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    1. Patch is now up! Let us know if you find anything wrong.
    2. Release date: 02.12.2023 at 00:30 - No server restart will be done unless something goes wrong. Congrats to Pain, PsyKon and Seek for finishing the Stage 2! Note: Everyone that progressed the Stage (having level 300+ and 10rr) can type /stagereward in order to take the reward, after the patch is up! Changelog: [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 15 resets. [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 2 (10rr) is now removed. 10th reset does have the same exp table like the 9th reset had. [UPDATED] 2nd Newbies EXP boost added: 0rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-350). 1rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-360). 2rr: 400% EXP (constant level 1-370). 3rr: 350% EXP (constant level 1-380). 4rr: 300% EXP (constant level 1-390). 5rr: +200% EXP. 6rr: +150% EXP. 7rr: +100% EXP. 8rr: +50% EXP. [UPDATED] Released Quest 3 (NPC can be found in Lorencia). [UPDATED] Released Bloody Witch Queen. [UPDATED] Released Imperial Guardian Event & Suspicious Scrap of Paper in drop (mobs over level 90). Note: Weekly rankings & rewards will start from this Monday. Until then, records are counted but not rewarded (for rankings). [UPDATED] Released ML. Maximum 30 right now. [UPDATED] Released Old Box 3 & Old Box 4. [UPDATED] Released Rare Items drop from Old Boxes. [UPDATED] Released 380 Weapons from Guild Master Box. [UPDATED] Released Swamp of Peace. [UPDATED] Released Illusion Temple 4 & 5. IT Levels are now following the default formula. [UPDATED] Released Professional VIP. [UPDATED] Released access to Chaos Machine (on website) from +11 to +12. [UPDATED] Released Reset Skill Tree. [UPDATED] Released Increase ADD Option. [UPDATED] Maximum points in a single stat is now 16.000 instead of 8.000. [UPDATED] Maximum VIT at CS is now 10000 instead of 5000. [UPDATED] IT / AT stats on event can now be random between 2 and 20 resets. [UPDATED] Cursed Dragon HP buffed. Now it can also drop OB1~4. [UPDATED] Rabbits can now drop Jewel of Creation as well. [UPDATED] CS Participation reward can now also give 10x Gemstone / 10x Creation. [UPDATED] Maximum number of players in guild is now 25. [UPDATED] Maximum number of players at CS (per alliance) is now 27. [UPDATED] Limit of Market items raised to 25 / day.
    3. Patch is now up! Let us know if you find anything wrong.
    4. Release date: 14.11.2023 at 01:45 - No server restart will be done unless something goes wrong. Congrats to mad4ever, Ibor and Seek for finishing the Stage 1.1! Note: Everyone that progressed the Stage (having level 300+ and 5rr) can type /stagereward in order to take the reward, after the patch is up! Changelog: [UPDATED] You can now continue to reset up to 10 resets. [UPDATED] EXP for Stage 1.1 (5rr) is now removed. 5th reset does have the same exp table like the 4th reset had. [UPDATED] 1st Newbies EXP boost added: 0rr: +200% EXP 1rr: +160% EXP 2rr: +120% EXP 3rr: +80% EXP 4rr: +40% EXP [UPDATED] Now level 80 ring will drop small wings for the class that drops it. [UPDATED] Drop of starter skills (ES/TS/DS/etc.) has been raised. [UPDATED] Maximum number of players in guild is now 22. [UPDATED] Maximum number of players at CS (per alliance) is now 26. [UPDATED] Released BoK+5 Goldens. [UPDATED] Released Crywolf Event (mobs now have normal HP/DMG values). [UPDATED] Released Kanturu Event. [UPDATED] Released Arena Tournament. [UPDATED] Released Gens System & Rewards. Note: Gens Maps bonus exp is now +12%. Note2: First Gens Season will end on 01.12.2023. [UPDATED] Released Mercenary Squad. You can write /registerpvp to join it. Note: You need at least 3 resets to join the Squad. Note2: When your target is in a higher map than your level, you can use /qwarp. [UPDATED] Released Illusion Temple 1, 2, 3 & IT Ticket in drop. Note: Current Stats in IT: Default 500/500/500/500 + 300 command (DL) & extra 2-10rr points, based on class, random. Note2: Current IT Levels: IT1: 0-2RR IT2: 3-6RR IT3: 7-10RR This levels are valid until Stage 2 is over (10rr) - after that, the default formula will be applied for all 5 levels. You can still join any IT level lower than your reset. [UPDATED] Released Character Market.
