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  1. Hello, Test server for Phoenix is now up. Client can be downloaded from Downloads section. Note: Characters were moved from Inception's Test-Server to reduce your time, just adjust them for Phoenix's stats. Note2: Server is like 85% done, we're still working and we'll work until Friday, so expect some things to not be fully working. We would appreciate if you can bring feedback related to the PvM concept to make sure all chars are fine under the new EE settings, as well as the difficulty of the bosses/mini-bosses. Test server commands: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2921-phoenix-test-server-commands/ Cheers!
  2. ADMIN

    Client has been added.
  3. Hello OldSquaders, It is well known that we are experiencing darker times due to this COVID outbreak, so we kindly ask you to let us bring the light and give you some occupation while you're at home, more exactly let Phoenix bring the light with its second edition! Yes, you heard it well, our Project Phoenix is rising for its second edition, coming stronger than ever, with a lot of new fun systems for you to enjoy while you're staying home! Phoenix is featuring our CS V2 System, Mercenary Squad V2 System, End-Game Quest System, a new Progressive Gameplay and a bunch of other great things, to make sure you have a nice stay in our community! Prepare yourselves for another great journey brought to you by OldSquad Community! Grand Opening: 03 April at 18:00 GMT+2 (Mobs will spawn at 19:00 GMT+2). Full Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2884-phoenix-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Test-Server for Phoenix will be opened to public with few days before launch! #MakeMuGreatAgain!
  4. ADMIN

    Updated #2020.
  5. ADMIN

    Website is also back now. Thanks for your patience!
  6. ADMIN

    Server is back online, we're working on website currently.
  7. Hello, Today at around 17:00 Server Time we'll finish the process of upgrading our server machine. This means that Inception & website will be down for 30~90 minutes. Reconnect won't work so you'll have to rejoin when it will be back. Cheers!
  8. Hello, Due to the current global outbreak, we've decided to increase Inception's EXP for its remaining life, so people can have a bit easier time playing it while they're at home. Normal EXP: Doubled. ML EXP: +50%. We're also working hard to bring you the new Phoenix edition as soon as possible. Happy gaming and stay safe!
  9. ADMIN

    There's no speed bugs (at least not how we used to know them, based on agility), you may be in a speed rule though if skill is not always hitting so leave me your char name to check. It may also be related to latest client patch that fixed the fire slash bug and may have created a problem with other skills at some speed.
  10. ADMIN

    By default on command window special chars (mg/dl/rf) goes at 2/3 of level of the normal level, this limitation is internally and can't be modified, that's why warp limits are stated as game feature, a custom thing, at the "special feature" topic.
  11. ^ this is the answer, there is no "rule" to break, it is a technical limitation to reduce the number of alts.
  12. ADMIN

    That is even worse, having a sub-server only for 1-5% of players. Game is at its end-game currently, it is for sure not the best period for newbies but it is a normal thing, keep in mind that newbies does have a high boost of exp compared to how it was at the beginning, up to 2-3 times higher depending on reset.
  13. ADMIN

