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  1. ADMIN

    Poll results: 1st condition: 41 unique players voted (3 players voted with 2 accounts). After not taking into account the extra votes from same persons results are: 1st option: 60.9% 2nd option: 65.8% 2nd condition: 1st option: 60.9% of public votes for an option, with my neutral vote, no changes, CS day/hour remains untouched. 2nd option: 65.8% of public votes for an option, with my vote for the same option (yes) will cause the change to be accepted, from tonight alliances will be active with only main guild able to join the CS. Thanks for your votes. Cheers!
  2. ADMIN

    Week 1 winners: 1st place - @int24rain - Accepted. 2nd place - @Cerberus - Accepted. Consolation: @CAMARARD - Unaccepted. Let me know your acc ids on PM for the rewards. Waiting your guides for the week 2!
  3. ADMIN

    There won't be such thing. I am sure it's written clearly that this is a free pk/free ks server as long as the game let you do it.
  4. First to make level 400: ME: BuffYou BK: INS4NE SM: Mu3rTe SUM: Catarina DL: GhostRider MG: Exilia RF: Javaraya (first to make level 400 from server) Break1 unlockers: dNice, HooligaN, LenT Break2 unlockers: Javaraya, BuffYou, Voymax First to get 10 resets: ME: BK: SM: SUM: DL: MG: RF:
  5. ADMIN

    You need to press windows key (or start), write run, then write regedit there, then expand current machine, expand software, expand webzen, and search for resolution and winmode and change the values there.
  6. ADMIN

    Week 1 is over, winners will be announced in the next days. Week 2 is starting from now until 24.04.2019. Place where you need to release your guides: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/forum/175-unofficial-guides/ Good luck!
  7. ADMIN

    Hello, please get the patch and follow the instructions I wrote on this topic with the same problem:
  8. ADMIN

    Contact here on PM or on facebook page with TW details and I'll have a look.
  9. Release date: 15.04.2019 02:45 - Updates are already up from now and no server restart needed. Congrats to Javaraya, BuffYou and Voymax for finishing the Break2 and unlocking the extra exp for the rest of players. Extra news: Level 300-320 exp is now 100% (normal exp) due to Break2 end. Level 380-395 exp is now 60% of exp instead of 20% due to Break2 end. It will be 100% in 10 days from now. Newbies exp (level 1-200) boosted with 15-30%. Bring your vote into the official poll related to CS & Guilds, here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3018-castle-siege-guilds-poll/ Get some extra credits by participating at our 2k19 Guides Contest, here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2999-guides-contest-2k19/ We're also working on some other things like Auto IT Report System (mobas style), News Reporter concept (provided by Gion), integration of a race event system as part of OSGM events, etc. We'll release them asap. ATTENTION! You need to update the client asap via Launcher, or download the latest full client that will be uploaded. Changelog: GGDs are now released! [UPDATED] Lowered the drop of Jewel of Chaos. [UPDATED] Raised the drop of Feather & Crest a little. [UPDATED] Raised the drop of Sign of Dimensions and Scrap of Paper a little. [UPDATED] Raised the drop of Jewels from mobs on DS a little. [UPDATED] Raised the drop of starting skills (ES,TS,etc.) a little. [UPDATED] Nerfed Illusion of Kundun HP & def. [UPDATED] Nerfed Kundun HP & def. [UPDATED] Nerfed Nightmare HP & def. [UPDATED] Nerfed BoK+5 goldens def. [UPDATED] Nerfed Bloody Witch Queen HP & def. [UPDATED] Now Cursed Dragon has 10% chance to drop Old Box 4 as well. [UPDATED] Buffed AA weapons. Now they're better than non-exc variant of higher weapons but lower than exc variant of higher weapons. For example AA Sword > KB non exc but < KB exc. Same for the rest. In order for this to have effect you need to relog your character. [UPDATED] Reworked most of quiz questions to avoid a lot of answers with yes and no (only few left with yes/no) as well as added new questions. Quiz is back active from now. [FIXED] Invasion announcements on server 20 (Crywolf,LoT,CS). [FIXED] /entries to show the correct time left (reset is at 23:00 not 00:00 since hour changes). [FIXED] Now item-buffs are deleted correctly on Royal Rumble. [FIXED] Some staffs showing wrong wizard rate client-side. [FIXED] Total points at CS showing on web (working from this week). [FIXED] First spot from LoT to have a longer distance from entrance. [FIXED] The IP check when using summon with a Stage2 PK in party. [ADDED] A new feature that allows GMs of the CS winner guilds to grant permission to characters for entering LoT (no matter if in guild or not). In order to grant permission to someone the GM must write /grant CharName 1. In order to remove permission the GM must write /grant CharName 0. In order for the granted player to enter LoT he must go in the NPC zone (near LoT entrance) and write /lot. This is more a quality of life feature, to make the process easier instead of always moving to valley to open and close lot for alts. [ADDED] A new box called Box of Ancients. It will drop a random ancient item. The box is tradeable. It is added in order to replace the not-working normal ancients drop from DS 6 & 7. So from now it will drop in DS 6 & 7 and maybe in other places in future. In order to pick it you can either write on Helper 'Box of Ancients' or simply 'Box'. Let us know feedback about its drop rate in few days, as it's a different drop and it may be adjusted accordingly. But keep in mind that the drop rate should be low (max 1 box on a DS for all parties involved - so at the level of DS). + Other small fixes/adjustments.
  10. ADMIN

    The patch is working for Phoenix server, you can get it and enter with main.exe not Launcher. You can also do the following: Run as administrator the cmd (command prompt) and write netsh winsock reset, after getting the confirmation message for the flush restart pc and try the Launcher again.
  11. Hello, Due to some suggestions we decided to let you vote for 2 different things. Firstly, you can vote for a second option of Castle Siege day & hour compared to current one. Secondly, you can vote if you want to bring it back the possibility of making alliances but the same like last time (only main guild can participate at CS, 2nd guild from ally is just for friends, newbies or alts). In order for the poll to be accepted and something to be changed there are 2 requirements: 1. Minimum 40 unique players to take part in the poll. 2. Minimum 70% of votes for an option. If any of this 2 rules fails at the end of the poll, nothing will be changed. The poll starts from now and will end on Thursday at 23:00. If there will be any changes will be alive starting from friday and also from this CS. Cheers!
  12. ADMIN

    Will do a pool with the second option we can provide.
  13. ADMIN

    It never worked and will never work, the amount of goldens from server 20 is always 0, only on server 1 there are goldens.
  14. ADMIN

    There is no bug, AA items are the same non exc or exc (webzen), the difference is the exc option. We may buff the AA stick a little.
  15. ADMIN

    Your reasons 'spending time with familly and friends' usually happens on Sundays not Saturdays, when everyone is home. There are 2 main reasons why CS is on Saturday at 17:00 on Phoenix: - Sunday 17-21 is for NonRR & 50RR CS'es. - Saturday people from VN/PH can also participate compared to Sunday when it's late at 17-18-19 for them if they go to work on Monday. The hour is at 17:00 exactly for people to be free after 19-20-21 (based on GMT's) to go at party if desired. I don't think ppl go outside at 17-18-19-20 on Saturday. The only option I can give you to vote (and only if 75%+ of ppl want it) is Sunday at 15:00 (so keeping different CS hours for all servers and making sure VN/PH can participate as well).
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