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  1. zebronax

    I am 100% sure thats it's Mamed(Elves Cipucha Anarchist Venom LostMask ) etc.IF admin can check th ip.At my topic about him i am already said that's standart play for him.How many ppl should report him that something happend?
  2. Hello. I really do not want and do not like to write reports about players and so on, but i am completely tired about this situation.It's kills any desire to play. I apologize for my english.I ask all the players who have noticed such a description in the subject. I already post this problem at 3 years Feedback contest.People joined Illusion Temple with few characters using TV and depending on the situation, it's more profitable for them to start playing not fair.Like afk,take sphere and let enemy kill u without moving.I always play to win regardless of my best friends or worst enemy with me on the team.For example : Few days ago we made a draw when we played with the guild and friends, and it would be beneficial for someone to lose and so on.Makiavelli,Immortal,Godsmack,Mu3rTe can confirm this. So,I want to report Mamed(Elves character,Anarchist character).What happened? Many times I saw a player with the nickname Elves stop moving, the AFK leaves when he is, but with TW he takes a sphere, for example. Or when his two characters (friends) are in one team against one in the other. a game.It is not difficult to guess what is going on unfair game.Every time I turned a blind eye to this, but today my patience is exhausted. I want to say that I normally treat players who do something wrong or bad, or simply have no experience, but deliberate unfair play must be punished. What happened?I will try to describe the situation briefly.I've played morning IT with Buffos ,Anarchist,me(DeDD) and some guy against Elves,DarknesSBk,CiHaNGiRL and some guy.Elves,Anarchist and CiHaNGiRL from 1 guild.We were losing 0-3. There was still a lot of time left. I was able to bring the sphere twice. I have the highest ML and survival rate.Of course, the Anarchist knows this. I and the Anarchist stand next to the place where the sphere is taken. He deliberately takes it and starts to run the other way from our base. After 3 seconds, he stands up and does not move for 10-12 seconds.Naturally, they kill him, and the question of what he does, he answered after 20 seconds. Supposedly monsters froze him for 12 seconds(thats not true).As soon as the score was 3-2 and there was a threat that 2 members of the guild would not receive a reward, but only one would receive, the anti-game began immediately.And this is not the first time. IT is one of the few places in the game where there is an opportunity to play a little with other players, and not to stand on the spot. And every time you see this, every desire to play dies.And it's not about the rewards or inexperience of the players. This is specifically an intentional anti game. Soon Buffos provide screenshots i hope. Thanks and gl. Friednly(C) DeDD.
  3. zebronax

    First of all I want to congratulate you and say thank you for the excellent work. I also apologize for my English. 1)Information for new players and inexperienced. -For me, as a person who hasn’t played mu for 10 years, it was very hard to collect information bit by bit. I need some kind of database that includes a description of basic things.This could increase the number of unique users per site.For example:What is DS,BC,wich materials need,the link on forum with lvl for each DS etc.It is also absolutely incomprehensible how things improve and how much each improvement gives.(for example ex DS staff+9 or Ex AA staff +9).Google not helping coz the numbers are different.Ingame command works only for normal items.To understand what is Bloody Queen event i ask admin and wasted hes time.The drops from Kundun Boxes were posted 2 late on forum.(founf it on 50 rr server info) etc.I try 2 find Mobs stats anywhere,Like Hp,Attack rate ,ilvl.Google information does not match server settings. 2)Drop/Leveling/Economy. -Some mobs are completely off balance.Like Beam Knigts xp is bad compare to Tantalos ,but Tantalos hp much lesser.Satyros totaly OP(low hits,big xp).Kalima need more respawns.Berserkers only at 1 spawn with Kentarus.Stage system totaly perfect and works well,but u need to add 2 stages at ML lvls.COz gap without it increases exponentially.(it's important). -The balance of bless and soul is completely destroyed. If chaos is demanded by the pores, then bless and soul are considered trash. For two reasons: 1) Too big rewards for the CC. 2) Too easy to upgrade items. There are several solutions. Reduce the rewards of stones for events. Balance % luck on items. (decrease the chance of luck globally or remove it after 12+ or make donate only for +11).Find some Balance. -Remove strong sets from DS 5. Leave only the weak(It make it usefull ). Align the chance of dropping all parts from each set so that the entire server does not search for 1 item . 3)Events/Hunts/Rewards. - Server settings regarding golden invasion are almost perfect.If it possible increase the number of spawns budgets/ww x3.People already know all spawns and it's hard to find something without knowledge. -Rewards for support character should be increased or added. -CC rewards : 1-3 jewels, 4-5 jewels +ob chance+5chaoses reward,don't add bless and soul(it's destroy economy),6-7 ob chance +10chaoses.The only wat to get blees/souls-rabbits/ww/drop at spots-rly help the eco of server. -DS rewards : 1-4 jewels, 5-low tier anc sets,6-very low any anc sets drop but with same % on any part of set,7 -same -WW rewards : Perfect but add more spawns. -Rabbits reward : Perfect but add life drop.Also inc the Credits gained for 3. -BC reward : Perfect. -Illusion Temple: IT 1-4 - no boxes .5b/5s/5c +- IT 5 + -perfect . Also,AE ice is totaly OP at IT(decrease slow time for 2-4 sec).Some people join IT with muti accounts(TW) and just AFK etc.Find the way to don't let people afk at IT/bans for not fair play. -All Boss Events: Almost Perfect.Inc Kundun damage 30%(2 easy),Inc Medusa dmg 20-25%(2 easy),Cursed - inc damage 30%(very easy). -Arena : Give some credits to last place.Active play should be rewarded,even if it 2 credits). -Bonus System: Perfect. -Spots: Add more at Vulcanus,Swamp,Kalima.Some mix mobs. -Quiz event: Delete or totaly rework.Increase questions like x50 and probably it will be good. -BJ,Russian Roulete. BJ ok,Roulete -add new rule "Immune".Player Can say Immune after some one chose the side(right or left) but only 1 time at the game.Also palyer stay alive.More interactive. 4) Website/Forum/Support. -Support is good and always helpfull. -Forum same,good information topics,but some topics should be added faster like Boxes drops etc.(for noobs). -Website is very good.Database for noobs + some auction for some Items.Need system,where palyers decide is it item good for auction or not. 4)PK System . -Almost perfect but small changes are needed. That a character of level 299 cannot attack 300 is very strange. It needs some work. 5)Formulas. -Mg Wiz Dmg should be decrease. -Vrf oneshot 1k should be decrease. -DL Crit buff should be Increase. Let's sum up. -I would very much like to make it difficult for the server to do +15 and people didn't have maximum items +15 in a month, and use talismans, for example. -You did an excellent job, but there are small things that need to be worked out.Thank you and all the best. friendly(c). DeDD(nonRR).
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