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  1. Legion

    @Trâu If you're interested to buy these items leave an offer or contact @Javaraya ingame, in other way stick out of buy/sell topics. I'll keep an eye on you, next time i'll reward you with a forum warning for spam if this situation happens again.
  2. Legion

    Correct, @Selphie answered 1st so we got our winner. I'll contact with you ingame shortly to deliver a reward. Just to be clear, each specified item has it's own name, that's why it's called an "item", not like you're pointing for eg. legendary/guardian which is not an item but a set name in this case That doesn't matter as only 1st person wins, no matter which server. as it was told in primary post, event is shared for both currently live servers.
  3. Legion

    First round : Read rules in primary post ! Account name : oldsquad Password: -random Item name from Mu Online (no npcs/maps etc, only items) -between 4-10 characters long -No capital letters -No spaces -No +/- signs -No ( ) signs -No linking words -In this round there might be inverted words. Example : Box of Kundun +5 will be boxkundun5 or 5kundunbox, Wings of Storm will be wingsstorm or stormwings Depends which server will you choose the rewards are : Reward for Phoenix server : 5x BoK +5 + 5x BoK+4 + 10 jevel of life + 10 jevel of creation. Reward for Non-reset server : 4x seeds in sphere5 of your choice or blue/black fenrir (you can choose what reward you want, seeds or fenrir) Round Start !
  4. Legion

    first round will be announced tomorrow at 20-21:00 sv time.
  5. Legion

    Hello everyone, since begining there were already 3 different editions of this event so probably most of you already know how it works, but not all of you. Let me describe shortly how this event presents, not only for the newcomers but also I would like to ask for older players atention aswell as event is changed for a little bit now. In earlier editions event was separated for each server, right now it'll be shared for all old squad servers but with different rewards. In every single round there will be a new password for event account, except that there will be a unique item on event character inventory. In order to win a round you'll have to : -Firstly guess the password. -Secondly find out what kind of item does the event char hidding in inventory. -Thirdly you'll have to answer in this topic at forum with a password and unique item. Except that you have to tell us on which server you're playing and post a nickname of character that will take a reward, after that i'll contact with you to deliver a reward. *Take a note that rewards will be different for each server and unique for each new round All informations about current event round will be posted below as a reply. How to break the account password? Try twice to break account password ingame at login server selection screen then press esc to get back into server select frame ( to avoid disconnect ), click again on gameserver and make it over & over again untill you'll figure out what was the password. *Details as rewards, additional rules for specific round and event date will be announced in new post for each event round. *Breaking the event rules will result with a forum warning and prohibition for participating in forum events for 45 days (1.5 month). Current Black List : - None Stay calm and wait for 1st round announce date.
  6. Legion

  7. Good to hear everything ended well. //Topic Closed
  8. Legion

    Stay calm and wait for @ADMIN reply.
  9. Legion

    I see you're following the rules, so please read also : Especially : I'm waiting for full ingame chat log screenshots.
  10. Legion

    There is no punishment for now but i'll share and suggestion to admin how to fix this issue and possibly, this will be added in next IT update, please keep calm.
  11. Legion

    that's why they recived a punishment - short mute as they're reported for 1st time and that wasn't any kind of BL etc, it's just using an other language on post. If there will be another reports about their language the punishment will be more painfull.
  12. Hello, I were inactive for a while, that's why this report which i recived on discord is announced today. Javaraya sent me a ss : it's not so clear but I'm able to read without a problem one sentence: Trau said "I donate 100usd so i can open 10acc" Discord report ss: It won't be accepted to put Old Squad good name in a bad light with this kind of provocations, acting like this may discourage unaware newbies and it will be punished. Trau - 1x warn. Official statement : IP limit is a global setting and there are no exclusions.
  13. Legion

    Tukan,kradziej,Cheewbaca,Haze muted for 6h, no warns included. //Topic will be automatically closed in 3 days
  14. Legion

    This feature is kinda new, might not be working correctly in some cases. Please describe the situations when u gain murderer/pk 2nd stage during this invasion (what class did you kill, which map, near gold or not etc) all details you do remember, it'll help a lot to figure out and improve this feature.
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