    5. Hello OldSquaders & New comers, Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of our 3rd Sprint of Inception! The server will be launched officially today (Friday) at 19:00 GMT+3 (follow counter from website). You will be able to make sure that client works, make parties, etc. The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3 (after 1 hour). You still have time to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Keep in mind to find a Permanent Stable Party if you plan to play seriously. Let's show to the MU Online community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, mu contacts, strangers, pets and gather on the start to conquer once again the OldSquad World! Important Info: !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'Inception' Server when you are logging on site, else you will be logged on Genesis and you will be able to use the Genesis services/options instead of Inception !!! In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent, check SPAM/PROMOTIONS as well). There are Hall of Fame Achievements that you can get based on your "speed": More info here: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/5336-hof-sprint-3-13-october-2023/ Don't forget that ENERGY ELVES are OUT OF GAME! Their buffs are useless on normal maps. Note: You can still play EE at CS where buffs works, but there you can adjust points with /rebuild command, only for the CS. Note2: Also don't make TANK builds (VBK/VDL) as they can be used "for free" at CS via /rebuild, only for the CS. You can create DL, MG, RF from level 200 or since server starts if you get VIP. Note: Only Dealer/Hunter available until Stage 2 - 10rr - when PRO will be available as well. You have access to OFF-Attack for up to 5 hours. Note: VIP is boosting its duration/it adds auto-pick based on VIP type. Goldens from invasions will be released progressively, so they won't kill you on spots at start. Note: Only BoK+1/Budges at start. Test server is still online and will remain online even after Inception start, so you can test anything anytime you want. You can warp from SITE if you are PK - but it costs much more & does have a cooldown! 1st Castle Siege will be from 2nd week (29 October - Sunday). Note1: First part of CS rewards (as well as the NetWorth participation rewards) will be directly unlocked after the 1st CS. Keep in mind that Inception is now running under "Sprints". Each Sprint will last for 120 days, and at the end of the 120 days characters will be moved into our permanent main server - Genesis. More info about it can be read on Info topic -> Gameplay Info. There's also the Dynamic Characters Balance feature - which means after each stage/mini-stage we'll be applying some small tweaks to some characters to preserve the balance on each stage. The planned changes are also shared already on the Info Topic -> Gameplay Info. This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned! On first reset the EXP is linear (same % from level 11-350 at any level). But after 1st reset the exp is dynamic (lower % on lower levels, higher % on higher levels). This is made in order to balance the time spent on high levels vs the time spent on lower levels. So, if on 0rr exp is 100% for level 11-350, on 1+ resets you have like 30% on 0-50 levels, 80% 200-300, 120% 300-350, etc. Please don't forget that Inception is a truly HARD & PROGRESSIVE Server! Which means exp is low, drops are low, content is progressive and everything is achieved by PLAYING, especially active play. Also up to 60-70% of content is adjusted/custom so you REALLY need to read all of our info in order to have a good time. Also, we want to share you some of the important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here: Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-many-details-about-server/ Info about CREDITS: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1192-inception-info-about-credits/ Characters Info, Builds & Buffs Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2260-inception-characters-builds-info-buffs-formulas/ Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1193-inception-server-rules/ If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time! OldSquad Team #MakeMUGreatAgain!
    6. First to make a reset: ME: n3xT BK: Padre SM: Hans SUM: Shane DL: RAZVAN MG: PIRVAN (first to make a reset from server) RF: 5GSP0RT Stage 1.1 Unlockers: mad4ever, Ibor & Seek Stage 2 Unlockers: Pain, PsyKon & Seek Stage 2.1 Unlockers: Stage 3 Unlockers: First to get 25 resets and level 400: ME: BK: SM: SUM: DL: MG: RF: Extra Achievements First Wings Level 2 successful MIX: RUMCAJS First Wings Level 3 successful MIX: EnErgizer First Excellent Item + 15 successful MIX: xron21 First Fenrir successful MIX: Vinci First Arena Tournament WINNER: RUMCAJS First OSGM WINNER: EnErgizer First Vanert #1 Place on Gens Season: Sushimaki First Duprian #1 Place on Gens Season: Seek First Castle Siege WINNER: Ms13+GUZIURIU All CS WINNERS (in order of weeks): Ms13+GUZIURIU, Ms13+GUZIURIU, Ms13+GUZIURIU, BARB3QUE+Euphoria, BARB3QUE+Euphoria, Ms13+RRiders Note: HoF extra achievements are only given to the CHARACTER that achieved them, so if you aim for them make sure to use your main character instead of an alt, else you'll end up with HoF on your alt.
    7. The client for 2023 - Sprint 3 has been added. While we recommend to always start the game via PlayInception (Launcher) - so you can always have the client updated, you can also enter the game via main.exe (if you can't use the Launcher). Keep in mind that the client is shared with Genesis. Cheers.
    8. Maintenance completed, Genesis is back up! You need the new client: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2497-genesis-downloads/ You can also update the client via Launcher but it is recommended to get the new full client.
    9. Hello, Tomorrow, 10.10.2023 (Tuesday) at 18:00 GMT+3 (Server Time) we'll have a global maintenance on our systems. Genesis will be down for 15~45 minutes. There will also be a new client for Genesis that you will have to get in order to continue playing. Cheers!
