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  1. Legion

    that's why they recived a punishment - short mute as they're reported for 1st time and that wasn't any kind of BL etc, it's just using an other language on post. If there will be another reports about their language the punishment will be more painfull.
  2. Hello, I were inactive for a while, that's why this report which i recived on discord is announced today. Javaraya sent me a ss : it's not so clear but I'm able to read without a problem one sentence: Trau said "I donate 100usd so i can open 10acc" Discord report ss: It won't be accepted to put Old Squad good name in a bad light with this kind of provocations, acting like this may discourage unaware newbies and it will be punished. Trau - 1x warn. Official statement : IP limit is a global setting and there are no exclusions.
  3. Legion

    Tukan,kradziej,Cheewbaca,Haze muted for 6h, no warns included. //Topic will be automatically closed in 3 days
  4. Legion

    This feature is kinda new, might not be working correctly in some cases. Please describe the situations when u gain murderer/pk 2nd stage during this invasion (what class did you kill, which map, near gold or not etc) all details you do remember, it'll help a lot to figure out and improve this feature.
  5. Legion

  6. Legion

    As noone solved it yet there is a tip: IT is one of the skills.
  7. Legion

    6th Round : Account name : oldsquad Password: -random Item name from Mu Online (no npcs/maps etc, only items) -between 4-10 characters long -No capital letters -No spaces -No +/- signs -No ( ) signs -No linking words -In this round there might be inverted words. Example : Box of Kundun +5 will be boxkundun5 or 5kundunbox, Wings of Storm will be wingsstorm or stormwings Reward : Old Box 5, Old Box 4. Suggestion: OB 5/4 can't be traded so make a party with the event character and drop it on the ground to pick it with your main character. Round Start ! *Read event rules from primary post !
  8. Legion

    what means loosing points in your case? if you're not going to upload a ss then describe it correctly as for now i've got no idea what you're talking about. Provide me these infromartion here (normally i would ask for PM but you already shared your build) : current stats, current free to add points, quests made if there was any (2nd class, marlon were possible) and ewentually fruits added which i suppose u didn't used yet. then we will try to figure out your problem.
  9. Legion

    read first before complaining. @ADMIN will be back untill tomorrow so if there was a bug and players abused it & didn't reported it then they will be punished. Keep calm and wait for admin, spamming here gives u nothing atm.
  10. Legion

    Next round will be announced tomorrow between 20:00-21:00 sv time.
  11. Legion

    Can you provide scrolled up chat screens with whole conversation? There is no directly insult about your mother so taking into consideration just this screenshot it's hard to punish this player except a mute, also I'm curious about that why he acted like this, privious conversation might explain a lot.
  12. You're welcome //Topic Closed.
  13. they're not. check the points to add value, there are 283 while after rr without fruits used u shall have 270. that means 283-270= 13, voila, there are your free to add points missing. to make it clear for you I provide a screenshot with same char(sum) w/o used fruits,same reset and level set to 400.
  14. Legion

    Happy birthday Alex, best wishes 🥂
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