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  1. ADMIN


    It's not about you, it's about everyone. If people thought that there is a "problem" with such Senior Mix, they should have spoken before an actual release, not after a guild is winning it and getting their PROMISED rewards. That's not objective, it's just subjective. If anyone would write anything with 2 days before Senior Mix like: Guys, maybe 2 boxes is too much at this stage for Lord Mix? We would then have a real discussion, as it was 100% objective without anyone having the rewards yet. Now it's just subjective for the losers/rest. And no offense, but I don't consider it a problem. It's a high-motivation reward for people to join CS, if not by building loyal and good guilds, at least for rewards, with random players that don't know each-other just to compete for the rewards, not for having a real guild. And trust me, any guild vs 2 guilds can't handle the numbers, no matter how many resets/gears they have. And once again, test their balance on PvP on Test-Server, then we can complain together about "balance".
  2. ADMIN


    Excuse me DIE, but Senior was released 6 days ago. You had 30 days to see "how game will progress", and argue about Senior Mix.
  3. ADMIN


    What you don't see is that that difference in Phoenix for 2k stats is huge, here for such stats (not saying 48k, we're not at that point, but even 10-15k stats is huge). 380 options are also not tweaked for high stats, so their impact is very low compared to Phoenix. I am not fighting with anyone, and never said that my ideas are better or superior, I just wrote facts, which I wait to be argued and proved wrong. More than that, I was the one to set low rewards for CS, including low ancient drop, few spots, small erohim reward and a classic Senior, in order to have things fine. Then people ARGUED that it is not enough, so I just followed players feedback instead my own initial idea and buffed Senior rewards. I repeat again, this rewards are not something that CAME OVER NIGHT, they were announced and informed about LONG TIME AGO, nobody said anything about them, why now after CONCURENCE is winning them we start to complain? I am 1000% that if you had the CS and those mixes you wouldn't say a thing about them, and just enjoy them. Because this is how CS works, only 1 GUILD can win, and it's like 5-8% of server, of course that those that lose or not even participate (92-95% of server) will just complain. If it was something added after game has started, I would understand any complain, and would highly support them, but not when you knew about them but only when some people have them you complain. It's the same your guild did for sd pots and other things related to CS, when you won first CS-es, none of you complained about them or anything related to CS, as fast as someone else won the CS, you started to complain about them and accuse a trash gameplay at CS. This things are telling a lot about you guys. And now, because I am basing on facts, let's talk about the "balance" that you keep saying that can't be, with such items. I will put here some screens from test-server, I didn't made individual screen with each stats and etc. for both chars, but you can go there anytime and do the same tests like I do and see with your own eyes. Context: Attacker = SM 6k ENE 3k AGI small wings and non-exc platina staff + 9. Target = SM 2k agility 5k vit using: 1. Sphinx set + 9 + l + dd + hp 2. Venom Mist Set + 9 + l + dd + hp + 380 option. Some screens: If 1k extra SD and a "barely-seen" deff difference in PvP is unbalanced then I am just a retard that can't understand what balance means, and I apologize for it. Oh, and that's for current stats, I don't wanna imagine at higher stats, how the difference actually look like.
  4. ADMIN


    Rewards are completely same. There is no exc 380 set in Phoenix, so the highest exc items are in Senior, on both Servers, bringing the advantage of the highest defence from game, and having the same options like rest of items.
  5. ADMIN


