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  1. ADMIN

    Nop, in some cases it doesn't say anything, just don't let you enter. The mechanic is simple, the entries are automatically reset in database at the preset hour, and the script showing the entries is communicating directly with database, so after reset it will always show that you have entries, but if you don't relog after reset they won't be actually reset in game so you won't be able to enter. There is a strong reason why the info with relog is added on /entries. Follow it.
  2. ADMIN

    Hello, please send me a PM with acc id, or write on the fb page.
  3. ADMIN

    Hello, right click on playphoenix.exe -> properties -> unblock -> apply and try again. If problem persists disable the UAC from windows and restart pc. If problem still persists contact us on facebook page with tw details.
  4. I didn't made my self clear, which was my bad, but my overall post wasn't targeted to your points (though not specifying anything about ms or etc.) but as a general objective opinion outside of your discussions and from the point of view of us as staff, related to any character discussions/topics. I do stated however that we take things as feedback, and while I didn't said it is bad or good (speaking about MS), I also said that we're not touching chars during ongoing editions, but that doesn't mean it won't be noted for future. Again, you're speaking strictly from your point of view as a SMG, while agi does of course benefit you, let's think about the VRF then, where agility barely helps him at all (speed is useless for VRF due to CD on chain drive) and the amount of def gained is just like the AE, very low. DDI is usually the main thing that can keep them alive in fights (yea, they have high hp pool, but on 1v1 as I stated previously, once the sd is gone health is barely helping you to survive few more attacks, taking into account that most classes have up to 180% damage vs RF). You speak about damage as it's something overlooked, but you forget that your entire damage is also amplified with different things (main thing to look out is up to 18% from resets, just as pure damage, excepting extra points), then you have chars that does have % rise of damage from weapons, that again benefit much more from damage. Then you have full socketed weapons that brings in another extra % damages, not speaking about ancient sets with DD or % damage increase. The buff from 55% to 60% of DDI is a minor one compared to an 18% increase in damage just from resets. And even there, how many ppl does achieve that max dd%? It's not something easily achievable, at least not for everyone and not that fast (looking to newbies/late comers). There are enough methods to counter AE's thing in CC, starting from chasing her since start (you know which one is elf, due to bow) and burst her down on start, being in her range when she starts ice-ing you, up to indirect methods like letting her die to mobs/other ranged players from CC. It's not something that grants her a 100% win, but the only thing that gives skilled elves a chance to win the CC on their own power (how many AE's does even know to play with ice, 4, 5?). I didn't wanted to give playing advice at all, everyone should play his own game and find the best solutions, but I can't keep my mouth, because you're assuming things without even testing before, JUST take 10 minutes from your time, go on test server, put 20 points in ice resistance on skill tree and then try to hit yourself with an AE ice arrow, then you'll maybe understand what Ice resistance truly means and will stop telling that there are no counters. Want to counter AE, sure, you'll lose 20 points for them, but you will be almost safe. Let's test before writing or complaining, you have all the tools you need to test anything in few minutes, only use few commands and you have everything you need, then we can speak on the same subject knowing most of things that game offers, not just by speculating.
  5. Yes, I was referring strictly to AE power, that she is not even advantaged of the range in PvP. There are still rangers like ARF and also Decay-SM (even if blast is better overall, decay is still doing much more dps from range than an AE would ever do from range). MDPS are considered those that either doesn't have range skills or their range skills are pretty awful (from PvP point of view), and which are SMG/BK/VRF,EMG, the rest of chars are decent-good from range (but yet, not best, as the longer the distance the lower the risk), but AE is barely touching anyone from range, compared to what true rangers can do from range.
  6. All chars have been done with standard builds of average players (which 70%+ of players are using normally). Nothing special nothing out of bounds (it's your own task to find the best build for each char depending on situation). All builds had at least 250-350 VIT depending on class (PvP purpose). I can't agree with you, 300 extra VIT won't change anything at all. Let me tell you something that I always say, the VIT is important only for 2 things (speaking only about 1v1 situations): - Survive before SD is 0 (so not dying without having your SD to 0 from bursts of damage). - Not getting 1 shotted from bypass. Anything EXTRA after this standard values of 250-350 VIT will only make you BETTER on: CS & fights where multiple buffs matters, so extra HP does matter. In 1v1 situations, once your SD is down it's a matter of 1-4 extra attacks if you have 400 or 600 extra HP, you'll go down anyway. Ofc, BK is excluded as he depends on VIT more than anyone else, and high amount of VIT is a MUST for them. I don't understand the 2nd thing about range, sorry.