    10. Hello OldSquaders & Guests, Inception - Sprint #3 - will be released on Friday, 13 October 2023 at 19:00 GMT+3 (Mobs will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3). The same, classic OldSquad gameplay will be present, featuring a progressive system and stages across the resets. Outside of the Stage patches, there won't be any development on the Inception, it will be 100% as it currently is. Official Info Topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/993-inception-official-information-everything-you-need-to-know/ Reminder related to how Inception operates now: Since last year, Inception is now running under "Sprints". There are 2 Sprints per year, each Sprint lasting 4 months (120 days). At the end of the 4 months, characters are moved to Genesis. Players can choose to either continue the end-game on Genesis (if they want to experiment sockets, w4, quest system, more pvp, etc.) or join the next Sprint from 0 on Inception. Genesis is our new, permanent main server, and the location where characters will be transferred from the Inception Sprints. A 250~350x resets server focused mostly on end-game content, a server that will remain online without any editions or wipes for as long as OldSquad will remain online. All the information about the Transfers can be found on the Official Info Topic for Inception (Gameplay section). Schedule for 2023-2024: 13 October 2023 - Inception Sprint #3 release - ends on 10 February 2024. 10 February 2024 - Transfers start from Inception's Sprint #3 to Genesis. 17 February 2024 - End of the transfers. 08 March 2024 - Inception Sprint #4 release - ends on 06 July 2024. 06 July 2024 - Transfers start from Inception's Sprint #4 to Genesis. 13 July 2024 - End of the transfers. Based on the Sprint #3 and Sprint #4 performances, we will decide if we will continue to host Inception Sprints or not. Cheers.
    11. dear admin I would like to report player that rude to me

      His name is Senka

      image (1).png

    12. Maintenance completed, servers are back online! Transfers have started!
    13. Hello, Inception Sprint 2 will be over on Saturday, 27th May at 20:30 GMT+3 (Server Time). At that moment, Inception will be removed from website and you won't be able to leave Lorencia safe-zone and / or make new trades, etc., but the server will remain online for 7 more days (until 3rd June 20:30 GMT+3 - so you can finish the transfer process). Before the transfers starts there will be a full maintenance on our systems with a downtime estimated of 5~20 minutes. In order to transfer to Genesis you need to have at least 5 resets when it's over. If you have the requirements, you just have to write /transfer [NewName] [Genesis/Inception] from the Character you are transferring, where [NewName] = the name you want to have on Genesis and [Genesis/Inception] is your credits transfer option (if you choose Genesis, 70% of your Inception credits will be moved to Genesis, if you choose Inception, 20% of your current credits will remain on your Inception account for the next Inception Sprint and none will be transferred to Genesis). Example1: /transfer TestBK genesis -> Will transfer your character to Genesis with the new name as "TestBK" as well as 70% of your credits to Genesis. Example2: /transfer TestDL inception -> Will transfer your character to Genesis with the new name as "TestDL" and 20% of your current credits will remain on Inception account for the next Sprint. Note: Minimum 4 characters, maximum 10 characters for name. Note2: Only alphanumeric characters (A-Z,a-z,0-9), no special characters/symbols or so. Note3: The new name you choose must not be taken already on Genesis by someone else. Note4: The 2nd argument can only be genesis or inception (with any combination of upper/lower letters like GeNeSis, INCEPTION, etc.) What is transferred: Character's Equipment (with all content) Character's Inventory & Extended Inventory (with all content) Character's Store (with all content) Character's Zen The jewels and zen that you have in Jewel Wallet & Zen Wallet Main Vault (0) content (including the zen) ATTENTION!!!: The Main Vault (0) from Genesis will be REPLACED with the one from Inception, so make sure to have your items moved from Main warehouse (0) to warehouse (1) or (2) on GENESIS before transferring! Character's Master Level will be transferred BUT it will also be reset after transfer. ATTENTION!!!: All of your character skills will be RESET after transfer, if you had any ML! 70% of your Inception's credits (if you choose to transfer them) - else you will retain 20% of your credits from Inception for the next Inception Sprint (and none will be transferred to Genesis). What else is included with your character: HoFs Fruit Points Mercenary Squad Stats What is not included in the transfer: Secondary warehouses content (1-5) Web Warehouse content Market content Old "stats" of your character (like PvM Rankings, CS stats, etc.) Gens Status & Stats Observations: You need to have at least one free slot on Genesis account (same account) in order to transfer - command will let you know. After the transfer is complete, your character & account from Inception will be blocked and the credits/jewel & zen wallets you still have will be set to 0 (the account will be unblocked on the next Inception Sprint). You will be transferred with level 400 and the reset based on the transfer table. You will have 25 stats + the sum of points based on your new reset & genesis points as unused points, that you can freely add. Note: They aren't 100% accurate but once you do your first reset on Genesis they will be 100% accurate. I will remind you once again the transfer table for the resets & level: Cheers.
    14. In order to have a "more-lasting" ride up to 55 resets, we've further reduced the EXP rate after Grand Reset for 0-55RR from 40% to 15% of the base exp. We initially underestimated the speed of doing the resets again, now it should be in a more healthier state.
    15. The Grand Reset is now live! Let us know if you find anything wrong.
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