    Splitting population into multiple sub-servers is the worst thing from all the aspects (been there, done that), except of situation when there would be 800-1000+ online on a single sub-server. Economy is thought for a single sub-server, extra sub-server would mean only inflation, and that's only from economy point of view, not saying empty spots, harder to find players active/party on multiple sub-servers, and lower overall activity, having too many things available for free, without any motivation to fight for them.
  14. Because the new CS system (V2) is a bit more complex, we've decided that it deserves a dedicated info topic with everything you need to know about it. Basic Info & Schedule Castle Siege is every Sunday at 17:00 Server Time. Registration period is between Monday (00:00) and Wednesday (23:59). Note: This is the official registration period that can be made ONLY via NPC from Valley. Sign of Lord period is between Wednesday (00:00) and Friday (23:59). Late registration period is between Saturday (00:00) and Saturday (23:59). Note: Late registration can only be made on Website by the GM of the alliance. Note2: Guilds that use late registration can't register signs of lord. Friendly Fire is active (15% of damage goes to allies also). There is a maximum value of VIT that can be used at CS, depending on stage of the Game. Current Value: 15k. Exception: VRF. After registering the crown, defensive team must go outside of the room and re-enter it Note: By doing this you won't have to press CTRL in order to attack. Crown is with accumulated time. You won't lose any accumulated time if GM dies or stays outside of room. Every FAIL of accumulating the crown will cost you -1.5 seconds from the accumulated time. Example: You lose a switch, you miss-click again on the crown, etc. Crown switches are not in the center of square so they are harder to be kept. Minimum requirements in order to have a chance at CS: GM-VDL + 2 TANKS (VDL/VBK) for SWITCHES. We've introduced a new concept - CS Builds: All CS participants can make a free rebuild during each CS (anytime during CS, but you can't stay in Valley without doing the rebuild). This means that you can play any build of your character, depending on your guild strategy and what is needed at that CS. This also means that Tanks are no longer part of normal gameplay - anyone can play Tank for the Castle Siege, GM's are no longer doomed to make a character only for 2 hours per week of fun, as well as the stampers. These builds aren't kept, so at the end of CS you will get back to your previous build. With this change we're aiming to "fix" multiple things: Encourage new guilds to participate at CS without the need to depend on random players to sacrifice their gameplay for TANK in order to have any chance at CS. Encourage PvM players to take part into CS despite their build being PvM for the rest of the time, increasing number of CS participants. Bring a layer of "freshness" on each CS, as strategies can be changed/adjusted after each CS, nothing being "meta" for too long. In order to participate at CS you need to be in the main guild (not alliance guild) and to also write /rebuild before entering in Valley. Note: You can write /rebuild anytime starting from 16:45. PRE-Fight Gameplay & Requirements In order to access the CS NPC where you need to register signs (during signs period), you need to respect the following requirements: Have at least 15 members in your Guild. Have an average reset score bigger than 60% of top1 player resets. If you don't have those requirements you can't register signs, but you can still register to CS. In order to access the CS battle (stay in valley), you need to respect the following requirements: Have at least 15 members in your Guild. Have an average reset score bigger than 60% of top1 player resets. Have at least 5 members from guild online on either valley or crywolf. If any of this requirements fails, you will be moved out from valley when you try to enter during CS. Checks are happening each 60 seconds (and you are noticed how many seconds left before next check). These requirements will (automatically) make it much harder for people to do "ghost" strategies, but still doable. Before the fight actually starts, there are 2 Strategies that participants can profit from: Attackers Advantage During Sign of Lord period, attackers that are registered at CS must register as many Sign of Lord as possible. The team with the highest number of sign of lord registered at the end of Sign period will win the Sign fight, having the opportunity to BAN a BUILD for the incoming CS. This means that the banned build can't be used by all participants. Any build from the banned list can be banned including VDL/VBK, depending on everyone's strategy. Note: You need to register at least 300 Signs in order to be able to BAN a build, not only being first. Builds that can be banned (banned list): ESM, ABK, VBK, EE, AE, SMG, SDL, VDL, ERF, VRF. If a build is banned, characters from that class can't have more than 20% of total points in that stat. Example: If EE build is banned, an ELF with 32000 total points can't have more than 6400 ENE at that CS. Command for banning a build: /banbuild Build. Period for Build Ban is between Saturday 00:00 and Sunday 16:45. Note: If the highest sign guild doesn't ban a build between this period, no build will be banned for the CS. Defenders Advantage Defenders can repair gates & statues anytime before the next CS. In order to repair them you need to invest JoGs and Zen. By repairing the gates & statues you open up 2 advantages: 1. You can also defend them during CS to earn extra time, making life harder for attackers to get into room. 2. You can reduce your Handicap* points based on the total repairs/upgrades of your gates/statues: 4 points for each 1kk HP that you have on gates/statues when CS starts (maximum ~51kk HP). 8 points for each Defence upgrade on gates/statues (maximum 30 upgrades). 15 points for each Recovery upgrade on statues (maximum 12 upgrades). Formula for points reduction is (Points from HP + Points from Defence + Points from Recovery) * Handicap level (1...5) Note: Maximum points that can be reduced is 40% of total Handicap points. Example: If you are on Handicap 1 (800 points) you can reduce maximum 320 points from those 800. CS Gameplay The CS Gameplay is not the usual one (the team that has Defender status at the end of CS does win it), our gameplay is based on Points, so the team with the highest amount of Points at the end of CS does win it (no matter if they are Defenders or not at the end). How to earn Points: After first 15 minutes of CS the system is initiated & Points can be gathered. Any team that has Defender status during CS will earn Points. Default DEF Points values: 1 Point per second during first 30 minutes (17:15-17:44). 2 Points per second between 17:45 and 18:09. 3 Points per second between 18:10 and 18:29. 4 Points per second between 18:30 and 18:44. 