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  1. Legion

    All your comments, you've got nothing to add about this report but you create there some kind of sh** storm crying about that you were muted in the past. if you wanna just talk then feel free to use general discussion forum. Firstly, learn to read before posting fallacy sentence as there was no "fuck you admin" on post. Secondly you're again saying that some1 gonna get/ won't get ban, how do you know that, can you tell me? huh, I guess no. Thirdly, directly racism sentence from Naplet wasn't the first one as he habitually did it every day. Let me warn you once more @Chukundah , Stay out of this topic if you've got nothing to add in this subject. If you got any problems then find correct section for that, next post with your problems there will result with a forum warn/post restriction for xx days depending on the post content.
  2. Legion

    There is no excuse for that. I know what he meant as I spoke with him but anyways it does not matter as he wrote what he wrote and it's admin decision atm to choose the punishment. Good that you know who can get 100% ban and who don't 😄 Actually if I would like to defend him I could even close this topic due to missing report description. Secondly as I wrote admin has to decide about it as an objective person and I've got nothing to do with it so please stop with this kind of comments & making a sufferer from yourself cuz u received mute, as no-one here revives punishment for nothing. Keep calm until Admins verdict.
  3. Legion

    I won't agree, we had this kind of system but we're lack of players to have a nice cs with 3-4 alliances so in order to have some more interesting cs'es, the setup with 20ppl/allly participating is the best option. Ofc guild leaders could organize their guilds together to take the castle with 2 guilds from 1 strong guild holding it but while this is the only option, but that what mamed did was typical anti game, he just didn't want to participate in real fair play at CS, he just wanted to make it harder to play for GROM so that kind of behavior was punished.
  4. I want to run 2-3 new events on forum & i'll list few of the old type events in vote poll, except that i'm waiting for your event suggestions Poll will last for 1 week, also we will speak about event suggestions from community side during this period, then we will choose the best of them.
  5. Legion

    Global Exc Drop Coming soon. Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle White Wizard Rabbits Invasion Golden Invasion Illusion Temple Kundun Illusion of Kundun Medusa Crywolf Event (Balgass) Bloody Queen Cursed Dragon Selupan Imperial Guardian Erohim Kanturu Event (Nightmare) Double Goer Event Wings Protector
  6. Legion

    please check that before reporting next time. Secondly, I guess you're reporting Michas, and it's not rly offensive towards staff but more like situational BL due of CS anti game by Imperium guild as we can see "fuck this" not "fuck the" or "Fuck you" that would be directly offense to admin. Anyways I can not judge as we are guild mates so Admin has to do it by himself. @ADMIN
  7. Legion

    you're welcome, topic closed.
  8. Legion

    did you try to close all tasks with main of oldsquad? or simply restart your pc to close all tasks?. If you didn't, do it and check again, if you did it then maybe you did install some software that might be infected with malvare? try to scan your pc with malvarebytes. think about that if there was any changes on your PC while your game client stopped to work, and if you do remember tell me how it was while this note appeared, your client closed and you couldn't start again or other situation?
  9. Legion

    polish part translation (4 lines below) -"yes, i just woke up" -'and i've got a hangover" -"and it's a problem" -"but there are profits of that, dragnel were looking for me in dungeon" makes no sense for me even in polish but this is it.
  10. Legion

    the correct translation is "what do you want from me bitch?" "kurwa" and "kurwo" is different word. "kurwo" is directly calling some1 a "bitch" while "kurwa" is like a "fuck" Yeah, polish language is pretty hard @ADMIN
  11. Legion

    As i did answer in another topic. "You can delete char untill lvl 10, in other way if you'll pass lvl 10 you need to contact admin via PM on forum / facebook / discord with your account data(acc name+mail) +char name. "
  12. Legion

    You can delete char untill lvl 10, in other way if you'll pass lvl 10 you need to contact admin via PM on forum / facebook / discord with your account data(acc name+mail) +char name.
  13. Legion

    chat is checked every few hours by gms, if there is other language than english used people recive mute, report section can be also used to report such a things, but is it really worth to report every other language abuse, does it really hurt you personally so much to flood forum with such a topics again & again? Show some maturity and ignore such msgs please, this person recived mute already few times, if it will be continued he gonna be muted for longer/banned.
  14. Legion

    there is no directly offense so please stop reporting such a things if it doesn't affect you/your guild/friend etc.
  15. Legion

    Hello, good to see some1 using this section but keep in mind that most of ppl using only market feature at website