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    1. Hi there, about VIP system - it gives you profits that won't affect gameplay that much, this is reset limited server so you will catch up anyways so don't be scared that you won't be able to compete with VIP players. Old Squad is a type of server which encourage players to active gameplay with huge ammount of events , invasions , boss fights etc 24/7 so you won't get bored that fast. We're glad you joined Old Squad community, wish you a good time spent in game & a lot of fun ! Please read this topic to obtain much more detailed informations about our server :
    2. Hello there, it's one of the oldest bugs which will be probably classified as "known unfixable bug", final verdict will be made by @ADMIN as he has the final word about technical things here. The reason why multishot stucks from time to time is, because server-client desync - it happens sometime due packets loss (due unstable connection etc) which is very popular in this game. Popular solutions : put secondary skill to your helper which targets single mob( icer arrow would be the best, if you've got no stat points added for it you can use penetration) and make activation by mobs count in hunting range(put the last option with highest mobs count) or by delay at few secs - personally I would pick first option with activation by condition. Cheers.
    3. Legion

      GM Gaion?

      @ReiDoDibre We did understood, there is no need to do triple posts. The only fault for recived mute is player side for broken rules. It's your choice if you're going to play or not, anyways we wish you the best either way. ///Topic closed
    4. @ChiPis Exprience gain was already doubled : But, because of current situation with Phoenix opening, I would agree that it might be a good move to increase it even more to give opportunity for newcomers to exprience also 30(35)rr gameplay, We will think about it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    5. Hello, firstly I would like to note that there is edit option so you don't really need to make a double posts. Moving to request part of your answer, golden mobs have random spawn and it's pointless to exclude spots coordinates from that as that's how it worked untill now w/o any complains, still most of these golden monsters are hunted by active players during invasions. Monster sounds (ww, budges etc.) as you mentioned are client side part, so even if we will remove it, part of players that has a knowledge about it, are capable of restore these sounds by themselves - that would be unfair for sure.
    6. Hello there. I would like to announce you something that was inevitable, before that I'll say a few words. Most of you remember me from both sides, as a player which I've been for a long time since I joined OldSquad community, and from the OS Staff member side. I decided to stop playing MU at the beginning of Inception project, while I was convinced I'll be able atleast to handle my current Game Manager duties, that was caused by time that became very limited in my case. Unfortunately I was barely able to handle basic things since the new OS project started, that's the main reason I had to tell you that personally, I'm no longer able to handle my role as it supposed to be. This is the day I want to announce you my Game Manager role has ended. But... Don't be so happy yet, i'm not leaving OS community at all, just because of that i'm mostly inactive doesn't mean that I won't watch you from behind the scene from time to time From this day my role will be changed to a simple Helper, I'll be available on forum as a support so you can send me PM anytime, i'll be visiting you ingame while time will let me do that also. This is not a goodbye for sure After It's done, I would like to thank you all for the active time spent together untill now, that was few good years with awesome OS community, I'm glad I was part of it & I was rewarded with a lot of new friendships even with those who I had to quarrel with at the beginnig and I was rewarded also with a huge exprience in both aspects, player & staff role 🙃 Again BIG THANKS to all of you! I would like to thank also whole OS Staff that we current have @Gion , @Reporter & those who were with us in the past & for their contribution. and especially to : @ADMIN This is the person who I argued the most since I began my journey with OldSquad. Trust me or not but I threw a meat at him few times per week for the first months i played here with multiple of reasons, about class stats, game mechanics , minor bugs , cheats that were working, unballance etc etc... God bless him for his patience🤣 . At the end, after I started to understand his hard job, I decided to try find out a solutions and suggest them instead of blaming him that something doesn't work. With a time our discussions brought some positive effects so I decided to take my chance and help to upgrade OS projects as much as I could, partly being voice of players also., That's how I reached this point, my contribution has done and I'm glad I could have been here for so long. I wanted to put some more words there but didn't want to get you bored at the beginning of reading this 🤣 See you in game, Cheers !🍻
    7. Hello, it's your fault, lack of wariness for potential drop stealers can't be a reason to punish anyone. My suggestion is to watch your pt window if any of your party members are near you, if yes then try to find a safer place where nobody's around. If time while only the player who dropped specific item passes & any1 can pick it up after, there won't be punishment neither. Follow my tips to ensure that your drops are safe. About his nickname as @RedBuLL told you already you can use /chars command. I'll keep this topic in this section as it's not a report at all, next time please keep in mind that if there will be anyone you want to report correctly, you should use report players section. //Topic Closed !
    8. Gion as priest, even I would like to see it 🤣 , Hope i'll be able to be there
    9. Hello, it might be caused by dead cords, it happens on every map sometimes, mostly cw and kalima. It might be caused also by default spawn in lorencia setting as it was previously. Spawning in kalima beginning is our custom setting and in case of some kind of lags (packets loss) it mmight be overrided with default setting.
    10. Illusion Temple won't be changed in that way. Take into consideration that IT is one of the easiest events to help you gear up quickly. The thing what you want to implement is bossting already geared players while players with low tier items are most important here to give them a chance with catching up others. It's pointless to preventing newbies participate in this event. From our point of view every player is equal, please don't judge players basing on their gears because sometimes gearless players can do more than a geared ones
    11. Good to hear everything ended well. //Topic Closed
    12. It might be called a curse for sure, but take a look into this, there is always a reason behind it. Mostly guilds that own the castle for a long time got a problems to keep active people for next fights, they're falling in routine with farming ancients at LoT, loosing motivation after some time while there are no guilds strong enough to stand against them for a weeks... even leaving the game for good(don't be scared, those who left always are replaced with some newcomers ) all of them are mostly replaced with people who want to obtain some ancients from LoT without any contribution for a guild or even with alts which makes the guild weaker. That makes active people angry and guild becomes divided in most of the cases that forces players to fall apart, trying something new. I know it from autopsy, from observations of past few seasons of each OldSquad servers. Hope there will be a time while few of guilds will be made to continue fighting each other not just for an victory but for a pleasure and happiness, to take everything that is best from this game
    13. This feature is kinda new, might not be working correctly in some cases. Please describe the situations when u gain murderer/pk 2nd stage during this invasion (what class did you kill, which map, near gold or not etc) all details you do remember, it'll help a lot to figure out and improve this feature.
    14. Test server is still opened for everyone, if you have any other objections then feel free to test chars there. //Topic Closed
    15. Firescream isn't a top dps skill for DL while fireslash is top for mg, you will see the difference with chaotic, you'll have much faster kill on golds.
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