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  1. Cash

    Well, for sure, first of all, congratz for your hard work to make those servers better and better ! I will came with a feedback, for 50RR server, because I didnt play on non rr its not my style I recommand to you to make this post, in the start of the servers, or 1-2 months from it, because its quite hard to remember all feedbacks about 50RR, but I will try 1. About the stages. Generally I think its a good idea, but I think that the players who make the stages first, should win something. On 50RR, after first 3 ppl make stages, its all clear for all. I remember when we play, that all we stay for top 3 players to finish stages, and they work very hard on it. Some from top 3 players, get angry and ask us, on guild? Why to make it ? For you to make faster xp after? Why to rush bc ds, to make it ? And others like this. I think its a better idea to make it like this : if 3-5 players must make a stage, first of them who make it, to win something, but not like 300 credits, I dont know what, what is important to the game in that period. Another problem it was, for top 3 players who finish stage, that they didnt get a big advantage after, because others players dont have any stage anymore, so I think its better for the rest of the players to have a little stage to make it anyway, like 50% less hard that top 3 players make it. And maybe its an ideea to get a little reward too, like jwls or something. First players who unblock to win nice things, to get motivated, and to be a fight for who finish it, and the rest, they will know that is anyway a stage, so will fight to finish. 2. Reach 50 rr. Here is some problem, in my oppinion. After you reached 50 rr, there is no real motivation to start it again, and go until 50 rr. Why ? I remember that we get until 40-45 rr, after 1 month or 1 month and 1week. We play hard, and if we go GR, we will add after anothers 50 RR, so another around 1 month ( quite less this time ), we will get 2k points. After another 1 month of hard play, you get 2k extra points, when you have already 30-35k from first rr, very less, in my oppinion, and you can see that many players quit after getting around 50 rr. I saw that you put some rewards, like credits, and only at 3rd GR you put items or something. For me, this is not a motivation, some credits, you can buy them with 15-20 euro, and most of the players donate already 10-20 euro, to get in top until first GR. So for GR you should put better reward, real one and interesting, to be really attractive for the players. Anyway you get from 0rr and 1 GR, and most of players will beat you, but you can be motivated to play hard and after 2 weeks, you have a considerable advantage for that who dont have GR, and stay at 50 RR. 3. Elf stats. After I write the point 2, its easy to understand why I quit. I go Agility ELF so, I reach maximum AGI ( 25k points ) at 40 rr I think. So from now on, at every RR, I put points in vitality, which will help me only in CS, and a little at CC. That was hard booring, very hard. I cant put in ENE because buffs was nerfed, so I must put only vit, and I get bored very fast, in 3-4 rr, I quit. I recomand to either to make energy counts or at least to let ppl to go full stats, like 32.5k. The point is that its 50 RR server, high xp, and you can put only 25k, its shit I know that you make it later, after 2-3 GR you can add more stats, but if server is not motivating, not many players will reach 3GR to have full stat in agi or ene or str. I think you make it because characters should dont get over power, but I can tell you that with 25kagi, I dont won CC very often, DS I dont hit hard, but I have an advantage that I won some BC, but that was not guaranteed, if u have AE in BC you won, I lose many times. 4. Reward in BC DS. I was quite dissapointed about reward in BC, normally I go 4 bc/day, and I won 2-3 usually, with my party, but most of the time we got demon or angel, I think here should be a better chance for OB or other rewards. Maybe its an ideea to make some reward in DS, but there drops ancients, so its anyway a good thing. I remember in DS6, if u didnt enter in first 30 sec, after it was full =)) so nice ! 5. It was a problem with drop of chaos, we that were in top, we fight hard for having chaos to make invitations in bc ds, we think ofter about newbies, because we that play hard, dont have chaos, what they do? After you raise with 15 % the drop, it was much better. That is what I remember, a constructive feedback for you. Now I will say also other part of experience. For me, it was the best mu server that I ever play, most of it bugless. Lots of players online ( especially until 40-45rr ), events were amaizing for me, the time you put them, and how you think them, that interval of 2 hours, between bc ds, it was very good. In the meanwhile you can go rabbits, dragon invasion and other, that was a very nice schedule, I like it alot. I also like very much the events that were made by admins, very nice with that spawning in town... nice. After I quit 50 RR server, some players ask me to join another server, because its nice, and have nice settings, a low xp server. I say ok... I join and we see about. I go, I start there, and after 1-2 days I get bored hard, but why ? Not because server is not good, but because is FAAAAAR away than OldSquad, it was like... lots of bugs, lots of information that dont maches with other information, and things like this. And I say to them, you are fucking idiots? How you can compare OldSquad with this shit server? Well, I quit it fast. Now I wait for 30RR server, or 50RR server Thanks for all hard work on this server, I really appreciate, and it was awsome, but, let my AE to make it full AGI Wish you all the best for you and your team. Cash
  2. Cash

    And about DMG at MG. In BC 3, with Gigantic Storm I hit 3306 dmg in orcs, but with ES I hit 3600 in orcs. Is this normal ? Gigantic storm should not give more dmg in monsters ?
  3. Cash

    I would vote for 25 players and alliance. Its more fun with alliance. For Dual stats I would vote yes, but only once a week or 10 days or something, for ppl dont use it on cs. I am thinking to use it after 1-2 months of play on EE, to move it on AE. Few feedbacks : Add place of spots on map, to see spots when you press TAB. At least in first maps until Tarkan. Its ok to let to find spots in other maps, but at least ar begining is better, I think At last version, if i remember well, you can sell an item with right click of mouse, now I cant sell that way. Its a bug or? Thanks, and I wait for 23 Feb =)
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