  7. Whatever looks perfect for you and your class it doesn't for others, and it's the same loop, there is no perfect state but this is the maximum level that can be touched based on what we can or not do. Some changes can benefit some chars some changes can benefit others. Taking something from a char will be auto given to the rest. But we are doing changes on each edition so that "meta" can be changed from time to time and every char to feel good. You are saying about AE that she benefits to everything from the same build. While it's not completely false, only by watching formulas you can see that everything that AGI gives is very low compared to any other char (defense number, attack speed number, asr, etc). So nothing is not natural or not obtainable by others. Then you say AE is a PvP beast which is totally erronate statement, AE is the worst char at PvP but not as bad as it used to be. And I tell you for sure as we played 2 days class vs class (me and gion) to balance the pvp rates, AE was set to lose 10-0 to any other char with the same skill, amount of points and gear. Any single char from game can beat AE in same conditions. Not even saying that AE PvP power is only in melee range (so being like a half SMG), as on normal range it is non existent. You then say that going on the same build is benefiting both PvP and PvM, while it is true for AE it is true for most of other chars (SMG as well). If you say that vit is an imp role I agree, but both AE and SMG for example need VIT for PvP, while SMG have 600 extra points to spend. Does going for str-agi benefit both your pvm and pvp as SMG? It does. Then what's the problem that AE is treated the same? You then say that AE is abusing CC with ice vs melee chars, while it is frustrating for sure, it's the only way of winning a CC for an AE, she will never beat a SMG RF or BK in a straight fight. And for the crying thing, I am not referring to you, but general speaking as I read different topics and replies.
  8. Release date: 12.06.2019 15:40 - Updates are up and no restart is needed. Changelog: [UPDATED] Because nobody succeeded yet to defeat Selupan we applied the following nerfs to the boss: Nerfed HP with 20%. Nerfed DMG with 20%. Increased time between his skills from 5s to 6s. [UPDATED] Formula for ASM allowance on IT from < 40% of points in AGI to < 50% of points in AGI to allow hybrids to join.
  9. I like to see people involved in discussions, but you should know that this things are counted just as feedback. We are never touching characters during an ongoing edition. Everyone wants its character to be the best, of course, and if possible at any stage of the game. That will never happen and it's not even possible from technical point of view. Every character is designed differently, having its own strengths and weaknesses depending on build, gear, stage of the game, event, and even the player itself. We are developing and tweaking characters of this game for more than 3 years, adjusting formulas, damages, pvp, class vs class rates, etc. The default state of the characters (Webzen) was just a joke. But again, despite our continuous efforts it will never reach a "perfect state", it's simply not possible. You're expecting too much from such a game, if you want 100% PvP MU is not the game for that, if we think at a larger scale, not even a game like WoW is 100% on PvP (neither PvM), where differences between classes, characters and specs are huge, favoring only some of them at different things. But, just like in WoW where a Hunter (in an easy way) can make almost double DPS at PvM compared to many of other classes, the rest of them brings something different to table on each situation. The same idea we brought for MU to have an 'overall balance' apart from class vs class things, where BALANCE doesn't mean a class is not better than the other BUT all classes are more or less equal and BRINGS different things at different moments/situations. If we just browse all the existing tops from Phoenix we'll see all classes in the top at most of the things, ofc, some better at some points and it's not an 100% accurate view because most of the tops depends on the player (and how active he is). If we look at some (considered by public) good players from our server they can all make their class look OP in different situations, examples can be Zutto for BK, Catarina for SUM, Ganja for AE, Coco for SM, DIEE for SMG, etc. Are all characters playable at a decent level? Yes, they are. Are there better chars than others? Yes, they are, at different stages and at different things. Do some characters have specific tricks that can be "abused" by their class? Yes, they have (Ice arrow, Weapon skill for bosses, etc.) Is their right to use them and profit by being smart and knowing their class as it was designed by the Webzen, in the first place, without our direct impact? Yes, it's their right, as long as the impact is purely for their own interest without disturbing important things (IT, for example). Apart from doing everything we can to ensure a fair environment to all the characters as much as we consider, we will never rework entire game or all the tricks and things that game does offer just to satisfy different individuals. We are running on the same core since 3 years, many of you played here multiple editions and already knew how most of the things work (or not). Everything we do is well documented pre-launch as well as post-launch. You had all the formulas (and even personal tips) of all the characters available before server launch. You had beta period as well as a permanent test-server pre and post-launch to test all characters and builds you want on any situation and gear/resets/builds. You even had 4 resets to change your class if you didn't like it. Coming here and crying about your own character or other's character is not making you look good, taking into account all the things you had in your asset to choose your character carefully. As a conclusion we'll always adjust characters and things we consider that can be improved based on feedback, but never during an ongoing edition (and I'm speaking strictly about individual characters power/assets). Cheers.
  10. ADMIN