6 Points per second between 18:45 and 19:00. If Defenders GM is out of room his team will only get half of DEF points per second as long as he is out of room. Example: If current DEF points is 3 per second, if GM is outside of room the team will only get 1.5 points per second. Example2: If current DEF points is 6 per second, if GM is outside of room the team will only get 3 points per second. If Defenders GM stays near crown throne (at 176x 215y coords) his team will get an extra point per second. Example: If current DEF points is 4 per second, if GM is near crown his team will get 5 points per second. Apart from DEF Points, teams can also gain points by killing opponents in the Throne Room (and only there): The default kill points value is 10 Points per kill. Normal kills formula is DefaultValue-ResetDifference between targets. Minimum value is 2 points. Note: This means that if killer is higher in resets than the target killed, the points will go down with 1 point for each reset difference. Note2: If target is higher than killer the value remains maximum (the default value), it won't go higher. GM points is 5x default kill points (can't be lowered with ResetDifference). TANK points is 3x default kill points (can't be lowered with ResetDifference). Note: TANK rule is being BK or DL with VIT+AGI >= 60% of total points. Default kill points will be raised randomly during CS time (it will announce when it changes). This anomaly can happen only between 17:30 and 18:30. There will be minimum 2 changes and maximum 4 changes during this hour. First change will happen at 17:30. Duration of a change is between 10 minutes and 20 minutes but at 18:30 points will get to normal no matter how much left from last change. The value of points will always be between 12 and 25 during change. It will be announced to participants when Kill Points are updated. Important note about kill points: Only guilds that have at least 300 points gathered can "feed" points to other participants. If your team doesn't have 300 points yet you won't give any points to your killers, but you can get points by killing them if they have over 300 points. We also have special roles at CS, GAs & BMs, that have special roles during CS: Guild Assistants are able to use /assist in order to teleport to their GM. Cooldown: 120 seconds. Battle Masters will always get the normal kill points value (ignoring reset difference). Apart from that, they have access to AoE stun skills (Stern). Stern will stun players in AoE for 6 seconds. Extra effect: Players under stun can't use potions. Stern does require 10 kills (per use) in order to work. GAs & BMs will give 2x default kill points when they are killed (if they are not tanks, else they give 3x). Note: Both GA & BMs are set in the moment when CS starts, any further change during CS won't change the effects to other players. In order to help the lowest Points teams from each CS, we've introduced a new feature: After first 30 minutes, every 15 minutes the GM from the team with the lowest points at that moment will receive a Life Stone that can be used anytime (and only) during the CS. Note: If GM does leave CS server (switch char, disconnect, or going to server1) he will lose the accumulated life stones. Life Stone can be used by dropping it on the ground. After dropping it, it will take 1 minute for it to become "active". While a life stone is active, people that die from that guild will respawn from the place where the Life Stone is placed. Life stone does have 30kk HP and can be destroyed by opponents (before the activation minute as well). We also want to reduce the time spent as CS winners for the same guilds, so the Handicap System* was introduced: After each CS win, the winners will get a handicap for the upcoming CS. The Handicap starts with weak punishments and goes harder as following: 1st win: On next CS the team starts with -800 points. 2nd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -2000 points. 3rd win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -3500 points. 4th win (consecutive): On next CS the team starts with -3500 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM (if limit is 15k the GM will have a limit of 10k VIT). 5th win (consecutive) and onward: On next CS the team starts with -5000 points and 2/3 of VIT limit for GM. CS Rewards For Winners: Land of Trials access (with 6 spots) where Ancients are dropping (low rate) and JoG's are dropping (medium rate). Entrance level in Valley: Level 200. Erohim access. Lord mix access (1 per day, 2x Guild Master box per Mix). Guild Master box can be traded, and based on which character is dropping it, he will receive 1x 380 exc. item (DK, VM, etc. based on his class, with 30% chance for luck and with 3-4 options). Note: This Guild Master box is 'forcing' GM's to make choices based on CS performances of their players, so they can choose who to receive what directly, instead of pure luck with 5x elf items in a row wasting jewels and etc. Example: If a BK will drop the Game Master box, he will receive DK item, DL will receive Sunlight item, etc. GLORY! For Losing Side: 1x Guild Master Box for every 1500 points they made at CS Note: The boxes goes to GMs if they are online at the end of CS. For Any Participant: Every Guild Master that has a guild with over 4500 points gathered at the CS will win 7x VIP Days. Note: VIP is automatically added at the end of CS if the GM is online, either extension to current one or a new last VIP level. Top 3 Contributors at CS (based on Points contribution for their teams) will earn 3/2/1 VIP days based on their rank. Note: VIP is automatically added at the end of CS if the player is online, either extension to current one or a new last VIP level. Top 3 Stampers at CS (based on Stamp score) will earn 3/2/1 VIP days based on their rank. Note: VIP is automatically added at the end of CS if the player is online, either extension to current one or a new last VIP level. LOT Permissions & Taxes Players can no longer enter LoT via the NPC at the entrance. In order to enter LoT you need to have permission from the GM that owns the Castle. Any player (with or without guild) can join LoT as long as he have permission. In order to grant permission to someone, the GM must write /grant CharName 1. In order to remove permission, the GM must write /grant CharName 0. In order for the granted player to enter LoT, he must go in the NPC zone (near LoT entrance) and write /lot. GM can give LoT access without the need of characters to be online/same server, only to exist. Note: It doesn't matter how you write the name in terms of upper and lower cases, just to be correct. Exception: GM doesn't need permission to use /lot. GM can also set the tax for entering LoT. By default tax is 300.000 Zen. Max tax that can be set is 15.000.000 Zen. Note: GM can use /lottax Number, where Number = a number between 300000 and 15000000. When using /lot you will pay the set tax in zen to the CS Money (that can be extracted from Senior by GM). Note: 70% of the TAX goes into guild budget on Senior and 30% is server-tax, which is deleted. When you remove permission in LoT from a player, if he is in LoT he will be moved outside of LoT. Note: Permission can be removed only if GM is on CS server (crywolf/valley/etc.) Extra Info Teleport of SM disabled near Switch Crowns (5x5 space). EE buffs, Mana Shield, Sweal, Reflect, Fitness, DSR buff, etc. have a standard duration of 90 seconds (ONLY on CS server). Spawn locations for both Defenders & Attackers are improved to be closer to the room. DL with Dark Horse can't be moved while registering the Crown. Sleep duration is maximum 5 seconds. Maximum accounts online per IP on CS server is 1 (not 2).
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