit. Changelog: [UPDATED] Removed IP from Account Logs on website. [UPDATED] Now all the stackable items does show their count on website, in a more visible way as well. [UPDATED] Small wings now also show their Durability on website, so be aware when you buy them from Market. [UPDATED] Maximum items to add in Market/day rai
    12. ADMIN

      Well, as long as you're making a topic in Game Questions / Problems instead of General Discussions and in the same time claiming that w3 rate is fake just because you're getting 100 fails, I can't threat you any serious. Yea, I admit is my bad that I couldn't resist ignoring such topic, but my eyes can't handle it. Well, there's a reason why I quitted "public relationships" some time ago and passed them to Gion, I am allergic to the standard mentality of the majority of MU players, me gusta not. /Signing off
    13. https://www.wtfast.com/en/
    14. ADMIN

      Soon does mean a set date. Goldens don't have random spawns. W3 rates are fake. #TellMeMorePlz
    15. ADMIN

      If you ask GaaRa or NoCoZaUJ, they will tell you its 100%. If you ask SupremeBK he/she will tell you its 50%. If you ask the 7 HC people (not 15 as you're trying to suggest), they will tell you its 0%. Didn't want to answer but hey, I hate people that tries to exaggerate the facts, just because of frustrations. #Peace.
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