    Ehm, let's get to the facts. When we asked for feedback on Phoenix, many of you said both on official topic and in private chats that CS rewards are not attractive enough, and it's only for fun. And that Senior Mix is useless, nobody use it. Even you, @Shuryk, stated the same, and I will quote you from this topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3244-phoenix-mid-late-game-feedback We heard your feedback and raised the reward from Senior so that it makes more sense to use it and make the CS more attractive in terms of rewards. I announced this change along with the important changes and differences from Inception, on this very first topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/3315-oldsquad-inception-grand-opening-info/ Did anyone said anything that "2 boxes may be too powerful"? Nah, nobody said anything. Now people just waited to see "who win first CS with Senior Mix" in order to start complaining about them, whoever would won wouldn't say anything, of course. Were this rewards added over night for special people? Nah, they were announced especially before, compared to other things, and they were always in Info before Senior Mix was even released, so plenty of time to argue about them. Now, let's move on to their importance. With all mixes completed in a week, you can barely gear-up 2 characters, if you're lucky enough to get at least 2 good options per item. I will still take the best scenarios, where 2 characters can be geared with at least 2 good options per item. That means 8 characters/month can be geared with 380 exc items with 2 good options. How much time 380 will be the best? Until socket. When socket will be a thing? In around 2-3 months. How many chars will be geared in 380 until then? 24 at best. What means 24 chars? Around 4% of constantly active chars. What are, in the end, the advantages of the 380 sets? ~450 extra defence compared to bok2 sets, rest of options are same. Not even SD recovery is a thing anymore (it is gone from gameplay on Inception as we saw the Phoenix problems with 380 recovery). Can anyone have them? Ofc, go for it, try your chances at CS and stop AFK-ing, top players gave their time in Stage in order for ENTIRE TOP 100 TO BE ON SAME RESET. No excuses to not participate at CS. Ok, this is the actual scenario, let's look at other scenario: Let's assume Senior Mix was opened after 2 months instead of 1 month. Most of people (talking about the same top players) would already have good sets with 2 options at high +, not being worth for them to invest in senior mix, just for the extra defence, and taking into account that sockets were even closer, ancients were dropping out from gameplay and Erohim rewards having close to 0 impact, what was left for CS then. I look forward to convince me that what I am saying is wrong, and I'll change w/e you want.
  6. ADMIN

    Will be tweaked in the next bigger patch. :)
  7. ADMIN

    Based only on this screenshot and his logs from accounts, he was just trolling you out. I couldn't find any crest / crest transaction on his account in last days so he didn't even own one when he wrote. More than that, I'm pretty sure no real 'vendor' would ask for real 50$ for a trashy consumable that can also fail. If you have any conversation out of game to sustain your accusation you can come back with it. Until then, topic closed, nothing given out.
  8. ADMIN

  9. ADMIN

    Added the following today: [FIXED] Multiple qualifications on the same Event Qualifier no longer possible (when clicking on the same time). [UPDATED] Teleport no longer working during Golden Race. Other small fixes/adjustments.
  10. ADMIN

    We would love to keep Zen important at all stages of the game, without affecting newbies experience. So, we're up for suggestions L.E: Until now the idea of a moss gambler with crazy prices and chances to get from trash weapons up to good weapons with a low rate doesn't seems bad, IMO.
  11. Release date: 04.10.2019 at 22:15 - Updates are up and no restart is needed! Changelog: OSGM Improvements: [FIXED] Event Participants counter not working correctly. [ADDED] Inventory Space check on registration - if you don't have enough space (for biggest reward size) you can't register. [UPDATED] Now when you are registered to OSGM Event you'll lose your permission to: move items, drop items, pick items. You will have the permissions back when you receive your reward or when you relog character (out of event). This will also make sure that skinned players remain skinned on events. [UPDATED] Removed rings check & Desqualification on rings equipped at Golden Race. It was replaced with the permission removals.
  12. ADMIN

  13. ADMIN

    Hello, write us on facebook page for assistance.
  14. Ok, we're done, everything is back up! Bonus System from today's 18:00 will start at 22:00. On this Saturday & Sunday you'll have double time of Bonus System (extra 3 hours of 200% exp). We'll try to also extend the VIP time with 3 hours for the lost time. Thanks for your patience and let us know if you find anything wrong after this update! #MakeMUGreatAgain!
  15. Extended the first ETA with 1 hour. It takes a bit more than expected for the CPU upgrade, everything else is almost done, so we require maximum 1 more hour for everything to be back running. Cheers!
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