    Hello, I've generated your reward, you got Old Box 4, it is on Depoz inventory, check it and confirm.
  11. Hello, Almost 10 months has passed since Max50RR was opened on his first edition. While the beginning was great, it struggled on the long run as a medium-style server like this doesn't offer many things to aspire for, due to the speed of completing the characters. It was our first server with a higher exp compared to rest of our projects and I can't say it was a bad one, it was as good as it lasted, despite numerous problems that it encountered. Due to the incredible low amount of people left active in the last 1-2 months (barely touching 20 online) we decided to end its suffering and to bring it down, as there is no point in keeping it up in the current state for more than it was granted. Due to that, Max50RR will be officially closed on this Friday, at around 20-22. Thanks to everyone that took part in this project and especially to those that kept playing it on the long run! We have some ideas for it in future, but nothing is clear now if it will be back in future or not, and if yes, under what system, as we're not completely sure that it suits our style, but again, time will tell us. Farewall, 50RR! Some statistics & Hall of Fame for this edition: Edition 31 August 2018 - 14 June 2019 First to make a reset: ME: Wicked BK: WhiteBK SM: Odiosu SUM: TURBONOOB DL: Dislike MG: TryKillMe (first to reset from server) RF: Dizzy Break1 unlockers: WhiteBK, Dizzy, Neby Break2 unlockers: Zuzuan, KillALL, WhiteBK First to get 50 resets: ME: Doveiov BK: WhiteBK SM: KillALL SUM: CallGirl DL: Zuzuan (first to get 50 resets from server) MG: No1LiveEr RF: Dizzy Total Accounts: 29413 Total Characters: 9311 Record Online: 742 Final Ranks of the Edition Normal Top: Blood Castle: Devil Square: Chaos Castle: Arena Tournament: Castle Siege: Cheers!
  12. ADMIN

    It's pretty clear what the participants want. Starting from this weekend, the CS date & hour will be Sunday, 19:00. Also, the Bonus System for Saturday & Sunday will be updated to match the new change: - Saturday will start at 18:00. - Sunday will start at 16:30. Cheers!
  13. Release date: 02.06.2019 17:10 - Updates are up and no restart is needed. Extras: Stay up to date with latest news and quality content provided by our @Reporter here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/176-oldsquad-newspaper/ Vote for CS date here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3197-castle-siege-poll-new/ Changelog: [UPDATED] Newbies exp (level 1-350) DOUBLED! [UPDATED] All Harmony text options to reflect reality (both in game and on website) - update client. Now they're 100% same on both and won't cause confusions. [UPDATED] Blocked Fire Scream on Battle Maps until devs will fix the bug with Fire Scream and piercing damage from mobs at PvP, causing the players to take the same damage like the mobs. [UPDATED] Now if boss monsters from Invasions are killed, they won't be shown on /invasion anymore. Until now it showed that they're up until invasion time was over. [UPDATED] Some website improvements, including pop-ups not disappearing anymore when clicking outside them (easier to login on phone and to use functions) as well as preventing multiple clicks on same functions. [UPDATED] Now the following builds are also not allowed to join IT (due to pure buffing purpose without actual damage): Agility SM,Energy BK,Energy RF. Vitality BK & Vitality DL are allowed even if they don't have damage because they can be carriers for the item (tanking the item) so they have a good purpose in teams. [ADDED] Now you can only have your own class buffs on Illusion Temple (just like on Lorencia ring). [ADDED] Check for mount during Illusion Temple, you can't use Fenrirs or Dinorants anymore during the Event. [ADDED] IP check during website sessions to avoid sessions mix. [FIXED] Change Race to correctly remove the points. + Other small fixes/adjustments/improvements.
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